From one Pureblood to Another

(so as I told someone the next chapter after this one is laid back and not to be taken seriously, but you have to wait this one though might and just might confuse you and get your mind working not only that, but there is going to be a lot of questions on Pansy's appearance!)

Disclaimer: I said I would never write it but I will because I miss writing it lol so it all belongs to my favorite writer J.K Rowling!)

Pansy looked at herself in the mirror her hair had red streaks her eye was red and the other one oddly had changed to the same color and it seemed permanent as she tried to get it grey again. Pansy also realized her hair was to her mid back and trimmed it a bit to her shoulders which looked nicer. She also wore casual robes since it was Saturday. Doing this quietly wasn't an easy task as the girls weren't awake yet from there deep slumber (effects of firewhisky because of the party in the ROR). Applying a bit of clear lipgloss to her lips Pansy went downstairs to find Draco looking at her smiling. Pansy took his hand and walked with him to the library where they went to the restricted section (Draco having permission from Slughorn under false studying for 7th year even if they were only in 6th). They pulled down books about different languages, to dark magic, to curses and hexes. These words were not found in any of the books the closest they got was something about reproducing only heiresses and not heirs which they found rather humorous. Pansy then pulled out a book that she hadn't seen it was a deep blood red with Black words reading 'Prophecies concerning the Dark Lord of earlier centuries. Shrugging Pansy opened the book to the page about Pureblood lines until one caught her eye. It read: 'Along time ago a seer had made a prediction that a Pureblood born to a cruel family would help the chosen one defeat the Dark Lord with the help of her love and the help of his the four will bring a new era of peace until history repeats itself once again for the last time.' Pansy's eyes furrowed as she read on: 'The Seer specifically said Obscurum vadum incurro nos unus nox noctis, bellator pro iustum, heiress of a putus cruor prosapia mos succurro lemma totus, is mos succurro electus unus per suus diligo accerso atrum dominatio ruina. In an unspecific translation it meant Darkness shall come upon us one night,

Fighting for what is right,

Heiress of a pure blood family will help them all,

She will help the chosen one with her love to bring the dark lords downfall. There was more to the prediction by the daughter of the seer as she said: A debitum ero quondam propter suus negotium,

Ostendo sum quis subter supter suus os,

A rebellis obviam atrum ero quondam,

Vae terminus of atrum senior.

The translation of that was: A debt will be formed because of her task,

Revealing what's underneath her mask,

A rebellion against the dark will be formed,

Alas the end of the dark lord.' Pansy was still eager to hear who it was that would help the chosen one. 'Saeta ut atrum ut a niger rose vigeo scelero rutilus virga of sanctimonia, stilus tergum basium dulcidine per sol solis,

Eyes sic rutilus certus diligo,

Labiae ut plenus quod pink amo ut of alo blossom coma,

In suus manus is occupo ops rumpus quisquis is commodo,

Nisi is reperio diligo pro aevum of sventeen mos is nisi rabies super totus.' The translation was

Hair as dark as a black rose blooming with blood red streaks of purity,

Pale skin kissed sweetly by the sun,

Eyes so red defining love,

Lips as full and pink like that of cherry blossom leaves,

in her hand she grasps the power to shatter whatever she pleases, unless she finds love before the age of sventeen will she unleash fury upon all.'

Pansy read in fine print it said that the Seer told this to Lotus Parkinson who's didn't reach the extent of destroying everything as she had fell in love, but her grandchild in the 21st century would have this same thing apply to her.' In an instant the book fell out of the clutches of Pansy her eyes wide this whole time she was the one this was written to, this was her destiny.

"Pansy what's wrong?" Draco asked when he spotted the book he picked it up seeing it was still on the same page she was on he read it. Not until he read to the end did he look up at Pansy with pure horror and disbelief.

"You know who we have to tell right?" he whispered.

"Snape?" he wondered hoping he wasn't referring to the dark Lord or he would kill Pansy so she doesn't fulfill this.

"No Pansy Dumbledore, but not today, it will rise suspicion, but until it is time act normal." He said holding onto her hand to comfort her. With a nod Pansy got the book and went to Madame Pince they presented the book and letter for Snape before leaving (Madame Pince staring at Pansy hard because of her changed and different appearance). The common room was almost deserted people too excited because they wanted to go to the hogsmead trip.

"I forgot about that." Pansy muttered falling on the couch then she remembered something, she remembered why she was mad at Draco and it was because he was going with Daphne, but he didn't move just stood watching Pansy.

