Title: Another Story About Wyatt And Chris

Author: 66witch

Rating: M (only for mature readers).

Characters: Chris, Wyatt and some others.

Disclaimers: I don't own any Charmed characters or the show.

Summary: Just another Chris&Wyatt-lovestory, set during the finale.

Warnings: This story deals with slash and incest. If you have a problem with that, then don't read!

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9. Chapter

As soon as the two men materialised in their own time, her mom - who had been waiting for them, hugged them tightly. "It's good to have you two back here," she muttered.

"Thanks," Wyatt said.

But then both brothers started to feel dizzy, as some new memories were coming to their minds. Piper led them to the sofa to sit down, while Wyatt and Chris tried to get a grab of what the had changed during their visit in the past.

"Are you ok?" their mother asked worried.

"Yeah..." Wyatt muttered, but actually they weren't. Both brothers had never thought that the small things they had told to their grandfather, would lead to so huge changings.


After the party to Chris's 14th birthday, the brothers had decided to go to bed early. Patiently they both waited until their parents left. Then they stayed calm for another 20 minutes, until both were sure, that everyone believed they were sleeping.

Finally Wyatt crawled out of his bed and went tiptoeing over to his brother. "Missed me?" he asked, when he lied down next to Chris, who was already waiting for him.

"Like hell," Chris said and kissed him on his lips. Then he looked at Wyatt again. "All the time I just wished them to go away... I only wanted to be with you."

"I know," Wyatt said and caressed his cheek. "But you know we have to be careful."

Chris nodded. "But now, no one will disturb us," he whispered. Then their lips met again.

Wyatt sucked on Chris lower lip, making his brother moan. He smiled at that sound. God, he would surly go to hell for that, but he loved him so much.

Chris then opened his lips and as soon as Wyatt realised this, he thrust his tongue into Chris's wet mouth.

The younger one immediately sucked on his tongue, which let Wyatt moan in pleasure.

They were both so submerged in themselves that they didn't hear how the door was opened and then closed again. But when suddenly the light was switched on they turned to the door startled.

There, with a unreadable look on his face, stood their grandfather. "Oh boys..." he said with a sigh.

Victor had thought that the boys would separate immediately and pretend that nothing had happened, but they didn't. Instead Wyatt pulled Chris close to his arms as if he wanted to protect him.

Victor smiled weakly: "You know... a long while ago, your older versions came to the past... And I kind of caught them like I now caught you... I just wanted to say... If you need someone to talk, I'm there." Then he switched off the lights and left the room.

Chris and Wyatt kept staring completely shocked at the spot where their grandfather had stood only moments before. And Chris could feel Wyatt's heart beating fast and strongly against his back.

"What the hell was that about?" Chris asked then.

Wyatt shook his head: "I don't know..."


Chris chuckled uncontrollably before the laughter took control over him, startling Piper.

"Honey what's going on?... Why are you...?" she asked, but then Wyatt joined his laughter.

It had been really cool. Victor had kept their secret, and he was always there when they needed someone to talk during the time when their relation was a secret. Whenever they had trouble, they knew they could count on him.

Piper had been really angry, when things finally were blown out and she found out that Victor knew it all along. But also that storm had passed. And even with that... things had been a little easier for Wyatt and Chris.

And he also was there for Chris when it comes to the memories he had of his other self. Chris had been shocked at first, when Victor had told him that he knew, but then he was relieved, that he could talk to someone, who wasn't Wyatt, because some of those things he really didn't want to share with him.

Wyatt sighed then and pulled Chris close into his arms. And turning to Piper he said: "Don't worry mom, everything is just fine!" And then he kissed Chris on his cheek.

Piper smiled: "That's good..."

Chris, who had closed his eyes a moment, simply enjoying the warm embrace of his brother, suddenly sat up. "Where is Patty?" he asked, worried that they could have changed something about her. They had left the girl with Piper and now, Chris wondered why she was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh, don't worry," Piper said, still smiling, "your dad is taking care of her."

Both men looked at her confused and shocked: "WHAT!"


Leo, Victor and Patty were in the attic. Leo had searched through all the old boxes and finally found some old toys of Wyatt and Chris, for the little girl to play with. They had spread out a blanket and now the little girl was sitting on it, playing with some fluffy toys.

The men sat on the old sofa observing the one-year-old girl silently. Leo sighed.

"Are you ok?" Victor asked.

