Nights of Surprises

A Vampire Story

By Macko

(in co-production with dalpal and ElenaC


This is an original story, playing in a world where vampires, ghosts and the like are as real as any other beings. We highly appreciated what White Wolf created, yet we preferred to let our characters move in our own universe, and thus made some slight changes in order to accommodate. If you are a fan of the WoD, however, this should not keep you from reading it: You will find quite a few parallels.

This work, based on a role playing game, is now finished, as we decided to end our game. It lasted over a year of intense and heartfelt cooperation.

Reviews are highly appreciated. Thank you.

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored/archived in a retrieval system other than this one here, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, copying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the authors.

Warnings: This story contains male/male sex, violence and sucking of blood and other bodily liquids. If this kind of thing offends you, don't read this story.

Chapter 1

"Yes, of course I will be patient," Juan said into the ivory receiver of his old-fashioned phone, ignoring the fact that the guy at the other end was talking to him in Spanish; the guy who seemed unaware that, apart from a slight French-Spanish accent, Juan's voice was just a little bit too polite for the occasion, and a bit tight around the edges, almost but only almost dripping venom. Well, well. The guy was only a tradesman, after all. Juan let him rattle on and walked to the vast window front of his huge pent house.

His condominium was located among the many other towering glass and steel mountains along Collins Avenue, and when Juan craned his neck, he could see the night traffic bustling through the eight lanes far down below. The Intracoastal Waterway to one side, the beach to the other, this apartment was situated just right. A thin smile formed on his lips for a moment, then he turned to listen again to the guy who cost him so much of his precious time.

Enough was enough. "Cierra el culo," he said, using the same soft tone of voice he had been talking in all the time. The guy shut up instantly. "Listen, my friend," Juan went on, his accent growing slightly stronger. "I have enough of your excuses. I want those faucets by tomorrow night, no matter what it takes you to get them. Do you understand?"

There was a shocked pause, then a hastened reply. "Of course, sir. Golden taps, swan shaped. We will do our very best, sir."

"Of course you will," Juan said, and without waiting for an answer he put the receiver down on the cradle again. He fumbled with one of his golden rings on his left hand, the one with the sparkling ruby, looked at it as if he saw it for the first time, then put it to his mouth and sucked at it, playing around his fingers with his tongue. He needed something, but he didn't know yet where to find it. This town was new to him; at least, the way it looked now.

The business meeting in Las Olas would be at midnight. They had told him that it would take him no more than half an hour to drive there, so that left quite some time for an excursion. But where to go? Juan let his eyes wander over the half-furnished apartment. Too late to make any other phone calls, and besides, he had probably terrorized his interior designer enough for today.

The walls were finished; the painters had done a hell of a job here, the better part of the pent house being one vast room only. One huge dark red brick wall at the one end, steel at the other, matching the steel shutters all around the apartment that would open and close automatically, controlled by sensitive light sensors all around the outer walls. Ebony and redwood panelling in-between. A fireplace, black, Victorian style. A huge round bedstead, silk covers, colours going from red to black covering the whole range of purples and violets. The stereo system, hidden in the ebony panels. For the other furniture… the tables and chairs were still missing, the pictures were missing, the whole damn atmosphere was missing…

He realized that he had pierced the insides of his right hand with his nails, and was just in time to prevent the brand new anthracite carpet from being stained with his own blood. Licking up the small rivulet along his palm, Juan went to the bathroom. The tasteful but ordinary steel taps stared at him, reminding him of the plumber's inability to get the new ones in time. He sucked at his palm a bit stronger, but the blood had already ceased to flow.

Black tiles, at least. Dark red towels. Tranquilo, hombre, he thought, tranquilo. You will get them tomorrow, and everything will be just fine. Having no golden faucets for one night won't be the end of the world. Besides, he tried to reassure himself, this could be just any hotel suite, and you didn't worry about the taps there. He washed his hands thoroughly, staring at his image in the mirror, and finally smiled, then raked his hair with his wet fingers, let his hands trail over his naked body and closed his eyes, exhaling, enjoying the feeling of his fingernails scratching over his skin. He forced his eyes open again, rummaged in the cabinet, found a pillbox and popped two of the little green capsules into his mouth. A shiver went through his body, and he knew the sensation was only short. He would need it to go through someone to enjoy the whole variety… Time to get dressed.

