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Preparations for the Festival

Chapter 8

"AHHHHH," a high pitched scream illuminated through the park.

"MIKI-CHAN!" When Hinata received no reply to her statement, she brought her trembling hands to her mouth in horror. What could have happened to her "daughter"?! Suddenly, the Hyuga heiress felt her knees give in and collapsed on her legs.

"Hinata-chan," stated Gaara quickly as he rushed to aid his "wife". He bent down on one knee and placed his right arm around the Hyuga's shoulders. He could feel her trembling violently so he tried to assure her that everything would be alright. "Don't worry, everything will be ok."

Sensing his wife's decreasing trembling he yelled out in a militant style, "ANBU." Within a second Amelia and Nakatsu, his most trusted and powerful officers, appeared. "Find Miki."

"Hai Kazekage-sama," they replied in unison, quickly disappearing to find the little Sabaku no child.

"Come-on Hinata-chan, let's go look for her," the red haired teenager reasoned as he helped his wife up, who was at this time, more calm.


For some reason she felt very secure and comfortable in Gaara's arms, it felt almost soothing. He made her feel like everything would be alright so she let him guide her as they looked for their daughter.


"Mhah…met me mo matty man," mumbled Miki.

As you would have guessed, having "matty man" as a clear indicator, Miki's kidnapper was none other than Kankuro baka. He was currently crouched on a big oak tree, whose many leaves managed to hide him, with his hand placed over the little girl's mouth, preventing her from screaming so she wouldn't alert anyone. "Be quiet," the puppet master whispered.

"Met me mo!!"

Now, Kankuro may not be the smartest person in Suna, but one would wonder why he would have even dared to kidnap someone, and the Kazekage's daughter at that! He should have known that in doing so, he would quickly get caught, and face the ominous wrath of the all powerful Gaara, not to mention deal with the indignation and displeasure of the pissed off Suna townspeople, who by now had grown to love Miki.

Little Miki-chan tried to wiggle her way out of the puppeteer's grasp by kicking and jerking her body, but to no avail. Kankuro had a tight grip on her. "Miki, ever since we met you, Gaara and Hinata-chan have gotten closer. I can't let that happen."

Miki continued to struggle and managed to bite Kankuro's hand. "Owww!"

"Found you," interrupted another voice. The sand sibling looked up but saw no one. "Right here you baka." The puppet master turned his head and saw Nakatsu crouching on the tree limb next to him. "Give me the girl and no one will get hurt."

"No!" yelled Kankuro.

"Suit yourself." The orange haired ANBU focused some chakra in his index finger and merely pushed Kankuro off the tree.

'Oh crap,' thought the puppeteer as he was falling. In mid air he turned the angle of his body so that he would land on his back to shield Miki from getting hurt.

"Amelia, get Miki!" yelled Nakatsu

Using the tree as a spring board, Amelia jumped into the air and managed to snatch the Sabaku no child from Kankuro. She then landed perfectly on the ground, while the puppet nin landed face first.

Amelia looked at Miki, "Are you ok Miki-chan?"

"Yeah," added Nakatsu, "'cause if you tell us he tried to take a swing at you we can take him in right now."

"No, the fatty man was just a big meanie, he scared Miki!"

"Miki-chan!" The little girl's ears perked at the sound of the familiar voice. She looked over Amelia's shoulders and saw her mommy and daddy heading towards her. "Mommy!"

Hinata quickly rushed over to her daughter and embraced her in a big hug. "I'm so relieved they found you." The lavender eyed Hyuga then looked over her daughter. "Are you alright Miki-chan, are you hurt?"

"Mommy, the fat man grabbed Miki."

"What?" Hinata readjusted Miki in her arms and looked at the sand sibling. "Is this true Kankuro-san?

"Yeah but…"

"Why did you kidnap Miki?" interrupted Gaara in a cold tone.

"Well what had happened was-well I uh- I finished my mission early and…"

"What?!" yelled Nakatsu in disbelief. "You finished your mission early? That's impossible! You can barely finish changing your clothes. I heard that your sister Temari has to lay out your clothes every morning."

"Seriously?" questioned Amelia. She couldn't help but burst out laughing at the thought.

"Kankuro," stated Hinata with a humorless expression, "How…how could you? Was this a supposed to be a joke…'cause it wasn't funny."

"Hinata-chan…I …I…" began Kankuro.

"You have no idea how horrifying it felt when I found out that Miki-chan had been kidnapped. I'm…I'm disappointed in you Kankuro-san." With that said the Hyuga turned around and headed off towards the Kazekage manor.

Kankuro, for once, was quiet. He didn't know what to say. He merely looked around to see if anyone would say that this wasn't happening. That his Hinata-chan was not mad at him. He caught Gaara's gaze and earned a disapproving glance.

"I'll deal with you back at the manor, and don't even think about running away," said the stoic Kazekage as he turned around to follow his wife.

"Oooooh Kankuro baka you're in for it now!" taunted Amelia while pointing an accusing finger at the puppet master. "Come on Nakatsu; let's get to the manor so we can see what Kazekage-sama has planned for punishment."

The orange haired ANBU went towards the sand sibling and whispered, "Hey Kankuro I have some potion that will make them forget everything."

"Really?" inquired the puppeteer with eagerness.

"No just kidding; you're screwed." Nakatsu let out a chuckle before turning around and following after his comrade Amelia.

"Oh Kami-sama help me, Gaara's going to kill me!"


