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Today is going to be a good day. Yes, a very good day, Naruto thought. He had woken up this morning! ... Ok, to other people that wouldn't really be that special, but to Naruto it was! He never woke up in the morning! Maybe near noon, but never in the morning! So, when his eyes actually opened before his alarm clock went off, he immediately knew that this day would be a good one. And a few hours later, the blond was up and getting ready for a day out... a good day out.

Uzumaki Naruto happily made his way towards his favorite restaurant in all of Tokyo. Poisson Rokusaburo (1). Sure, he lived in Ikebukuro and had to go all the way down to Akasaka... but a plate of delicious fish was worth it (2). It shouldn't take that long, Naruto mused, 'cause almost everyone should be heading to Shinjuku for that stupid Gackt concert (3). Heh... Gackt... funny... Shaking his head to rid himself of the temptation to play the 'Words-that-rhyme-with-Gackt' game, the teen hopped down the stairs of the Ikebukuro train station and grinned at the large sign covered with pictures of various rail lines.

"Hmm, let's see... I usually head over there from school... so I can't take my usual route..." Naruto placed his pointer finger on the white bubble with 'Ikebukuro' written in it and trailed down until he reached Shibuya. "Ok, so... If I get on the Yamanote circle line, then go straight through Shinjuku..." insert dorky grin here, "I'll end up in Shibuya!"

"Talkin' to yourself, Naruto?"

The blond spun around and came face to face with none other than Inuzuka Kiba, his best friend since elementary school, and Aburame Shino... well, Naruto wouldn't exactly call him a friend ... 'cause frankly, Shino scared the shit out of him.

With a scrunched up nose and a not-so-manly pout, Naruto answered, "No, Dog Breath, I'm looking for the best route to Akasaka," he turned back to said task and began going over the lines again.

"Once you're in Shibuya, take the Hanzomon line to Omotesando and transfer to the Chiyoda line," Shino's deep, yet creepy, voice scared Naruto out of his thoughts, "then after a stop or two you should be at the Akasaka station."

Naruto's left eye twitched at the blank stare Shino was giving him. Of course, he wouldn't really know if he was staring or not, because the boy's eyes were covered by dark, round glasses. "Th-thanks, Shino..."

"Headin' over to that restaurant ya like? What's it called? The Pissin' Subaru?" Kiba asked. His dog Akamaru popped out of his coat and barked merrily, his pink tongue dangling out of the side of his mouth. Yes, you heard right... a dog magically popped out of his coat.

"It's the Poisson Rokusaburo!" Naruto snapped back, his nose still scrunched.

"Che, whatever," Kiba snorted, but then something behind Naruto caught his attention and he grinned toothily.

"What's that look for?" The blond frowned. I hate that look...

Shino raised a hand and pushed his glasses back into place, his eyebrows lifting in what Naruto could only guess to be an amused manner. "Your train is leaving."

And just like that, Naruto's supposedly good day was flushed down the proverbial toilet.

xXxX Smex XxXx

Stupid Kiba, Stupid Shino... This is all their faults, those bastards! Naruto tugged at his hair in frustration. He was sitting on a steel bench at the same train station he was at an hour ago, surrounded by hundreds of chattering highschool girls.

"Next time I see them, I'm going to kick their asses!"

As luck would have it, the next train to Shibuya wouldn't be able to come for another hour, so Naruto had to find something to do until then. Unfortunently, the only choices he had were to either wander around and get hit on by guys who thought he was a girl, or to just sit down somewhere and wait patiently... guess which one he chose?

"Are you going to see Gakuto-san?" One of the many girls asked Naruto cheerfully.

Blue eyes stared into black, then after a few seconds of silence, a loud laugh irrupted from Naruto. His hand flew to his stomach and tears began to form at the corners of his eyes. "M-me? See him! Listen, I'm just heading over to a restaurant so I can fatten myself up with fish!"

The girl frowned, along with her group of friends. Apparently, Naruto's answer wasn't one they expected. "Then I guess you'll be stuck here for another hour or two," she smiled, but behind that smile was pure evil... pure girly evil, "because this train is reserved just for the concert. Once it drops us off, it's going to continue on the circle line, no stops."

"Y-you're kidding... right?"

All of the girl's friends smirked at him, their black eyes dancing with amusement.

So much for my good day, Naruto sighed and looked up at the arriving bullet train, but another hour won't be so bad... After everyone in the area boarded the train, the girl pushed her way through her group of friends and laughed at the blonde.

"Just so you know, baka, I was lying! Have fun waiting for the next train, Gakuto-hater!" She sneered. The doors in front of her closed and the train took off.

