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Chapter 9: Golden Lance versus Excalibur

"The protector of the Indian Pillar, Krishna, I'm Draco…" Shiryu began.

"I do not need to know your name." Krishna snorted.

"What?" Shiryu frowned.

"To me, your name means nothing because you'll die under my golden lance in seconds." Krishna declared.

"Die Athena's Saint!' he shouted, thrusting the said lance towards Shiryu.

Shiryu somersaulted back to avoid the blow.

Krishna smirked and Shiryu gasped when he saw a flesh wound on his cheek.

"That's strange. I didn't get pierced by the lance yet I was injured. Is it possible that the spear could use the air to create such power?" Shiryu mused.

"That's right. My spear is no ordinary lance." Krishna declared. "In the Greek legend, Poseidon's son, the fearless Chrysaor; his name in the Greek legend means 'Chieftain Of The Golden Spear'. This lance no lonely has the sacred power to destroy all evil in the world, its defense ability is peerless."

"In order to cleanse the land and create a new world for Poseidon to rule over, all evil must be wiped out." Krishna announced.

"Nonsense! Letting innocent people suffering is the doing of evil!" Shiryu declared.

"So is destroying the animals and trees that are under Demeter-sama's protection." Gwen agreed.

Krishna ignored her and continued his assault on Shiryu.

The Draco Saint dodged each attack but it was not long before he found himself cornered.

"Nobody can escape my Chrysaor lance." Krishna told him.

"I did dodge, but it still hit me. If I can't dodge, then I'll have to receive it head on. That's right. The split second I got hold of Krishna's lance, I'll ram it back to his body, that's the only way I can win." Shiryu decided.

"Come for it Krishna!" he declared.

"We'll see if the fabled Golden Lance can pierce through the strongest shield of the 88 constellations." he challenged.

"If my Golden Lance breaks through your shield, you're a goner." Krishna snorted.

"I already have to preparation to die." Shiryu declared.

"Fine, I'll grant you your wish. Let me exult your spirit." Krishna replied.

"Go Golden Lance!"

"Protect me Draco Shield!" Shiryu cried out, bringing his shield before him.

"Darn, the Golden Lance has such power." Shiryu mumbled as the lance went through the shield and through his body. "The Draco Shield is like a piece of paper, being pierced so easily and through my body. Now I see why it's called the Chrysaor Lance of legend."

"Now you understand the difference in strength. What do you think you're doing by contracting your muscles around my lance?" Krishna asked.

"I'm also Athena's Saint, so I can't die. In exchange for my life, let me at least break this lance!" Shiryu declared, bringing his hand down.

"It's foolish for you to think that you can break the lance with your bare hands." Krishna told him as Shiryu's hand connected with the lance's handle.

Pulling out the weapon, he added, "The Golden Lance also has a defense ability. It's impossible to break it."

With a soft moan, Shiryu collapsed on the ground.

Such a fighting spirit. It's a waste for him to die I should have a t least asked for his name. Krishna mused.

"Now for you girl." he turned to Gwen.

"I was preparing for that." the War Lady of Summer retorted.

Darn, I'm immobile. If I can't deal with Krishna's lance, then I can't defeat him. But how am I supposed to break a lance with such a defense capability?

What's wrong Shiryu? came a voice in his head.

You're.. senior Capricorn.. Shiryu gasped.

It isn't like you to lose hope this easily. Didn't you tell me that you're Athena's most loyal Saint? Shura reprimanded. You give up after such a minor setback and to think I rescued you, all for nothing. Don't forget that you still have the noble duty of protecting Athena. I've imparted all my abilities to you upon my death, Shiryu. What's a mere Golden Lance? Don't forget you have something that can break the Golden Lance in your right arm.

What? Could it be… Shiryu gasped.

Yes, Shiryu. In your right arm rests my soul and… Shura added.

The Excalibur. Shura replied.

Krishna and Gwen were about to attack each other when Shiryu stood up.