The Sabaku no family and the two ANBU were currently convened in the living room. Gaara was sitting on the long white couch with Hinata next to him; Miki was sitting down on the carpet playing with the bottom of her daddy's robes, Amelia was sitting on a couch opposite of them, and Nakatsu was leaning on the white walls.

All of a sudden Kankuro burst through the door. "Hinata-chan!! I'm so sorry!" he yelled, "And also Miki!" He ran towards his Hinata but accidentally tripped over the carpet. After he got up he continued his apology. "And to show you how much I'm sorry I got you both something. I was planning on giving it to you as a farewell gift on the day of the festival but I'll give it to you two now."

The puppet master took out a brown package, that seemed to be wrapped really crappy, and handed it to the little Sabaku no child. "Here Miki."

She opened the present and came upon a doll. However, this wasn't just any ordinary doll, it was a Gaara doll! Miki began jumping up and down excitedly. "Look Mommy! It's daddy!" she yelled as she showed her mother.

"That's really nice Miki-chan," Hinata smiled, "Thank Kankuro-san for buying it for you."

Miki turned toward the puppeteer and gave him a big grin. "Miki says thanks fatty man."

"No prob. squirt but I didn't buy it. I snatched it away from one of Gaara's fan girls."

The red headed Kazekage shot his brother an apprehensive look. He seemed rather disturbed about the fact that his fan girls even had a precise looking doll of him in the first place.

Kankuro ignored the stare he was receiving from his brother and took out a small baby blue box out of his pocket. "This is for you, Hinata-chan," he stated as he handed her the gift.

Hinata opened the box to find a dazzling stretch sparkly silver bracelet with three rows of 144 genuine Rhinestone crystals. "Wow it's so beautiful Kankuro-san, but how could you afford it? The bracelet looks really extravagant."

"Don't worry about it Hinata-chan. I had saved up all of my money from previous missions I had and added that with the money from today's mission." He took out his piggy wallet and all it spat out was a puff of smoke.

Hinata smiled as she got up from the couch to hug the puppet master. "Thank you Kankuro-san."

'Yes! Hinata-chan is hugging me!' thought Kankuro. 'Now she better like me better than Gaara.' The puppet master looked over at his brother and stuck out his tongue.

Gaara lowered his eyes and glared back.

'Hey Gaara what are you going to get Hinata?' asked Shukkaku

'What are you talking about?' responded Gaara

'Well since she's your wife and all I just figured you would get her something.'

Gaara merely ignored Shukkaku and continued to glare at his brother. "This reminds me Kankuro, I haven't told you your punishment. Once Temari comes back you have to spend the whole week with her, every waking moment."

The puppet master began to shiver violently, so violent in fact that is caused Hinata to let go of him. "WHAT?!!! WHY ME?! WHY DO I HAVE TO?!"

"Well I know you missed her so this will be an opportunity for you to do a little sibling bonding, not to mention help her do one weeks worth of paper work that was left undone because of her absence." A smirk spread across Gaara's lips; that surely worked out the way he had wanted to.

While Hinata was occupied by Kankuro's desperate balling and frantic screaming in the corner of the room, Nakatsu walked over to the red head and leaned down on the couch to ask him, "Hey Kazekage-sama what are you going to get your wife?" According to the little one, she said that Hinata loved you this much," concluded the ANBU as he spread his arms far apart to show the amount of love.

"No this much," exclaimed Miki, stretching out her arms even more.

Gaara stiffened, before relaxing, masking the tint of red that had spread across his cheeks when he heard their statement.

Miki looked over to where Kankuro was currently talking to Hinata. "Hey fat man! You should have gotten Miki a mommy doll too."

The puppeteer quickly snapped out of his mood. "What?! No, it's mine! Get your own Hinata-chan doll….ah wait uh I mean…there is no Hinata-chan doll."

Nakatsu rolled his eyes and looked back at Gaara. "Anyways how about I give you some advice Kazekage-sama? Why don't you get her a gift card?"

Amelia, overhearing this, smacked him on the head. "Don't tell him that you baka! That's not a good gift for a wife."

The male ANBU rubbed his head. "Hey that hurt and you didn't let me finish. I was going to tell him to get her a gift card to his heart.

That comment earned him another clomp by Amelia. "That is so lame. Ok Romeo let's go," she stated as she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him away from the Kazekage and out the door.


Meanwhile back in Konoha…

"Ah yes, this is what I call relaxation." Temari was currently sitting on a beach chair under a blue umbrella in the Hyuga mansion's backyard. 'Now I have to think of a way to make Hinata like Gaara…hmmm,' she thought, 'Kankuro might get in the way but I'll just have to take care of him.' She continued to contemplate this subject until she was interrupted by Hinata's younger sister.

"Hey get out of the way. That's where I train."

Temari just ignored her and took a sip of her ice cold lemonade.

"Hey ugly old lady, can you hear me or are you death?!"

"No, but you're about to be once I make your ass for a hat," responded Temari, breaking the glass she held in her hand.

Hanabi felt a strong evil aura generate from the sand sibling and backed away. "Fine," she muttered, turning around to leave.


Anyways back to Hinata…

It was the next day and as usual Hinata was doing her regular routine. After everyone ate breakfast she was left alone; everyone had gone to handle some business before Miki's performance later on the day.

The only person with her was Nakatsu, but that's because this was part of his job, to guard the Kazekage's wife. Amelia, the other ANBU, was guarding the little Sabaku no child.