Naruto didn't know what to do. He could either wait for the next train, walk to another station that was probably a good twenty miles away, or he could stay on the bench for the rest of the day until the girl got back, so he could strangle the bitch to death!

xXxX Smex XxXx

"Finally! I thought I'd never get here!" Naruto grinned with triumph as he jogged up the station stairs that led to the busy streets of Akasaka. He had finally been able to get on a train and had not one single problem after that. Maybe this day really was going to be ok.

Blue eyes scanned the area and a foxy smile stretched across Naruto's face when he saw the sign that pointed to Akasaka-dori. Hehe, just two more miles to go! Bending down, he pressed a small button on both of his sneakers, small wheels popping out of the bottom (4).

"Let's go, dattebayo!" and in less than a second, he was off, swirving between people and barely missing ramen carts that suddenly turned the sharp corners. Almost there, almost there! Turning onto a busy street, Naruto jumped up and started skating on the garden ledge that went all the way down the road along the fence of Nihon University. But being the clumsy idiot that he was, he ended up getting his wheel stuck in a broken cement block and fell flat on his back in a bed of buttercups. "Sh-shit..." he cursed under his breath, "can nothing go right for me today? And just when I thought my bad luck was over with."

"Oi, Dobe."

"Stupid skates... you'd think they'd be able to handle chipped concrete, sheesh... and I paid 70 American dollars for these things, too..." Naruto continued to ramble on and on as he picked himself up, ignoring the person standing a few feet away from him.

"Oi, Dobe," the voice said again, annoyed.

Naruto blinked a couple of times, then turned to the speaker. Standing before him was a boy looking not a year older than himself, weilding a bottle of weed killer and a shovel. His hair looked dark blue under the praise of the sun, but Naruto knew it was probably black, and his eyes were a deep obsidian. His gaze moved down and he couldn't help but snort in amusement at the clothes the raven was wearing. His attire consisted of dirty shorts that almost reached his knees, a baggy blue shirt, and a muddy apron that said "Itadakimasu".

The boy seemed to be getting pissed off, if his scowl and heated glare were hints enough, but Naruto was oblivious as his attention moved elsewhere. He just brushed himself off and stepped out of the flower bed, straightening his clothes and shaking his head to get the dirt out of his golden locks. Feeling something burning through the back of his head, he turned.


Black eyes narrowed and the scowl deepened, "You ask me 'what'?"

"Yeah... what?" Naruto brows furrowed together in confusion, why's he so pissed?

"I spent the entire morning planting those flowers, Dobe!" the stranger hissed, pointing at the squished buttercups.

That statement made something click inside of Naruto's head. "O-oh..." his hand flew up to rub the back of his head and he blushed, flashing the other teen a sheepish smile, "I'm sorry about that..."

His apology didn't seem to lighten the atmosphere at all, if anything, it made it even worse. Poor Naruto, he had no idea what he got himself into.

"Your apology's not accepted."

"Wh-what? What do you mean it's not accepted! I tell you I'm sorry, then you say 'oh, no, it's ok, go on with whatever you were doing, sir'! That's how it's supposed to go!" The blond shrieked. God does not want me to have my delicious fish meal today! Before he knew what hit him, a shovel was pushed against his chest. "...you can't be serious..."

xXxX Smex XxXx

"Ok, I'm done! Can I leave now!" a slightly dirty Naruto whined while wiping sweat from his brows. It was now almost nightfall and the Poisson Rokusaburo was going to close soon, sooo not fair! Inner Naruto wailed.

"Whatever, Dobe," was the reply by the arrogant bastard, the name Naruto had given him. Said bastard was sitting on the street rail, one leg over the other. A shrill ring broke the short silence and he started to dig through his pockets, pulling out what he was looking for, a small keitai-denwa (5). His fingers pressed a few buttons and he placed the phone by his ear, his face more calm than before, "Konbanwa, this is Uchiha Sasuke."

Oooh, so his name's Sasuke? Che, like it matters anyway. I think I'll stick with 'arrogant bastard', Naruto mused. He placed the shovel against the fence and sat the weed killer on the garden wall, raising his arms to stretch. A pleasurable purr left his lips when he felt his shoulders pop. Now maybe I can make it before the restaurant closes! He straightened himself up and glanced over his shoulder at Sasuke, watching the teen's eyes smolder, but his face stay impassive. What a weirdo.

"Right, I understand," he snarled and hurled the phone at the sidewalk, giving a satisfied 'hn' when the phone broke into multiple little pieces. His obsidian eyes snapped up to look into ceruluen ones, "this is all your fault."

Naruto was surprised at the sudden outburst, but he kept his ground, throwing his best glare at the Uchiha. "My fault!"

"I'm late for my next job because of you, and now they're docking my pay," something in the raven's eyes made Naruto's breath hitch. There was hatred... and fear? "Just forget it," he sighed in frustration, running a hand through his hair, "you can go now."

