From one Pureblood to another

Disclaimer: I get sick of this to be honest, but oh well I'm going to say this only ONCE but the brain behind these characters and Harry Potter is J.K Rowling, I never owned it and never will!


Pansy Parkinson is known as the Pureblood Princess, she cares about no one and no one is worth her time, but secretly she cry at night every day in her dorm when everyone is asleep. Meanwhile another Pureblood is the same way known as the Pureblood Prince and he's cold and cruel as well, but deep inside his cold exterior is a boy who's fallen in love, but these two don't know that there is more to each other than what meets the eye.

Once again here I was in DADA and boy do I hate this class, I'm alright in it, but I would rather learn the actual Dark Arts than this rubbish. I was sitting beside a blond who was drawing something and when he was done pushed towards me which made me laugh. It was a picture of Potter, Granger (I can't believe I addressed a Mudblood with her last name, gross) Weasley and his little sister (Those blood traitors sicken me). Each one was being chased by hooded figures, that were gliding apparently they represented Dementors. He smirked and he made it fly towards Potter who seemed to enjoy this class a lot seeing that the Professor of DADA liked to be called Tonks. His reaction was priceless anger mixed with hatred and he tried to glare which made me and Draco laugh harder, Tonks heard us and took ten points from Slytherin, but we could careless. I never liked her knowing she was part of Dumbledores crew. Speaking of Dumbledore, he isn't usually in the school anymore, to be honest he's finally dead, Snape killed him and actually made life easier. Snape simply hangs around the common room he's not Head of house or even teaches, teachers don't know he's in the school only a few Slytherins do I am one of them. Our head of house is Slughorn now and he's too happy and nice to even represent us, what a bozo. Well the bell rang and I collected my stuff quickly to go back to the common room before dinner. Draco apparently had the same idea so we went together from the corner of my eyes I saw him sneak a glance at me. When we made it I gave the password which was Dark Arts at the moment and we entered I sat at the couch and he sat beside me. Silence passed between us whom he broke and I was grateful.

"That face he gave us will be in my memory forever long, I wish I could have taken a picture wouldn't you Pans." Draco said imitating Potters Scowl. I laughed again and nodded my head.

"Can't wait to see what the Mudblood would do 'I'ts not worth it Harry.' Her voice gets on my nerves" She mocked which made two figures laugh other than us two. Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott came towards us, Theodore was eyeing me with lust it sent a shiver down my spine, I was always afraid of him, he seemed to fancy me and I hated it. Daphne came walking towards us giving Draco the flirtiest look I ever seen in my life. I glared at her and Malfoy smirked at both of us.

"Play nice girls, there's enough of me to go around." He chuckled and Daphne gave me a disgusted look.

"Eww I would never share anything with her." She said glaring at me.

"Don't flatter yourself Malfoy." I spat a little to harsh which made him frown then smirk.

"Feisty aren't you." He said giving me his undivided attention. I felt my neck get hot, but I pushed it away and just glared back at him.

"Don't let me remind you of what Moody did." She said remembering fourth year which made him turn red and received howls of laughter from Blaise and Theodore. I got up and left to my dorm without another word. I fell on my bed tears falling down my cheeks.

'Parkinson's don't cry, why am I so weak.' I though to myself and scowled because of the thought. I dried up the tears and was about to go to dinner, but decided I would skip it. I didn't want to see Draco at all today thank god he has Prefect duty with some Hufflepuff boy prefect, how much I would give not to see him. Draco was hurting me badly couldn't he see that I didn't see him as more than just a guy I flirt with, I didn't want to share him with that slut Daphne. I soon fell asleep with ought changing. Dreams of Daphne and Draco snogging haunted me and I woke up panting. I rubbed myself and with my wand got a glass of water which I used to waken me up. Drying my face on a cloth I had on my trunk I left downstairs not to wake up any of the girls. I left the common room, being a prefect I could have easily said that a disturbance woke me up and I went to investigate. As I walked I had a feeling that someone was following me, but I pushed it away and continued to walk. I was on the third floor and there was a classroom slightly open with a candle light shining through the crack opening the door there was no one inside so I went to the candle and blew it out. That was when the door shut closed behind me and I spun around to see someone's shadow, realizing who it was I backed into the wall Theodore coming close to me I tried to say something, but I couldn't bring my lips to say anything. He came close I could feel his breath on me and when I looked in his eyes I knew what was to come. He realized my vulnerable state and quickly binded me by rope using his wand. At that moment I let out a scream, a blood curdling scream that hopefully would attract someone. Theodore took a piece of cloth and stuffed it in my mouth, I was hopeless, I couldn't do anything that's when he ripped my shirt off I was in my bra now and he licked his lips, I let out a muffled scream and I was afraid I tried to wriggle free and using my wand I was able to do just that. He was mad but caught me and began to forcefully rip my articles of clothing now I was in a bra and underwear and I was afraid I screamed I felt his nails digging into my skin, there was pain everywhere, I knew that if the lights were on I would look a mess as I could feel my own blood everywhere. I spat out the cloth and let out another scream and felt tears falling out.