The Hyuga heiress leaned against the wall outside the entrance of the showroom. Her gaze focused on the people who were walking in with equipment, props, and costumes for Miki's ballet recital. A group was currently putting and setting up the stage.

Nakatsu noticed the look on her face. "Hinata-sama, you look bored."

"Hinata-sama?" questioned the Hyuga.

"Yeah of course, since you are the Kazekage's wife and all it only seems fit for me to address you as sama. I just can't go "yo yo wuzz up Hinata, what's the dillio yo"."

Hinata let out a laugh. "Is that how you normally address people?"

Nakatsu smiled, "Well no, but I knew that would make you laugh."

"Well thanks, I needed that. It's just that this manor is so big and sometimes it gets boring here all by myself."

"Don't worry, I bet you'll have a fun time at the festival."

"Yeah I guess your right. What about you?"

"Me? Well I'm not going to be there with you, Miki, and Kazekage-sama."

"Nani?! Why?"

"Because Amelia and I are going to be guarding the village to make sure there is no danger."

"But there are plenty of ninja; why you two?" protested Hinata.

Nakatsu lifted his arm up to show his muscles. "'Cause we are the strongest and we have to lead and monitor all the squads who will be on patrol." He let down his arm and clutched his hand in a heroic manner. "Besides it doesn't really matter because I would do anything to protect this village."

Just then a maid came up to them to inform them about recital. "Sorry to interrupt Hinata-sama but the ballet performance is about to start."

"Thank you," Hinata responded. "Come on Nakatsu-san." She went into the showroom and walked towards the ten chairs that were situated in front of the stage.

"Mommy!" yelled Miki as she ran towards Hinata. Following the Sabaku no child was her guard, Amelia.

"You and daddy will finally get to see Miki dance," exclaimed Miki and she jumped up in down excitedly in her tutu.

"Good luck Miki-chan," replied Hinata.

The little girl nodded as she ran behind the stage to get ready. Hinata was then led by the maid to the seat next to the middle chair. "Here you go Hinata-sama. We set up your seat next to your husband's." Hinata sat down and waited for the performance with Nakatsu standing behind her.

While they waited, Gaara, Kankuro, and the eight council members came towards the entrance of the showroom that was being guarded by two guards.

Upon seeing the Kazekage the two guards quickly moved out of the way and allowed him to enter, followed by the council members. As Kankuro went towards the door the guards intentionally blocked his way.

"What are you guys doing?" questioned the puppet master.

"We can't let you in. Only the important people are allowed inside," muttered the blond guard.

"What?!! But I'm Gaara's brother."

"We don't care if you're his father. You're not a part of the council so you can't go in," disclosed the other guard.

Kankuro's mouth shot open. "But my daughter is in there! Let me in!"

"What?" questioned the blond. "We know that you don't have a daughter."

"I do have one," protested Kankuro. "I even have a picture of her." He took out his wallet, grabbed a picture without looking at it, and showed the guards.

"Like dude she looks too pretty to be your daughter, not to mention she looks old enough to be the same age as Kazekage-sama. Just how old are you Kankuro baka?"

"What?!" The puppeteer took a look at the picture. "Oops wrong picture; that's my wife."

He flipped though each photo looking for one of Miki. He had like a million photos of Hinata and finally after about two minutes he showed them one of Miki.

The guards eyed the photo. "That's not your daughter. She's too pretty and no one would ever marry a baka like you in the first place," one of the guards bluntly proclaimed.

"What? She is 100 percent my daughter! Just let me in."

"No!" they both screamed in unison.

Anyways back to Gaara…

The red haired teenager and the council members walked in the room and sat down in their assigned chairs. When Gaara sat down he was greeted by none other than his lovely wife. "Hey Gaara-kun," said Hinata with a big smile plastered on her face.

Gaara couldn't help return the smile, of course it wasn't as big of a smile, but it was a smile none the less. "Hey Hinata-chan."

'Hinata-chan? Gaara-kun?' thought Nakatsu. 'Kazekage-sama never calls anyone 'chan' and I've never heard Hinata address anyone as 'kun', not even that baka Kankuro even though he calls her 'chan' all the time. Did something happen between these two? Or maybe they finally started to act like an actual husband and wife.' A big grin spread across the ANBU's face.

"Um Gaara-kun I want to thank you for keeping me calm yesterday. When Miki-chan disappeared I felt really terrified and didn't know what to do. I remember you telling me everything was going to be ok and that made me feel so much better."

"You're welcome," replied the red head. "But, I should also thank you for putting up with my idiotic brother."

Giggling, the lavender eyed kunoichi responded, "It's ok, Kankuro-san sure has made my stay interesting. I mean I came here thinking I was merely going to help out but it turned out I received a daughter and husband in the process."

Gaara leaned back in his chair and began chuckling. "You're telling me. Every time I go out into the village people always ask me where my daughter and wife are. They even give me toys to give to Miki."

"Well people here sure are nice then. When I went shopping with Miki-chan and Kankuro-san they gave her and me free clothes. They charged Kankuro though."

"Yeah well Kankuro has never had that much of a good relationship with most of the villagers. He always tried to play jokes on them so I guess that's their way of getting even."

'Wow Kazekage-sama seems relaxed. He's actually engaging in a conversation.' Nakatsu continued to stand behind Hinata but was slowly backing away to allow them to have their nice chat.

Before he could do so though, someone then came from behind the stage's curtains. It was none other than the little Sabaku no child. "Hello my name is Miki Sabaku no and my friends and me will perform for my daddy and the council guys. Please enjoy." And with that the little girl made her way backstage to start the performance.

