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Caller Number Nine
Riku is your typical college student, trying to make a living like any person would. By day, he attends classes with his dorm-mate, and close-friend Axel. By night he hosts a local radio show, The Wave. However, one of Riku's main weaknesses is his relationships, which results in his rather devastating break-up with his girl-friend, Larxene. Sora, on the flip-side, is fresh out of high-school, attending college for the first time. The brunette is overally shy, but very defensive and protective, even though he hates to be such. Sora, under the alibi of Eli, phones in one night, the night of Riku's break-up, offering comfort and words of advice. Who knew that those words could lead to a change in the silver-haired DJ, far more than he expected? And who knew that Eli was in fact Sora? What happens when Riku finds out about Sora's caller identity? Will everything be fine, or will it send the pair into a whirlwind of not only emotions but lies, betrayal, hate, and death?

RikuSora Namidus SoKai one-sided; Larxiku, Larxora. hinted; akuroku and slight akuelphi

Caller Number Nine
Prologue: Eli And RJ

Gloved hands gently caressed the black microphone, spinning it on its axis in a complete circle. Sea green hues followed the movement as an amused smirk rolled onto the owner's lips. Strands of silver, silky hair fell down to his shoulders, somehow not obscuring his vision. Upon the man's form was a simple black jacket over a black shirtwith sable pants. Most people wore the same style. It wasn't gothic, nor emo, nor any title people have come to label things as. It was just a color. A color used on basic clothing articles.

Giving the microphone another spin, the silver haired male set it down on the cherry wood desk before him, causing a gentle 'thud' to echo through the small room. The room, in fact, was the host of the local station, 83.3 The Wave. Speakers were presented parallel on either side of the desk, beside a large collection of cds, and recording mechanism. Beside those was a phone machine, showing five lines and a button that led to each.

The amused smirk faltered slightly as the song playing through the studio came to an end, leaving the man with a gentle sigh. It seemed that he was immensely disappointed in something, let down, broken in some ways. Regardless of what ever mixed readings were coming from him, he leaned forward to the microphone, pressing the blue button to his left, making a little light above him flash talk.

"And that was I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco, still at the top of the charts for the third week in a row." He paused, glancing down at a sheet of crinkled paper on the desk before him. "Next up is Justin Timberlake with Sexy back." He let go of the talk button and leaned back into the chair.

Eyes flickered lazily over to the clock on the right wall, showing eight thirty. He would be leaving at ten to go back to his dorm, a few blocks down, and sleep before he would be wakened at seven for college classes the next morning, and then finally arrive back here at five for his DJ duties. It was a set schedule, one that not many people knew.

In fact, no one on the campus knew he was the DJ on The Wave. It was a bit of an irony, seeing they heard him speak everyday during classes, and never made the connection. Then again, he did use the alibi of RJ. However, if a person were to look at his first and middle name, they would see it stood for his initials. Easy but yet complex.

Eyes wandered once more back to the empty phone lines. The commercials were still playing in the background as the male leaned forward a bit in his chair, readying himself to start the song after the end of the ad. But an idea crossed his restless mind.

Clicking the Talk button, he rose the microphone to his mouth, parting lips before speaking into it gently. "It's RJ here on your Thursday night. Instead of the usual request half-hour, I've decided to do something different. Mix things up." He paused and leaned his elbows into the desk and continued. "You see, I have this issue, nothing drastic or life-threatening, just a horrible break-up. She girlfriend for a year, and she developed a drinking habit, which led to an affair and several arrests. But I can't get over her, no matter what I do... Heh, I sound like a basket-case don't I? Anyway, I guess I'll put Caller Nine on the air and go from there. So, have any advice?"

Trying not to sound too desperate, or shook up, he edged on a smirk, with much emphasizing on his last sentence.

Setting down the phone as a few commercials began, he glanced over at the lighting up buttons signifying callers. 1, he answered, 2, he answered, 3, he answered, and so on until he came to nine, to which he clicked the Talk button on both the machine and the station.

