A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Part 8
Author: MacGateFan
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Note from the Author: Sorry for the premature posting of this chapter. I didn't realize that what I had written didn't upload fully for some reason. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and thanks for all the reviews!

Kavanagh watched soldiers, from the Daedalus he saw, relieved the others. He idly wondered if they knew what had transpired and why they were guarding a member of the science team.

He decided to find out. "Hey," he called.

The shorter of the two stepped over to him. He just glared at Kavanagh. He hadn't heard exactly what the guy did, just that he needed to be guarded. "What?"

"I'm here under unfounded accusations. I need help. Maybe if you could just unlock the cell, dial the Gate and just let me leave Atlantis, everything would be all right.

"Sorry, Doc, no can do. I have direct orders not to open this door no matter what."

Kavanagh was curious as to why the guy hadn't been informed of the situation. Oh well, it was just going to bite the expedition team on the ass. "Look, could you at least let me use the bathroom?"

"I guess that would be all right, what do you think, Heinz?"

Heinz didn't seem too interested and responded, "Whatever."

This was going to be much easier than Kavanagh thought.

John watched everyone work from his seated position on the stairs. Carson allowed him to join the festivities with the promise that he used the crutches and wouldn't do anything exceptionally physical.

Hey, he didn't mind watching other people do the work.

He turned when he heard footsteps coming towards him. "The Daedalus is hear," Elizabeth told him.

John nodded and struggled to get up. He smiled at Elizabeth gratefully as she prevented him from falling down the stairs. Carson would not be too pleased if he injured himself further even before the President was beamed down.

"Lorne," John said, "everyone in position?"

"Yes, Sir."

John and Elizabeth moved closer to the Gate as a transport beam appeared and quickly deposited Colonel Caldwell and President Hayes. "Welcome to Atlantis, Mr. President," Elizabeth said.

Hayes looked around in stunned silence for a few minutes before reply. "Thank you, Dr. Weir. I have to say this place is much bigger than I thought it would be."

"We thought the same, sir," John replied.

John was about to say more when he began to fill dizzy and would have fallen to his knees if Elizabeth and Lorne hadn't caught him. He immediately felt as if Atlantis was warning him about something.

"Kavanagh!" he exclaimed, pulling himself from their grasp. He ignored Elizabeth as she called out for him.

Atlantis was telling him he had to get to the weapons locker near the cell as fast as possible. Not only did he have to protect the members of his expedition team, but the President as well.

John ignored the pain in his knee and let the adrenaline push him. Kavanagh was not going to get away with this! Whoever Lorne had put in charge of him was going to get an earful from him.

John arrived at the weapons locker just as Kavanagh did. He grabbed the scientist by the arm and slammed him into the wall. "What the hell is your problem?"

"I'm sick of all you!" Kavanagh exclaimed. "You and Weir especially! The two of you are always up each other's asses and never care about the safety of this expedition team. Do you know how many times you've put this city in danger? It all started with that damn Wraith bug."

John was shaking with anger. How dare this idiot scientist presume he didn't care about this expedition team? He was so angry that he couldn't formulate any words and neglected to see Kavanagh as his leg aimed for John's injured knee.

John fell to the floor as white, hot pain coursed through his leg. He saw Kavanagh moving out of the corner of his eye so he reached out and grabbed the man's leg, forcing him to the floor as well.

John edged closer to the unmoving form next to him, checking for a pulse. He was only slightly relieved to find one. He realized Kavanagh must have hit his head on the floor.

It was then he realized that Elizabeth was frantically calling him over the radio. "I'm fine!" he exclaimed. "I need some help down here, though. Medical team would be great too."

Elizabeth was worried beyond belief until she heard his voice filtering through her earpiece. She noted that it sounded strained. Taking a deep breath, she began issuing orders and calling for a medical team.

She suddenly remembered their guest. Apparently, he was running towards the chaos with her (his guards too, of course). "Mr. President."

"Sorry," he replied. "Couldn't resist."

She smiled. "We should go down to the infirmary and meet Colonel Sheppard there."

"Lead the way, Doctor."

When they arrived at the infirmary, four guards, including Major Lorne were standing in front of a curtained off area. Elizabeth walked over to him. "Major."

"Ma'am, Sir," he replied. "Dr. Kavanagh was knocked unconscious, but Colonel Sheppard insisted we keep an eye on him."

"Good idea," President Hayes said. He decided he needed to have a chat with the man.


"It's all right, Major, I'll just be five minutes."

"Yes, Sir."

As the President disappeared behind the curtain, Carson walked over to Elizabeth, pulling her aside. "Are you all right, Love?"

"Of course I am, Carson." He gave her a look. "I was a bit shaky before, but now that I know he's still alive. God, when I couldn't reach him, I felt sick to my stomach! Could you imagine John Sheppard being taken down by an idiotic scientist?"

Carson shook his head. "Never. Where's the President?"

The man in question stepped into view. "That was fun. Dr. Weir, I'm going to recommend that Kavanagh return to Earth and be evaluated. The man is off his rocker. As for Colonel Sheppard, I think a commendation is in order."

"It's about time," Elizabeth told him.

How many times has John Sheppard saved their asses only to be denied any sort of commendation by the military just because of that black mark from Afghanistan? He deserved to have something go right in his life.

"Are you finished being the hero for the next month?" Rodney asked.

John sighed. "You know, you're more than welcome to take a turn, Rodney. I'm tired of getting injured for you."

"Ha ha."

"We are just glad everything has turned out for the best," Teyla said, effectively silencing their banter.

"Yeah, well, my knee hurts like hell. Do you think one of you could find Carson for me and see if he has anymore of the good stuff?"

Rodney crossed his arms. "Only if you tell us about this connection to Atlantis. Elizabeth said she told you about Kavanagh."

"It's hard to explain, Rodney, I..."

"Sheppard?" Ronon said.

"Colonel, are you all right? Dr. McKay, get Dr. Beckett."

Before Rodney could move, John grabbed his hand. "Close your eyes Rodney."


"Just do it."

Rodney did so and soon heard a female's voice in his head. "Dr. McKay," she said, "I owe you so much. Please continue to watch over me as I watch over all of you."


"Yes. I thank you, Doctor."

John and Rodney opened their eyes to see everyone staring at them, worry etched on their faces. "Bloody hell, what just happened?" Carson cried out.

Rodney smiled. "I just had a chat with Atlantis."


The Atlantis expedition team as well as the crew of the Daedalus was spread out among Stargate Operations. At the top of the stairs stood President Henry Hayes, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Colonel John Sheppard.

President Hayes looked around at the brave men and women around him. "I could not have chosen a better group of individuals myself. There is one man in particular we need to recognize here today. From the daunting task of becoming Atlantis' base commander to the most recent of events, this man has performed above and beyond the call of duty.

"It is with great pleasure that I present the Air Force Commendation Medal to Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard."

John glanced behind him at Elizabeth, who nodded. He smiled back at her, then turned back to face President Hayes who was pinning on the medal. He couldn't believe this was really happening. True, no one outside of Atlantis or the SGC would know about it, but the fact that the President was recognizing it gave him the hope that they would one day beat the Wraith.