The lights dimmed and the curtains lifted to reveal 12 little girls. They were wearing traditional looking rose and crème tutus and had their hair in neat buns. When the spotlight was cast on them and the music started, they began their performance.

Now back to Kankuro…

"Let me in!"

"No!" the guards replied.

"Damn you," muttered the puppet master. "Fine I'll just leave then." With that the sand sibling walked away and went around looking for a back entrance. Turning a corner, he came upon a brown door with a big star centered at the top. Making sure there was no one in sight the puppeteer opened the door and made his way in.

The room was dark and he couldn't see a thing, although he could faintly see some big curtains in front of him.

"Oh great you're finally here," an unfamiliar voice stated.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Stop fussing and hurry up. The performance has already started." The guy quickly put a tutu on him and pushed him through the curtains.

"What the hell," uttered Kankuro in a confused tone when he saw Miki and the other little girls twirling around in their tutus. The baka didn't know what to do so he started to jump.

Hinata's mouth slightly gaped open. 'Is…is that…' She leaned forward on her chair and strained her eyes. Upon realizing who it was she quickly turned behind her and asked, "Nakatsu-san isn't that Kankuro-san up there?"

The ANBU looked closer and realized that there was a big fat ugly man in the very back. "I think that is the baka."

The Hyuga turned her head back towards the performance. "I don't think it's such a good idea to have him dance by the girls."

"What do you mean?"

"Well last time he tried to dance he landed on a poor defenseless old lady, not to mention he injured a lot of people."

"So you mean that he can't dance?!"

"Um…well yeah."

Nakatsu was about to disappear in a puff of smoke and drag the baka off the stage but was stopped when suddenly a scream rang across the room.

"Agh!" screamed a little blonde haired girl. She fell to the ground holding her leg, and when she realized she couldn't get up she began to cry. "WAAH!! That ugly paint man hurt me!"

The lights turned on and everyone quickly rushed up to the stage. "Kankuro-san what have you done?" questioned Hinata as she bent down to check the little girl's leg.

"What?" the puppet master responded. "I didn't do anything! That girl was too close to me that's all."

Nakatsu eyed him suspiciously. "Don't lie you baka; you fell on the poor little girl. I'm surprised you didn't kill her since you're so fat."

"Stupid fatty man you hurt Miki's friend," yelled Miki as she kicked him in the shin.

"WAAH! My leg really hurts!" The little girl looked over at Kankuro and pointed at him menacingly. "You're going to pay for this!"

The puppet nin let out a cackle. "Ha ha ha you and what army?" Upon finishing that statement he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see a council member.

"What did you just say to my daughter?" questioned the council member as he popped his knuckles.

"Ha only one of you? I can take you on," alleged a laughing Kankuro.

"Hey fatty man, Miki and her friends also! With daddy and mommy we can take you on!"

"Don't make me laugh. Ha ha ha Gaara can't even kill a bug."

The red headed Kazekage looked at his brother with an amused expression before snapping his fingers to signal his ANBU guards to restrain the baka. Within seconds Nakatsu and Amelia grabbed Kankuro and dragged him out the door with the girl's father following behind.

Everyone ignored the puppeteer's screaming as he was being dragged further away and focused on the little girl. "Don't worry," assured Hinata. "I'll fix your leg and it will be as good as new." The Hyuga placed her hands over the girl's sprained right leg and focused her chakra. A green light of chakra started emitting from her hand, as a swishing sound was also heard. After some minutes the green light disappeared. "Ok all done, but its best not to put any strain on it for a while. I'm afraid you won't be able to finish performing today, but if you rest up then by tomorrow you'll be as good as new."

The little girl thanked Hinata and, since the performance was not to continue, everybody else went home.


Once again the Sabaku no family and the two ANBU were gathered in the living room. They were all currently staring at the spectacle before them. Kankuro was tied up on a chair and gagged.

"What happened to the fatty man?"

Hinata gaped at the usually energetic puppet master as he sat limply back on the chair. He was covered in dark, circular bruises along with the purple paint that was smeared across his face. It all seemed to center around his big black left eye.

"The council member, that's what," responded Amelia.

Gaara took one look at his brother and burst out laughing. He hadn't seen him this bad since he had stolen Temari's doll when they were six and again when he had stolen her fan five months ago.

Nakatsu joined in on the laughing as he took out his camera to take pictures of Kankuro. "Muahahaha I'm going to put these on the internet."

Miki, who was standing right in front of the puppeteer yelled, "Eww fatty man is ugly! He looks like the chupacabra."

"Of course he looks like the chupacabra, he's its brother. Kankuro is not from this world."

Miki gasped, "For real? I knew it!"

The female Hyuga sighed. "I really wanted to see Miki-chan's performance."

"We all wanted to," Nakatsu spoke up. He looked at Kankuro. "But some baka ruined it. Well at least we got to beat up Kankuro. That made my day."

The rest of the day seemed to pass by rather quickly and nothing eventful happened until the middle of the night. Hinata had awoken to a screaming Miki. The little girl was tossing and turning in the bed.

The Hyuga tried waking her. "Miki-chan, wake up."

Miki continued to toss and turn, obviously having a nightmare. Hinata felt the little Sabaku no child's face and touched the cold sweat that was trickling down her head. The female Hyuga nudged her, "Wake up you're having a bad dream Miki-chan."