"Hello Caller Nine. You're on the air." He smirked a bit, realizing how cheesy he had just sounded. At least there was good music backing up the station. Silver strands fell down in front of jade hues as he awaited the reply.

"O-oh I am?" came the quick response, sounding a bit stunned. The silver haired male couldn't help but arch an eyebrow and then lean in to speak once more.

"That is what I said. Ahem..." He paused, again, choosing words to continue on with. "So, Caller Nine, what can I call you?"

There was a long pause as the male further arched his eyebrows. He was losing air time if the person wasn't going to respond. Moments trickled away as the silver haired male began to tap his fingerer impatiently on the desk. It was clear to see how short his patience ran.

"Eli," said the other male voice, causing the silver haired male to sigh in relief.

"Eli, right." He recollected the microphone and leaned back into the chair to speak into it. "So, what's your advice?" He would have said more, but his wit had run dry at the moment, mostly from the energy drained from previous college classes.

"Y-you said you were with her for a year, right?" came the question back at his.

"Yeah," the silver haired male mumbled, pushing locks of silver hair away from his eyes. He grimmanced a bit moments afterwards.

"But how many times.. did she cheat on you?" asked the male by means of an innocent question.

A slight chuckle echoed through the microphone as the silver-haired male rolled his eyes before clearing his throat to speak.

"How many times didn't she? Three," he grumbled the number into the microphone, a bit ashamed although it hadn't been of his own doings.

"And you stayed with her after the first two times?" answered the other, sounding a bit surprised. The silver-haired DJ scoffed a bit, feeling as if the other was trying to make him look bad in front of his listeners.

"I didn't know the first two times until I found out about her third affair," snarled the DJ before he recollected his posture. "But that's not relevant, is it?"

"I think that you should try and find someone new. I mean, it probably sounds like a stupid, and insane idea, seeing that doing that usually doesn't work out for the best. But sometimes it does!" The DJ blinked, leaning from his chair to listen closer. "I mean, if that happened to me, I'd be hurt, yeah, but I'd try to find someone to comfort me, someone new, someone trustworthy, someone perfect for me."

"There's no one perfect for me," the DJ answered, being strongly negative.

"I'm sure that's not sure!" Eli insistently argued, sounding confident in his response. "She's probably right in front of you and you haven't seen her yet!"

"What if I don't want to date again?" grumbled RJ, resting his chin into the palms of his hand, propping his elbow up against the desk. Jade hues hung open lazily, threatening to fall down in slumber at any moment. "What if I can't stand lieing-" He caught himself before cursing. Yes, he did curse, often, but this was radio and he'd probably get sued for it. And that was the last thing he needed when he already had a student loan.

"It's your choice, but I'm sure there's someone perfect out there for you, RJ!" urged Eli.

There wasn't someone perfect out there for him. That was absurd. No one in their right mind would be able to put up with him completely. And vice versa. He was easily annoyed with people, incredibly impatient, and usually picked out the negatives about everything. He wasn't the ideal soul mate in the least.

"Yeah... thanks for calling," the DJ sighed, resting his finger on the talk button to turn it off but heard a small phrase come from the other end.

"Any time."


The spiky-haired brunette tossed his tired body onto the plush comforter of his dorm bed with a gentle thump. Deep, blue, sea-like eyes stared up at his ceiling, a smile written across his face. Arms rose up to his chest, folding over it before he rolled over onto his side, staring at the clock on the nightstand.

He was clothed in red, almost silk-like night clothing, with a signature crown necklace. The male's body was incredibly slender, with slightly girl-ish hips. In fact, if it wasn't for the spike aspect to his hair, it'd be hard to distinguish his gender when he wore a sweatshirt, sadly. Then again, he was seventeen, a freshman in college, fresh from high school, and he was going through the changing of looks. So who knows where that'd take him.