"O-ok.. " Naruto noticed the hesitence in his own voice and he wanted nothing more than to scream at himself, but he resisted the temptation, knowing very well what the people around him would think, "I hope I never have to see you again, bastard," he grinned and popped his skates out again, gluiding down the sidewalk.

Sasuke stared at the retreating back with a small scowl, "Stupid dobe."

xXxX Smex XxXx

By the time Naruto arrived, the restaurant was already closing up. If it weren't for that bastard, I'd be stuffed with fish already! he pressed his face against the glass door and looked in, his mouth watering at the site of fish, even if it was just leftovers. Anything would be good now, since the blond hadn't eaten anything all day. When he saw a waitress saunter by, carrying a tray of dirty plates, he tapped on the door. The brunette turned and she nearly melted at the sight of the kawaii little blond.

Yes, I have her right where I want her! he mentally cheered. He batted his eyelashes and stared at her with big gooey blue eyes, throwing in a wobbly bottom lip as an extra touch.

"Aww, what a cutie!" the girl cooed.

Yeah, cute, now let me in lady... please? He had the girl walking over to him, but his heart plummeted into his stomach when he saw an older man walk out and glare at him.

"Well, if it isn't Uzumaki Naruto. Trying to get in after closing hours by buttering up my daughter?"

"No, sir!" Naruto yelped through the glass, "I-I'm just going to go now. E-hehehehe, I'll be back tomorrow, old man!" he stepped back and laced his fingers together behind his head, sighing and looking up at darkening sky. There's always tomorrow, Naruto... he tried to tell himself, but his stomach decided to put up a strong arguement by rumbling constantly.

When he reached the main road, he released his skates again and rolled down the street at a steady pace, too hungry to go faster. His stomach continued to growl and Naruto's mouth began to water at every restaurant, cafe, or bar sign he saw. Deciding that he might as well eat here in Akasaka, he stopped at a street corner and looked around, spotting a nice looking cafe down one of the side roads.

"Their lights are on," he cried happily, "finally, some food!" he made his way to the small building and stopped at the entrance door, noticing that the window on it was covered with a board. He blinked and read the print that was carved into the wood, "The 'Pink' Trade?"

The door suddenly opened and the little fox boy squeeked when a loud voice broke the soundless night. "B-but I know he wants me!" a pink-haired girl wailed while being dragged out of the cafe by a strange man with a dark blue mask covering most of his face, and silver hair that hid one of his eyes.

"How many times will I have to throw you out of this place, Sakura?" the man muttered tiredly.

Naruto watched the scene from behind the open door, his brows knitted together. Who wants who? And... how can you get kicked out of a cafe? She must've done something bad.

"Kakashi-san, you know how much I love Sasuke-kun! Why can't you talk to him? Make him change his mind!" the girl named Sakura whined. Naruto winced, her voice was sort of annoying. Wait... Sasuke? Huh, that sounds familiar...

"He already told you before, he doesn't want anything to do with you, or your strange group of fangirls," Kakashi said warningly, letting go of Sakura.

"Tell Sasuke I'll be back tomorrow!" Sakura grumbled, then stomped off.

The silver-haired man scratched the back of his head and sighed, "there's no getting to that girl," a small sound behind him put him on alert and his visible eye narrowed, "who's there?"

Naruto paled and slowly stepped out from behind the door, "S-sorry... um, I didn't want to interrupt."

Kakashi's eye went up into a happy little crescent moon shape when he saw the innocent little blond boy, "Oh, I would've preferred it if you had interrupted! That would've just shortened my chat with Sakura!" he waved for Naruto to come closer, "so, are you here for our special? Believe me, it'll have your mouth watering."

Naruto didn't hear the sly tone the man took on. All he heard was "special" and "mouth watering". Food, food, food, food! was all his brain could process at the moment as he let Kakashi lead him inside.

"Be careful when going down the steps," Kakashi said. Sure enough, as soon as Naruto stepped inside, there were stairs leading down into a bright room. He stared in awe when they reached the bottom. The place didn't look like a cafe at all! It was like... like...

"A doctor's office..." Naruto mumbled under his breath, except more decorative.

"Welcome to The 'Pink' Trade! Our special tonight is the 'soapland', only-- Oh, Kakashi-san! Are you taking the night shift this time?"

"Oooh, Konbanwa, Iruka."

Naruto looked up to see a man with dark brown skin and a scar over the bridge of his nose. He was smiling sweetly to Kakashi, a light blush on his cheeks. Kakashi walked past Naruto and leaned against the counter, indulging himself in a small conversation that made the other man laugh.

"Hey, what about me?" Naruto pouted.