In a gasp of breath Miki suddenly woke up, sitting down on the bed, and began to cry. Hot tears were streaming down her cheeks as she wailed for her mother and father.

At that moment Gaara burst through the door. "What's wrong?! I heard Miki screaming." He scanned the room instantly, thinking someone had foolishly broken in, and saw his wife embracing his daughter, trying to sooth her wailing.

Hinata looked up at her husband. "Miki-chan had a nightmare."

The red haired teenager came closer to bed and saw that poor little Miki still had tears streaming down her face. Miki turned from her mother's chest to look at her father. "Daddy!"

Hinata let go of her daughter and allowed her to run to her father. Standing on the edge of the bed she reached out her little arms for Gaara. The Kazekage came even closer to the bed and allowed the little girl to cling to his robes and bury her face in them.

Hinata stood up, walked over to the other side of the bed, and sat down on the corner of the bed where Gaara stood with Miki. "Whatever happened Miki-chan, it was only a bad dream."

Gaara began stoking his daughter's head to reassure her everything would be okay. Through tears Miki began telling her nightmare. "Da-daddy, I sa-w the f-fat ma-man wit-hout mak-e up on an-d the-n y-ou and mom-my disap-pea-red and the-n Miki wa-s all alo-ne."

"Miki-chan it was only a nightmare. Don't worry your daddy and I are here, you're not alone," assured Hinata.

The sand teenager picked Miki up and carried her, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder. Innocent little Miki was still crying so he rocked back and forth slowly while gently rubbing her back. After a while her crying began to cease and she began to drift of to sleep.

When Hinata noticed this she motioned for Gaara to place Miki down on the bed to allow her to go to sleep properly. When he was about to lay her down, Miki woke up and wouldn't let go of him. Tears began to swell up in her hazel green eyes once more. "No, don't leave me daddy."

He cast his wife a glance, asking what to do. "Don't worry Miki-chan I'll be here with you," began Hinata.

"Can both daddy and mommy stay with Miki?"

A blush rose across Gaara's face. Thank god it was night otherwise his wife would have noticed.

'Ooh come on, you know you want to,' teased Shukkaku.

'Be quiet. You wouldn't let me sleep anyway.'

'Well considering the circumstance, sleep away.'

Hinata's eyes widened, averting her gaze to the ground. "Uh Miki-chan, I don't…I don't think…"

"Fine, Miki."

Hinata's face turned beat red when she heard Gaara's response. The red headed Kazekage put Miki down on the bed, brought the chair that was in the corner to the bed, and pulled it up next to Miki's bedside. He took a seat and looked at Miki. "Now go to sleep."

'I thought he was going to…' Hinata shrugged off the idea and climbed on the bed to lay down on the left side of Miki. She held up the covers and said, "Come on Miki-chan you said you were going to sleep."

The little girl nodded her head and looked over at her daddy. "Aren't you going to sleep on the bed with Miki and mommy?" She added her puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

The male felt his stomach swell up, Miki sure was putting him in a compromising position. Finally, Gaara got up from his chair and climbed into the bed next to his daughter. So, it was Hinata on the left side of the bed, Gaara on the right, and little Miki in the middle.

A smile formed on Miki's face as Gaara brought the covers over them. "Good night mommy, daddy." And within a matter of seconds she had fallen asleep. Gaara readjusted himself and found that he was facing Hinata. She caught his gaze and remained looking at him for a minute before smiling and closing her eyes. "Good night Gaara-kun." And with that she fell asleep. He looked over his wife. 'She sure is different from anyone I've ever met before.' A smile formed on his face. 'Why does this seem so normal?'


The Next Day…

Kankuro had spent the whole evening yesterday and the better part of the morning locked in his room. He had been lying on his bead the whole time because he couldn't move, those bruises really hurt. Plus he didn't want his Hinata to see him in such a condition, in other words, not in his usual sexiness self.

Hinata and Amelia were currently in the kitchen looking over a cook book. Gaara was sitting down at the table reading some important scrolls of the Suna Council, and little sweet Miki was playing dolls with Nakatsu.

"I think you should make some moon cakes and enter it in cooking contest," suggested Amelia while pointing at a picture of a moon cake in the book.

"You really think I should enter?"

"Why not? You're a really good cook," replied Amelia. "I'll help you make them if you want."

"Ok, thanks," responded Hinata.

Just then the Hyuga felt a tug on her pants. "Mommy, Miki wants to go to the park today."

"Sorry Miki-chan but I can't today. Mommy has to make something." She looked over at Gaara. A slight color of rose formed on her cheeks when she looked at her husband, perhaps it was because she remembered what had happened earlier in the morning. "Um, Gaara-kun can you take Miki-chan to the park?"

"Of course he will," answered Nakatsu. He turned to look at Gaara. "I'll go with you to make sure you have some fun!"

The Kazekage starred blankly at the ANBU.

"Yeay! Let's go daddy, let's go!" yelled Miki jumping up and down excitedly.

The little Sabaku no child took a hold of her father's hand and led him to the door followed by Nakatsu. Once Amelia made sure they were gone she eyed Hinata. "Ok, spill it."

Hinata gave her a baffled look. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh come one Hinata-sama, Nakatsu told me he saw you and Kazekage-sama in a compromising position this morning."

