Title: Second Time Around

Title: Second Time Around

Author: Billybob

Chapter: Ten part two

Chapter title: Checkmate: – One game ends another begins

Part three of three

Category: AU alternate universe ¼ PGFH Post Graduation from Hogwarts

In other words; it takes place after J. K. Rowling's - seventh and last book

Word count: 36,739 (plus or minus a word or two)

Pairings: HP-HG, CC-OQ, HP-GW and HG-RW

Rated; PG-13, for adult language, UK slang and profanity, with "implied sexual innuendo" (nothing graphic at all - but implied up the Was-zoo). Please recall that the main characters in this tale of mine are all in their mid-twenties, meaning adults in both worlds - Muggle and Magical.

Author's disclaimer: This story is based in the wonderful magic world created by J. K. Rowling, she owns all legal rights to the characters, setting, etc. - I am merely borrowing the contents of the JKR world for my own amusement and that of my readers. In other words…her characters…my plot - savvy?

Author's qualified joy: I have never been happier to be wrong, in my life. Although some characters I liked are now taking a dirt-nap, the final butcher bill was a lot lighter than I had feared. I would also like to thank JKR for giving us fan-fiction writers 19 years to play with. My heart felt condolences go out to the Harry anyone-but-Ginny romantic shippers and the Draco-Hermione/Ginny crowd, although they too have a few years to play with as well, before the cannon pairings kick in.

Warning: this chapter was done with the help of one beta reader


"You know Jonathan, that really wasn't a fair question that you put to Orla and I'm ever so glad that she decided to ignore it"

"Who's there?"

"Don't you recognize the voice, Jonathan, no wait, how could you? The last time we saw each other, I was the one in the hospital bed and you did all the talking."

"Hermione? ...I mean, Dr. Granger. How did you get in here? This floor is supposed to be heavily guarded."

"I could ask the same question of you, when you visited me some ten days ago. But let's not get diverted here, you asked Orla what my reaction would be if I was to see you …exposed as you are right now."

"Well go ahead doctor! …tell me – is it the - trio's clown - which you see before you? Or would a more realistic description be - just a pile of burn damaged flesh that's barely recognizable as human. Go ahead …and tell me that what you see, doesn't …disgust you on some level." Jon sneered.

"First, right from the off," Hermione began in a perfectly calm, firm …lecturing tone. Believe it or not, I'm didn't come here to see anyone's clown or sidekick. If you - by any chance …were referring to Ronald Weasley, that poor boy died a hero's death during the war and I didn't come to see him either. Secondly, disgusting isn't how I'd describe your physical condition Jonathan. Having already seen the pictures of your recovery - before hand, I agree that Orla is spot on when she insists that you're your burn scaring isn't as half as bad as it once was or as you now imagine it to be. Clinically, I would say that the remarkable is the word that best applies to you. Medically speaking you're an absolute wonder really, and why do I say that …you ask?"

She didn't wait for a reply to this rhetorical question, instead she just carried on.

"Well for one thing; no one before you, has ever survived being hit by three Maxima Fire Ball Hexes at one time. The boy who lived 'title' applies equally to you and Harry now, although I doubt the Daily Prophet will ever deem that worth mentioning in print. Two, your remarkable recovery has caused the rewriting of several burn victim textbooks." Suddenly Hermione stopped speaking,

"Jonathan …why are you smiling?"

"I'm sorry, do proceed. It's just that I'm suffering from an acute case of …déjà vu …meaning - pure nostalgia, my dear doctor, nothing more than that. A bittersweet reminiscence of a time all but forgotten, for it has been many a year since the last I heard you sternly lecturing me on anything." Jon said in a highly amused tone.

"Is that the only way you remember me Jonathan?" Hermione asked, trying to keep the hurt out of her voice, "Reciting boring details or revising over and over on subjects that you had no real interest in."

"Did I ever actually say that out loud, somehow …I rather doubt it? I imagine it never accrued to you that I just might have been spell bound by the sound of your voice."

"The sound - of - my voice?" Hermione asked, puzzled and yet strangely pleased by the complement.

"Oh yes, it was really rather intoxicating for old Ronald. To tell the truth however, the biggest turn-on for him was when the two of you were in the midst of a huge row. There was sparks of fire in your eyes then, your cheeks bright red, your chest heaving and passion behind every single word. Sweet Merlin, you looked so DAMNHOT. Even before poor old Ronald acknowledged the sexual undercurrents of those arguments, that boy was drawn to you like a moth to a flame."

"You've become bold as brass and quite the flirt, Jonathan," and I glad that I overheard you say that you still love me," Hermione said as her body began to stir with unusually strong feelings.

"There is no flirting involved for someone with nothing to gain or lose by speaking the plain truth," Jonathan said in reply. "The old Ronald Weasley loved you with every ounce of his being, right up to the moment he died. As I appear to be the depository to his fragmented memories. Then yes Dr. Granger, a part of me …a substantial part of me, is still very much in love with the memory of that seventeen year old bookworm …in spite of what she did to him near the end of his existence as Ronald."

"I'm not seventeen anymore Jonathan, I'm a fully grown woman of twenty four."

"And I am not Ronald Bilius Weasley; he's died - as you said - a hero's death seven years ago! Also as you can plainly see for yourself …I don't resemble him in the slightest, no muscular body that rivals Adonis, no flaming red hair, I didn't even retain his voice."

"Those are only superficial things Jonathan; I'm convinced that the soul of the boy I knew still beats inside your chest."

"I'm not that boy anymore, Dr. Granger."

"Damn it Jonathan, I have a first name, will you please use it? Every time you call me doctor, I'm tempted to look over my shoulder in search of one of my parents. They never called me doctor at the Ministry; I was always just Granger to those few co-workers that bothered to speak to me at all. I'm still somewhat arrogant, very opinionated and of course seriously lacking in traditional people skills."

"I am sorry if I have offended, would Miss Granger be better? I'm not normally so formal, but as we just met, I didn't want to presume a familiarity with you, when none actually exists." Jon whispered in way of apology. "That your people skills have not improved over the years must be frustrating, being in the Foreign Office and all. A lack of tact in your profession could potentially hurt delicate negotiations.

"Please call me Hermione, Jonathan; you should be on a first name bases with a woman who you have three times in my hearing confessed that you are still in love with?"

"Miss Granger, all men throughout history are composed of the sum total of all their parts, one such part of me, the part which was at one time Ronald Weasley …loved you. Ronald is admittedly a small part of the greater whole, but still a large enough part for me for it to be an act of total foolishness if I did not on some level, openly acknowledge his strongest feelings.

"What will it take for you to call me Hermione?"

"Alright, I will … but there is a price involved. For one thing, if you outright lie to me about anything or use the name of that dead teenager, then the stiff formality will return, secondly and lastly, as happened so often in old Ronald's memories of you, I find myself at a distinct disadvantage in your presence. More specifically, I am all but totally starkers and fully visible, while you remain entirely hidden. You're utilizing Potter's invisibility cloak, are you not?"

"Oh yes, I'm sorry, I'd forgotten I was wearing it," Hermione declared clearly embarrassed, as she reached up and pulled the cloak off.

"Come closer please, I want to see you." Jon asked softly. Hermione did as bidden and stepped up closer to the bed. Having earlier that morning been reluctantly convinced by Harry and Ginny, that Jon during her visit would most likely be unconscious. Hermione had not put any extra effort into her appearance. Now, she mentally cursed herself over and over for believing them, for here she was …her first real change to impress the boy she loved, after seven years of separation and she stood by his bedside …without make-up or perfume , her hair tied back into a tight bun behind her head, wearing her everyday …lounging-abouthome ….clothing! A pair of clean comfortable jeans above her favorite pair of trainers, over a nice …loose fitting, light blue - button up the front blouse! It was an outfit suitable for mucking about the garden, or a quick trip to the grocer. It most definitely couldn't be called even remotely seductive, it wasn't formfitting or sexy …just comfy.

While Hermione stood there abash, silently cursing herself for not wearing anything better, the seriously injured European Wizard Chess Champion floated some six inches above a hospital bed experiencing the throngs of an emotional heart attack. Jonathan was usually the dominate personality in his burn damaged body, but just the sight of Hermione Granger at close range had caused the memoires of old Ronald to strongly surge to the forefront. "Well, your color has vastly improved since the last time I saw you," Jon managed to say as he struggled to regain control of his turbulent emotions. "And your general appearance doesn't look so care worn, that's good too," he said regaining some measure of control over himself, although his heart was still beating like a race horse at full gallop, by the mere sight of her.

"Thank you, Jonathan. The return of my dragon ring and more importantly, the knowledge that you are alive, worked wonders with my health. I won't lie to you and say that you look good to me, because I can't …not with the attack in Roma still so recent. Are you in a lot of pain?" Hermione asked worried.

"Pain is a part of my daily existence, its manageable so don't fret over it." Jon said as his iron grip on his emotions was reestablished. "You came here with a clear intention in mind, Dr. Granger, so why not end the pleasantries and the small talk, and cut right to the chase and get on with it."

"Fine then! Jonathan," Hermione said somewhat flustered. "Can you accept the truth that neither of us, are the same people that we were at seventeen."

"Yes …most definitely"

"That's Good, very good indeed …so with that as a foundation of further discussion …where to begin? Oh …I know, Right from the off - so that there is no misunderstandings later on …I am hopelessly in love with you Jonathan Veselkin," Hermione said firmly, desperately determined not to make the same mistake twice.

There were a few agonizing moments of silence before Jon's hesitant reply. "You don't know what you're saying. You're obviously confusing me with that silly boy from your novel, the lad you lost years ago."

"No I'm not; I know exactly to whom I'm speaking too," Hermione shot back, her temper rising automatically.

