Title: Another Story About Wyatt And Chris

Author: 66witch

Rating: M, later maybe R (so, only for mature readers).

Characters: Chris, Wyatt and some others.

Disclaimers: I don't own any Charmed characters or the show.

Summary: Just another Chris&Wyatt-lovestory, set during the finale.

Warnings: This story deals with slash and incest. If you have a problem with that, then don't read!

Note 1: Actually I haven't seen the final yet, so all I write here is from what friends told me. So please don't flame me, if there is something wrong.

Note 2: This is my first story ever and english isn't my mother-tongue, so even if I give my best, there will surly be some mistakes. So please don't flame me for that either.


1. Chapter

'Do you really think that was such a good idea?' Wyatt asked Chris telepathically, when they suddenly stood in the doorway to their parents livingroom. This shouldn't be something special, but this wasn't exactly their parents livingroom, but the same place only about 20 years in the past! And not only their family was there, but also some of the already dead members.

'Just stick to what I said then everything will be fine,' Chris answered 'You know that was the only chance.'

Wyatt sighed. At least Phoebe wasn't sitting too close to them, so she shouldn't be able to feel something she shouldn't... at least not now.

Meanwhile, their family had noticed them. "What are you doing here?" Piper asked looking at her grown up sons confused.

The young men hesitated a moment. Then Chris tried to explain: "We're here because Wyatt lost his powers. We were in the underworld kickin' some demon's ass..."

"Watch you language, boy," his great-grandmother said.

Chris rolled his eyes and continued: "So we were kickin' demon's butts, but then..."

"...Everything changed," Wyatt interrupted his brother, "and we had been lucky to get ot of there..." He made a break to let those information sank in. Then he added: "Then we cast a spell to bring us back to when and where that happened, and now we're... here." Then he looked at his brother who nodded.

The rest of the family began to discuss how that was possible, how that could have happen. But Chris didn't really listen. It felt weird to be there, at this point in time. The memories he had about his past life came back to his mind with such a force that he wasn't sure if he could keep his secret THAT he knew. But he had to, it was better for all of them.

'Hey! You're fine?' Wyatt asked him. He had noticed that something was wrong with his brother.

'Yeah... it's just...' Chris answered while trying to keep one ear at their family's conversation.

Wyatt smiled: 'Yeah, I know...' And he did. Because through her connection he had witnessed more than one of Chris's nightmares. For a moment he kept silent, then asked: 'Do you know where I want to be right now?'


Wyatt tried not to smile when he answered to his brother telepathically: 'Somewhere where I can be IN you...'

Chris had to surpress a laugh at that: 'Are you thinking about nothing else?'

The older man of the two wanted to reply something, but before he could his mom turned to them again. "So what can we do? We need to know when things happened exactly."

"Well I thought that maybe my younger version can help so that I can remember what happened..." Wyatt said, while Chris nodded.

Piper frowned, then nodded: "He's with your grandpa... can you orb over there?"

Chris nodded.

"I'll come with you..." their grandmother said. The sister wanted to stop her, but there was no use.

At that moment another person appeared. The only person who really understood the two brothers, the only person who was always there for them. Surprised to see him there, Wyatt muttered: "Uncle Coop."

Chris hit his brother's shoulder: 'Really, great job... I told you to say not more than necessary!'

'Sorry... yeah I know...'

"Uncle Coop?" Phoebe asked with a mixture of shock and surprise.

'I was just so surprised that he's hear... maybe we could...'

'No,' Chris replied, 'no word to him about us...'

'But he had said, if he had known earlier...'

'No... He will tell Phoebe and she will tell mom...'

Wyatt just nodded when at the same time Piper kind of kicked them out before they could spoil more of the future. Chris just nodded to her and then orbed his brother and grandma to the apartment of their grandpa.


A few minutes later, Wyatt and Chris stood in the bedroom of their grandfather, where their little versions were playing with some of their toys, while the man - still slightly shocked about meeting both of his grandsons's grown up versions - sat in his living room with their grandma, filling her in about the past 30 years.

Wyatt stepped a little forward, but when he did, his little version orbed over to little Chris and hold him tight, as if he wanted to protect him.

Chris smiled: "Let me do this, I was longer in this time, than you, so maybe he remembers me..." Then he walked past his older brother and knelt down in front of little Wyatt and himself. 'God this is weird.'

"Who do you tell that?" Wyatt remarked chuckling.

Chris turned around to his brother and smiled, his eyes beaming, when he saw that beautiful grin on his brother's face. Oh, how much he loved that grin. Then he turned back to the two little boys. "Hey Wyatt... do you remember me?" he asked.

Little Wyatt nodded.

Chris smiled. "Good... So this," he pointed at the adult Wyatt, "is a friend, like me. He just wants to ask you something, is that ok?"

Little Wyatt nodded again.

Chris nodded too and sat down in front of the boys and gestured for his Wyatt to do the same.

Wyatt went over to them with a sigh. 'A friend, huh?' He sat down right beside Chris and put his arm around his brothers shoulders as he watched the two boys amazed.

'What else should I have said... Common, ask him.'

Wyatt nodded and turned to his little version: "Ok champ... Had there been anything unusual in the last two or three days. Has anything special happen?"

"There was a man." little Wyatt muttered.

"What man?" This was Chris.

The boy shrugged: "Took me to home..."

Wyatt frowned turning to his Chris while little Wyatt started to play with his brother again. "Do you think that this is what we were searching for?"

Chris shrugged: "I don't know, but I hope so. I don't want to stay here longer than necessary."

"Why so in a hurry?" Wyatt asked moving even closer to him.

Chris looked at his brother annoyed and pushed him away a little: "Therefor... They can't find out. If they do, that would ruin everything."

"Oh common, what shall they do? Piper already tried to change our past," Wyatt replied.

"Yeah, OUR Piper, the one who knows that the world needs us both as a team. But THIS Piper, she could separate us... really I mean," Chris said seriously.

"Nahhh, she wouldn't do that."


Wyatt looked at his brother. Actually he wasn't sure at all. He sighed realising that Chris was right. They couldn't risk losing each other. He couldn't live without Chris.

For a moment they kept silent observing their smaller versions play.

"You know what?" Wyatt said then, when his little version hugged little-Chris. "I think I already loved you at that point." His brother grinned. Wyatt pulled him a little closer and whispered to his ear: "As much as I do now..."

Then both men looked into each others eyes for a while, before Wyatt caressed Chris cheek. "I love you Chris," he said.

"I love you too," Chris answered seriously, and then moved closer until their lips met.

For a moment they forgot everything around them. For a moment they didn't care about anything else than that feeling between them, which let them melt to one, one mind, one soul, one love.

Chris then thrust his tongue into his brothers mouth, who moaned in response. Chris played with Wyatt's tongue while their kiss became more and more intense.

They were so drunken by their feelings for each other that they didn't realise that the door to the bedroom was opened. Not until they heard the very familiar voice of their grandfather.

"Oh my God!"


Note 3: So that's the first chapter. I hope you like it. Actually I'm not sure how to go on from that point, I mean... I'm in general, but not in detail...so if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me. And please, review!