Thinking of this damn business meeting, he reluctantly pulled out the Gaultier suit, on second thoughts put it back again, choosing a simple black 200fbr one instead. No need to push the price by showing off. He picked out a satin shirt that dark red that it was almost black, a matching tie, and his favourite black El Canelo python boots, and got dressed.

As a final touch, Juan smoothed back his jet-black hair and fixed it in a ponytail with a golden barrette, then threw himself a kiss. "Ojo al parche, guapo," he said, grinning, rubbed his front teeth with his index finger and lifted his right eyebrow. "Total."

The elevator could only be operated with a single key from or to this apartment, a key he used to wear, together with a couple of other pendants, on a strong golden chain around his neck. Down at the condo's exquisite underground parking lot, he opened the door to a claret TransAm, sitting down in one swift and elegant movement. He pulled out of the parking space, enjoying the thrill of going just a bit too fast, and, heading for Arthur Godfrey Road, drove out into the night.


The fragrant breeze of a summer night drifted through the slit of the just slightly lowered tinted windowpane. Juan was about to accelerate when he was stopped in his tracks by a suddenly changing traffic light. He slammed the brakes, cursing under his breath, then looked around. The car behind him obviously knew the about the non-synchronized traffic lights hereabouts, and had stopped in time. He recognized only now that the broad Collins had changed into a crowded four-lane, and the traffic lights were as unruly as the street.

Impatiently, Juan watched an old man cross the street in his own time. The traffic lights jumped to green again while the man was mid-street, and Juan touched the gas pedal once, just to make him jump. Hurrying to the other side of the road, all the old man could do was mutter some curses and shake his fist in the direction of the car without being able to make out the driver's face, who was hidden behind a tinted screen.

Juan laughed softly and drove away from the scene with a racing start. He went on driving without feeling like driving any more. Somewhere nearby there had to be a bar, or similar; the city couldn't have changed that much over the decades. Finally, he found it, manoeuvred the car into Ocean Drive and came to a stop in front of one of those tiny hotels.

He opened the glove compartment and took out a small pillbox, slipped it into the right inside pocket of his suit. Out of habit, he checked the left inside pocket. The Punjab lasso was where it was supposed to be, coiled up and waiting for action; for a moment, he wondered when exactly he had put it there. Then he grabbed the cane epée (the walking stick that hid his rapier) and got out of the car.

Situated at one corner was a run down nightclub, called the Blue Cockatoo, and it looked as if it was waiting for somebody like Juan. He swiftly scanned the sidewalk for anything unusual, but all he could see was the mass of sidewalk cafés that would make rambling real fun at business hours. Then he entered the club.


The balmy southern air caressed the blonde as she walked down the street. Passing small sidewalk cafes, tiny jazz clubs and an assortment of other establishments, Jordana moved like she owned the city. Used to getting attention, she ignored the occasional remark thrown her way.

Reaching the corner, the girl turned in to one of the many nightclubs taking up residence along Ocean Drive. Any one who grew up in Miami knew this area attracted the tourist trade, and as she made her way farther into the club, Jordana could see the place was crowded tonight. 'Where better to hunt?' she thought, a smile beginning to curve her lips.

It wasn't hard to catch the eye of any number of male patrons, as she stalked toward the bar. The shirt she wore was made of a black sheer material, and the only thing keeping it from revealing all of her charms, since she wore nothing underneath, was the combination of vines and dark red roses embroidered over the front. It tucked into a short black velvet skirt, that left plenty of leg showing, and the high black stiletto heels gave her a couple of extra inches of height.

Sliding on to a stool at the end of the bar, the blonde ordered a drink before turning to watch the dance floor. It was amusing how danger could brush so close to these mortals, and they never even suspected. Instead they spent their nights in a frenzy of drinking and dancing, racing toward their mortality. Well at least the people that populated these types of places. And for Jordana that was just fine. Easy prey could be so much fun.


Only short time after Juan had heard the club door close behind him, he heard it open and shut once more, and judging from the stares of some guys next to the door, it must be a woman. He felt the familiar tingling sensation in his neck that told him he was being watched, but didn't turn yet. Instead, he walked to a table near the dance-floor and sat down with one elegant half turn. Then he looked up.

