Author's note: This is something I thought I'd try…so here goes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Zelda, obviously.


Dear Diary

Link came over earlier, I swear to the Goddesses he only comes for the castle food, what did we have today? Oh yes, roasted octorok with chu chu sauce. Impa was not amused when Link slurped his entire dish down in a few mouthfuls, the sauce splattered everywhere and since the cleaner is on a 'much needed' holiday, we've had to cope by ourselves. Father insists we should all eat over the sink to stop any mess but that's not very princess-like is it? Anyway, Link just saw me writing in you, I hope he's not going to try to take a peek, I wrote some rather nasty things about his constant flirting with Malon…and any other girl that flutters her eye lashes at him, that's probably just my overreacting though, not like he's mine anyway. Sigh, life bites.

Much love, Zelda. XxXx

Dear Diary

I saw Zelda writing in one of these things so I had to get one for myself, I picked one up for Saria too, she can use it to bash Mido over the head with if nothing else. I'm writing this on Epona since Zelda chucked me out of the castle for eating all of her lunch, so excuse me if some of the handwriting is a little messy -skhjcd whoops, heh, I blame my left handedness. Haven't been stalked by my fan club today, a club that consists of Ruto and uh…yeah, that's about it. She must be off cleaning her scales or falling off a cliff, either one works for me. Better stop now.

Write more later, Link.

Dear Diary

Link bought me this so I guess I should use it, being one of the only Kokiri able to read and write. At least I don't have to worry about them reading it, especially Mido. Speaking of that argghh, he tried to kiss me for the millionth time the other day, we were by the pond, no, correction, I was by the pond and he decided to follow me there. He tried it on but I stepped aside and he went flying in, there was much laughing on my side. Shame he had to come up from the water at all, yes most people think I'm a sweet innocent girl and I am, to an extent. I should tell Mido the Deku Tree told him he can leave the forest, he's so in love with me he'll believe me and then I'll never see him again. Hahaha! Sorry, got a bit carried away there. I'm going to head up to the temple and play my song some more, it keeps me sane.

Love and deku seeds, Saria.

Dear Diary

Why in all of Hyrule do we write 'dear diary'? Why not Dear the amazing Princess Ruto? I could use some more fan mail, I've only ever received one and it said 'Ruto, I'd love it if you drowned in Lake Hylia'. Obviously that was code for 'Ruto, I'd love it if we had a romantic moonlit swim in Lake Hylia'. Ah well, whoever that fine person was never left their details, so alas, our love will never be! My heart already belongs to someone anyway, my darling Link. He took me bowling last week, well ok….he went and I sneakily followed, it was the best date of my life. Have to go for now, Father wants a back rub…yuck.

Disgustedly, Ruto.

Dear Diary

I got up at exactly 5AM to feed the cuccos, clean out the stables, make the breakfast, hang out the washing, sing to the horses, fix the hole in the barn roof and get dad out of bed. By the time I was done it was 5:30AM! My, that took me way too long, I need to practice my time keeping harder! After dad left to deliver the milk and Mr. Ingo grumbled about everything, I went outside to hold a tea party with the animals. I dressed the horses in pink dresses and the cuccos in pretty white bonnets! We sang and danced and ate grass all day! I must go clean up now.

Many moos, Malon.

Dear thingie with pages in

An awful thing happened today, I ate a fellow Goron thinking he was a rock, luckily no one has noticed so I might get away with my crime. I sat in the throne room most of the day bored out of my mind as usual. Later, I stood by the tunnel that leads to the forest, I do love listening to Saria's song, although lately it's been sounding a lot more deranged, I hope she's ok. Not much more to say right now. I'll write more soon, if they don't hunt me down and serve me for dessert for what I did...gulp.

Rock on, Darunia

Dear Diary

Zelda has been testing my patience all day. Inviting Link over just so he could eat all our food, not cleaning her room and refusing to take her vitamins. I told her, if she didn't she wouldn't grow big and strong. She countered by saying she didn't want to end up like me with hairs on her chest, that girl doesn't appreciate me, one day I'll pack up and leave!



Yo! Nabooru here, spent the whole day chilling in the Haunted Wasteland. Some poe tried to steal my pants yet again, they claim they need them to make a parachute, I shook my fist in anger before running for my life. It's been kinda boring around here without Pinocinose skulking about, I miss the big doof, but not too much. I'll get one of these things sent to him in that void, he'll enjoy that.

See ya later, Nabooru

Dear diary my only friend in the world.

Today was boring, again. Floated around in thin air for hours on end. I thought I saw a tiny speck of something but realised it was just my eyes teasing me…I hate my life.