"NO, YOU DON'T! … You don't know me at all!" Jon said, in spite of his non argumentive attitude about most things. Jon found himself winding up for a heated row

Hearing the unyielding tone in Jon's voice, Hermione backpedaled fast, she had only the one shot at this and she couldn't afford a single misstep. So she took a deep calming breath before she replied. "Jonathan, I mean …honestly. Do you really think that I haven't investigated my feelings from every conceivable angle?" Hermione replied in total control of herself once again. "Well I have. Do you think that I haven't done the proper research to make absolbloodylutly sure that deep down, you're the same young man that I fell in love with during my fourth year at Hogwarts? Well let me make myself clear on this point …I'm utterly and totally convinced that you are."

"Hermione I must insist…" Jon began only to be overruled by Hermione's continuing diatribe.

"A lot of the minor details about the youth that I fell in love with, were regretfully burned away during the last battle, I've heard you say it …over and over, - repeatedly at this very hospital more than a week ago, at your sisters wedding and just now. I regret more than I can say that you lost so many of your memories defending a foolish girl who betrayed you so badly. If it is of any comfort to you, I will - without doubt - carry the guilt to my grave. But as you have said repeatedly the past is in the past."

"Thank you Hermione"

"Think nothing of it Jonathan; as I said, I've come to accept that Ronald Weasley is gone for good! I also accept your apparent decision to live the rest of your life as Jonathan Veselkin. However, as I have been willing to graciously concede to your demands on this point. Iinsistwith the same kind ofsteadfast determination that you have shown regarding your past identity, that the core values of that heroic youth, the important things that made Ron the …man I loved …stillremain inside you! You should remember the way I get when I'm the midst of a research project that's vitally important to me; you said it yourself in your letter, I leave no stone undisturbed. So I know bloody well, whom I'm talking too!"

"Hermione, - language – please!" Jon said, fighting back a soft chuckle. "Your observations regarding many of my behavioral traits and their similarity to those of the late Mr. Weasley have already been noted by my shop assistant and her fiancée. Do to their persistent prodding; I have come to accept the Ronald inside of me. It is therefore his memories that I refer to as I politely point out a slight incongruity, by this I mean that it's quite impossible for you to have beenin love with old Ronald during your fourth year. According to my memories, supported I might add, by your own written history of the time, that was the year you began your on and then off again school girl crush with the dashing and handsome Mr. Viktor Krum."

"Jonathan, I mean really. I had an epiphany awhile ago – so I have finally come to accept that my …book or novel as you more properly called it. Is nothing but a pile of trumped up personal observations, written in a romance novel, bodice-ripping, gutter trash style? I never intended it to be the definitive historical document that the readers have turned it into. Having clearly read it yourself, you of all people should have realized that the only indisputable truth that comes across, loud and clear, is that noeighteen year old grieving bookworm should ever attempt to write such an important work while at the same time endeavoring to purge the overwhelming guilt associated with the romantic betrayal of the only boy who ever genuinely loved her."

"Hermione there is no need …" Jon began only to be, once again …interrupted.

"Jonathan, listen to me. Among those people who actually knew the Golden Trio on a day to day bases. – that lot know - full well, that my novel is not only more than just slightly inaccurate, but also is missing far too many overlooked facts and vitally important details concerning the wit, wisdom and bravery of Ronald Weasley. They know the rubbish I wrote can never be considered a truly accurate portrayal of the greatest man I have ever known…"

"That's …just plainwrong!" Jon interrupted suddenly quite upset. "Don't insult my intelligence. – PLEASE -. The boy who lived, - the conqueror of Voldemort, the … grand Casanova of our age, - HARRY JAMES POTTER - is the greatest man you'll ever know."

"That's Rubbish - Jonathan. Fate chose Harry to 'do in' Tom Riddle, he didn't volunteer to step into the face of Danger. He was dragged into the role of Chosen One, reluctant as hell, all but, kicking and screaming. In the end, he faced his destiny only because you, I and loads of others …volunteered to help him though it all. I have no intention of trying to defend …my novel. Which I have already admitted is a colossal pile of rubbish. Nor will I try to explain the actions of the infamous mouthpiece of the Ministry, that enormous rag … 'the Daily Prophet'." Hermione all but screamed, desperately trying to make Jon see reason. "I'm not responsible for the incorrect perception that the Wizarding public obtained after reading my novel. Call what I did in my literary work, running amok with poetic license, based ever so loosely on certain historical events, that happened in Harry Potter's life."

"Hermione, calm down …please. There is no need to shout, my hearing is quite good." Jon said worried that her outburst could prematurely end a long overdue conversation.

"Well, maybe …I want to shout. Damn it! Hermione said as she forcefully lowered the volume of her rant and then, she paused … took another calming breath, before continuing. "You told Harry and your parents that my 'novel' was completely unrelated to what really happened and I couldn't agree with you more! You just told Orla and Colin that my novel concerned the youngest male Weasley and you weren't Ronald. - Okay, I'll buy that too. 'The Golden Trio, the Potter years at Hogwarts' is pure rubbish mixed with equal loads of half truths and out right distortions …of the true historical facts. Most important and more relevant to our discussion today, - it's a book about the past. Its' about someone who you've repeatedly insisted …isn't you! So its contents shouldn't have any effect on Jonathan Veselkin or the life you're leading right now …Am I correct?

"Forgive me, Hermione, you're right of course. I have indeed fallen into old Ron's customary habit of beating himself up with feelings of unworthiness. You have certainly made your case counselor. It is my judgment that you are indeed the smartest Head Girl, Hogwarts ever had." Jon said graciously in defeat.

"I know full well what I did to that seventeen year old Weasley, and I'm not proud of a single bit of it. But like you said …water under the bridge, all is forgiven – go in peace and sin no more." Hermione said with a sigh.

"So you're really not going to try to explain the unexplainable, the contradictions within your book?" Jon's whisper soft voice asked, honestly very surprised.

"Until a fortnight ago, that would have been the plan. I had spent many years dreaming of a meeting like this, a long overdue chance to apologize and explain. In this fantasy meeting with your still coherent corpse, I had anticipated every possible argument that you could make against what I had done to you and had carefully prepared my counter arguments, having worked out the whole lot in my head. For ages and ages it was my favorite nighttime fantasy, apologizing to you. In each dream I explained logically how bloody brilliant my protection plan was, how my book was grossly misunderstood by those that read it."

"But you're not going to do that now …May I ask, why not?"

"Like I said - I had a huge wake up call a few weeks back, an epiphany that radically changed my entire world outlook in a matter of a few days. Besides, you've been spot on about one thing. You're not the bloke I should be pleading with for forgiveness."

"Oh, so you've figured out what Harry hasn't, well done?"

"That's right, Jonathan. Ronald Weasley is the one who deserves my heartfelt apology, and as you've said repeatedly you're not Ron. You're also correct in the belief that I have to somehow make amends to Ron's family and frankly Jonathan, that's a Herculean task which I doubt I'll ever live long enough to finish."

"You speak wiser than you know, Hermione, Weasley blood feuds last forever." Jon said with a soft chuckle.

"It's more Harry's problem than mine …really, especially now that you arranged for him to marry Ginny." Hermione said with a smirk. "I don't know how much weight your 'plead for acceptance'will have on the Weasley Clan, but that you tried at all, says a lot more about you than you might realize. To tell the truth, I don't envy him having to relate everyday with Molly Weasley."

"Yes, I couldn't agree more." Jon said with an evil smirk, "Between having Molly as a mother-in law and living with my short tempered sister, - who has as I have just recently discovered, a mean streak a mile wide. She's devilishly skillful at pranking, a talent which she will no doubt use while taking revenge on her new husband for being forced to spend a whole ruddy year as his not so secret mistress. I have every reason to believe that Mr. Potter's existence for the next few years won't be pleasant …at all."

"So any revenge for what Harry did to that part of you that is old Ronald, will be handled …indirectly, by your very pregnant …and therefore easily made irritable little sister – add in her notoriously devious nature and she will unknowingly serve your revenge needs while paying-out her own retribution." Hermione said arching an eyebrow truly impressed. "Well done …Jonathan, ruddy brilliant …actually. Harry suffers and your hands are clean. By the way, - Master Chess Player - you couldn't have had this very objective in mind - when chess move by chess move, with Machiavellian cunning – you set up your vindictive little sister's wedding, - now, did you?"

"I don't know what you're getting on about" Jon replied deadpan before chuckling ever so softly. "Don't forget that you too have make amends to the Weasley's."

"I respectfully disagree. Making things up to Molly isn't my primary concern …not anymore, - thank Merlin," Hermione said. "I'm not exactly on the best of terms with Ginny or her Mother, so I doubt I'll be seeing either of them - all that much - in the foreseeable future. Once the Potter baby is born, I'll imagine it will be providential if I get to see the Harry more than once or twice a year. Such an arrangement might turn out to be all for the best in the long haul. Because I'm in great expectations of obtaining a new position which will compel me to leave the London area soon. My new situation will make avoiding all the Weasley's a lot easier thing to do than my old station in the Foreign Office. Apparently, old Ronald's entire family despises me twice as much as they do Harry."

"Yes, I too got that impression during Ginny's all too brief stay at my cottage," Jon admitted honestly.

"Now, that I've been discharged by the Ministry," Hermione declared as if the circumstances surrounding her departure from the M.o.M. no longer mattered. "Perhaps at long last, the often alleged rumor of my so-called ambition to become the first Muggle born Minister of Magic can finally die a natural death and become just another of the Wizarding worlds … legends."

"Not to change the subject or anything, but I spoke to Luna as you suggested." Hermione said - doing just that. "And I'm not the least bit upset that my - 'fifteen minutes of fame' - is over and done with. I really hated living in a fish bowl - which is 'the lot' of being married to a 'celebrity.' No privacy to speak of and mobbed by the paparazzi everywhere I went …even the Loo. It's rather comforting to know that for the most part, I'll be able to live out the remainder of my days 'out' of the public eye."