His son in law shook his head: "No... I'm not."

Victor placed his hand on Leo's shoulder. "Don't worry," he said, "there is still enough time..."

"But will they forgive me?"

The old man smiled: "Of course they'll do... You're their father. They love you."

Leo just nodded. Then Victor rose and left the attic to look after his daughter. Leo observed the little girl a little longer. Thinking back to the conversation they two men had earlier that day.

Victor had been right, he was acting like and idiot. Even if what the boys did was wrong, they still were his sons. And still he loved them more than everything.

And Patty? She was so adorable. And he regretted that he hadn't seen her before, hadn't spend time with her like a grandfather should do.

When his son's had orbed into the kitchen this morning, Chris with the girl in his arms, he had just stood up and left the room.

Later when Piper had came down from the attic, while he sat in the livingroom, she and the girl had been alone. Piper had walked over to him and without giving him a chance to complain, put the girl into his arms. "Just a few moments," she had said. "I just call Victor, because I don't have the time to babysit."

While his wife had gone to the phone, Leo noticed that Patty had looked at him with her huge green eyes, which looked so much like those of his youngest. She was cute, he couldn't deny that. He had Piper's smile and Wyatt's nose... his own nose.

Then Piper came back and wanted to take the girl again.

"Oh... don't worry, honey," Leo had said, "I can watch her for a little while." Piper had looked surprised, but smiled.

One and a half hour later Victor had arrived. He was not less surprised when he found Patty with Leo in the attic. "What are you doing?" he had asked.

Leo had smiled: "I'm seeking, for the boy's old toys."

Then soon they had had a long and serious talk. It seemed that Victor knew what was going on in his mind and he used that opportunity to talk some sense into him.

And then Leo also remembered something.


Leo had just came back to his family, and first couldn't hardly realise what was going on. Why was Penny there... and Patty... and Wyatt and Chris... ?

It took him a moment to get a grip of all that. Then he went over to Chris, he had to talk to him... he just had to know. "Hey," he said when he stood in front of him.

His son returned a "hey", which had sounded kind of distant.

"Can we both talk for a moment?" he asked then.

"Sure," his son replied and went into the kitchen.

Leo followed him and both sat down on the table, face to face to each other. For a moment non of them said anything.

Then Chris rose to speak: "So, what do you want to talk about?"

Leo sighed, unsure how to start: "I... I don't know if we ever told you but... we had a visit from the future before."

"Really?" Chris asked with an innocent voice.

Leo couldn't help the feeling that his son DID know, what he was talking about. But he was sure, he wouldn't get him to tell the truth, so he decided to leave things like that, it didn't matter anyway... "You see... All I wanna know is, if things were right now, in the future... or... and..."


Leo sighed again: "Am I a good father?"

Chris smiled but it looked a little forced. Then he kept silent for a while, which let the bad feeling in Leo's stomach only grew bigger, same as the sigh which left his lips. Then the young man looked up and smiled again.

"Don't worry dad," he said. "You had been a great father... for both of us."

"Had been?" Leo asked, that bad felling still hadn't left him.

Chris just looked at him: "Well... at the moment, things are a little difficult."

Leo frowned even more worried: "Difficult? How?" His mind was racing: 'What the hell does he mean...? Did I something wrong? No that can't be, can it...?'

Chris sighed: "Let's say me and Wyatt... we both have someone who we love. But you don't really like those persons..."

"What?" Leo asked unbelieving.

"You kicked us out."

"WHAT?" he exclaimed, jumping up. He would never to that, never. There is no reason why he would kick his own sons out... not even when they would turn evil. Then he sank back to the chair, muttering: "Why?"

"You can't accept them... And we understand that, dad. We understand why you reacted in this way... and it's ok..." Chris said.

But Leo shook his head: "No, it's not..." How could his son say something like that. That was anything else than ok! He had to find out more... he had to prevent that.


"No Chris," Leo was stubborn as his son himself. "That's not right... so please tell me, so that I..."

"Sorry, can't tell you... future consequences," Chris said.

For a moment Leo was shocked to the bones, by this words. Chris had sounded almost like... like Chris... the Chris he had lost. The same choice of words, the same kind of voice, the same look in his eyes. Even if he knew that man in front of him wasn't the Chris who had died in his arms two years ago, still it was him in a way.

Moments passed without any of them saying something. Then Wyatt entered the kitchen: "Chris, it's time to go..."

