Tommy's Revenge.

Tommy walked silently behind all the mourners as they layed Virginia's coffin into the earth and when all the prayers were said and tears were cried. Everyone slowly moved away. Everyone...but Tommy. He looked upon the grave with huge distaste wondering how someone ...someone like Virginia could be dead...a life so alive...suddenly cold and dead.

" Do you think we should say something to him?" whispered Hermione as they too stood a little further away from the grave.

" What can we say?" muttered Ron. " The girls dead...I doubt anything we could say will make him feel any better."

Harry stepped forward. " Maybe not...but we're here as his friend...the least we can do is be there and be there for Virginia too."

Hermione nodded. " You dont blame yourself I hope " said Hermione looking at him with a twinge of worry in her eyes.

" Guess not " said Harry wearily. " Voldemort was quick...and...well he won this time...and only this time..."

" It's hard losing someone you care about " said Hermione. " You feel very empty for a while...but life does go has too...otherwise you'll get left behind..."

Ron nodded. " are coming back to finish the year aren't you?"

" Maybe " he said. " Well I still have two weeks to decide being Christmas and all."

" Doesnt feel like Christmas " sighed Ron looking among the graves. " Not here anyways."

Harry walked over and looked at Tommy.

" Sorry " he muttered. " She was really amazing."

Tommy looked at him. " She liked you thats nice coming from you."

Harry sighed. " Yeah but she loved you I am really sorry..."

Tommy nodded. " Thanks...well I'll...see you..."

Harry nodded and turned to leave. " You coming?"

" Nah...I think I'll stay for another while " replied Tommy as he knelt by the grave.

" Okay " said Harry. " Well...bye Tommy."

" Bye " he replied.

Hermione sighed as they walked back.

" He's in a bad state isn't he?"

" Yeah " said Harry. " Dunno what he's going to do now."

Ron nodded. " Well we better head back to the Burrow."

Harry looked back for a moment.

" What is it Harry?"

" I'm going home " he said.

" What?" cried Hermione and Ron.

" Home " replied Harry. " I'm going to see my Parents graves and then my house back in Godrics Hollow."

" But's completly abandoned and partley destroyed " said Hermione.

" It's still my home " said Harry. " Or it was...Please Hermione...Ron...I have to do this."

" Then we're coming " said Ron and Hermione. " Come on lets hurry."


Tommy rearranged the flowers neatly on the grave and sighed as he looked at the words carved into her head stone. Virginia Keller beloved daughter of Aaron Keller also burried here...mourned by friends and loving Aunt.

" Dont worry Virginia " snarled Tommy. " I'll avenge you...even it kills me!"