"It's also relief to be done with politics, Affairs of State, Foreign negotiations that last weeks on end, over nothing but inconsequential rubbish. Jonathan, you've been lucky that wizard chess isn't as popular as Quidditch. Players in that sport are at the mercy of the painful fickleness of public fame …hero one minute, villain the next. What I desire now is a more quite lifestyle, far less exposed to the sharks of the news media. As soon as I get my new posting, I intend to leave London and put my Ministry experience behind me and quickly become an anonymous teacher of Arithmacy at Hogwarts."

"That's quite a step down for you …isn't it?" Jon replied almost too stunned to speak.

"Depends on your point of view …I guess; besides as I said, I've recently had a major change of mind concerning what's really important to me. It's time I sorted out my priorities, Jonathan, long overdue really, don't you think? I'm sorry it took this long. Public life clearly doesn't suit me. I wish Ginny all the luck in the world, living inside a celebrity fish bowl with Harry. To tell the truth, from what I've learned of you in the last few days, you're far more of a diplomat than I ever was."

"You really don't expect me to agree with you on that last bit …do you?"

"Yes I do -, for you see Jon, I know all about the charity work that you've taken on. You have clearly had your priorities sorted out for years now: I envy you that! I needed a swift kick in the bum - just to wake me up. It was learning the true purpose of my dragon ring that made me finally realize what I wanted out of life. That's another thing I'm grateful to you for. You've done a lot of emotion venting lately, Jonathan, first in my hospital room, and then later at Ginny and Harry's wedding. Finally back in St. Mungo again just this morning, although you're the one in the bed this time …not me. I've learned a great deal from all three conversations that I've overheard and may I say to that small part of you that still is Ronald, how very sorry I am for the pain I caused him.

"If I see Ronald in a nightmare, I'll be sure to let him know"

Thank you …Right then …moving on. Unless you have anything else you wish to vent on my horrible novel or…perhaps questions?" Hermione asked in a hopeful tone.

"Oh - no, I think I have pretty much said all that needs to be said on that subject

"Good we're making good progress." Hermione said gathering her thoughts. "I sincerely hope that we can put all of my teenage mistakes behind us quickly, we're way behind the queue and we'll have to leg it to catch up with the others. Let's see …hum! I know you're recovering from the nutcase attack in Roma and I don't want to do damage to your recovery, so I'll try to be brief - so can you rest. It may appear that I'm rushing things along, but my motivation isn't to sweep anything under the carpet or avoid any subject that you feel should be aired."

"Don't worry overmuch about it, when my strength fails me, I'll just drift off into sleep. I won't sham it, so try not to be offended if or when it happens. Then you can either leave and we will resume this conversation at a later date, or you can pull up a chair and wait for me to wake up again." Jon said in total honesty.

"You'll allow me to stay?"

"The Ronald in me will sleep a whole lot better, knowing you're nearby," Jon admitted in a tone timid and soft, "it will be déjà vu of the whole the poison mead incident, when you sat by his bedside holding his hand."

"You remember me doing that?" Hermione said deeply touched.

"Oh my …yes, so until I drift off to sleep, and you'll know when I do because my house elf Kiki tells me I snore a bit. So until I dose off, do feel free to proceed." Jon declared the longing in his voice unmistakable.

"Right then" Hermione said trying to keep from getting to emotional over Jon's permission to stay and what that implied. "Next item on the addenda… To expedite matters, it really would make things a lot easier for both of us, if you'd just accepted the fact that I know more about you than you probably know about yourself."

"Of that - I have no doubt at all, I'm happy to concede this point if you will acknowledge yet another overwhelming advantage that you hold in this conversation," Jon said in a semi defeated tone "for I know next to nothing about twenty four year old Hermione Granger – slash - Potter"

"Thank you again, Jon. I do accept and understand your concern that you know little to nothing about me. With that thought in mind, I am prepared to spend as much time as you may require, dramatically increasing your working knowledge of who - Hermione Jean Granger - is today. Oh and it's not Potter, I no longer go by that name, your sister Ginny holds exclusive rights to that title. Now to bring us back on task, - I'll just say that like it was back at Hogwarts, I have revisited all my daily journal notes from the last eight years of my life, and I fully prepared to give you as much or as little information …in detail as you like." Hermione said taking two steps closer to the bed, her inner excitement growing with each step.

"I willing to tell you everything, no secrets - no holding back and that includes everything …and I mean everything, concerning the now no longer secret Christmas holiday visit by Viktor Krum to my parent's home.

"That won't be necessary; I have no right to pry into… it was your first romance and all."

"That's just it, Jon, Viktor was my first romantic crush, and I'll admit that he was also my first official snog. I'll even confess to you that I let him touch me…as a woman being snogged senseless likes to be touched."

"Hermione …don't, there's no need. I have no right." Jon whispered feeling the stirring of jealousy within him.

"Yes you do Jon; Viktor Krum is the next item on my addenda for this meeting, so be kind enough to lie there quietly and hear me out." Hermione said in a huff.

"Well, as I'm somewhat of a captive audience in this situation, I really can't storm out of the room in a jealous fit, now can I?" Jon said desperately hoping to lighten the mood.

"Hermione chuckled at the comment, 'he always could get me to laugh and ease the tension in the room.' She thought to herself. "I feel that it is vitally important that you fully understand my relationship with Viktor. He started out as my first schoolgirl crush for he saw me as a girl where you didn't. Then after my argument with Ronald at the Yule Ball, I felt very hurt and I turned to him for comfort. Contrary to what the 'Twins' may tell you I never went to Bulgaria that following summer. However, I did clandestinely meet with him on the French Rivera during my parents annual fortnight summer holiday there in 1995. Before you think to ask, yes Viktor saw me topless on the beach, - what little there was to see – anyway. He saw my mum topless too - by the way!"

"Whatever makes you think - that I have any right to know any of this?" Jon said as he fought down a huge surge of jealousy from deep inside his soul.

Because I love you and I refuse to have any more secrets between us concerning my school girl romance with a much older man. Viktor was my first boyfriend, and I lied to you about it, there is no use denying it anymore, but I wasn't Ronald's first girlfriend either, Lavender was.

"He was your choice, more worthy of you that a poor as dirt …Weasley, I've accepted that,"

"Bloody Hell - Jonathan, Stop putting your-self down, you're ten times the man Viktor was on his best day! Ron's lack of Galleons never made a difference to me. As usual - you're listening but not comprehending," Hermione shouted.

"Viktor was the first boy I snogged, just as Lavender was the first girl you snogged. But I didn't shag him - for the same ruddy reason you didn't shag Lavender. - I didn't love him." This all but screamed announcement was greeted with silence once again. Hermione waited on pins and needles for what felt like an eternity before Jon in a soft defeated sounding whisper replied.

"Hermione, please, take a moment and think about what you are saying here," Jon said slowly dyeing inside. "You're telling me things I have no right to hear. What you did or did not do with Viktor is none of my business or old Ronald's for that matter. You and Ronald weren't dating at the time so there isn't any infidelity issues involved. Whether or not you were intimate with your first boyfriend is also none of my damn business. We just met for the first time for Merlin's sake. You've never been in my shop that I know of and from what I've read, you have little if any interest in wizard chess. How could you possible, be 'in love' with Jonathan Veselkin. What could we possibly have in common?"

"Don't change the subject Jon, of course we've met before, we attended Hogwarts together for seven years…"

"Please excuse me for correcting you - yet again, but I never attended Hogwarts. I'm told Ronald Weasel did, and for only six, not seven years. My name is Jonathan Veselkin and there is no record of that name on the roster of Hogwarts students.

"That was a rather weak denial, a mere technicality. I mean…really Jonathan, you disappoint me. I had hoped that we would be beyond silly semantics games by now."

"Insult me - all you wish, that doesn't change one iota the fact that I have huge gaps in my memory concerning Hogwarts, both the physical layout of the castle and grounds and any of the classes that the old Ronald may have attended there. Once again I fear that you are confusing me with someone else. To prevent the row I can see forming in your eyes. I will repeat my already stated concision that seventeen year old Ronald did indeed once love you. I'll even concede that the part of him that still remains inside of me is currently being torn apart emotionally - yet again - by mentally visualizing Viktor Krum seeing your fifteen year old body topless in France."

"Oh, Merlin, I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me."

"Indeed it was, but for manners sake - I forgive it. The wound you've just made in Ronald's broken soul is deep, but not fatal and he will eventually recover. However after conceding the point, that you and Viktor were not intimate either during your …topless holiday of 1995 or - and I'm just assuming this - the winter tryst of 1996. I must ask what …if anything - does what you did or didn't do with Viktor Krum all those years ago have to do with the – me of here and now?"

"Ronald died in mid-August of 96" Hermione retorted "…with a score of zero in a game that Ron's brother Charlie called 'The Knickers Count'. Ronald met his fate empty handed because he wouldn't cheapen the love he felt for me by have casual sex with Lavender. This morality of the old Ronald's is the very cornerstone of who you are now, can't you see that?" Hermione argued becoming annoyed

"Oh yes, I fully accept the concept of 'the child being father to the man;' I accept that my moral core was formed in my youngest days - by the life lessons taught to me 'by example' by Ronald's parents …Arthur and Molly Weasley." Jon said, forcing himself to speak while wishing the heartache inside him would cease; wishing Hermione would bring to an end her diatribe of her love life with other men that was ripping apart Ron's soul. "I do not consciously remember any of those lessons, but apparently they became so ingrained within me, that I have been acting on these life lessons subconsciously ever since."