The woman who had entered the club almost behind him stood out like a lily from a marsh. She was tall, blonde and just too good-looking to be true. Juan stapled his fingers and leaned against them watching her with his mouth half open, and his eyes half closed. When she looked his way, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. The light movement of air caused by the closing door carried her scent to his sensitive nostrils. Perfect beauty, unexciting for him, and yet the best thing that could happen to him at a night like this, especially when it was a vampire, just like himself. He looked forward to finding out if she liked to play the way he did.


The awareness of an equal spirit tingled up Jordana's spine like a mild electric shock. And when she'd located his presence, looking straight at the dark haired man, he gave her a smile, lifting his eyebrow as if to say, 'Well?' However, instead of an answer she had coolly moved to a seat. But her gaze found it's way back, watching as the man leaned in to speak to the waiter.

It didn't come as a surprise when she'd been told the drink was on that same gentleman, and as her eyes moved back to his, the blonde gave him a smirk, raising the glass in a silent salute. Jordana wondered briefly whether it was a friendly gesture, or by chance a warning. Some vampires didn't like others in their hunting territory. Letting her eyes slide passed him, she decided to wait and see what his next move would be.

The blonde slid from her seat, and with a graceful sway of hips, moved past the man, and onto the dance floor, allowing herself to be swallowed up by the crowd. The faint scent of blood tantalized her hunger, but the young vampire kept herself under control for the time being, loosing herself in the throb of music instead.


When the blonde passed him, an image washed over Juan that told him she was young, but not unarmed. He wondered where on earth she could be hiding any weapon apart from the obvious and natural ones, but he closed his mind before he knew. So few surprises had there been in his un-life recently, he wanted Destiny to keep some of them up her sleeve. Moving with an easiness inherent in professional dancers, Juan slid from his chair and took part in the undulating crowd.

It was easy for Juan to force his way to her, just because he did not need to force it. The crowd actually tried to part, but the dance floor just was not big enough, which could have been funny, but did not really add to the effect. When he was close to the blonde, he started dancing with her without using his hands. He just joined her movements, almost imperceptibly taking the lead. And again, the right eyebrow rose.

"Un, dos tres… Boy or girl? Contigo no me importaría montar el número. Pick your choice, guapa," he said so softly that only the blonde could hear him. He had a slight Spanish accent. "Ah, boy, I presume." And with a smile Judas Iscariot would have been proud of, he picked out the handsome young Creole guy dancing next to Jordana, staring at him until he moved closer and came to dance between them. "Eso es," Juan whispered. "Now let us dance."


Once again the dark haired man made a move, this time moving effortlessly through the parting crowd. It was an impressive trick, but Jordana pretended not to notice, until he joined her movements.

"Un, dos tres… Boy or girl? Contigo no me importaría montar el número. Pick your choice, guapa," he said so softly that only the blonde could hear him. "Ah, boy, I presume."

Blue, almost Turquoise eyes flickered lazily over the man's exquisite clothes allowing a hint of curiosity to enter them as they returned to his own dark gaze. She was having a hard time reading his motive, but decided to play along, curious enough to find out... not only what he wanted, but who he was.

"Eso es...Now let us dance." He whispered, as a handsome mortal moved in between them and began emulating their own movements. With the barest nod of her head, Jordana answered, moving in against the human, to complete the threesome. His scent was tantalizing, and the blonde leaned in to nibble lightly on his neck, continuing the dance, all the while never taking her eyes off those of the other vampire.

After a moment, she lifted her head, a smile spreading across her lips. The young man seemed to be in a pleasurable daze, yet unharmed in any way, continued dancing, as she spoke to the dark haired man for the first time, "Does this little game have a purpose? Or are we just...enjoying what life has to offer?"


He had been looking forward to the moment when she started to follow, and indeed, she did so moving her faultless body in unison with the two men. Perfect. "A purpose, yes," Juan answered, locking his gaze with hers, laughing soundlessly. "And more than life has to offer." He continued the dance for some time, enjoying his and her scent and the revelation that it worked every time, but this time would be especially pleasant. No touching was involved, not yet. They would touch, later, and then she would know what to do.

