Dear readers,

I'm sure you can guess what this is about, and for those of you who haven't, I'm putting up my pen, or authoring on this site as you will, for good. No, it's not because I hate you guys and want to coat you all in molten lead because you're all horrible people and a lousy audience nor is it because I'm too busy in real life.

I think my time has come to move on. I'm a lofty spirit who never drops his anchor in any one port for a great deal of time, and this includes the port known as Fanfiction. The pattern in this particular part of my life seems to be that I'll stay in one area I like for a while, leave and then make a very brief reappearance later and then leave soon after, pretty much for good. I've been here for a while, left, come back for a bit and now it's time for me to move on for good.

I know this is going to annoy a lot of people to high hell and back, so send me all your hatemail or rants or thanks or whatever, sorry ladies and gents, but I'm exiting stage left.

Hopefully, my stories have at least entertained a fair few people. I'll still answer PMs occasionally, however if you ask me something along the lines of 'are you ever coming back?' your reply will be…

gentle breeze and crickets

In other words, none because I'm not there anymore. Anyway, I'll still come here to read, but my time in writing here is done.

My stories, complete or not will still be up here, but if there's an update to them, I seriously doubt it's mine and I have to find out how someone got my account name and password…

I suppose I should impart some final words of wisdom or something…

Always take the road less travelled, for in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, so why not go out on a limb? That's where all the fruit is.

Take care folks and happy writing and reading!


EDIT: I forgot to add something pretty important: If you want to try and adopt the stories and go your way with them, go for it. A few people have asked to continue them, and many want them continued so go for it. Just don't say the story idea and all of it's yours and whatnot, or I will have to hunt you down with sharp, pointy objects. There will be stabbity death, and not the good sort either. You will not like it.

Also, thanks in advance for you reviews and PMs. I may not respond to them, but I will read them, hateful or otherwise.