"There you are then. Ronald loved me, so that stands to reason that a part of whom you are as Jonathan, loves me too."

"Once again I am willing to concede the point. So my fragmented memory …loves you, how can Hermione benefit from this barely remembered teenage infatuation?"

"It gets my foot in the door …Jon. If only one third of your heart still loves me, then my goal becomes convincing the remaining two-thirds of my truth of my everlasting love for you, - Jonathan Veselkin. Then I have to point out, how we are better off together, than separately, and alone. Once that's done, then and only then will Luna's vision of our happiness together come to pass."

"What does any of this have to do with telling me that you didn't have sex with Viktor Krum?"

"I didn't have sex with Cormac Mclaggen either"

"Again none of my business"

"You asked Ginny her count from the Weasley Game; do you want to guess my score at graduation?"

"Hermione, a word of caution, " Jon said, trying hard to take in all that Hermione was telling him, without becoming too emotionally damaged, but his chess player calm and restraint was beginning to slip. "You've already hurt the old Ronald inside of me …once. You clearly don't remember how insanely jealous Ron was of anyone that touched you. I am still struggling at this moment to purge from my mind the mental image you gave me of the holiday treat you gave Krum on the French Rivera. Please, drop the blow by blow recitation of your teenage exhibitionist love life.

"Don't be silly Jon, its better that you lean the whole truth in one go, rather than piece meal," Hermione said dismissing his warning out of hand, totally ignoring Jon plea to change the subject she arrogantly plunged ahead. "Besides, at fifteen I really didn't have much in the way boobies for Viktor to see, my mum had a far better pair than I did at the time.

"You've really changed a lot in a few years, having lost most - if not all -of your former modesty." Jon said disgruntled. "You've also developed a masochistic streak that easily surpasses my sisters." Jon said with clinched teeth, hating the game she was playing. "Alright – fine, you win. If you want me to be the one to give the final twist the knife into Ron's devastated soul …have your pound of flesh and I hope you choke on it. How many of Harry's Y fronts did you collect before leaving Hogwarts?"

Hermione was so worked up with excitement over the announcement of her still intact virginity. She failed on so many levels to consciously acknowledge the pain in Jon's voice or the obvious hurt in his words. So she was surprised at the response to her answer - "None"


"No Jonathan I'm telling the truth, didn't Harry tell you, I am still a virgin, Harry and I never had sex for that would be the same as incest …for Merlin sake."



"GO AWAY AND NEVER DARKEN MY DOOR AGAIN!" Jon screamed at the top of his damaged lungs and this time the door did fly open and two Italian Aurors rushed in with wands drawn.

"Don't move" a voice said in heavily accented English.

"How'd she get in here?" his Italian partner asked puzzled.

"What in bloody hell is going on?" shouted a very familiar Englishman voice as Harry Potter walked into the room, his wife by his side.


"Jonathan, get a hold of yourself, Ginny said calmly as she approached the bed."

"YOU DID THIS TO ME! I took you in, ARRANGED FOR YOU TO MARRY THIS RUDDY ASS, even paid for your blasted honeymoon AND THIS IS MY PAYBACK." Jon shouted, panting hard - as he tried desperately not to heave up his guts, "I nearly die in Roma, and all you can do themoment I get back, is set me up for an emotionally 'HURTFUL' - unbelievably stupid - prank?"

"I did no such thing, - Jon, your being irrational, calm down." Ginny shouted back, as Hermione was backed up against a far wall with two Italian made wands pointed at her throat.

"Back off now, Harry commanded the Italians' sternly. "This is all just a huge misunderstanding."

"You know this woman?" one of the Italian Aurors asked in a puzzled tone.

"Yes, this is Hermione Jean Granger; she is Jonathan's fiancée,"

"LIKE HELL SHE IS!" Jon shot back.

"Jon, shut it, right now!" Ginny said in a no nonsense tone. "Or I'll have you sedated"

Hermione with tears pouring down her cheeks was desperately trying to figure out how it had all gone so horribly wrong. Her book and its damage to Ron's reputation was more or less settled and behind them. Her protection plan by default also didn't seem to be an issue, due to the same reason. Jon's insistence on abandoning the Weasley part of him to already written history and moving on with his life as a Veselkin, made any reference to the past irrelevant. As Jon did not consider himself to be Ronald then what crimes were committed in the past against the old Ron didn't directly affect Jonathan at all.

This stubbornness in continuing with his new life as Veselkin rather than try to undo the damage to his old identity had made mote a huge pile of problems, both inside the Ministry and in regards to a potentially new romantic relationship with her. 'So - how did I muck this up so badly?' Hermione asked herself, as she mentally reviewed the last few minutes of conversation prior to the blow up. And then it hit her, like a ton of bricks. 'Its Harry's reputation as a womanizer, that's done me in. His often rumored about extramarital affairs with loads of celebrity groupies. Jon must think I'm lying about being a virgin because of my six year marriage to …what did he call Harry? 'The Magical Casanova of England', a bloke no girl could possibly sexually resist. Oh Bloody hell, I completely forgot about his plumbing issues. Now you've done it - ruined your one shot at happiness."


And then when all seem irreversibly ruined forever, 'Fate and Destiny' combined to take a hand in the matter. A distraction was needed to divert attention away from Hermione's slip up, something guaranteed to both clam Jonathan down instantly and banish from his mind a really painful mental image. This diversion took the form of a mighty kick by a tiny infant in the beach ball belly of Ginny Potter, a woman who was - at the moment the kick accrued - glaring with barely controlled fury like a cobra about to strike – directly into the eyes of a dangerously upset Jonathan Veselkin. Jon was staring right back and because of it - he was the only witness to the abrupt and rapidly changing emotions that swept across his sisters face. Surprise/shock – concern – realization and finally indescribable delight/pleasure.


"Ginny what's wrong?" Jon said in a worried tone as his anger at Hermione suddenly banished, instantly replaced by overwhelming concern for his sister. Abruptly all commotion in the room ceased as everyone's attention refocused on Ginny

"Nothing is wrong Jon," Ginny replied beaming. "Except perhaps that your god-son doesn't fancy you yelling at his mum."

"My… god-son?"

"Well of course you Prat! After what you did for the baby's parents how could we possible ask anyone else? Harry get over here now, your child is kicking up a storm. " Ginny said smiling from ear to ear as she reached out, took her husbands hand and placed it palm down on her throbbing abdomen."

"He's a strong one," Harry said with obvious pride, before looking around and again in a much calmer and happier voice said: "Gentlemen of Italia - lower your wands, please. Jonathan has had a surprise visit from his girlfriend, arranged by my new wife, his personal healer. On behalf of England I must apologize if her sudden appearance startled you all, you especially Mr. Veselkin. My new wife is a Weasley, and that family's long reputation as notorious pranksters goes back generations."

"This is most irregular Mr. Potter," One of the Italian Aurors objected. "A formal protest will be filed with your Ministry."

"Dully noted, and now if we could 'all' leave Mr. Veselkin in peace, we can discuss your protest in more depth down at the matrons station …which is 'outside' of this room!" Harry said glaring at Hermione as if to say, "you had your chance - muffed it, now get out"

"If there is no medical objection, I like to visit a bit more with doctor Granger?" Jon said in a near whisper.

"Jon, are you alright? Do you need a calming potion?" Sue the matron asked from the doorway.

"No Susan, I'm fine …I was just …startled - as Mr. Potter said. For a moment, I thought I was back in Roma being attacked again. I'm much calmer now; - please all of you – try to forgive my unseemly outburst.

"But you said she wasn't your fiancée, I distinctly heard that." One of the Italians objected.

"Not yet …she isn't," Jon replied deadpan. "I'm a private person, not a celebrity like my healer's new husband. I rather the press didn't know my plans for my engagement to the lady …I fancy. At least, not before I actually have the chance to - pop - the question."

"Right you are Sir." An English Auror said with a knowing smile from the door. "All right you lot, lets take this show down the hall, outout. Italians off you go with Mr. Potter to file your ruddy protest; we English will watch the door for a bit." The man said as he began to usher everyone except Hermione out of the room.

"Ten minutes and no more," Sue the matron said from the doorway, "and then I'll be back with a sleeping potion, which you will take, without argument, am I clearly understood!"

"Yes Susan, no argument," Jon said as the door closed, there was a moment of awkward silence, before Jon began to speak in a deeply embarrassed tone.


"Dr, Granger …I wish to express my deepest regret for my most bizarre and inappropriate behavior," Jon began only to be interrupted.

"Jon, it is I who should apologize…"

"No please, let me finish. I have never before felt so humiliated; I have never raised my voice to a woman before, never so completely lost total control of myself." Jon confessed humbly.

"That's nonsense Jon, loud rowing was what Ron and I did best, and it was how we flirted more times than not."

"I am not apologizing for Ronald, for I know enough about his schooldays misconduct to know how he used arguments to conceal the love he was afraid to express. No …Dr. Granger, I am apologizing for me …Jonathan Veselkin. A man who allowed the fragmented memories of heartache and despair of a dead teenager's insane jealousy to override his normal good manners," Jon said with obvious remorse.

Hermione looked at Jon gob smacked and then had another epiphany, for here was yet another indicator that proved that the old Ron through painful experience had matured into soft spoken man no longer prone to fits of temper.

