AN- Ok I was watching Dawson's Creek one night and thought what if Pacey and Joey were the ''soulmates''? So I decided to do this fic. In this story Joey and Pacey have been best friends their whole lives. Joey is like the Dawson, oblivious to her best friend's feelings. Pacey is like the Joey and he likes Joey a little. Jen is like the Pacey she grew up with them and is friends with them but doesn't share thier special bond. Dawson is like the Jen, he's from New York and just moved to Capeside. I'm going to try to do all the seasons. I really hope you like it. Every episode in the first season will be a chapter. One more thing. Everything that happened on the show will happen in the story such as the Ms. Jacobs thing and all that only with a Pacey/Joey twist. Ok here it goes. Oh and I've heard many people use this title so I hope you like it too.

Joey Potter and Pacey Witter were sitting on her bed watching ET. As the final scene appeared on on TV, Joey began to cry. Pacey shut off the movie and wrapped his arm around her.

''You know Potter, if you're going to cry every time you watch this movie, then please bring a tissue.'' he said as she wipped her nose on his shirt.

She stuck her tongue out at him and got off the bed.

''If you want to spend the night then be nice.'' Joey said as she peeled the covers back.

Pacey got up on got under the covers. ''Are you sure you want to share a bed with me Potter? I know how much you want me.''

Joey rolled her eyes and shut off the light.

''Pacey, don't flatter yourself.'' she told him.

Soon she was asleep. Pacey looked at her sleeping figure and sighed. He had hoped his crush would go away but so far no luck. He couldn't like his best friend, that's all they were. He hoped it would go away soon and fell asleep.

Joey and Pacey were rowing her boat across the creek to their best friend, Jen Lindley's house. Soon they reached the dock and got out. Pacey noticed the moving truck at the house next door and pointed it out to Joey.

''Someone's moving next to Jen.'' he said as they walked up to her house.

Jen was on the porch and greeted them.

''Come on guys, I promised Grams once you got here that we would go say hi to the neighbors. Grams said they have a son our age.'' she said leading them over to the next house.

A boy with long blonde hair was leaning againest the car.

''Wow he's cute.'' Jen said and Pacey saw Joey nod in agreement.

They walked over to him. ''Hi I'm Jen Lindley, your new neighbor. These are my friends Joey Potter and Pacey Witter.''

They both nodded to Dawson.

''Nice you meet you all. I'm Dawson Leery.'' he said.

''So Dawson where are you from?'' asked Joey.

He flashed her a bright smile and said ''I'm from New York. I saw a movie theater when we drove over here. I'm a total movie freak. Maybe you want to see a movie sometime Joey?''

Joey blushed and Pacey wanted to knock that smile off his face but he stopped himself. He had no right to be that angry if some guy was interested in Joey.

''Sure um tomorrow sounds good. What about you guys?'' she asked Jen and Pacey. They nodded their heads and made plans to meet the next day. Joey and Pacey headed back to her house.

''I can't believe you actually said yes. Joey, you barely know the guy!'' Pacey told her as they were watching TV.

Joey rolled her eyes at him.

''I invited you and Jen, I don't think he is going to try anything Pacey.''

Pacey was about to say something but another voice beat him to it. ''Who won't try anything?'' Pacey and Joey looked up to see Joey's very pregnant sister Bessie walk into the room.

''This new guy, who Joey barely knows, asked her out for tomorrow and she said yes.'' Pacey told her.

Joey glared at him and turned to her sister. ''His name is Dawson Leery and he's from New York. Bessie please just let me go.'' she pleaded.

''Fine have fun.'' she said turning around and heading back into her room. Joey and Pacey turned back to the TV. She smilied and he sulked.

The next morning Joey was at her locker when Dawson came up to her.

''Hey Joey. I'm lost already. Maybe you can me get to my first hour?'' he asked her, handing her his schedule.

''We have the same first hour. Come on I'll show you where it is.'' She closed her locker and they walked to class.

Pacey stood at his locker from where he watched the scene. He sighed and grabbed the book he needed before closing his locker.

''Hey Pace.'' Jen said walking up to him. She had seen him watching Dawson and Joey and figured something was bothering him. ''Are you ok?'' she asked him.

''Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be.'' Pacey heading to class. Jen sighed as she watched him walk away, knowing that she was right. Pacey liked Joey as more then a friend.

Pacey walked into his English class and sat down just beating the bell. He heard the teacher come in and looked up expecting to see some old guy in a suit. How very wrong he was. Standing in front of the class was a very attractive women.

''Hello class, I'm your teacher Ms. Jacobs. Welcome to English.'' Pacey smiled knowing the year just got better.

Dawson and Joey sat in their first hour barley listening to the teacher talk.

''So Joey what are your parents like?'' he asked her.

She cringed not knwoing if she should answer this or not. Taking a deep breath she said ''My mom died of breast cancer when I was 12 and my dad got arressted for selling drugs.''

Dawson stared as her. ''Wow, that sucks about your mom.'' he said.

Joey couldn't believe it. Most guys would have just stopped talking to her after what she said about her dad, but not this guy. He was different, in a good way. She smilied at him and he smilied back.

After school, Pacey was at his locker when he overheard Ms. Jacobs telling another teacher that she was going to the movies that night. Pacey smilied and as she walked by, stopped her.

''Hi Ms. Jacobs, may I say that you are looking qutie wonderful today.''

Ms Jacobs smilied. ''Why thank you Pacey.'' she said.

''So I'll see you at the movies tonight. I heard you were going.''

She nodded and walked down the hall, Pacey's eyes following her every move.

That night Joey and Pacey set out for the movie theater to meet Dawson and Jen. They walked into the theater after buying their tickets and took their seats. Pacey watched the door and the couple next to him. Finally, he saw Ms. Jacobs enter the theater and he sat back to watch the move. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dawson take Joey's hand. Pacey wanted to cream him.

After the movie Dawson voulentered to take Joey home and Pacey took Jen home. He walked her the door and she said ''Thanks. Don't worry Pacey, she'll realize that you're better then him.''

Pacey said nothing. He just smilied at her and headed to the docks, the only place he could go and think. Walking along the rail, he spotted Ms, Jacobs standing there.

''Why hello Ms. Jacobs.'' he said.

Walking up to her, he placed both of his hands on her arms. ''You seem cold. Are you ok.?'' he asked as he began to rub her arms.

She sighed and Pacey leaned down to kiss her. She kissed him back but soon broke it off. ''Oh my goodness. I shouldn't have done that.'' She said walking away. Pacey just shook his head and leaned againest the railing.

Joey was laying on her bed when she heard a familer tap on her window. She got up and went to open the window, standing aside to let Pacey in.

''So what did you guys talk about?'' he asked laying down on the bed.

She closed the window and layed down next to him. ''Well he told me about New York. He told about how he wanted to be a director like Steven Spielberg. He's trying to get into Mr. Gold's film class. Oh and-''

''Yeah yeah yeah, did he kiss you?'' Pacey asked interupting her.

''No, Bessie turned on the porch light just as he was leaning down. Totally ruined the moment.'' she said.

Pacey smilied making a mental note to somehow thank Bessie. ''Well come, let's get some sleep.'' she said getting up and throwing back the covers.

She got on her side and he got on his. ''Hey Jo, I have a question. If you start to date Dawson, are we still going to be best friends?'' he asked her.

''Of course we are Pacey.'' She siad drifting off to sleep. Pacey watched her for a few moments before drifting off himself.

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