Chris turned around to him and nodded. Then he stood up and went to the sunroom again. But in the door he turned around.

Leo was still sitting at the table, kind of shocked. His mind only spinning around that one thing. How could he do this? What drove him that mad, that he would do that.

"Don't worry dad, everything will go its way... like it's supposed to be..." Chris said, then he left him alone.

A few moments passed, in which Leo tried to get those informations into his brain. Then, realising that his sons were about to leave, he jumped up. He couldn't let them go, not without showing them that he loved them, no matter what.

When he entered the sunroom, he went over to his boys and hugged them tightly for a long while. And he could feel how much that meant to them. He felt how Wyatt hold him strongly, too strongly, if it had been something usual for him. And with Chris it was the same.

"Remind me of that in your time, ok?" Leo whispered to Chris.

"I'll try..." his youngest replied. But his voice sounded so sad and hopeless, that it broke Leo's heart.

Then they stepped closer to each other and when they were side by side, Chris took Wyatt's hand. Then they waved with the other to their family one last time, before they cast a spell which would bring them back. And as soon as it was done, they disappeared in a swirl of white light.

Leo stared at the spot where they had been standing for a while.

"Are you alright?" Piper asked him worried.

Leo looked at her, still shocked. But still he could change that, couldn't he? "I hope so," he answered and hold her close.


He hadn't been able to change it. When Piper told him about their relationship, he was just so angry, disgusted, but mostly he was disappointed. And all this took the best out of him and he did what he swore to himself he would never do. He had kicked them out. And even if soon he had slowly began to regret that action, he wasn't able to take that back. He just couldn't...

But maybe now was the time to wake up and finally do the right thing. If they would let him.

He went over to his little grandchild and sat down next to her on the blanket.

The girl, immediately looked up at him holding the teddy in front of his face: "Playin'!" she said. Leo smiled, took the teddy and played with her.


Chris and Wyatt immediately got up and went to the attic, after their mother had told them about Leo, taking care for their daughter. They couldn't help to be a little worried.

But before they reached the last stairs, they met Victor. "Hey boys," he said.

"Hey grandpa," Chris said and hugged him.

Then Wyatt did the same saying: "Thanks for always being there for us."

Victor smiled. Then he gestured to the attic: "I know he hurt you, but... I guess finally he learned his lessons." And when he saw the confused faces of his grandkids he added: "Just give him a chance." Then he smiled again and went down to Piper.

Wyatt and Chris looked at each other for a moment. Then Wyatt took Chris's hand and caressed it lovingly. "Shall we?" he asked.

Chris took a deep breath, then he nodded and both orbed the rest of the way to the attic.


When they saw the orbing lights, Patty and Leo looked up.

"Dada!" the little girl exclaimed, while Leo rose.

Chris immediately went over to her to pick her up: "Hey sweetie, how are you?"

"Awww... you've grown so much..." Wyatt said.

Chris laughed: "Yeah... sure daddy... we had been away for only a couple of hours..."

Wyatt just took the girl from his brothers hands and hugged her tightly, happy to have her back.

All that time Leo just looked at them. They had grown so much since that day he... He didn't want to think about that. He sighed and stepped close to them. "Boys?"

Wyatt and Chris looked up, unsure what to do or say.

"I... I know that's far too late... but..." Leo said, his voice heavy with emotions, "I... I'm sorry."

"Me too," Wyatt replied as Chris nodded.

"I know I've done so much wrong but... Now that I understand, I can only hope that it isn't too late..." He hesitated a moment, trying to see some hint of understanding in his son's faces. But there was nothing, only sadness. "Please... can you forgive me?" he asked, but it was more a whisper.

Wyatt sighed, while Chris just looked to the ground, trying not to cry.

"I know that we can't just get back to normal, but... maybe you can move back in and we try to start new..." Leo's voice was desperate now.

"Grandpa said 'give him a chance'..." Chris said.

"He kicked us out..." Wyatt gave back.

"Same as grandpa did, before you changed that..."

Wyatt sighed. "Ok," he said then, "when you want to be our father again..."

Leo nodded, again saying that he was sorry.

But Chris just smiled. He smiled and went over to him and hugged him tightly. "We love you dad," he said with a low voice.

Leo smiled relieved as his eyes welled up in tears. "I love you too son... both of you," he sobbed as he looked at Wyatt, who was still holding their daughter close, now smiling too.




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