"Jon, about what I said …Hermione began, regaining her customary logical explanative mode of speech. "I know that my virginity is hard to believe in the light of Harry's reputation with the ladies. The lady Minister of Magic herself was very much of your opinion and for the same reason. It required the sworn and notarized affidavits' of seven different medical sources, both Muggle and Magic to convince the Lady 'Minister' that Harry and I had never sexually consummated our marriage vows. That was the unnamed technical flaw the Daily Prophet reported which allowed the officiallysanctioned annulment to take place. I have all the documentation at home with the supporting pensive memories and will be happy at any time to bring it here to show it to you…"

"That won't be necessary; - the offer to do so - is more than enough proof …for me." Jon said sounding emotionally worn out. "Then it was the truth …what Potter told me, just like the protection plan …it was all a sham - right from the off? Old Ronald wasn't told - so as to make his reactions all the more believable. Yes - I can see it clearly now, a brilliant opening gambit really, it threw your opponent off his game, at the minor cost of a single pawn." These words were spoken in a depressed monotone - the voice of a truly defeated man - and they cut into Hermione's heart like a knife.

"Jon, you can't possibly be as detached as you act, and the old Ron was never a pawn, he was a Knight, my brave and noble black knight. Besides this gambit of mine as you call it …destroyed my knight - it crushed the old Ron," Hermione said pleading for understanding while accepting out of hand Jon's term for his former identity. "Orla was spot on about whole thing, I didn't think it through. I saw Harry's need to protect Ginny and found away to do it. I just took for granted that when I explained it all later, you'd be alright with the whole plan. You're the chess player Jon, skilled at looking five moves ahead. I'm rubbish at seeing the long term ripple effects of my plans."

"To win in chess, the forfeit of certain disposable pieces is required. You must not have loved the old Ronald as much as you now claim, if the idea of sacrificing his chess piece in the game against Tom Riddle - was done so casually and without a single second thought," Jon said - his growing misery underlining every word."

"Yes …I took him for granted, the most important man in my life was of secondary importance to helping Harry, but we were alike in that the old Ronald and I. We were both prepared …almost from first year on to do anything for Harry Potter. Some day I should tell you the real story behind the name of your shop. It wasn't by change that your called it Black Knight."

"There is no need;" Jon said sounding increasing exhausted as if his previous shouting had drained all of his energy reserves. "Ginny told me during her stay at my cottage the story of Minerva McGonagall's 'Giant Chess Set' from your first year. I really wasn't all that surprised to learn that the 'chess incident' that Ginny so vividly described, part on Potter's historic adventure to get the Philosopher's Stone was omitted from your novel'

"Yes, - yes – yes …I know! I didn't do you justice in my book - but we've been through all this, we both agreed that my novel is pure rubbish. However, seeing as you've brought it up - my Black Knight's noble sacrifice for Harry our during first year is yet another example of what we both did at school to help out – 'the boy who lived.' And don't bother to deny, that if I hadn't crushed your heart during sixth year that you would have happily stepped in front of an unforgivable curse for Harry, because I know better." Hermione said desperately.

"You couldn't be more wrong Dr. Granger; I would never have done that for Harry - 'you' were the only one that I was ever willing to die for."

Hermione was both stunned speechless and deeply moved by this heartfelt confession. 'Sweet Merlin I love this man' she thought to herself. "I'm not worthy of you - Jon," Hermione said as she resumed speaking a few moments later. "I never was. I don't know why you fell in love with me? I'm opinionated, arrogant and a royal pain in the ARSE."

Hermione admitted all this filled with deep remorse with tears pouring in buckets down her checks.

"I'm a know-it-all who can't make friends to save my life. I always knew how you felt about me and always assumed no matter what I did to you, you'd still be mine, waiting for me at the end. I've been a ruddy fool and I took you for granted far too many times. The only thing I have to counteract my obvious character flaws is the fact that I love you with all my heart. I'm also a foolishly brave Gryffindor ready and willing to face impossible odds to do the right thing. So will you do an untouched virgin bookworm the honor of allowing me to surrender my maiden head to the one and only man I will ever love?"

"I thought you understood …Mione," Jon said so amazed beyond description as to forget the resumed the 'Dr. Granger' formality of speech. "I don't do one night stands."

"Fine then," she replied with a near hysterical chuckle. "Let's do this proper" and dropping down to one knee Hermione in a voice breaking with emotion, asked the most important question of her life;

"Jonathan Veselkin will you make me the happiest witch in England and marry me?"

Again there was a pause, but thankfully on a short one.

"Mione …I don't know what to say," Jon said weakly. "I'm flattered, and a substantial part of me - a tiny voice from the back of my mind - is screaming, 'say yes idiot,'

"Then say yes" Hermione retorted, smiling while getting up and coming much closer to the bed.

"How can you be so sure about us?" Jon said in a hesitant tone.

"Weren't you the one who suggested that I speak to Luna?" Hermione said with a sweet smile as she leaned over the bed and looked down at Jon's face, now mere inches away from her own. "We had a far longer chat than you did in Roma, - you know …girl talk. She may believe in creatures that don't exist, but her knowledge of human sexuality is top drawer - her understanding of the less known techniques employed during physical relations is only slightly less extensive than my own." For reasons unknown to Jon, Hermione casual mentioning of the term, 'human sexuality,' caused his heart rate to dramatically increase

"Luna informed me in great detail of our destiny, - the ones her …friends insist upon. She told me how far behind we all are …reproductive wise. We only have a narrow time frame to get back on track. For the Marauders to reform, all of children that comprise it have to be in the same year at Hogwarts. Ginny and Luna are already in the pudding club, with Rose and me lagging behind.

"The Marauders, that sounds familiar …who or what were they?"

"They were the ultimate in Hogwarts pranksters according to Fred and George Weasley. Harry's father was one of them. According to Luna …our children, Ginny's, Neville and Luna's, will reform that famous group of troublemakers, three from within Gryffindor's and one inside Ravenclaw. Luna's friends have foreseen all this - so there is no point in fighting your fate Jonathan - we are destined to get busy making babies. Besides, if you give in …to me, I'll definitively make it worth your while." Hermione said in a surprisingly seductive voice.

"I can see that you really want this destiny Hermione?" Jon asked half hopeful - half afraid. "However, there's no guarantee that I can live up to my part of the activities require to make these future events as seen by Luna's friends - come about!" he said being brutally honest.

"Are we on the plumbing issue now?" Hermione inquired seductively, all but purring in arousal. "What you fail to take into account my darling chess master, is that sex is less like chess and a lot more like fishing. My dad's a fisherman; it's his primary passion, ranking in order of importance - right behind my mum, me - and dentistry. Orla being the loyal sister that she is, - had your well being in mind, when she tried to 'hook you up' - with a few of the local birds. 'To hook a special fish,' my dad use to say, 'requires the appropriate bait.' You didn't rise to the bait Orla offered because it was the wrong lure," Hermione said seductively as she straightened up, and slowly moved both of her hands to the top button of her lounge-about-home blouse.

"I'm not exactly dressed for this experiment, but let's have a go at it, anyway." Hermione said, as she slowly - one at a time, - began to undo the buttons of the front of her blouse. The raw sexual hunger on her face was painfully obvious to the immobile Jonathan who couldn't move a single muscle, all he could do was lay still and watch. But then again, - technically speaking, - it wasn't a muscle that responded to the first glimpse of the defiantly non-sexy …everyday-ordinary cotton bra that Hermione had on under her plain – all but frigid - comfortable blouse. It was only when her shirt was two thirds undone, and hanging open that Hermione risked a glance down below Jon's waistline.

The large and clearly defined bulge that she saw there made her smile and also gave her the courage to reach down and gently lift the covering material so as to see with her own eyes the shape of things to …come.

"Sweet Merlin, it's bigger than Luna said it would be. Oh my …how Yummy!" Hermione said as she unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation. Seeing this erotic gesture while hearing her comments of admiration caused the unit in question to throb and grow even larger. Much to Jonathans total embarrassment, trapped as he was inside the green body-cast healing spell, he could do nothing to stop Hermione's inspection of his privates, although a big part of his self esteem was relieved and gratified by Hermione's sounds of approval.

"Problem solved Jon, it's me you fancy ashag with …not Orla's big bosomed gold diggers. Face facts Jon there's no fighting it anymore. Especially if merely undoing a few buttons of an everyday blouse was all it took to get your John Thomas's to full - rigid - attention!"

"What's come over you, Hermione?" Jon asked gob smacked, while at the same time becoming highly aroused. "Since when did you become so aggressive, you never spoke so openly about sex before - at least not in old Ronald's memories of you?"

"Luna used the children and family lure to push all your buttons Jon, and it worked …she had you hooked within minutes. Her special - friends - had tipped her off to your primary weakness and Luna used it to maximum affect. She was told to use different buttons on me, with children not the primary focus. Although I must admit, having your progeny is a truly delightful by-product of my primary weakness - for a bunch of little nippers crawling about on the rug …weren't the main lure for me."

"You lost me Hermione,"

"You are already acquainted - I think, with the Muggle term 'urban legend' and know the terms meaning?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, it's a bizarre untrue story that circulates in a society through being presented as something that actually happened, usually to a friend or relative of somebody the speaker knows." Jon retorted

"Well done, Jon. Do you know of any - sexual urban legends - pertaining to Librarian's and Bookworms?"

Jon's eyes went wide as he realized what Hermione was implying, but his heart really began to race when in a deep husky voice, she confirmed it.

"Luna lure for me was very different from yours. For my dream has basically remained unchanged since the later part of my fourth year." Hermione said her cheeks getting warm and red, her breathing becoming slow and labored - as lust - took its' grip on her. "This particular urban legend …at least in my case is undeniably true! You see, just underneath the surface of most Librarians' and Bookworms - like me - are huge barely contained volcanoes of unbridled lust."

"You're a what?" Jon asked

"According to Luna there is a curse imposed on all female know-it- all's by another friend of hers – this time 'Anteros', according to legend – this immortal is the embodiment of unrequited love, the translation of the name literally means "love returned," he is also the punisher of those who scorn love and the advances of others, the literal avenger of those who suffer the most on account of unrequited love. To say the least, this 'god' was really miffed at what I did to Ronald before-during and after the Yule Ball of 1994."

