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The bet

Chapter one

The two sanin, Jiraiya and Tsunade, were drunk on Sake in Tsunade's office when she supposedly was supposed to be working.

"Hey Tsunade I bet you've never loved anyone," said Jiraiya.

"What are you talking about? I had a boyfriend," she said

"Yeah but he died," said Jiraiya laughing while taking another sip of his sake.

Tsunade got pissed and hit him in the face. He went flying away breaking Tsunade's desk.

"Oww! That hurt!...Well I bet you can't make anyone fall in love with someone else."

"What yes I can. I'm a romantic machine. You want to bet!" yelled Tsunade

"Yeah! I bet 100,000,000 yen!" Jiraiya hollered. (I don't know anything about the value of a yen so I just made some numbers up.)

They stared at each other intensely and then shook hands.

"But there is one condition, I get to pick." Jiraiya took another sip of sake.

"What! You tricked me you bastard!"

"What's the matter I thought you were a romantic machine?"

"Hmph...And that's exactly why I'll win. Like I told you before when it comes to love I know all about it!"

"Yeah right this is coming from a woman whose boyfriend died." Jiraiya carefully whispered making sure Tsunade didn't hear because that would sure earn him another beating.

"Anyway…The person I pick is..." Jiraiya looks around and spots some papers scattered on the floor. They had fallen of f Tsunade's desk when Jiraiya broke it. He picks it up and sees that it is full of names. 'Hmph….this is going to be fun' Jiraiya thought.

The paper contained the names of the entire rookie nine. 'Hmm...That baka naruto is easy to make him fall in love with someone.'

"What about Hinata Hyuga?" Jiraiya said

"That's easy." Tsunade said smiling.

Jiraiya was now smirking. "But not Naruto."

"Damn it," she said. "With who?"

"Well I'll make it easy for you. I'll pick two guys she can fall in love with…Let see. How about Shikamaru?"

"Nope he and Ino are going out." Tsunade took another drink. Her cheeks were turning a slight red color.

Jiraiya scanned the paper. "Kiba or Shino?"

"No! No! They are like brothers to her. The only love they have for her is sibling love."

"How about Sasuke Uchiha." Jiraiya said grinning.

"Well he might be a possibility but he's cold hearted. But then again Sasuke probably doesn't think of her as a nuisance like his fan girls because Hinata doesn't stalk him. It is going to be tough to even get them to talk since Hinata is shy." Tsunade sighed.

"Well let's see…the other person is going to be…Choji!" Jiraiya said rather enthusiastically.

"No! No way!" Tsunade screamed.

"Okay. Just be quiet. What about…Rock Lee?"

"Hell no!" she screamed. She then thought about how Lee and Hinata would look like walking together holding hands. This caused her to fall on the floor and burst out laughing.


'I think all the pressure of being the hokage has finally gotten to her. She's lost her mind. Why the hell is she laughing anyway?' Jiraiya thought

Then all of a sudden Tsunade's assistants came barging through the door.

"Tsunade-sama. Are you okay? We heard a loud noise." They said.

Both assistants looked down at the floor and noticed bottles of sake everywhere along with a broken desk.

"Oh no. She's drunk again. Tsunade-sama you were supposed to be working." Said one of the assistants. "And what happened to your desk?"

"What are you talking about? I am working!" Tsunade got a pen and paper and started to scribble all over it. "Told you," she said grinning. "And Jiraiya broke the desk so he will be paying for it."

Jiraiya was too drunk to even respond about the accusation.

Her two assistants left the room and were still worried about her work.

"Gosh. You had to scream," said Jiraiya

"My bad I just want the best for Hinata because she is one of my best students. Plus she is a HYUGA after all."

"Anyways…I think this is too easy so I'll make it harder." Jiraiya said while making an evil grin.

"You perverted bastard!" Tsunade yelled

"Let's see" Jiraiya scanned the papers he had picked up earlier. They were peace treaties from other villages. 'Wait a minute…doesn't Konoha have a peace treaty with the sand?'

"I pick the Kazekage of the sand," Jiraiya said while smiling inwardly.

"What! But how, I can't just ask him to come over here!" she said angrily.

"Hey that's not my problem. Just gather my money to pay me when you lose."

Jiraiya leaves…well tries to leave… before he collapsed by the door from being too drunk.

Tsunade just stood there confused by the situation.

'This is going to be hard. First I'll deal with the Kazekage. Maybe if I send all three on a vacation but then that would just be chaotic. How am I going to do this…stupid Jiraiya…you got me this time but I'll get you back.'

Then an idea pops into her head and she starts to write a letter to the Kazekage. She puts the letter in the envelope and orders one of the delivery men (the ones that have numbers on their hats. You know what I'm talking about if you saw the episode.) to take it to Gaara.

"What is it Hokage-sama?" said the mail man.

"I want you to deliver this directly to the Kazekage of the sand. Do I make myself clear number 02567-51? This is very crucial." Tsunade said while looking at his hat.

"Yes Tsunade-sama." He turns around and runs to fulfill his duty.

'You are going down Jiraiya…I'm going to win.'

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Tsunade: Perverted bastard Jiraiya

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Tsunade: Ewww!..don't make me gag!

Hinata: When do I come out?

Gaara: Why do I have to come out?

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