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Through a cat's eyes

Chapter 1

Snowflakes descended lazily down, rapidly covering the ground in front of Hogwarts. Lily Evans smiled as she looked up at the falling spots of snow, holding up her hands to catch a few in her hands. It was a white icy world and the weather was cold and crisp but she liked it.

It was exactly two days before Christmas and this year she had chosen to stay at school during the holidays. Although she had told her mother that she needed the time to study for her coming N.E.W.T.s the real reason was obviously another: her sister. It was a pity really but ever since Lily had received her invitation letter to start attending Hogwarts, Petunia had made her sister's life a nightmare. If it wasn't for her parents, she would have already called her school, her new home. Moreover, she loved the peace and solitude that resided over the place in the holiday period not to mention the sumptuous Christmas feast which was a shame to miss.

She continued walking around the edge of the frozen lake in the direction of the Forbidden Forest when she heard someone talking in a threatening voice. Her head shot up as she took out her wand and started to walk cautiously in the direction of the voice. As she continued moving the voice grew louder and she recognized it immediately. A moment later, hidden behind some bushes, her suspicions were confirmed.

Severus Snape was holding what looked like a Gryffindor first year at wand-point and was threatening him to turn him into God knows what when Lily stood up from her hiding place and called out to him.

"That's enough Snape" she said, locking eyes with the Slytherin. "As Head Girl I want you to leave that boy alone or else you'll receive a detention together with the fifteen points you already lost your house. Not exactly a great Christmas present is it?"

Snape's eyes flashed with rage. "Couldn't you keep your busy head out of this mudblood?"

"Watch your tongue, Snape" she said, too tired of hearing him calling her 'mudblood' to be offended. "Ten more points from Slytherin for using offensive language and detention seeing that you're still holding that student at wand point."

She smiled mockingly at him knowing fully well that this would very likely provoke him. She was right and it was probably this notion that made her act the way she did. She saw him raising his wand, beginning to mutter the incantation and in that split second she knew what he was going to do.

"No!" she cried positioning herself in front of the first-year just as Snape sent his spell their way, hitting her full on.

For a moment she stood there frozen, looking at her attacker but then almost instantly Snape began to grow up, high above her. Even the trees and the Gryffindor student were getting bigger. She raised her hands to rub her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming but to her horror she saw that they had turned into black paws.

She looked around her, frightened and saw that her surroundings had stopped growing. The other student had took the opportunity and ran off while the gigantic form of Snape was there laughing at her.

"What did you do to me!" she called out, but all she could hear was a bunch of high-pitched mewing and that's when realization suddenly hit her.

He had turned her into a cat!

"Turn me back!" she called out again but it was useless. All she heard was mewing and Snape's renewed laughter at her futile efforts to speak. She hissed at him, enraged. She didn't know what made her pity the boy in other situations but right now all she wanted to do was hex him into oblivion. However, he calmly pointed his wand at her, smirking.

"You know, that's what happens to people who like you stick their nose in other people's business, mudblood. Now let's see how Ms. Smart-ass Evans copes with being a cat. I don't think Dumbledore will help you now, certainly not in that state." He finished, laughing again. With one last evil look he walked away.

Lily suddenly shivered as she took in her situation. Reluctantly she had to admit that it was true what Snape had said. How the hell was she going to turn back to a normal 17 year old girl if all she could manage was high pitched mewing? No one knew she was a cat! No-one except Snape and -.

"Yes!" she cried aloud, although it was really a 'meow!' With a renewed burst of energy, she shook off the snow that fallen on her shoulders and ran towards where she thought was the castle. She had to find that Gryffindor student. He was her only chance of ever getting her normal life back. She still didn't know how she would convince him to help her but that came afterwards. She had to find him first.

Soon afterwards, she saw the front doors of the castle, impressed by the short time it had taken her to arrive there.

Maybe it isn't that bad being a cat, she thought but then she shook that thought away as she remembered all her friends, family and the things she still had to do in her life. She ran all the way up the front steps and stopped dead in front of the doors. They were closed!

She hadn't thought about that! She tried jumping up to reach the door knobs and pushing them open but it was all in vain. Panting slightly, she sat down on the cold ground, staring miserably at the wooden door in front of her as if willing it to open.

She had just stood up to try and find another way in when she heard voices again, chattering and cheerful.

She turned around and to her dismay she found herself face to face with the Marauders. She had forgotten they were staying at Hogwarts too. The boys had all stopped talking to stare at her.

Her black fur stood out in contrast to the whiteness of the snow and that together with the fact that she was standing right in front of the castle doors staring back at them seemed a little strange to them.

She was going to walk away but James Potter was too quick for her, catching her gently in his hands and lifting her at eye-level so that he could have a better look at her.

Her eyes, brilliant green struck him reminding him of her, the one person who he'd gladly give his life for, apart from Sirius obviously. As he looked at the little furball in his hands, he thought she was telling him something that he couldn't understand. However, he mentally shook himself. It was just a cat for god's sake!

"Uhh… Prongs?" said Sirius, waving a hand in front of his friend's eyes. "Still there mate?"

James looked at his friend and then back at the cat and smiled. He fondled her in his arms, wrapping her in his cloak to stop her from shivering. Without wanting to, Lily closed her eyes enjoying the warmth but at the same time embarrassed to be in the hands of a boy and surprised that her sworn enemy, James Potter, could be so kind.

He looked at her stroking her head lightly. "I think I'm gonna keep her." he said abruptly as if making a decision, walking suddenly towards the castle. After some time the others followed him.

"Keep her!" said Sirius bewildered. "Hey, hey! Since when have you taken a liking to cats? Honestly, I'm hurt." He pretended to be offended.

James snorted at him as they entered the castle while Lily wondered why Sirius would be offended.

"I dunno. It's just there's something about her…" said James.

Sirius now stood in front of him blocking his way. "Stop… What's all this? It's just a cat… and how do you know it's a her?"

James side-stepped him and walked up towards the staircase. "I just know but maybe you'd like to check?" he said smirking, as he stopped at the foot of the stairs waiting for the others to catch up.

Peter sniggered as Sirius approached James. However, Lily angered at James' comment hissed and glared at Sirius as if daring him to touch her.

James laughed at her reaction. "I think that just about settles it."

"I don't think she likes you much, Padfoot.", said Remus, laughing too.

"I should think not" replied Sirius, climbing the stairs leaving them behind.

James looked at him amused and then looked at the cat his arms. "Ahh… don't mind him. He's just a little jealous. Come on let's get you near a fire."

He started to climb the stairs. Lily mewed at him, knowing that he was taking her to the place she had wanted to go in the first place.

"I think she likes you" said Remus, catching up with him. "What are you gonna name her?" They had reached a mutual agreement that it was a 'she' afterall.

"Lilykins" he said promptly.

Remus sighed, shaking his head. "You can't get her out of your mind, can you?"

"Nope and she never will." He said, almost seriously.

He could have sworn that he saw the cat rolling her eyes.

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