Hinata's face turned crimson red; steam could be practically seen coming out of her ears. It turns out that little Miki had woken up early this morning and had gone down to watch cartoons in the living room, leaving only her father and mother in the bed. Nakatsu had been ordered by the council to awake Gaara for a short meeting. When the male ANBU arrived at the Kazekage's bedroom he found that he was not there. Seeing as Hinata was Gaara's wife and all, Nakatsu decided to ask her if she knew as to his whereabouts. When the male ANBU got to the Hyuga's room he found the door open so he went in and came upon an amusing sight. Gaara and Hinata were unusually close. The female Hyuga had her face buried in the crook of Gaara's neck while Gaara himself had his arms wrapped around his wife's waist.

Nakatsu was so amused by the scene in fact, that he decided to take pictures, otherwise how else would everyone believe him? Not to mention how else would he torture Kankuro. He became even more amused when he woke both of them up and saw the looks on their faces. Priceless!

"So do you like Kazekage-sama?"

"Um well I uh…"

"Aw come on, you can tell me. I'm not like Nakatsu who would blab everything," Amelia assured.

"I um…."

"Well personally I think you two would be a perfect match. Plus you know he'd be a good father. Just look how nice he is to Miki and she's not even his real daughter."



Gaara was making his way through the village with Miki, who was gripping his robe, and Nakatsu, who was walking to the right of him. They sure were earning stares as the villagers looked on in fondness. "Ah he seems like the perfect father. Miki-sama sure is cute too," a lady said to a group of women.

Once they arrived at the park Miki was quick to lead her father to some flowers. "Daddy, let's go over there," begged Miki, pointing to some flowers. As she made her way to the lilies she saw a beautiful butterfly and began chasing it.

Gaara followed closely behind, keeping a close eye on her to make sure she wouldn't get kidnapped or anything.

It's nice of you to take your daughter to the park. You're a very good father, Kazekage-sama. Not to mention a good husband, eh eh," conveyed Nakatsu, nudging Gaara and giving him sly winks.


"Don't play Kazekage-sama. I know you like Hinata-sama but if you don't want to admit it….I mean who wouldn't like her? She's so freakin hot and…" Nakatsu stopped speaking when he noticed Gaara giving him an angry stare.

"Ha ha I was just playing Kazekage-sama, but you do like her don't you?"

Nakatsu continued to babble on while earning looks of annoyance from Gaara.

'A good father and a good husband? Wow Gaara you surprised me,' informed Shukkaku.

'Be quiet.'

'What, you don't want to talk? Ha ha ha! Well since we're on the subject, what are you going to get your wife and daughter? You can't let Kankuro out stage you on your gift.'

'Why do you care?'

'Well I just wanted to know. It's been boring around here.'

All of a sudden they heard a cry. "Ah! Miki fell!"

"What happened?!" inquired Nakatsu. "Who hurt you so I can gut them?!"

"That rock made Miki fall," remarked Miki, pointing to a small rock.

Nakatsu eyed the rock suspiciously. "Don't worry I'll take care of it!" He picked the rock up, "You're going to pay for hurting that poor innocent girl. Hahahahah! This is the end for you!"

Both Miki and Gaara sweat dropped. Why is he talking to a rock?

The male ANBU smashed the rock, dissolving it into nothing but dust. "Ha ha ha thinking you're so tough."

"Out of the way; I see someone hurt," a little boy shouted as he pushed Nakatsu out of the way and made his way to Miki. "Are you hurt?"

"I fell down," replied Miki, showing him the cut on her elbow.

"I see, I have a bandage so don't cry." He looked in his little messenger bag and took out a bugs bunny band-aid. "There," he said as he placed the band-aid on her elbow.

A smile formed on Miki's face. "Thank you."

"No problem. My name is Shota Nashiya." Shota looked to be about five years old, had short blondish hair, light brown eyes, wore dark blue shorts, and a white shirt. (If you have ever read the manga Aishiteruze Baby (Volume 3) then you will have a very good idea of how this little boy looks like. I modeled this character after him (I even gave him the same name) from this manga because he's so cute.)

"Sho-chan," Miki stated.

"Sho-chan sounds like a nick name for a girl…hm but I guess its okay." He looked at Miki in amazement, "Hey you're that girl…Miki right?" He pointed to a group of women, "I heard those ladies talking, you're the Kazekage's daughter right?"


"That's neat, he seems cool." Shota got up and offered his hand. Miki took it and they walked to a swing set nearby to play.

"OMG Kazekage-sama, she's talking to boy!"

"So, what about it?" replied Gaara.

"She's talking to a guy."

"It doesn't matter. You talk to Kankuro all the time."

"Ha ha ha Kankuro isn't a guy he's…well I don't know what he is but Miki is a girl so…uh you're right it doesn't matter."

Gaara lowered his gaze on Shota. "Hmm."

'You know you care," spoke Shukkaku. 'You can't take your eyes of him because you think he might hurt her or something.'

'Leave me alone.'

"Daddy can Sho-chan come to our house and play?" asked Miki as she tugged his robe.

"Sure," replied Gaara.

"Yay!" Miki ran to Shota to inform him of the good news.

"Ok I'll tell my mommy to take me to your house tomorrow. See ya," expressed Shota as he waved and left.

"Bye Sho-chan."

After their encounter with Miki's new friend they headed back to the manor and saw Amelia and Hinata drinking tea in the living room. "So how was your time at the park Miki-chan?" asked Hinata.

"It was fun! Mommy I met Sho-chan."


"Yeah she met a boy named Shota," remarked Nakatsu. "He's coming over tomorrow to play with Miki."

"Oh you mean as a play date," stated Amelia rather than asked.

Nakatsu's mouth shot open. "What? It's not a date!"