Innocent eyes peeled over to the phone that had been tossed cheerfully onto the receiver moments before. It felt good helping someone else, even if they had been extremely negative about the ordeal. Besides, it made it even more special to be helping out a DJ. The brunette rolled to his other side, to stare out the window of his dorm-room, out at the stars glimmering in the distance. What a nice night.

"I wonder if he takes my advice." That was the last thought on the situation before his phone rang, causing him to jerk upwards, almost falling off the bed. However, he was slightly poised, so he gripped the bed-sheets, making sure his body didn't fall. After collecting his posture, he tossed his legs off the side of the bed, standing up, and scuffled over to the phone, picking it up and clicking talk.

"Hello?" he questioned, before yawning slightly, covering the mouth-piece with his hand as if not to offend whoever was on the other line.

"Guess who!" came the cheerful response from the other line, causing the brunette smile to make his way back to the bed before tossing his body onto it once more, back landing upon the soft materials as he held the phone close to his ear.

"Hey Kairi," he answered, going back to staring up at the ceiling. It was painted white, but it was dull white. Perhaps he could some posters up there?

"How's your first week of college?" the girl questioned, giving a slight laugh into the phone as if what she had just said was funny. However, the brunette on the other end pouted, his bottom lip protruding a bit before throwing his pillow off his bed and onto the floor, rather laying flat that having his hands on the contraption.

"It's not funny Kairi," he pouted into the phone with a slightly whiny voice. "But it's going good. My classes are okay, a lot better than high-school. I mean, no more getting up at six. They're like at ten, and another at twelve, and then at two and so on. Everyday it's different but it's never before nine. Kairi, it's awesome!" he described, sounding a bit enthusiastic.

"Sounds like you're having fun!" Kairi responded into the phone, giving off the tone that she was thrilled for him. "Meet anyone yet?"

"Nope. None of our high-school friends went here either. It's kind of depressing in a way," the brunet answered with another small pout. "But I can always make some friends. I mean, they seem nice."

"That's good. I'm starting Princeton in a month, so I won't be able to see you as much," Kairi explained, sounding excited and slightly disappointed at the same time. The brunette sat up on the bed, taking the statement as stun.

"W-wait? I thought you were coming here..." He trailed off, face turning slightly pale. Kairi had just come back from a trip to Europe, and was supposed to be starting in a few weeks. Not going to Princeton!

"Well Sora, I got a scholarship and I couldn't really turn that down," Kairi said, still with the mixed emotions in her voice. The brunette blinked once, twice, and then three times before frowning.

"T-that's great then," Sora whispered, trying to sound truthfully happy for his best friend that she had gotten a free-ride to an ivy league college. He tried his best not to snap back at her with a 'What does Princeton have over Ohio State?' or something of the sort.

"I'm really sorry Sora. I promise I'll see you once a month!" Kairi tried to lighten the mood but the attempt fell on deaf ears.

"That's better than nothing I guess," Sora confessed before looking down at his feet on the bed before speaking once more, breaking the short silence. "I miss you I guess."

"And I don't miss you?" It was followed by a laugh, causing the brunette to smile himself before glancing over to his clock, reading the numbers quickly. Nine. He should be getting to sleep, shouldn't he? He had a class at nine tomorrow, and he had to be awake at eight.

"Hey Kairi, I got to go to bed. I have a class tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep," Sora said, taking his free hand and running it through his brown locks of hair.

"Right. I'll call you soon. Good night!" chimed Kairi before Sora murmured a 'night' and then pressed End, tossing the phone onto the bed and instantly rolling onto his stomach and burying himself into the blankets, regretting tossing the pillow off the edge. Weakly, he reached his arm over the edge of the bed and snagged it before placing it in front of his face, and then burying it in it.

He didn't want Kairi to go to Princeton. Now he wouldn't have any friends here.

Now he'd never be able to date someone.

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