"You've been under a lust hex since 1995" Jon said in obvious disbelief.

"Yup, a hex specially crafted just for me, or at least that's what Luna told me." Hermione replied. "Normally, this rampant covetousness for physical pleasure hex that Anteros put on me is carefully contained - appearing dormant like a inactive volcano - hidden under the deceptive guise of a modest 'prim and proper' exterior. In the arms of the right man – in my case …'you' - the bookworm in me erupt in a mount Saint Helen type of eruption of wild carnal passion, shagging our fated partner's brains out …day and night – night and day, for weeks on end."

"There is no way on this earth that you of all people could ever behave like a sex starved …slag!" Jon protested strongly "You were somewhat standoffish and reluctant – as I recall it – during snogs in the broom-cupboards of Hogwarts! You never dressed sluttish like Lavender did, and wasn't you who forcefully insisted that we wait until our wedding night for any kind of carnal activities, and being the stupid arse nice guy that old Ron was - he yielded to your wishes."

Jon felt his self control slipping - so he paused took a calming breath or two - before continuing.

"That's why catching you and Harry, - with your blouse completely undone and hanging open - was so devastating to the old Ronald. The very thought of you being secretly a 'Shameless Hussy' goes against everything the whole Wizarding world knows of you!"

"You told Colin and Orla that you've come to accept my choices in lovers, isn't that so?"

"Yes I have no right to judge you preference for rich Quidditch players" Jon said with clear determination to face the painful reality with overwhelming regret obvious in his voice

"That's a good thing, Jon, because you've always been my first choice to become my first physical lover. No one else I have ever been with can compare to you. I've read every book there is on making love, over and over, countless time in anticipation of bunking-up with you. I memorized every single technique in the Karma Sutra after reading it a dozen times in English and then in the original Hindu …in eagerness of trying them out with you.

"You see, one of Luna's 'god-mother' friends is theimmortal 'Anteros'. Who as I said takes vengeance on those frigid birds that cause nice guys – like you - to suffer unrequited love? It was he who arranged for me to suffer in gradually increasing intensity since the Yule ball in 95 - the same sex staved appetites of most librarians. With the result being by the middle of sixth year - I found myself to be a barely under control – nymphomaniac. I craved non-stop sex, twenty-four / seven …but all thanks unto Merlin, another immortal friend of Luna's took pity on me. This friend of Luna was Scandinavia by birth and very distant relative of the Granger Family named 'FRIGG FREYJA' unable to counteract the lust Hex this goddess modified it by making me irreversibly monogamous. I still yearn for hours of wild shagging - but only with the man I've always been in love with and that man is you!"

"Really - Hermione …I had no idea?" Jon said pretending to be calm, while staining within his confinement - randy as all get out.

"Of course you didn't. Even if I knew about it at the time - a lust curse isn't something a girl confesses to a randy teenage boy in a broom cupboard during a heated bit of snogging. Besides, I had no idea, that what I was feeling was due to a hex by a bored - ancient god - with nothing better to do. My chat with Luna was a real eye opener for me, because pieces of my puzzling overheated sexuality - finally fell into place. I wasn't a hopeless slag that dare not let loose her appetites for the flesh, because I certainly didn't want Lavenders reputation, especially as her nymphomania was a sham.

"Luna told me that I was always destined to be your bunk-up, – that I was fated - since the beginning of time - to target my strong sexual appetites exclusively toward one specific bed-mate. You're been overly worried from what I've overheard, that I fancy the teenage old Ronald instead of you. My darling Jonathan, if you can accept that the old Ronald - is a part of who you as a man, - I hope that you'll realize that loving old Ron translates into being in love with Jonathan. Everything I have learned about the charity work that you have done in the past four years, your many acts of kindness to the war veterans in St. Mungo or any stranger, who enter your shop by chance, literally screams of the same kind of kindness and concern that old Ron showed to homesick first years as a prefect."

Jon laid there unable to think of a counter argument, for Hermione's logic was flawless. Not knowing what to say, he remained silent, listening to every word with undivided attention

"Don't you see my love, Jon's hands on charity work is the same investment in people that old Ron showed toward an anti-social bookworm and moody and depression-prone little boy with a scar … a child obsessed with fighting Voldemort. Your willingness to take under your wing two Hogwarts outcasts is identical to what you did for Orla, giving her the feeling of family she'd lost in the war, or the way you instilled loyalty in Colin, as a future son-in-law - and finally the risks you've taken for Ginny's happiness with Harry. Pile all that onto everything I loved in a certain kindhearted, loyal, red haired, chess playing prefect and you have a very lovable man, you have in fact the man I love Jonathan Veselkin."

"You've said it yourself …you're the sum of your parts! I'm hopelessly in love with the memory of that insecure boy who has in the last seven years matured into the strong and confident man now before me. A unique combination of the old Ronald and the new Jonathan. I desperately want to bare their children, I want to shag the old and the new senseless until he can barley walk – this is my dream for every single day for the rest of my life. Marry me Jon, please!

"What can I say in reply to that?"

"Say 'Yes' you idiot!" Hermione said before leaning down to give the first long passionate kiss in seven years to the man she loved. When after a ten minute intense snog that followed, Hermione finally allowed Jon up for much needed air, he asked.

"Can I have some time to think this over a bit? A big Part of me wants to say yes, right here and now, but another part of me is still a little fearful and unsure. Besides, if everything you've said is based on what Luna told you aren't you at least a little concerned about the accuracy of her prediction concerning us? Especially in light of the fact that you and I were supposed to meet at eleven this very morning, in Kensington Garden, London, near the Peter Pan statue!"

"Jon, sweetheart," Hermione said smiling brightly, "do you know what time it is - right now? As Orla and Colin left the room and while you were having your little chat with Susan the floor matron. I took the opportunity to glance down at my Muggle wrist watch. Jonathan, it was ten minutes after eleven when I first spoke to you, we're in a public place, a hospital, that is open twenty-four seven and we have the best Aurors of two countries keeping us safe."

"It's after eleven?" Jon asked surprised having lost all track of time.

"Yes it is. You didn't have to rip off your clothing when you first saw me because you were all but starkers when I walked in here and now …look at me? My blouse is hanging open – I'm half undressed, my bra exposed and I'm randy as hell. How much closer to Luna's prediction could we possibly get? And for your information may I politely point out – just so you know. It is only the attack on you that took place a mere three days ago in Roma, that's preventing me from shagging you senseless …right here and now …Jonathan Veselkin.

"You're putting me on" Jon protested weakly, unsure as to whether or not she was serious.

No, Jon, you are mistaken this time …I'm trying very hard to turn you on," Hermione said with a predatory leer, as she once again glanced down at Jon's bulge, "and it appears my efforts along that line have been a smashing success. Besides, I can't pretend be all that upset that fate moved our reunion meeting indoors, after all, it's raining buckets outside and I don't fancy being royally shagged on wet grass."

Jon didn't know how to respond to this, and luckily he didn't have too, for just then there was a soft knock on the door which opened a moment later to reveal Ginny Potter and Susan the matron entering the room carrying a sleeping potion.


"Times up you two" Susan said in a non nonsense tone. "Jon's needs to get some sleep – and I mean now."

"I keep telling you the potion will not be necessary," Ginny said very irritated to the floor matron, "and now I'll prove it. I know my patient better than you think."

"Alright Healer Potter, I'm waiting with baited breath to be impressed" Sue replied sarcastically. She stood patiently and watched as Ginny pull out her wand and with a wave remove the green healing potion from the tips of the fingers of Jon's right hand all the way to half way up the forearm.

"There, that'll do it," and then with another flick of her wand, a chair right against the wall abruptly slid across the floor only to come to a halt, half way down the hospital bed on the right side, facing toward Jon's head. Turning to Hermione Ginny with a frown she said curtly: "Sit"

Hermione did as she was bidden and instinctively Jonathan's and Hermione's hands instantly intertwined. Jon's disquiet in the green body cast he was trapped in - abruptly ceased, - his anxiety about hospitals vanished and a few moments later, much against his will – Jon fell asleep.

"How?" Sue asked gob smacked.

"Jonathan always slept better while holding her hand." Ginny said pointing at Hermione, who blushed at the compliment.

"Then it's true, while Harry Potter was cheating on Granger to be with you, Jonathan was romancing the neglected wife. Sweet Merlin's beard The Quibbler got it right for once, now don't that beat all." Sue said shaking her head in amazement as she put the potion on the nightstand. "If you get tried of holding Jon's hand and he wakes, give him the potion."

"I have no intention of ever letting go of him again." Hermione said with such unwavering determination that it left the matron and Ginny momentarily speechless.

"Why am I - not surprised?" the matron finally replied still a little stunned. "Jonathan is a good man, a bit overly sensitive about his injuries, but still a catch. I knew sooner or later some smart witch would realize that. Good luck to you both." Sue said with a smile before leaving the room.


"Alright Granger …spill" Ginny said pulling up another chair near to Hermione and sitting down with a tired sigh as the door closed behind the matron. Then with a scowl she lit into Hermione in a volume reduced intense whisper. "What the hell did you say that got my brother screaming at Harry to get both of his wives out of his life? Also, exactly what prank did 'I' allegedly pull on him? "

Over the next ten minutes Hermione repeated most but not all of her conversation with Jon. Although she felt that total honesty was her best chance to mend fences with Ginny, she also believed that some of what she had said was none of Ginny's ruddy business. At no time while they were talking did Hermione allow her hand to let go of her sleeping …fiancée's hand?"

"You asked him to marry you?" Ginny said genuinely surprised at the end. "Aren't you bold as brass these days? Did he turn you down flat?"

"He didn't say 'Yes' …if that's what you mean. He said that he needed time to think about it." Hermione admitted, more than a little worried.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, you got him." Ginny admitted - none to happy about it.