Amelia looked at his comrade as if he were an idiot. "I didn't say it was date. I said it was a play date."

"It has the word date in there so it's a date!" Nakatsu began to panic and cry anime style. "But she's too young to go on a date!"

"For the last time Nakatsu it's a play date."

"It's a date, date, date," he continued, that is, before Amelia grabbed him by the ear. "Alright let's go already. You're starting to act like Kankuro."

"Ouch! It's a date..." The Sabaku no family could hear him saying the word date all the way out the door.

Hinata began to giggle, "Your friend sounds nice Miki-chan; I can't wait to meet him."

Miki began to jump up and down with excitement. "He's really nice mommy, he gave me this band-aid see." She pointed to the bugs bunny band-aid on her elbow.

Gaara continued to stand there quietly as the word date kept running through his mind.

'Oh your daughter has a date ha ha ha,' laughed Shukkaku.

'It's not a date. It's a play date.'

'It has the word date in there so it's a date. Yup, they're going to be alone together.'

Gaara merely stayed quiet and ignored Shukkaku's rambling.

"Gaara-kun? Gaara-kun are you there?" asked Hinata waving her hand in his face in an effort to try to get his attention.

"Huh? What?"

"I asked you if you can take care of Miki-chan tomorrow. I need to go to the bakery tomorrow with Amelia-san to enter my moon cakes in the contest."

"Oh ok."


The Next Day…

Finally, after an eventful week, it was the last day of Hinata's stay as well as the day of the Suna Moon Festival.

"I can't believe today is the festival," commented Hinata in astonishment.

"Yeay! Miki gets to wear her new Kimono today!"

"That's right," responded the Hyuga. "But that's not till much later. Right now everyone is scrambling to finish the last minute decorations."

Both mother and daughter turned their heads when they heard the front door of the manor open. It was none other than Kankuro.

"Hey where were you fatty man?"

"I went to enter myself in a beauty contest."

Just as the puppet master finished saying this Gaara came into the room. "Don't make me laugh you baka. You have to be pretty, not ugly and deformed to enter that contest."

Kankuro stuck his tongue out at his brother and then pointed at himself. Whatever, I am super pretty!"

"Did I just hear Kankuro say he was pretty?" asked Nakatsu coming into the manor, with Amelia following behind.

"Yeah, he entered himself in a beauty contest," answered Gaara.

"Wow, you might as well put the chupacabra to make it even. Oh wait the chupacabra will win since it is much prettier than you."

"What?! You're just jealous you can't be me," yelled Kankuro as he did a "whatever" sign with his hand and placed it in front of Nakatsu's face.

"Ha ha ha ha that's a good joke," responded Nakatsu.

Oh and by the way I entered Miki and Hinata-chan too," informed Kankuro.

"What?!" asked Hinata.

"Yeah I entered both of you."

"Why?" inquired Hinata, horror struck.

"Because I wanted to," he replied. "Don't worry Hinata-chan you'll win. I told everyone to vote for you or else I would beat them up."

Nakatsu started to roar with laughter. "Ha you'll beat them up or is it reverse, they'll beat you up."

"I don't have to do anything do I?" asked Hinata.

"Nope, I took care of it all."

Fine, I guess me and Amelia-san will go to the bakery now. Bye Miki-chan, Gaara-kun."

She gave them a bid farewell before walking out the door with Amelia and out into the street.

Kankuro's eyes bulged and his mouth widened in terror. 'WHAT?! Did my Hinata-chan just address Gaara by KUN?! She only calls me SAN and she calls him KUN! That can't be happening!'

Gaara couldn't help but smirk at his brother's reaction. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Miki quickly ran to go open it, knocking Kankuro out of the way in the process. "Move fat man."

Miki opened the door to reveal none other than her new friend Shota. "Hi Sho-chan!"

"Hi Miki," he replied as he entered the manor. He turned around to the door and waved his mother goodbye. She waved back and told him she would be back around noon. Once further inside the house the little boy asked, "So what are we going to do today?"

"Let's go mess with the fatty man," Miki suggested.

"Fatty man?"

"I'll show you who fattyman is. He was here earlier but he probably went to his room," answered Miki as she led the way to Kankuro's room.

All the while Nakatsu and Gaara had watched their interaction. "You see that! Where are they going?" asked Nakatsu.

Gaara looked at the ANBU and stated, "They're just going to go mess with Kankuro. Besides they're just kids, what can go wrong?"

"Hmm…well what if he hurts her?"

Gaara stayed silent and looked up the stairs to where Miki and Shota had gone. "I'll go check on them." The Kazekage made his way upstairs and saw them knocking on his sibling's door.

"Fatty man come out! We want to play," shouted Miki as she knocked on the door.

Over the door Kankuro yelled, "I cant, I'm getting ready for the beauty contest."

Shota sighed, "Now what?"

"Hmm," said Miki as he placed her hand on her chin in a thinking position. "I got it," she whispered to Shota. "Mommy came!"

The puppet master quickly opened the wooden door and looked around. "Where?"

"She's downstairs, she came in with some man who was very handsome," alleged Miki, pointing down the staircase.

"What?!" screamed Kankuro. He quickly ran down stairs to check who was trying to take his Hinata away.

Miki began to giggle, "Ok, he's gone. You have the stuff Sho-chan?"

"Yeah," he contested as he pointed at his messenger bag.

