Addendum. 18:35

Okay, sorry to disappoint here but I had a few things to clear up…so I thought I'd take a little time out to talk to you guys about it.

Yes, I am a mean bitchy person who responds poorly to negative Personal Messages. No, I in no way imagined ANY of your wonderful reviews were in anyway rude or out-of-context. My skin isn't that thin, eesh.

My comment last chapter, was directed at a person who only sends me reviews in PM and has done so for several chapters. I tried to block their account, informed the staff about abuse and even warned them that they might be deleted from the site.

Haven't heard from them this chapter, so I think they might've taken the hint.

So anyway, my note at the beginning of last chapter was directed at ANYONE who logs into this site just to take the piss out of other aspiring writers. It's not cool. I don't dig it and I'm fairly sure none of you do either, if you've ever experienced it that is (which I hope not, it's aggravating). Basically, I pissed this nutbag off, so they kept logging in just to mess with me. Bout it really.

None of you have, could or would have offended me…ever. That is unless you have an alter-ego that I don't know about…and if that's the case, we should be writing stories about you. Because that might make for an interesting story. Haha.

I apologize if I offended anyone, it wasn't intentional.