"Do you really think so? I mucked up this conversation up so badly, I'm not sure of anything anymore." Hermione said apprehensively.

"Don't be, my brother has changed, he doesn't procrastinate on important issues anymore." Ginny said with a snort. "Becoming Jon, has meant that he's far more decisive these days, with the short notice arrangement of my rushed wedding to Harry a classic example."

"I wasn't expecting that, he blindsided the lot of us that day."

My brother the chess player has developed his analytical thinking into a fine art. If Luna predicted a future for you two together at some point, then he's more than smart enough to have figured out his moves and all of your counter moves of such a fateful first meeting …well in advance." Ginny said looking down at her sleeping brother while smiling in admiration.

"He did correctly foretell my - 'logical explanation approach' - to our first conversation," Hermione begrudgingly agreed

"Jon is so different from the apprehensive brother I remember; I have a tendency to underestimate him. Orla has called me to task for it several times, drat the girl. I have to be careful around her and Colin; they're very protective of Jon. So if Orla shop-brother didn't say a flat NO to your marriage proposal …right from the off, then he's giving your proposal serious thought before making his counter move."

"You really think so?"

"Yes I do, and as much as I really dislike the thought of being related to you in any way, welcome to the Veselkin family, there are only five of us at present, but that number will be increased real soon …right Hermione?"

"Oh yes, Luna has predicted that your children and mine will reform the Marauders at Hogwarts."

"Harry will be happy to hear that I'm sure." Ginny said while unconsciously rubbing her swollen belly. "And now …on to the latest news, - Apparently, the Wizarding press knows that you're up here, and better still, the Quibbler hit the newsstands this morning with an huge front cover article on …as I quote from the banner headline; 'the Failure of the Ministers Marriage Law.' The enclosed article mentions examples of influential couples living separately in open relationships …using Harry and you as prime examples of good people trapped in marriage mistakes …taking lovers with the full consent of their spouses.

"Is that what the matron was going on about?" Hermione said recalling one of the woman's parting comment.

"Oh my …yes, the article mentioned in great and embarrassing details, my not so secret adulterous romance with Harry," Ginny said clearly not amused, "my mum will be thrilled to read that …I'm sure? The article repeats the old saying that goes; what is good for the goose - is good for the gander, the report gives proof of it with a 'Quibbler exclusive' and again I quote: "a certain Dr. H.J. Granger is wildly rumored at the same time of her husbands more publicized affair with Miss Weasley to have carried on a far more 'discrete - dalliance' with a reportedly 'unnamed' Diagon Alley shopkeeper."

"This is Luna's doing" Hermione declared in a cool, matter of fact tone.

"That's what Harry and I think too."


"Here you are, chatting like old friends" Harry said smiling as he entered the room "Is Ron still awake?"

"No, he's been asleep for about twenty minutes." Hermione said glancing down at her Muggle wrist watch.

"Pity, I wanted a chat with old Ickle Ronniekins,"

"You really have to stop doing that, Jonathan will not appreciate being mistaken for the Golden Trio's pathetic clown." Orla said disapprovingly as she and Colin hand in hand entered the room following Harry. "Hermione is the only one to understand how strongly Jon feels about this."

"My sister is quite correct," Jon declared with slightly slurred words, being only half awake, "I don't fancy being insulted in such a fashion. You've been warned about this already Potter, I'm nobody's idiot sidekick!"

"Sorry Jon, I'll work on it, I promise. What's more I plan on getting to know you better--"

"Me too," Ginny interrupted with a look of being embarrassed.

"-- by restarting our occasional chess match. You wouldn't believe how much I miss that… with you, Jon. I miss not having a Best Mate." Harry finished with what Jon could only surmise as a deep look of regret.

"Orla, why are you back so soon?" Jon observed aloud to change the topic of the conversation.

"We had to get away from the rioting going on right now in Diagon Alley, Jon. There are hundreds of angry women milling about, all of them out for Weasley blood."

"Oh yeah, the riot, thanks for the reminder." Harry jumped in with a small smile on his face. "Kingsley sent me an owl about it, while I was getting Fred and Georges sorry Arse's out of the jam they made for themselves by trying to get up here. Speaking of the owners of Diagon Alleys famous joke shop, you better avoid Ginny's twin brothers for the foreseeable future, Hermione - they pretty much blame you exclusively for what's happened to them this morning."

"Harry what are you rambling on about?" Hermione asked puzzled.

"That's the reason they were here, Harry replied clearly amused. "Someone in the Ministry tipped them off that Ron…I mean Jonathan was back in England. The twins figured that I would not only let you know, but also allow you to use my cloak to get up here to see him …which is exactly what happened, come to think on it." Harry said smiling so hard - he was all but giggling.

"I know Harry; I shared a lift with them"

"You did, doesn't that beat all," Harry said now laughing out loud. "If they'd known how close they where to the lady they wanted to hex…" that was the moment when Harry lost it completely, Ginny had to waddle over to him and guide him into a nearby chair before her husband fell over from laughter. " Sweet Merlin - Jon, I've missed you, you barely been back in my life a fortnight and my whole world gets turned on its head."

"I don't see as my duty anymore to entertain you Potter. Find yourself another clown." Jon said in a cold monotone.

"That's not what I meant Jon, I never saw you as a clown," Harry said his good mood banished as he glared hard at Hermione.

"Why did they want to hex – Hermione? I'm the one that pranked them!" Orla said defusing an awkward moment.

"You set two score of crazy women in wedding dresses on Fred and George?"

"Yes I did, but it was their fault, they broke the promise that they made to their father." Orla declared.

"What promise did they make to my… I mean to Arthur Weasley? Jon asked.

Orla smiled at Jon's slip, ignored it and pressed on. "They promised to give Granger here first shot at you, Jon. Free and clear of any interference or sabotage. They lied, just as I knew they would!"

"Orla, what did you do? Didn't you promise me not to do any more pranks when I hired you?"

"Jon - honestly! This was in a very good cause. They wanted to put an advert in the Daily Prophet … 'wife wanted, apply at Black Knight chess shop.' Once they heard that you where back in England they ordered it published, voiding their promise to their dad and Hermione. I mean what absolute nerve, the appalling gall of those two. I'm your ruddy sister not them, if anyone is going to play matchmaker and find you a life mate it's me!"

"Hey, hold on there, I'm his sister - not you!" Ginny said jumping up and little quickly from Harry's lap and getting dizzy because of it.

"No - you're - not! You turned on old Ron too before he died, I heard you admit it in Jon's shop. You're just one of those crazy Weasley's that preys on a heartbroken sibling when they are down. You're not a Veselkin, we don't torture family, - we protect, promote and generally support each other as we celebrate life as a family."

"Orla, don't…" Jon said weakly.

"Shut it - Jon, you're too nice to say anything, luckily …I'm not as nice as you are. Jon took us in, he gave me a family, he went to considerable effort to arrange your wedding and did you think to thank him, HELL NO. I could have passed on a thank-you note about the wedding at any time and how long have you both been back - five days? All of you take Jon for granted, none of you thanked him for what he's done, and that goes for you too - Granger, do you have any idea how much returning that stupid ring cost him emotionally, well I ruddy do."

"Orla that's enough," Jon said cutting off the young woman's rant. "Ginny was a Veselkin for only a few days before becoming Mrs. Potter, she didn't have time to learn how we Veselkin's behave toward one-another. She's is still operating under the - take no prisoners - show no mercy - mind-set of her Weasley lineage. And be informed all of you - if Casanova here cheats on her just once, he will face my vengeance and then I'll be welcoming Ginny back into the ranks of Veselkin family, especially if her Weasley kin still want nothing to do with her. Come to think on it, you'll be undergoing a name change yourself soon Orla - and leaving the small Veselkin Clan, after you go off and get married you'll be a Creevey - then it'll be just me and Kiki."

"Excuse me, what about me?" Hermione asked hurt.

"Oh yes, didn't mean to leave you hanging by dozing off …sorry about that. Orla you can give up matchmaking as a career," Jon said deadpan, "at least, as far as I am concerned, anyway. As of this morning I'm officially …off the market." Hermione responded to this announcement at first with stunned silence - but only for a brief second, - followed rapidly by a smile bright enough to light up half of London.

"What am I missing here?" Harry asked.

"You didn't?" Orla asked surprised.

"Your right - I didn't," Jon said in a clearly amused tone. "It's the disadvantage of playing non chess professionals - they have a tendency to make totally unexpected moves."

"She proposed?" Orla said gob smacked.

"And Sir, you accepted" Colin said equally surprised.

"Yes - I think I have. I'll fight destiny and fate every day of the week, but a determined Hermione Jean Granger, even I'm not that daft!" Jon said -good humouredly, and the room was suddenly filled with soft laughter. "Mione you take it from here, I'm going back to sleep."

"Mione, that's right - I overheard you using a lovers pet name in regards to me, Now you say it openly?" Hermione said pretending to be upset when she was really delighted.

"Since becoming engaged, I felt using it in the presence of others is the right thing to do," Jon said half awake. "Mione is the way I have thought of you in my heart of hearts since you captured it, during the awful row of that Yule ball - many years ago."

"Mione sounds an awful lot like 'Mine'." Hermione said amused by her new nickname.

"Yes indeed. That's what's I always hope the name would mean …someday," Jon replied dreamily

"Alright, I'll let you call me that …my Luv, but - before you drift off to sleep again," Hermione said in a matter of fact way, "I have a last question, how does Tuesday fourteenth of February sound as a wedding day?"

"Don't you want a longer engagement; I want to get to know you a lot better than I do now?" Jon said struggling to stay awake long enough to hear the answer.