"You still refuse to lie down? What do you want to do?" Krishna asked.

"To defeat you and your Golden Lance." Shiryu declared.

"What's your name?" Krishna questioned.

"Draco Shiryu." Shiryu replied. "Draco Shiryu, with the Draco Shield that had been doused in the golden blood of the Golden Saints and the Excalibur that is hidden in my right arm, I will let you see my true power this time!"

"You want to break the Golden Lace? Are you talking with your dying breath, Shiryu?" Krishna scoffed. "I'll take into account that you're a warrior, so I will let your death count. This lance will piece right through your heart this time."

Shura is right. I have to break the Golden Lance. Even the highest level of Saints, the Golden Saints were defeated by us. I'll have to arouse my Cosmo once again. Shiryu pondered.

"Burn my Cosmo! Raise to the level of the Golden Saints!" Shiryu cried out, raising his Cosmo.

"Die Shiryu!" Krishna shouted, thrusting his weapon at the Draco Saint.

Insert loud crash.

"Remind me to get ear plugs." Gwen muttered.

"What? Shiryu's shield blocked the lance? And the shield's color… gold!?" Krishna gasped. "Shiryu's shield has changed into a glittering golden color. No, not only the shield, the entire Cloth is now shining a bright golden color. How…"

"Our Cloths have died once and are later revived by the blood of he Golden Saints. There fore, the Golden Saints' souls rest within our Cloths. Before I burnt my Cosmo, my Cloth was still a mere armor. Only when my Cosmo starts to burn, will the Cloth exhibit its original power." Shiryu informed.

"Bronze Cloth that had been revived by the Golden Saints, I'll raise my Cosmo to that of the Golden Saints, you'll also become the Golden Cloth!" Shiryu declared.

Grabbing Krishna's lance, he added, "Krishna, I'll break your lance with my Cosmo. See my Excalibur!"

"What? It's still the same as before." Shiryu gasped when the lance remained unbroken.

"That's because you're a fake Gold, Shiryu." Krishna told him.

"What?" Shiryu gasped as Krishna thrust his lance towards him, impaling his leg.

"Even though the Cloth is near to the level of a Golden, but you're still a Bronze. Your body has only the strength of a Bronze!" Krishna declared.

"This is…" Shiryu gasped.

"Watch my 'Flashing Lancer!'" Krishna cried out his attack.

Shiryu fell head first onto the ground.

Is this power the strength of the Cloth or my own power? If this is the Cloth's power… Shiryu wondered.

Krishna stood before the fallen Shiryu, his lance poised to strike.

"Prepare yourself Shiryu!" he shouted, bringing his lance down, only to be met by Shiryu's shield.

"Don't embarrass yourself Shiryu. Do you still want to rely on that pitful Cloth?" Krishna asked.

"If I remove the Cloth…" Shiryu replied, standing up.

"What?" Krishna gasped when Shiryu detached his Cloth from his body.

"What do you think you're doing by removing your Cloth and shield?" he asked.

"I relied too much on the protection on my Cloth. Only on the line of life and death can I execute the highest Cosmo now I'll arouse the 'Excalibur' that's asleep in my right hand. If I can't break your lance this time, I'll die. Life or death, this is the critical moment." Shiryu declared.

"I'll like to see what kind of miracle you can create with your life on the line," Krishna prompted.

"But this is one lance that even the Gods can't break!" he shouted, thrusting the weapon at Shiryu.

"Burn, my Cosmo! I'll awaken it this time!" Shiryu shouted, his Cosmo rising rapidly.

"Watch my Excalibur!" he declared, bringing his right hand down on Krishna's lance, breaking the weapon.

SailorStar9: Shiryu finally awakens the Excalibur Shura imbedded in his arm and breaks Krishna's lance. But will that be enough to defeat the Chrysaor Sea General or will Gwen be forced to bring out her Avatar beast? Stay tune to find out.