"I-I'll tend to you, sir," a small voice answered. It was a small girl with short blue hair and strange pale white eyes. Naruto looked at her wardrobe, then at Kakashi's and Iruka's. ... None of them are wearing uniforms... or name tags... What kind of cafe is this? "w-would you like the special this evening?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah! I'm starving!" his statement made the girl turn various shades of red and he couldn't help but wonder if she was going to be alright, "Um... you ok?"

"H-hai!" she stuttered, "j-j-just follow m-me, sir."

They went through a peach door and Naruto's jaw nearly dropped when they entered a hallway that seemed to go on forever. Wh-where am I supposed to eat at! They stopped after a while and the girl shyly opened one of the doors.

"P-please take a seat. Uchiha-san will be with you in a moment."

"Alright," Naruto grinned and sat down on a tatami mat(5) next to a low dining table. This Uchiha must be my waiter... Hmm, Uchiha... that sounds familiar too. Ah, who cares, I just want my food! He began humming a tune while looking around at the room. It was pretty nice. The walls were a cool green and bamboo stocks were everywhere, along with beautiful chinese pottery, and a pond in one of the corners, a waterfall making it even more stunning. There's even koi in it... man, this place is awesome! "Uh, hey, how much is this going to cost me?" he asked the "waitress" who was still standing by the door watching him.

She turned a bright red and averted her eyes, shunning herself for being caught staring, "Y-y-you'll get your bill at the end of the session," she looked up, then blushed again, "I-I'll be going now. Uchiha-san should be arriving soon. Enjoy our services... um..."

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

"R-right... Naruto-kun. I-If you need anything before or after the session, please notify me. Hyuuga. H-Hyuuga Hinata," she bowed politely and shut the traditional screen door with a small "click".

Naruto looked down at the small table and picked up a smooth clay cup that was filled with green tea. He sat that back down and stared at the other five cups. Curiousity got the better of him and he picked them up one at a time, smelling the liquids in each, "Coffee... lemon tea... water... rice wine... and," his nose scrunched up, "beer. Gross."

Also, sitting on the table were various plates of "appetizers". Ranging from Japanese mushrooms to sushi. Naruto picked up a pair of chopsticks and began to slowly eat some salmon, his eyes becoming wide at the taste, "...so..so good!" he mumbled with a piece of the raw fish hanging down from between his lips. He began to quickly pluck up the salmon chunks and shove them into his mouth, his blue eyes shining with hunger.

The starving boy was too busy devouring the "appetizers" that he didn't notice the screen door open and a silk-clad figure gracefully enter. So when two arms wrapped themselves around the blond's shoulders, he froze. Hot breath brushed across his ear and a smooth hand ran a path from Naruto's chest, down to his stomach and under his shirt.

"Konbanwa. I'm your host, Uchiha Sasuke... and I'm here for your pleasure only..." the deep voise purred, "so do with me what you wish."

Oh, that one sentence made all of Naruto's blood rush up to his cheeks and he swallowed. Hard. He was just here for some food... not... not...

He turned and he was met with eyes the color of obsidian. Wait a second... Sasuke... Uchiha Sasuke... obsidian... and everything fell into place. With a scream, Naruto shoved the raven away and stood up, sputtering incoherrent nonsense while backing up until he hit a wall, "Y-you!"

Sasuke fell onto his ass and winced as pain shot up his spine. Well, that wasn't supposed to happen, his inner self growled. With eyes narrowed, he hissed at his "customer", only to see that it was the stupid blond from earlier. Oh, no fucking way.

"Y-you hit on me!" Naruto hollered.

"I didn't hit on you, Dobe!"

"Yes you did, you arrogant bastard!"



Outside of the room, Hinata was panicking. She came back so she could give them both clean robes, but when she was about to open the door, she heard yelling.

"I came here so I could eat! Not get molested by a bastard like you!"

"Hn, to eat? Why would you come here to eat!"

"Because it's a cafe!"

"You really are a dobe! This isn't a cafe, stupid, it's a pleasure house!"


Hinata blushed. Naruto-kun... thought this place was a cafe...? She fiddled around with the hem of her shirt as the silence between the two boys continued.

"Pleasure... house?"

(1)- Poisson Rokusaburo is an actual restaurant in Akasaka. Everything in this chapter is as accurate as I can get it.

(2)- Yeessshhh, you all thought my Naruto would like ramen, hm? Well, you all were wrong My Naruto likes fish... like every other japanese person...

(3)- I have nothing against Gackt or Gackt fans. For I am one myself I have all concerts, all cds, a poster, and his movie! I just thought that Naruto would be the type of person to dislike that kind of music.

(4)- I used to have those kinds of skates! And they were HUGE! But I let our little little Naru-chan have normal... smaller skates.

(5)- A tatami mat is one of those little mats that the japanese sit on when dining at those low floor tables.

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