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Sandy closed the busted door behind her and watched as her sister went into the bathroom. All she heard was

"Son of a bitch." Then the door opened, there stood Nat, holding her shirt up and the wound she had gotten a few weeks ago some how ripped open a little. Sandy chuckled a little.

" I'll get the kit, sit down" Sandy went out to her car, hit a button on the side of the car and the trunk popped open. She lifted up the tricked out trunk, to her medical compartment under the weapons. She pulled out a few things then went back inside the house, laughing at the crap, which landed out side due to Natalie's outburst.

Natalie was lying on the floor with a bottle of something, and her head on the pillow.

" Are you going to clean up the yard later, you know you can't keep his stuff there?" Sandy asked. This couldn't have been the first time Dean pulled this.

" Well usually, when he goes out, he doesn't bring the trash back in with him. But today after shopping for food, I come home to a sex fest in the living room, his ass pounding the crap out of that, that, whore! So I was a little upset and while I waited for him to finish I tossed a few things out. He is damn lucky I didn't set his car on fire."

Sandy laughed as she stuck a needle into her sister's arm and pulled the bottle out of her hand.

" I'm sorry Natalie, I know you liked Dean, But honey he is a Winchester. Even Sam has fallen into the Winchester curse."

" What happened there? I thought the two of you were like glued at the hip" Natalie started to slur her word, due to the painkiller her sister shoved into her system.

" Jessica."

" Oh. When did you find out?"

" A few weeks ago I went to Stanford to tell Sam I was going to transfer over to the town and well Jessica, was holding his hand like a leech."

Natalie started to laugh " holding hands, man that must have been rough on you."

" Hey, I'm stitching you back together so shut up, anyway we are done and I came here to see my sister, whose pet was fuckin a porn star looking chick on the floor."

Natalie might have been drugged and hurting but it didn't stop her from getting up grabbing Sandra and throwing her into a wall.

" Fuck you" was all she said as she went into the bathroom to clean herself up.

Sandy looked at the living room and cleaned up her things; maybe she's clean up some things around the house. Put Dean's stuff into a box for him. Hopefully her sister would come back out and talk to her eventually.

Maybe even do a little Christmas shopping, while she was at it.


Natalie pulled off her clothes and stood in her full-length mirror, side from the constant reminder of her life, Natalie was almost a perfect 8. She never wanted to be a 10. She sighed as she sat on the cold toilet seat. She tried so hard to not let what Dean brought home, bother her, but it did. They weren't dating; they didn't love each other. But sometimes after a hunt, they were so turned on that the clothes would fly and lust would ignite.

She had heard Dean with other women at night, but seeing it was different, completely different.

Okay so maybe she loved Dean, a little more than she should. She loved, the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed; she loved the smile, his lips she was jealous of. His car, she loved that car like her own. She loved that when they weren't hunting, they would just hang out together go to the bars, tag team pool halls. Come home and just lay on the floor and watch movies all night.

She loved the way he treated her when they went out.

Then there were the things she hated… Right then it out weighted all the things she loved about him.

Some who right at that moment she wished her father and John would be there. Two more weeks and they would be back, two long weeks of ackward silence between Deana and Natalie.