"Well aren't you going, I mean you are going with Daphne am I right?" she snapped which caused Draco to jump and turn red. He was still going to get her present, but he shook his head.

"It was a misunderstanding, I told Daphne I needed her assistance for something important because she was girly and understood this type of stuff, but I think I can handle myself, I wont be too long I promise I will be back as soon as my task is done." He said sincerely.

"Promise?" she asked him. Draco kneeled beside the couch where she was and brushed his lips against hers.

"I seal it with a kiss." He said smiling. Overjoyed Pansy nodded and watched as the love of her life left the common room. When he was clearly out of earshot she muttered.

"Good because I'm not sharing you with anyone even if it means my death." She said lying down and falling asleep. After what felt like five minutes Pansy was awaken to the sounds of whispered voices when she opened her eyes she found herself in the middle of the floor covered in blood people crowding her. They all gasped when her eyes fluttered open they must have been surprised by her change appearance.

"What happened?" she asked them feeling groggy.

"You got up and then started to cough blood, are you ok?" the nearest person said, her eyes adjusted and it was Millicent Bulstrode her friend. Pansy scrambled to her feet diving for the book she turned to the page with her 'destiny' and read a bit farther. 'It is said that Lotus Parkinson turned very sick when the prediction was about to come true and less than a year later the war broke loose and the Seer's prediction came true.' Pansy fell to the floor and began to cry her heart out, she thought that she still had at least a few more years left not less than one, people looked oddly at her some girls whispering stuff guys trying to get close to comfort Pansy, of course they wanted to take advantage of her or get a closer look of her appearance, but instantly backed up when Pansy looked up, hatred was evident in her eyes, she pulled out her wand and pointed it threateningly at them.

"One more move like that and I'll send you back home to mummy in six different trunks one for your head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and torso, so back off." She said crudely to a guy who groped her. Pansy turned around watching Draco enter the common room, after seeing the commotion he quickly got to Pansy's side and sent everyone a glare that made everyone leave Pansy's side.

"Pansy there's blood every where! What happened?" Draco asked worriedly. Pansy told Draco what Millicent told her and then told him about the book, she began crying again she could feel herself trembling.

"Hush love, don't cry please." he pleaded which made Pansy look up.

"Draco are you turning soft on me?" she asked him grinning.

"Maybe and if you tell I'll… I wont give you your present." He said smiling.

"What is it?" she asked jumping up and down.

"Pansy I wanted to know that after this war after all this chaos, would you…" Draco pulled out a small velvet box and inside was a beautifully hand crafted diamond ring with rubies on the side. She picked it up and studying it seeing the Malfoy crest on the back.

"Will you marry me?" he asked turning red. Pansy let out a squeal and jumped in Draco's arms tears falling out of her eyes.

"You stupid jerk, getting me worked up thinking that you were in love with another… Of course I'll marry you Draco I love you." She said in one breath and then fell down laughing.

"Congrats!" said Blaise patting Draco on the back, but unfortunately the Dark Lord wishes to see us and his new recruit, go to the Room of requirements now, but unnoticed we have a new plan to carry out." He said gravely. Pansy and Draco nodded and waited till Blaise was gone after that people were shouting there congrats to them.

"Hey Draco where you two going?" said a fellow sixth year.

"Me and Pansy are going to celebrate." He lied and pushed Pansy out of the common room and into the dungeons halls. After they made it to the first floor they ran upstairs till they reached the Room of Requirements that was open a jar, entering they saw Blaise and Daphne in there talking she was holding on his arm ready to be taken to the Dark Lord. Blaise looked up and nodded, Daphne gave Pansy a disgusted look because of her hair, eyes and then her eyes lingered on Draco and Pansy's hands where they were holding each other, Pansy raised her hand and Daphne immediately saw the ring, as stupid as Daphne was she could put two and two together. After that Pansy just looked at Draco who had pulled up his sleeve about to touch his mark Pansy did the same and in an instant was jerked forward by the force. When she landed she looked around and saw that the elder generation of DE was there.

"And here they are, the next generation of Death Eaters Pansy looked to where she stood and knew that she was standing between her father and mother.

(I know in Latin some words are English cause they are I did it on purpose to make life easier I do realize I'm making Pansy special, but I just felt like I had to Gryffindor have Harry Potter so I had to give Slytherin SOMETHING.)