Title: Wildflowers
Author: Muu
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: K (G)
C2: PLEASE note or e-mail me before adding any of my stories to a C2. I'd like to know where my stories go.
Warnings: None, I don't think...
Pairing: hinted ZetsuIno
Word Count: 185
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto ):
Author's Notes: This is not with my Ino drabbles, because I'm starting to re-think things. (More at the end xD )


When Zetsu and Ino got together, it was because they shared a hobby; growing and maintaining plants. Ino would often brag about how colorful her flowers were, and Zetsu bragged about how deadly his poisonous plants were.

In all honesty, it was making Tobi feel very lonely, as Zetsu had started spending less time with him, and more with the blond. And so, one day, he simply decided to take up their hobby in hopes of getting his idol to pay attention to him once again. He had eventually brought in some wildflowers, one of every color he could find, and set them in a vase in his room.

Tobi was rather proud of his flowers-- he thought he was doing a great job of caring for them. They were still standing after a couple of weeks, and some had even started blooming. He would go so far as to say his flowers were more beautiful than Ino's.

Tobi doesn't know that the couple have been replacing his wildflowers with new ones every week, and neither of them have the heart to tell him anytime soon.


Anyways, like I was saying above, I'm not sure if I should put drabbles with Ino pairings in my one-shot collection. Sure, they hint at her, and she is pretty much mentioned in all of them, but she is not the center of attention. And so, I'm not sure if I can consider them Ino-centric one-shots. Until I can decide what to do, my one-shots/drabbles where Ino is paired with someone will not be put into the other fic. OK? Just thought ya'll should know :D

And sorry for the lack of updates, school started a few weeks ago, and any inspiration I had was sucked out of me. Ouch. Sorry for the suckish drabble, but I felt I had to give you guys something xD;