"Get off me you jerk, stop please." I pleaded, but he paid no mind he binded me again by his wand and was about to pull my bra off when I saw someone burst into the door his wand lit.

"Pansy!" he said shocked at Theodore. A girl followed Draco, it was Granger she must have taken over or something as she panted from running. I shut my eyes and felt Draco pull Theodore off me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried my heart out at that moment. He was rubbing my back trying to comfort me then I tried to get up, but my leg wobbled and I collapsed, it was broken because he tackled me when I was trying to get away. Hermione who was shocked ran to get someone and when she returned Slughorn, McGonagall, and Madame Pomphry (I don't know how to spell her name) where behind her when they saw my state all three let out a gasp. Draco looked down at me and picked me up he used my robe to cover me and walked towards the direction of the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomphry was following and apparently she wasn't the only who was with us. The Ravenclaw's, and Hufflepuff's had woken up from the commotion and had there mouths wide opened they were looking at me some of the girls let out shrieks when the saw all the blood and apparently I let a trail follow us. Draco looked mad, upset, and I could see a hint of worry. When we made it to the Hospital Wing I was put on the bed and Draco didn't look like he was going anywhere. Madame Pomphry didn't seem to mind seeing that I held onto his hand the whole time she mended me. She was about to shoo Draco away so I can rest, but I protested and so she allowed him to stay.

"Thank you." I whispered to him he only nodded and I smirked which made him smirk back.

"Rest well Pans." He said softly which made me happy and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The next morning I woke up to find Draco's head resting on my lap. I sat up and stroked his hair the same way I always did in the train. He woke up and smirked

"Finally Sleeping beauty has woken up from her deep slumber." I giggled at his comment and got up.

"Can I leave?" I asked him when he nodded I got up, but when I found that I was still in my bloody bra and underwear. I drew the blankets around me and blushed. His face turned pink for a second before he turned away. I could have imagined it because it left as fast as it came. I put on my clothes while he faced the other way.

"I'm decent." I mumbled and got up walking towards the door. He caught up to me and I smirked. When we made it to the Great Hall I wasn't ready for what happened. Everyone who was talking fell silent except for a few whispers where people where explaining what happened. Apparently everyone had found out and I was annoyed ignoring everyone I sat down and when I felt a hand on my shoulder I let out a yelp and clutched Draco's robes burying my head in his chest. I have to admit every since what happened I have been rather jumpy. When I spun around it was Blaise and I let out a sigh.

"Sorry Pansy." he said to me and I shrugged. He sat across from me and was about to question me, but Draco glared at him and Blaise knew better than to ignore Draco's glares. He closed his mouth and started to eat. I didn't feel hungry so I got up. Immediately as if on instinct Draco did the same and we walked to period one double potions with the Gryffindor's. I felt very vulnerable and a few girls gave me pity looks which I ignored. I walked into the potions room. I set up everything and felt another hand on my shoulder. I pushed it away and pulled out my wand realizing I was pointing it to Slughorn who had a face of surprise and understanding. I put my wand back and muttered a sorry under my breath which he only smiled.

"Quite alright after what happened I shouldn't have snuck up on you." I tensed up and replays of what happened ran through my head as if I was watching a movie. Draco realized my look and so did everyone else. Slughorn clapped a hand on his mouth and didn't bring anything up on the subject again. The day went by quickly and nothing out of the ordinary happened except for a weird thing which was Potter and his crew didn't glare at us, but gave me a look of sympathy which I was grateful for and Draco didn't feel like fighting. When I walked into the common room I sat down on the couch and Draco sat down beside me, only he had his arm around me protectively which I was happy about. The question that was nagging at me all day finally came out of me.

"What happened to Theodore?" I blurted out and Draco's arms around me tightened.

"He was expelled and his parents are punishing him, they took away his wand." he said. Daphne came and gave me a pitiful look, but I saw that she was glad.

"Hey Draco hun, so when are we going on our date again." She said in her snobbish way that was when I froze.