When the song was over, Juan held up his hand as if to re-establish the mental link between the other guy and himself, then gestured to the table. "We should sit down, my dear," he said softly, looking at the blonde. "Watch and enjoy." He sat down, the Creole next to him. Without taking his eyes from the boy, he reached into his pocket and took out something small. The blonde might have sensed the slight whiff of chemistry that came from the pill in his hand. With one swift movement, he placed his hand over his own glass, emptying the content of the pill into the liquid, then held up the glass and offered it to the other guy.

"Drink, my friend. Let us enjoy what life has to offer. We will drink later…" Raising his right eyebrow together with an impish smile, he looked at the blonde and leaned back, waiting. It didn't take long. Less than a minute later, the Creole boy was more than hot, he was literally glowing. Juan leaned in towards Jordana. "I think we should leave, have a gulp of fresh air, maybe I can drive you two around a bit, what do you think, my dear?"


Jordana enjoyed the dance, but also kept an eye on the two men, or more accurately on the dark haired vampire. The human in his power was no threat. Then the song ended, the music changing, and he suggested they move back to his table. The blonde followed behind the others as the crowd parted for the man again. 'Handy trick,' she thought, taking a seat.

"Watch and enjoy."

Her gaze swung to him, watching as he removed something from inside his jacket. The faint smell of chemical's reached her nose, and she guessed he was drugging the drink he offered the human. "Drink, my friend. Let us enjoy what life has to offer. We will drink later…"

It didn't take long before the human began to show the effects of whatever had been in the drink. And Jordana's gaze moved back to the vampire, watching as he smirked, leaning in towards her, "I think we should leave, have a gulp of fresh air, maybe I can drive you two around a bit, what do you think, my dear?"

A charming smile curved Jordana's lips, before she spoke, "You want me to leave here with you... to drive around? And yet, we haven't even been introduced... How..." she smirked, "... do you know I'm not dangerous?" Jordana laughed, her eyes sparkling, as she waited for him to give his name.


She actually pretended to care about his well-being. It would be a fine game, indeed. Juan joined the laughter for a moment in a quite artificial way, as if he had forgotten how to do it right. In the twinkling of an eye he got serious again and answered her question. "I hope you are, dear."

At this, he leaned forward and took her hand. "May I take the liberty of introducing myself to you," he said, inhaling her scent and blowing a kiss on the back of her fingers without touching them with his lips. "Jacques Lavalle. Call me Juan."

He looked up from under his eyelashes and smiled. "And your precious name…?"


The dark haired vampire took Jordana's hand, and she listened as he introduced himself. "May I take the liberty of introducing myself to you... Jacques Lavalle. Call me Juan." He said it with a flourish, blowing a kiss at the held fingers, "And your precious name…?"

A coy tilt of her head, before dark lashes swept down over blue eyes, then back up to meet his. Jordana's lips curved slowly into a smile, "I'm Jordana," her eyes flickered to the human, then back to Juan. "So... what did you have in mind, tonight, Juan?" she asked, his name coming out softly at the end of the question.

If she had to gauge, she would guess Juan to be much older. Not only by the mind game he'd played with the young man, but the crowd. Did she fear leaving with him? No, not really. She was actually curious.


Those sparkling eyes were like emeralds, teasing Juan, enticing him so much that he almost forgot about his plans. He could have looked into them until cockcrow, for a moment he even played with the thought to do so, but of course, that wouldn't have helped for the future. Before he would drown, he blinked, slowly, looking up again and smiling like a child, awakened from a deep sleep.

"My plans?" he repeated, keeping his voice soft. "Ah, querida, why should I not tell you? I have a business dinner at midnight, hence I content myself with a light snack. This…," he pointed a finger at the now emptied glass, "… went in there," with an elegant looping, he pointed the same finger at the guy who was sitting between them, sweating. "And then it will go into us, and we will have fun." He leaned back with an utterly satisfied expression and a gleam in his eyes at first glance, but in fact paradoxically lacking any visible trace of excitement or anticipation.

He took his cane in one hand and with his other hand lightly brushed the boy's knee. Then he inhaled the scent. It was clear like the summer breeze, and it promised indeed some… fun. Waiting for Jordana to react, he fixed his gaze on her, careful to avoid any attempt to control her, for he wanted her to answer freely. What is more, his eyes told her that he would proceed, with or without her, and had merely made a generous offer.


