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Okay, here I am again. Cyinical Athrun, sweet Stellar, angry Shinn, and a confused scared Lacus. Enjoy.

I'm Unlucky, and Trust is for Fools


Athrun flinched, his headache suddenly threatening to spill over into another full blown spell. Yzak had always been so careful after he'd had a dizzy spell, keeping his voice low, not asking him to move and things like that. These people didn't have the first clue what had happened ... and probably didn't really care.

Not that he wanted them too. He was hardly going to tell total strangers, who only happened to want to kill him ... probably, 'I'm sorry, but I've just had a sever dizzy spell, so could you just not talk for a bit until my head sorts itself out and I can kill you without fear of passing out'. Yeah, that was certainly going to work.

The black haired boy's red eyes were burning a hole through Athrun's forehead, and for some reason, he felt his grip on his knife loosen.

That boy didn't care about him. Okay, that boy couldn't shoot him either, but Athrun had to ask himself if that boy would be upset if he died during this game. The answer was going to be no. Athrun knew that from experience. Nobody cared ... if they did, this game would've been long gone ...

Sighing slightly, he spoke.

"'Leave him alone'? Umhmm, okay. Tell that to the half dozen people your cry is bound to have attracted. I'm sure they'll be so understanding."

The black haired boy blinked, and the girl who had shouted merely stared.

"What ... what do you mean by that? Maybe you wouldn't realise this, but the people in out class happen to be pur friends! Why wouldn't they understand?" the boy hissed.

Athrun blinked, and focused his green eyes on the boys face in utter disbelief. The end of his cigarette smoldered slightly as he drew in a lungful of smoke and poison.

"Your friends? You still feel like it's safe to say that? You are naive. They wouldn't understand. They wouldn't 'leave you, me, or her alone'. No way in hell. And I'll tell you why in three words. 'Fear'. 'Trust'. 'Insanity'. Get the memo before you get yourself killed."

He had managed to induce a silence, and he smiled to himself. His headache was throbbing painfully behind his left eye, and talking did not help. Sadly, however, it did not seem destined to last. The girl had walked up to the boy, her blonde hair swinging in the light breeze, and sat down in front of him.

"'Fear', 'trust' and 'insanity'? Why would you say things like that? Don't you have faith? If we pull together, I'm sure we can get through this. Nobody in this class wants to kill people, I'm sure of it. If you wanna know why, then I'll tell you why in three words. 'Faith'. 'Friendship'. 'Trust'. It seems that trust is the only one we agree on."

"Bullshit, kid! That is bullshit, and you know it. Or have you not see the body count already? I only said trust because it gets people killed. People who trust each other in this game get stabbed in the back. Perhapes you might wanna watch out for your knight in shining armour over there."

She blinked, her eyes shining so brightly it was almost painful for him to look at them. He knew he'd probably ripped away all her hope and then laughed in her face, but she had to realise. The boy behind her was clenching the gun painfully hard. Athrun looked down, and slipped his cigarette out from between his lips.

Telling this girl something like what he was about to say ... it almost seemed like he was telling her. This girl was so like her that it was really starting to hurt. That boy ... that boy was also starting to hurt. He was ... in a very weird way ... he was almost like Yzak. Standing at the back, waiting for the right time to take him apart.

"Kid, people get killed here. No amount of 'faith' and 'friendship' is going to stop that and 'trust' is for fools. Only one survives. So, you should just kill me now, or I swear I'll kill you."

She smiled at him, the simplness of that smile clashing with the tears in her eyes.

"You were going to, Athrun Zala, but you didn't. And ... and I don't think you can."

He smiled, his heart in his throat but his experiences driving his voice.

"Kid, you aren't going to survive this game. I don't really think you can. If it weren't for the fact you remind me of someone I once loved, then ..."

He couldn't finish.


Lacus Clyne had never felt worse. She had heard about the game before, she knew most kids had. She knew it existed, and had even gotten involved in some small protest rings. She'd wanted the game gone.

Deep down, though, she supposed she'd always felt safe. She'd always felt like the game simply couldn't touch her. People had always thought her as lucky in life. They all supposed she won a lot of stuff.

They were, however, wrong. She'd never won more than a box of tissues in any of the school raffles, and she didn't get on very well in outside competions. So, the chances of her winning the bad lottery were very slim. There was simply no chance she could be chosen, so just stop talking about it, okay?

Most people felt like that, whatever they said. Now, however, she was stuck in the very game she'd protested against, with a boomerang as her weapon, and no idea where she was.

Kira had always been much better at map reading. Lacus wondered where he was ... whether he was safe and with people he could trust. She knew that if they all pulled together they could beat the system. Kira could map read ... Miri had the diplomacy thing down, and the smarts ... that transfer student seemed to have a good knowledge of weaponry ... they would get through this. Lacus knew it.

Sighing and dropping her head, she slid slowly down the trunk of a tree. She knew she was kidding herself. She'd seen the bodies of three or four people in the village marked on her map. The killing was starting ... somebody seemed to be playing and playing hard.

Still, though. Still ... she had to believe. She had to believe in something. She had to find people who would fight with her and help her to stop the madness. Whoever was playing ... Lacus didn't know about them. She knew that they were all probably terrified beyond all belief.

Deep down, though, she was starting to feel the beginnings of rage ... at the governemet who forced people she'd once loved to become killers.


Athrun Zala was smiling at them. Someting about the dry, cynical turn of his pale lips unnerved Shinn more then anything he'd seen yet. Someting about it just seemed so ... so lost. Lost and really not giving a damn. Dark blue hair spilled around his pale face, tangled and over long, but still only adding to his over all look.

Athrun Zala was lost. He was lost and he didn't care. He hadn't killed them yet, though his hand had yet to leave his tiny knife. Athrun Zala didn't believe in things like trust. He seemed to have lost all faith in everything this life had to offer.

Not only that ... but he seemed so familier with this game.

That's when it hit. Athrun Zala knew so much, he killed so easily ... because he'd ... been forced to do it ... he'd played this game ...

"You ... you survi ..." he stammered, only to have Athrun slowly lift his head to stare and smile.

"Yeah. Unlucky bastard, aren't I?"