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xXxX Flashback XxXx

Sasuke sat in his room, staring at the wall, his body never shifting, his eyes never wavering. Behind him was Itachi. The man had snuck in again, knowing the best ways to get by Kakashi.

"Otouto... is the loss of your lover too much for you?" he asked while lighting a few candles, blowing out the matches, the smoke rising to the ceiling.

The younger of the two remained quiet, but his gaze finally shifted down to the floor, his blank expression changing to one of pure agony, "H-he... he was all I had..."

"Now, you know that isn't true," Itachi smirked lightly, loving every second of playing with his brother's mind, "you have me... and since I am your beloved Niisan... I will tell you the best way to avenge your boyfriend... Naruto-kun, was it?" he ran the tip of his index finger up and down one of the candles, enjoying the burning pain the dripping wax caused him. He reached into his coat and pulled out a small revolver, tossing it on the floor next to Sasuke, "use this... and kill the man who raped him."

"Kill...?" Sasuke's voice was empty. Itachi always had that effect on him. He would only show emotion when his darling Aniki told him to.

"Remember, it's for Naruto-kun," Itachi murmered darkly, "and once the deed is done..." he sunk down to his knees and wrapped his arms around Sasuke, sitting his chin on the boy's shoulder, "come back to me. You will have to go into hiding for a while... and until you are able to roam free, you will stay with me."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, "S-stay with Aniki?"

"Yes, Otouto, you will be staying with me. And believe me... once he's dead and you come with me... your little Naruto-kun's life will become much better."

Sasuke eyed the gun and smiled.

xXxX end flashback XxXx

The raven had Orochimaru backed up against the wall, the gun pressing into the pale flesh of the man's temple. His black eyes were dull and the bags under his eyes seemed to be darker under the dim lights of the classroom.

"Put the gun down," the snake said with gritted teeth.

Sasuke only pushed the gun against his temple harder. His mouth opened slightly and he mouthed four words before pulling the trigger, Orochimaru's body falling to the floor, blood pooling around his head, soaking his hair.

"This is for Naruto."


"This is Itsura Kimi with this afternoon's Nippon News, and just a while ago, we recieved information about a local shooting at Rikkyo Ikebukuro Junior and Senior High School. The victim was Sannin Orochimaru, a chemistry teacher at the school. Not long after the gun fire, the police force were called and caught someone trying to run away from the school. It was high school student, Uchiha Sasuke. When they searched the teenager, they found a gun in his bag and he was immediately apprehended. The reason for his actions are still unknown, but Nippon News will keep you updates regularly."

The woman sighed when the camera shut off and she turned around to see the raven being carried off the the police cars. His eyes held fear, anger, sadness, and regret, all at the same time.

Naruto pushed through the thick crowd of students, making his way to the front. His blue eyes were wide as he saw Sasuke getting shoved into a police vehicle. He leaped over the tape that kept everyone out of the investigation zone and tried to get to the raven, but two cops held him back.


Sasuke didn't move as his door was shut. He was staring at his hands that had specks of blood on them.

"Sasuke!.! Why the fuck would you do something stupid like that?.!" Naruto cried out, his voice cracking, "We're over!.! We've been over, Sasuke!.! Why would you do that?.!" tears threatened to fall down his cheeks, "What good would it do you?.! You're going to jail now!.! Even if I did take you back, we wouldn't be able to be together!.!"

Obsidian eyes lifted and he turned to stare out the window. His face remained impassive as the engine of the car was turned on. His hair was limp and his eyes showed he was tired, scared, and angry. The car pulled out of the lot and slowly drove off, leaving a screaming and crying blond behind.


xx 1 year later xx

"Hey, Gaki," Tsunade greeted as she stepped into Naruto's apartment. She glanced around at all of the boxes and smiled lightly, "it looks like you did most of the work without me."

"Sorry, Obaachan," Naruto grinned while cleaning the stove, "but I wanted to get done as fast as possible."

"Huh... so you're really going to America... and what about that pleasure house you told me about?" she snorted. Naruto had told her everything a few weeks ago, a little while after the incident with Orochimaru and Sasuke. She had glared and yelled at him for hours until her voice finally gave out on her.

"I made a deal with Kakashi... that I'd work there once I got back from my trip. He said going to college was more important than making up the money..." he tossed the cleaning rag in the sink and sighed, "so once I'm done with college, I'll come back here and work off my debt."

"I don't understand why you won't let me pay it off. And I don't get why you can't work it off now."

"I'm a man of my word! I said I'd pay it off myself, so I will... and... Obaachan... I can't go back there now... not now," blue eyes dimmed, but he hid his pain behind a smile.

Tsunade rubbed her neck, "I understand. Well, I have some good news for you, if you'd like to hear it."

"I already know," Naruto knew it was about Sasuke. The news of him being taken out of jail and moved into a mental hospital was all over television that day.

"Are you going to go visit him and say good-bye? I talked with the owner of the place and he said that Sasuke refuses to move away from the door... He said he wanted to see you."

"There's no reason for me to see him. We're over and I no longer have any connection to him whatsoever," the blond replied bitterly, filling up the final box with photos. Tsunade noticed that none of them had Sasuke in them, but in his place, Sai.

"You're dating that Sai boy now?"

"I have been for three months."

"Are you happy with him?"

Naruto smiled a real smile this time, "As happy as I'll ever be."

"That's good," Tsunade sighed and ruffled the boy's hair, "I'll miss you, Gaki, take good care of yourself."

Naruto laughed, "I will! And Sai will be there, so I'll be fine."

Tsunade blinked, "He's going with you?"

"We're going to college together... didn't you know that? Che, and you call yourself my 'mother'?" he teased. He lifted a few boxes and went outside, smiling as he jaw Sai walking up from across the parking lot, "Sai!" he ran down the steps and sat the box in the open trunk of his car, going to his boyfriend and kissing him.

"You packed without me?" Sai asked while pressing kisses along Naruto's jaw.

"Sorry, I wanted to get done so we could leave for the airport early," he pouted, "you don't think they'll lose any of our stuff in the shipping, do you?"

"No, I'm sure they won't," he tugged the blond upstairs and they both, along with Tsunade, carried more boxes to the car, Naruto smiling like he used to with Sasuke.



The raven stared at the T.V. above his bed, his arms tied behind his back, his hair shorter. The workers there had cut it, saying it was unsafe for him when he went out into the main gathering room for the patients. Some of them might've suddenly gotten violent and ripped out his hair.

"Kakashi..." Sasuke said quietly.

"Naruto left for America a little while ago... I don't think he's going to come and visit you," the scarecrow said while he stood in the doorway. He wasn't allowed past that point.

"I already knew he wouldn't come... but I wanted to at least think... there was hope," Sasuke shifted on his bed and sat back against the wall, "so... he's going to college?"


"What... what about him paying the house back?"

"I told him to just go ahead on to college. We made a deal a while back. I let him go to college in America, and he comes back afterwards to pay the debt off later," Kakashi smiled under his mask.

"I see..."

"Forget about him, Sasuke. He's forgetting about you... you should do the same."

"When you're stuck in a place like this, there's nothing you can do but think. There's no possible way to forget."

The man sighed, "Sasuke..."

"Please, just leave..."

"Fine, but Iruka and I will be visiting again tomorrow. Make sure you're not in such a foul mood when he comes, you know how he gets," then Kakashi left, the guard outside shutting and locking the door before leaving.

Sasuke looked out the small window of his room, bars keeping him from breaking out. Really, that place was no different than jail... except he was always given pills and shots.

The sunlight made him wince, but he smiled slightly.

"The sunlight... is the closest thing I will ever get to seeing you again..."


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