Jordana listened silently, not quite with the stillness of the long dead, as Juan told her about his appointment at midnight, then continuing to the young man. Her eyes followed his hand as it gracefully gestured, then moved back to his face as he leaned back in his chair. The look of satisfaction didn't quite match the expression in his eyes, but the blonde couldn't yet figure out why.

Juan's hand moved across the human's knee, teasingly, but he really seemed to be awaiting Jordana's answer, as to whether to join them, and she could see it wouldn't change those plans no matter what she said.

With a casual shrug of her shoulder, Jordana spoke. "Well, since you have pressing business at midnight, it seems there's no time to waste." A smirk crossed her face, as she stood up from her chair, gracefully closing the distance. "Shall we?" she asked stopping to look down at Juan. Never once did Jordana's gaze flicker to the crowd around them, or even appear to notice the stares directed occasionally toward their table.


With a small but imperious gesture, Juan stood up from his chair and said, "Come." This time, the young man hesitated, as if his mind had just caught up with the proceedings. Juan smiled his enigmatic smile again; the one that wouldn't touch his eyes, and bent forward to whisper something to the boy. If Jordana pricked up her ears, she could hear that Juan did nothing more than promise him a very special kind of relief, involving her, and maybe more. This, together with a touch of mind control, seemed to do the trick nicely. The guy's eyes widened, and he got up quickly.

Taking the lead, Juan made for the door, lazily dropping a handful of dollars that would more than cover the bill on the counter while passing it. The barkeep made no remark; maybe he was even glad to see these strange customers leave. Walking to his car in silence, Juan scanned the sidewalk again, then opened the door to the TransAm and waited, raising his eyebrow, as usual. A glossy claret coat, with strangely sparkling metal particles that made it look like a huge overdone nail polish, covered the car. The seats were covered with leather, at first sight, but to a sensitive nose it would easily turn out to be, in fact, imitation leather, and what is more, it had snow leopard print all over, matching the lining. To the sensitive eye, the tinted glass of the car's windows was salvation.

Juan caught the look in Jordana's eyes, and with a shrug commented, "Easy to clean." Leaving the door to the back seat open, he elegantly slipped behind the steering wheel.


Jordana saw the young man hesitate, then watched as Juan whispered in his ear, most likely promising whatever the boy desired, because once again he was under the other vampire's control. She could have listened, but it didn't really matter, Jordana would only do what she wanted to do, regardless of whispered promises.

As Juan led the way out of the club, the blonde followed behind him and his new pet, the sway of her hips pulling more then one pair of eyes after her, as she took her time. And when she finally reached the sidewalk, Jordana's eyes moved over the car Juan stood beside. There was nothing subtle about the red TransAm, it screamed 'Look at me!' Jordana's eyes moved over the outside then through the open door, her eyes finally his, a smirk curling her mouth at the corners. "Easy to clean," he commented, moving to the drivers side.

"Mmmhmm," the girl answered, the smirk still in place, she turned watching as the human took the back seat, then slid into her own, closing the door firmly behind them. "Since it seems you have a plan, already, lead on, Juan, " Jordana chuckled, looking at the man in the drivers seat.


Driving the car smoothly out into the moving traffic, Juan looked into the rear mirror. He smiled when he saw that the human, who was highly aroused now, had started to fiddle about Jordana's skirt. Half closing his eyes, he gave an artificial laugh and stretched back his right hand to touch her ankle, ever so lightly. "Have fun here, guapa. Half of his is yours. I'll have my share later."

After some more minutes of driving and watching, Juan operated the cell phone installed in the car. He took no pains in using a headset, so the voice that rang out at the other end was clearly to be heard. It was the voice of a young woman, saying hello, boss. Without responding to her greeting, Juan asked her to fetch Sebastien, which she obviously did, for seconds later a male voice said: "Father."

Juan smirked and answered, "What's the name of the hotel you're dwelling at, Bastien?" The other one, who had called him father, told him. "Grover Cleveland," Juan repeated. "I think I know where it is. Get a room for me, we'll be there in no time." With this, he hung up. Further down South Beach he found the little hotel Sebastien had described, and pulled to the kerb in front of it. "Journey's end, for now," he said. "Want to go on playing upstairs?"


The car moved into the flow of traffic, and the blonde stretched out against her human companion. She felt the heat of his hand as it slid up her leg, and didn't stop him as with a hesitation he let the tips of his fingers move under the hem of her short skirt. Instead Jordana leaned in closer, her hand resting on his cheek, turning his gaze toward her. Her lips brushed against his ear as she asked, "What's your name, Darling?"