"You will - Jon; I have no intention of leaving your side until you're my lawful husband. I thought I made that clear. You're what I want; you're the man I love."

"Go ahead then and make your plans - the date isn't important to me, the right girl in white by my side …is all I worry about. You'll be coming with me to the world championship in December …won't you?" Jon asked the worry clear in his voice.

"Whether thou go, so go I," Hermione paraphrased calmly. "Go to sleep Luv, - I've got your back." And with a small smile of contentment - that a man displays when something finally goes right in his life – Jon closed his eyes and with a sigh …drifted off to sleep.

"Valentines Day, very romantic, but a bit rushed don't you think?" Ginny said, with mixed feelings.

"Rushed, - not at all! In fact, it fits the prerequisite perfectly." Hermione said smugly.

"Prerequisite? What are you going on about Granger?" Ginny asked irritated, convinced that Hermione was withholding information yet again.

"Ask Colin and Orla, they know," Hermione replied smugly. "Jonathan and the old Ronald have established preconditions for the long overdue shagging that I want to do - that is …the moment he's healthy enough to engage in such activities. Only one precondition remains and Colin, you once said you wanted to help Jon and me, well …here's your chance. I need you to put the following advert in the Daily Prophet under the announcements column."

"'Miss Orla Quirke proudly announces the engagement of her brother Jon a common shopkeeper in Diagon Alley to Miss H. Jean Granger - currently unemployed. The wedding will take place in Hogsmeade Scotland, on or before February fourteenth of the year 2005.' Yes that should fulfill Jon's last requirement. "

"Hermione your making no sense, explain yourself, please." Harry asked clearly confused, to which in response, Hermione slowly raised her left hand - wiggling dramatically the finger that proudly displayed the notorious Dragon Ring.

Orla beamed in understanding as did Colin a heartbeat later. "Well Done …Granger."

"Quirke, I want answers, and I want them now." Harry said becoming angry.

"Stuff it Potter, you've got his blood sister to wife with a bun in the oven, the Veselkin's don't owe you squat!" Colin declared unruffled by Harry's command.

"Colin, - behave yourself! Jon wouldn't want us to fight. It's really quite simple; my brother Jon doesn't have the morals of an alley cat in heat, like you do …Mr. Casanova." Orla said with a straight face to Harry with noticeable contempt in every word. "He doesn't shag any girl that uncrosses her legs, as you are rumored to have done in the past. That's why the doormat is still out for Ginny here, just in case you revert to type."

"Ouch, you have been told off – good and proper," Ginny said with an amused chuckle as she sadly looked over at her husband. "It appears Harry - the probation, which Jon put you under, applies to all the Veselkin's, right Orla?

"Got that in one go, Ginevra," Orla said with scorn, "Yes, Potter - my brother outlined just this morning the preconditions that he required before engaging in pre-marital sex. And the smartest witch of our age has rather brilliantly decided it was in her best interest to fulfill Jon's requirements rather than try to argue him out of it."

"What are they Orla?" Ginny asked wondering what she had done to get on Orla's bad side, forgetting yet again, her ingratitude to the man responsible for her own wedding.

"One, a life long emotional commitment," Orla replied. "Two, an engagement ring offered and worn with all the fidelity such a ring requires and finally a published announcement of the proposed nuptials no more than six months in advance of any premarital shag."

"And Granger's done all that?" Ginny asked, before turning on Hermione who sat there smugly, staring defiantly back at everyone else in the room, while gently and possessively holding Jon's hand. "You think your going to shag my brother?"

"Of course I am, once he is out of Hospital, he'll go straight from this bed and into mine." Hermione declared never surer of anything in her life. "I like the name, Professor Hermione G. Veselkin doctor of Arithmacy; oh my yes - it has a nice ring to it." Hermione proudly declared out loud and paid no attention to the nauseated face that Ginny was making. "I'll have to leave a majority of my books at the Grimmauld Place; I can imagine there won't be enough room in our cottage - - Our cottage…" Hermione repeated - indescribably delighted. "… I can't wait to see it. Finally a place that will really feel like home and with the generous support of Frigg Freyja, - whom I hope to somehow convince to become the godmother to all my children."

"What's wrong with me?" both Ginny and Orla asked at the same time."

"I don't want you two fighting over the honor for one thing, Jon wouldn't like it." Hermione said cutting off a possible row, "Secondly I owe the lady loads, she has helped me stay focused on task and helped me land my fish. I will even make my own prophecy that on the First of September 2016, my daughterwith the first born Potter son at her side - will be sorted into Gryffindor and the second age of the Marauders' will begin."

"And that's the future that Luna foresaw for you?" Harry asked while smiling big at the mental image of a Potter and a Veselkin/Weasley, as friends going to Hogwarts together. Yes …Harry could easily support such a future, and a glance at his pregnant bride confirmed that Ginny wanted that future as well. The three rightful heirs of the Golden Trio …a Weasley, a Granger and a Potter - by proxy through their children causing no end of mischief at Hogwarts, 'well …maybe there is such a thing as divine justice after all' Harry thought to himself.

The End

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this. I humbly plea guilty to being long winded with a tendency to repeat themes over and over, I'm no writer that's absolutely ruddy obvious.

Thanks again


A short description of Post story events (in case you're curious)

Over the course of the next few days Mione becomes a semi-permanent fixture at St Mungo visiting Jon daily. Susan the matron, quickly realizes the calming effect that Mione has on Jon and is soon encouraging Mione to stay well beyond normal visitor hours. This greatly accelerates Jon's recovery and allows Mione to get to know Jon better while pumping Susan for her personal recollections on Jon's time in burn unit.

During their time together, Hermione takes every opportunity to fill Jon in on everything about her-self. She also filled in the blanks of her preferences and dislikes on everything from food to type of knickers she wears, that is when she bothers to put them on. Her highly detailed lectures although terribly boring to anyone else - were every word sucked up in their entirety by an extremely attentive Jon, like a dry sponge on a spill.

Fred & George are forced into hiding from the horde of husband hunters for two days, on the third day they take out a full page advertisement in the Daily Prophet announcing that the wife wanted advert was a prank – they end up apologizing to Arthur and Orla for breaking their promise. Their enmity towards Hermione very slowly lessens over the course of the next several decades. But never completely vanishes.

The small engagement announcement in the back pages of the Daily Prophet goes unnoticed – but is proudly shown to a recovering Jon in hospital to establish that all of Jon's preconditions have been met.

Molly refuses to visit her son in hospital while that Scarlett woman is present, which translates to no visits at all. Arthur goes by himself and quickly reconnects with his lost son. Molly's enmity toward Hermione prevents her from having a far closer relationship with her lost son and later her grandchildren - a sad situation that her husband Arthur happily doesn't share.

A fortnight after attack in Roma, with a wooden cane in his left hand and Hermione supporting right arm - Jonathan Veselkin leaves St. Mungo, with Harry and Kingsley watching from the door, the wagered galleon is paid. Kingsley tries for the rest of his life to prove his pharaoh bodyguard theory without success.

Mione and Jon used a 'Portkey' to the front door of the heavily warded 'Grimmauld Place.' Where they disappear inside and are not seen by anyone for the next five days and nights. I'd tell you what they did inside there - - except for the fact that in might ruin the beliefs of those of you who still think that storks bring the babies.

December 2nd through 14th World Wizard Chess Championship held in a small all magical village an hour train trip from downtown Tokyo Japan. Jonathan earns his third concessive World title and the 50,000 gold Galleon purse

Due to pressure from the Quibbler article, the Daily Prophet also takes up the cause to bring down the restrictive Marriage law, - by December 2004 the bad law is finally repealed - divorce becomes legal - but is only grant with very serious 'just cause'

The first person to take advantage of new divorce law is Seamus Finnegan. Who medically proves that only one of the five children that Lavender gave birth too during their marriage are 'his', - the other four all have different fathers. Lavenders oldest child - born five months after graduation and her rushed marriage to Seamus in 1997 - turns out to be sired by none other than Dean Thomas.

Within weeks of his divorce to Lavender being finalized. Seamus Finnegan marries an American witch, three years his senior, by the name of - Tabitha Stevens. Two days later Lavender marries Dean - her second of five husbands - all divorces in Lavenders future are due to infidelity.

December 16th 2004 Hermione moves into Veselkin cottage permanently, after returning from world wizard chess championship in Tokyo. Jon and Mione share there first Christmas together as lovers.

January 10th 2005 Ginevra Molly Potter gives birth to a son James Arthur Potter

January 15th 2005 in a big celebration attended by forty friends and family, Colin Creevey marries a two month pregnant Orla Quirke. Jon gives Orla away as acting father of the bride.

February 11th 2005 in a small private ceremony, Mione marries Jon in attendance is Kingsley Shacklebolt representing the M.o.M., Harry, Ginny and baby James Potter, Orla and Colin Creevey, Mr. & Mrs. Granger and coming alone, Arthur Weasley. All other members of the Weasley family on the advise/threat of their mum - boycott the ceremony.

March 13th 2005, the old professor of Arithmacy gets a job in the private sector

March 15th 2005, during the ides of March, Hermione becomes a full time Professor of Arithmacy at Hogwarts.

July 7 2005 Orla and Colin's daughter Catherine Anne Creevey was born - this girl would be sorted into Ravenclaw in 2016 where Luna's adopted son Nicholas was a fifth year Prefect.

Hermione never gets on more than polite and cordial speaking terms with Molly. Ginny loses most of her animosity toward Mione over time, Harry and Jon become friends but the closeness of their Hogwarts friendship is never recaptured.

September 1 2016, - - Lillian Viola Longbottom, James Arthur Potter, and Valeria Nimue Veselkin are sorted into Gryffindor; the second age of the Marauders begins at Hogwarts.

And what happens then, well that's their story.

So long

Fare thee well.