The Light and the Dark


Written by Senshi of Valis and 5hadow Lady

Based on Requiem for a Dream by Sokai

The Oracle stumbled in shock as the entire foundations of Candracar shook, a powerful shockwave washing over it creating havoc and destruction. Usually the Oracle would have been able to sense something like this happening but for once was stumped as to what may have caused this. Concentrating on the orb in front of his he tried to scry the cause of what was going on but was shocked even further when the only thing that happened was the orb changing to a blood red color. The color drained from his face as fears began to run through his heart, there were few things that could cause this and he prayed that it wasn't what he thought it was. If it was, then all of Candracar and Earth was in grave danger.

The Oracle climbed to his feet ready to leave the chamber to use other methods to find out what was going on when Luba and several of Candracar's soldiers rushed into the room. Two of them supporting his old friend, Tibor as the surrounded him taking defensive stances facing the entrance of the chamber, the only way in or out of the chamber.

"Oracle, you must escape while we buy you some time." Luba growled, breathing heavily.

"What is going on?" The Oracle asked calmly though he was feeling nothing but turmoil inside. He didn't like the feelings of fear that he was feeling now, a feeling that he truly hadn't felt in over a century.

"Worthless, you are all WORTLESS!" A voice boomed from just outside the entrance as two guards were thrown into the room skipping along the floor until stopping just outside the semi circle of guards. Looking down the Oracle felt nauseous as he noticed the blood pooling around the downed bodies. Both bodies were not really recognizable besides telling that they were both male, their heads both missing. Looking back up he flinched as a man with black hair and black goatee strutted into the room. He wore a black leather vest hanging open showing his muscular tone, scars visible running along his body. Tight black leather breeches and heavy boots with chains wrapped around both wrists completed the ensemble as he gripped one of the guards swords, blood dripping from the blade.

"Ares." The Oracle breathed, shaking slightly. How could he had escaped, he was sealed away deep in the tower of mists for centuries. It was impossible, no one had ever escaped from there before.

"Yes old friend though I see someone has moved up the ladder while others were left to ROT!" Ares growled, anger and hatred increasing with every word until shouting the last. One of the guards jumped at that and attacked the angry dark haired man. Ares easily parried the blow and brought his sword back around to cut off yet another victim's head. "You have all grown soft! Even you, this is pathetic!"

"You will turn yourself over or face the consequences." Luba snarled.

"How about you give me back my sword and I might let one or two of you live." Ares retorted.

"Never fiend!" Luba growled clawing her hands readying to jump at Ares.

"You are all fools then." Ares growled as he started to walk slowly towards the Oracle, backhanding one guard that rushed him and impaling another on the sword he carried.

"DIE!" Luba growled lunging at Ares while he lunged at her readying to take her head as well. A wall of light between the two stopped them throwing them back away from each other. Luba landed hard falling unconscious while Ares climbed back to his feet screaming in rage striking the wall of light over and over again.

"You can not penetrate the light as you are now Ares, please give up. I have no wish to lose anymore lives…Not even your own." The Oracle said softly, sadness permeating his voice.

"Damn you!" Ares roared then a sadistic smile crossed his lips. "You sealed me away in that prison but now I think you all need a does of your medicine."

"What do you mean by that?" The Oracle laughed as Ares disappeared in a red flash of light. Worried the Oracle turned back to the orb trying to look in on Earth and Cadracar to see if Ares had done something but it wouldn't work. No images filled the orb which filled him with worry. "Ares, what have you done?"

"Oracle!" Another guard shouted bursting into the room, "You have to see this…There's this huge dome over the palace!"

"What?" The Oracle asked in shock following the guard as the remaining guards followed as well to the palace gates. There over them was a dome of blood red energy covering them blocking them from seeing anything outside of it. Slowly walking to it he barely touched it but it didn't hurt him. It was solid though and refused to give any ground as he pushed on it. Closing his eyes he directed all of his power into his hand and released into the dome but again nothing happened. Even not at his full strength Ares had managed to pull something like this off? He had succeeded in imprisoning all of Candracar inside the palace walls.

"Oracle?" One of the newest guards asked, her voice filled with worry.

"Unless we can get rid of this dome we are cut off from the rest of Candracar and Earth." The Oracle sighed, "Summon any mages still in the palace, see if they can not do something about this."

The unvoiced thoughts of everyone were almost the same, what use were the mages going to be if the Oracle himself could do nothing? The majority thoughts were something along the lines of, "We are so screwed…"


SL: I so love Ares, I can't wait until he kicks the guardians asses.

SOV: Umm…Brit, the guardians are the good guys, they are supposed to win.

SL: But Ares is sooooooooo hot! Damn it screw the good guys, when has evil been so sexy?

SOV: Brit…Sometimes I worry about you.

SL: (Hearts in eyes and ignoring SOV while staring at Ares who is sweatdropping)

Sitara: What about me?

SOV: Don't worry, you will be in the next chapter.

SL: Don't run muffin, I have a great work out designed for us. (Chasing after a frightened Ares)

SOL: I didn't see that.

Sitara: Me either.

SOL: Ice cream?

Sitara: Rocky Road?

SOV: Is there any other kind.

Sitara: Cool.


SOV: This story is a spin off sequel to one of my favorite stories by Sokai called Requiem for a Dream. Check out my fave list in my profile for a link and check it out its awesome. If you don't Brit swore to unleash the unholiest of creatures to haunt you in your nightmares…The great evil…The cruelest of the cruel…The most sadistic and terrifying of all living or unloving creatures…The purple menace…Barney the Dinosaur!


Until Next Time,

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