The human's skin was warm, and soft against the blonde's hands, and she rubbed her own cooler ones up his arms as she waited for his answer. 'It's Rafe,' his voice was husky with desire, one hand nearly under her skirt, and Jordana laughed, leaning in again to capture his mouth in a kiss, her fangs barely scraping along his lower lip so she got a taste of his blood. She felt Juan, who she hadn't forgotten about, touch her ankle, as he spoke, telling her to enjoy the boy.

Jordana's eyes met Juan's in the rear view mirror, a knowing smile creeping over her face, then turned back to Rafe, her lips trailing kisses down his face, stopping as she reached the large artery in his neck. Opening her mouth, the girl scraped her teeth against the spot, and then quickly bit into his flesh. She felt the moment of surprise, as the sharp pain hit, but in moments relaxed as pleasure erased pain. His arms were around her pulling her closer, a moan escaping his slack lips, ecstasy washing through his body as she drank.

The young vampire didn't take much, her ears picking up the conversation of Juan's phone call, as she licked the wound closed, pulling away. The car stopped, and Juan turned back to address those in the back, "Journey's end, for now, my dear... Want to go on playing upstairs?"

Jordana licked her lips, smiling at Juan, "Of course," then took Rafe's hand, "Come on, Rafe... that was only a taste of the fun we'll have." Her eyes hinted at things that had the young man eagerly following her from the car.


The sensation of an inner heat, an over-sensitivity of all senses going hand in hand with a high alertness and an extreme feeling of randiness seized hold of Jordana while drinking Rafe's blood. When she left the car, the boy rolled his eyes and almost didn't manage to climb out on his own, finally staggered to a drunken stance close to her. "I'm not that kind of guy," he managed to utter, his voice slurring. "Not with a man…" When Juan turned to look at him, though, Rafe simply shrugged and laughed nervously.

Upon entering the little hotel, they were addressed by a receptionist, a normal mortal by the looks of it, not even a servant. He looked a bit pale and extremely nervous, the way certain humans look when they have lost some blood, are slightly drunk and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Behind him, a tall slim man stepped out of the shadow, smoothing back his short black hair. He was Vampire, extremely good looking, and he simply ignored Jordana. "You're always so fast, father," he said, addressing Juan.

The addressee replied with a courteous nod. "Not too early, I hope, Bastien." His son smiled and turned to talk to the receptionist. "The key for Mr Lavalle, Timothy, please," he ordered. The receptionist put the key on the desk, breathing heavily. "Now, now," Sebastien said, putting his hand on Timothy's shoulder. "You should go a bit slow on the booze, and tell me more about your family, it's gonna be all right, I will help you." He pushed the key towards Juan while holding on to the receptionist, who swayed slightly.

"Thank you, Bastien," Juan replied, his hand lingering on Bastien's for a moment. It was not a gesture of affection, however, but Juan closed his eyes, as if reading his childe's thoughts, finally gave a curt nod, took the keys and turned to go. Bastien pulled his thin lips into the mock of a smile and ushered Timothy into the back room again, without so much as looking at Juan's guests.

"This way," Juan said, flashed Jordana a smile and took the now unresisting Rafe by the hand, taking the lead once more. On the way to their room, they met two girls and a boy, all of whom were outstandingly handsome and exquisitely dressed, and Juan stopped to exchange a few words with them. They called him "boss," and they were servants, all three of them. He talked to them quietly and not unkindly, almost caring, then quickly kissed them good-bye, excusing himself with a look at his guests. One of the girls winked at Jordana and giggled on her way out.

The room was obviously the best the small hotel could offer, and someone had done a good job in hurriedly clearing it for the surprise guests. The subtle scent of Sebastien lingered in the air. Juan closed and locked the door behind them, then, without hesitating, slowly undressed, underlining every movement with a word. "Art… is… the godhead… as… revealed… in… the works… of… man…, and… perfection… is… the godhead… as… revealed… in… man… himself…," his tone of voice had the quality of a melodious singsong, "hence… the bizarre… is… the epitome… of… beauty… as… revealed… in… the… Un-dead." He stood there naked, his marble skin glistening in the lamplight, and looked at Jordana with an expression of childish surprise. "I'm hungry."