The two went inside the room and looked around to see what they could destroy. "Ok let's hurry before he comes back." Miki walked over towards the dresser and grabbed a container that said paint. "I think this is the paint he uses for his face." She opened the bottle and peered in it.

"Put some ketchup in there," said Shota, handing her the bottle.

She squirted it into the paint bottle, closed the lid, and shook it. "Ok now for the foundation."

Shota looked at her with bewilderment. "What's foundation?"

"I don't know but I always here the fat man talk about it." She looked over all the bottles on the dresser. "I don't think its here." They quickly tried to look for it before Kankuro came.

"Found it," exclaimed Shota. He handed Miki the bronze dual-coverage powder foundation and a small bottle of espresso powder. She dumped its contents out in the trash and replaced it with espresso powder.

"Alright, let's go," said Miki as she led the way out of the room. Just in time too, since Kankuro was coming up the stairs already.

"My Hinata-chan is not here," mumbled Kankuro under his breath as he went inside his room, closing the door behind him.

Miki and Shot laughed all the way to Hinata's room. "Ha ha ha ha that was fun," grinned Shota. It was like this the rest of Shota's stay. They kept messing with Kankuro, playing practical jokes on him; they threw rocks at him, put worms in his lunch, and so much more.

By the time noon rolled around it was already time for Shota to leave. "Bye Sho-chan," said Miki, waving goodbye.

"Bye Miki. I'll see you later at the festival." He waved her farewell and left with his mom as quickly as he had come. Just when Miki had finished closing the door, and walked off a couple of feet, there was a knock at the door again. The little Sabaku no child made her way back to the door, wondering who it was.

Kankuro had come down the stairs and felt an evil presence. He began to panic when he saw Miki about to open the door. "Don't open that door! Something evil is behind that!" he yelled.

Miki ignored him an opened the door anyway. "Hello," she stated.

"Uh are we at the wrong house?" questioned a blonde haired boy.

"Of course not you baka," responded a blonde haired girl with sky blue eyes. "Just look at it, this isn't even called a house. This manor is really extravagant, I doubt anyone less than the Kazekage would live here."

"Ugh this is so troublesome. Do I have to be here?" stated a lazy unmotivated guy.

"Of course you do," answered the blonde haired female.

Nakatsu heard commotion coming from the manor's entrance so he decided to see what the fuss was all about. That's when he saw the many shinobi gathered around the door. "Oh welcome, you must be the Kazekage-sama's friends from Konoha."

"So we are at the right house, but then who's this little girl? Is she yours?" asked the blonde haired boy.

"Out of way! What's the hold up," yelled the other sand sibling as she made her way to the front.

"Ahhhhh! I knew it was something evil! It's Temari!" screamed Kankuro, pointing at his sister.

She ignored her idiotic brother and eyed Nakatsu and Miki. "Who's that Nakatsu? I know this cant' be your daughter."

"Of course she's not my daughter. She's the Kazekage-sama's."

"WHAT?!" they all screamed.

As if on cue Gaara came by to see what the screaming was all about. Noticing the terrified expression on Kankuro's face, he looked towards what he was gawking at. He came upon none other than his sister, the rookie nine, and Gai's team. Gaara signaled the male ANBU to allow them in.

"You can all come in and have a seat in the living room," expressed Nakatsu, motioning for them to enter. Temari led the way in, and one after the other they all silently came in, awaiting what was to happen. They were curious to see if the little girl was in fact his daughter. And if she was, who was the mother?

Once everyone was situated, Naruto was the fist one to speak up. "Gaara, how come you never told me you had a daughter?! I could've been her godfather!"

Kankuro, who was sitting across from Naruto, brought his hands to his face in surprise. He was beyond shocked! "Oh my gosh you have a daughter, Gaara? How could you?!"

This earned the puppet master a smack on the head. "You knew I had a daughter already you baka."

"So Gaara you have a daughter, well then who's your wife?" asked Temari innocently, even though on the inside she was beyond pissed! 'Damn you Gaara! You married someone already?! She better be Hinata 'cause if it's not I'm screwed! I'll loose a lot of money."

Ino looked over at Temari with a smirk plastered across her smug face. Judging by her expression it was obvious she was thinking, 'Ha you lost!'

All of a sudden, the sound of a door opening pierced the air. They all looked up to see Hinata come into the living room with Amelia.

"Mommy!" yelled Miki as she ran up towards the Hyuga.

"OH MY KAMI!" screamed Naruto. "You're the mom Hinata-chan?!"

Everyone's jaw dropped down to the ground. The stunned look on their faces made Hinata feel even more uneasy. The only person who wasn't shocked was Sasuke. He was surprised perhaps, but he was even more furious! The Uchiha's lips tightened and his eyes narrowed, while clenching his fists to the point that they seemed to be turning red. He couldn't believe he had lost his Hinata.

Oh my, heads were definitely going to roll.

Temari shot a glance at Ino and judging by the look on the sand sibling's face she was clearly thinking, 'Ha ha you lost.'

Little Miki grabbed her mother's hand and led her to where Gaara stood. "This is my mommy and daddy."

If it's even possible, the room went silent even more; so much so that you could practically cut the tension with a knife. It was as if someone had died…and based on the looks of some of their faces, it was possible that someone would.


Man, I would hate to be in that room, talk about scary! Now that everyone has found out that Hinata and Gaara have a daughter, what will everyone do? What will Sasuke do? Not to mention how will this affect Ino, Temari, Jiraiya and Tsunade's bet?!

Dun dun dun! Tune in to the next chapter where the festival will finally go down.

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