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Every ninja family is psychologically impaired in some way or another.

It is a fact.

Some, like the first generation of InoShikaCho have families that are more normal than most because their wives are not shinobi.

Some like Haruno Sakura, are completely normal to start with and do not experience any mental pain until coming into contact with it in battle. This is because both their parents are not shinobi.

Some, like Hyuuga Neji, had family problems starting a little later in life, and therefore in their case, what started well rarely ended well. They start out as people who believed in doing good for others, then change into people who believe that the events of life are written down in ink, and cannot be erased.

Some shinobi have a healer for a mother and a full-fledged shinobi for a father. They experience love from one side and ferocity from the other. Uchiha Sasuke would have fallen into this category had an unforseen family tragedy not befallen him first.

There are some like Aburame Shino who never knew their mothers and grew up in an environment where the battle and success were first priority.

There are some like Hyuuga Hinata who never knew their mothers and therefore lacked the confidence that every woman should have.

There are some like Inuzuka Kiba who never knew their fathers, and to whom protecting their lady came first.

The orphans like Tenten, who are given a small amount of tender loving care but certainly not enough, try hard to live out of the shadows of others.

The people like Rock Lee, who have no parental influence in their lives, turn to become most like those whom they are most close to: their mentors.

And finally there are those like Uzumaki Naruto, who never knew their parent's identity, who grew up without a love of any kind, who taught themselves to survive, that try to keep the past and future seperate and make a name for themselves.

If everyone was like him, then perhaps this mental illness of the shinobi could be cured.


Yeah, it's kind of short, but I think it makes a point.

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