It didn't fully hit until she'd stepped out of the car, but a languid heat spread through Jordana's veins, causing the blonde to almost purr aloud. She knew it was the effect of whatever drug Juan had slipped Rafe, and that her vampirism would burn it away in a much shorter time than the boy would recover.

Blue eyes followed the dark haired vampire as he headed into the lobby of the small hotel, and Jordana sauntered in behind her two companions, in time to see the exchange between Juan and his 'son'. She wasn't particularly interested in their conversation, instead moving in close to Rafe and taking his hand. Just in case he got cold feet again.

"This way," Juan turned toward the waiting pair and Jordana released the human's hand as the other vampire stepped up, taking the other one. She followed along, behind stopping when the three servants appeared, and as they moved away only raised a brow at the familiar way one of the girls winked at her.

Finally, with no more interruptions, they moved into the room, and as Jordana glanced around she heard the unmistakable sound of the lock. Slipping over to the bed, she sat on the end her eyes watching as Juan began undressing. The girl's gaze followed every movement, every dropped item of clothing, listening silently as his voice broke the silence of the room. And in moments the other vampire stood naked before them, in glorious pale perfection, his skin shining in the softly lit room.

"I'm hungry." The expression that crossed Juan's face, as his dark eyes met Jordana's, caused the young vampire to chuckle, suddenly. "Well..." she purred, her front teeth peeking out to bite her lower lip, "I'm sure Rafe here... can take care of that... He is delicious." Her hand moved suggestively up her leg, stopping at the hem of her skirt, as she watched the other vampire.


Rafe uttered a sound of protest when he saw Juan start undressing, but yielded to another controlling glance. Then, as if enchanted by the melodious talking, he just sat down on the bed next to Jordana, breathing heavily. "Don't you feel hot," Juan asked, approaching him. "You sure want to get rid of your clothes, too. It feels so much better without…" Rafe simply obeyed, looking at him like the proverbial rabbit in front of the snake.

And like a snake Juan crept up on him, pushing Rafe back onto the bed, then pierced the skin at the same spot where Jordana had bitten him, and drank, his body shivering with delight. Whatever reservations Rafe might have had, he didn't have them any more now, but instead gave a soft whimper and pressed his body against Juan's. For one blissful moment, they both moved in unison. Stopping himself abruptly, long before he was satiated, Juan let go of Rafe, who moaned from frustration and tried to hold on. Juan, however, hushed him like a child, licked the wound closed and turned to talk to Jordana, his eyes already showing the effect of the drug.

"That makes two of us undressed, three not completely satisfied," he breathed huskily, squatting over Rafe's legs, caressing them while he talked to Jordana. "So. I believe the field is ready for tilling, gatita." He smiled, lasciviously licking his front teeth, and with a sidelong glance at Rafe added, "Anything I can do for you, Jordana?" He pronounced her name Spanish, making it sound adequately lewd.

The girl's eyes slid from Juan as he moved toward the bed, over to Rafe. She smelled his fear, laced with desire, when the sound of protest came from him, only to be silenced by the dark haired vampire with a look. And a predatory smile crept over Jordana's lips when at the suggestion, the human began ripping his clothing away like he couldn't get them off fast enough.

She was the perfect voyeur, watching from the end of the bed, close enough to touch the men, as Juan all but consumed the boy in his embrace. The scent of passion, desire, and blood almost overwhelmed her, as the drug pounded through her veins. And Jordana had to fight to keep herself still, where she sat, only watching, when she really wanted to crawl up among the pair and join in.

Juan pulled away, turning to give Jordana a heated look, "That makes two of us undressed, three not completely satisfied...So. I believe the field is ready for tilling, gatita...Anything I can do for you, Jordana?"

The way he said her name, brought vivid images of wicked things to the blonde's mind. With a smile she stood up, her hands running up the front of her shirt, stopping at the top button. Slowly Jordana began to unbutton her blouse, letting it slip off her shoulders, and eventually to the floor. Next, her fingers moved to the waist of her skirt, unfastening it and letting it join the other garment at her feet. She stood facing Juan, a mere scrap of lace panties, thigh high stockings, and high heel shoes her only apparel. "Surprise me," she said, her voice husky, her skin on fire with desire.

To be continued...