Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar: The Pyramid of Light

Hi, everyone, I'm back! That's right, despite all attempts to put me down, I am back and so is what is now my flagship series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar. This time, I'm going to add the Avatar touch to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie. Now before you dismiss this as just another retelling of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (and I know who you are), here are just a few touches of what I'm planning on doing with the movie to make it more interesting.

-Better dialogue (including dialogue "borrowed" from other movies/TV shows/books, etc…, try to find them, I dare you.)

-A slightly alternate opening and a completely alternate ending.

-Adding a Duel Monster Index (a slightly larger version of my Duel Monster Database in one chapter instead of at the end of each individual chapter). The index will be divided not just by numbers but by sections (go to it and you'll figure out what I mean).

-Character Profiles of the non-canon characters (for those who might be new to the series).

-Author's commentary.

-Plus an extra special surprise that you'll only find out by reading through the story to the end (if you want to skip it all to the end, I won't stop you but you won't be able to understand it without reading this entire story).

Personally, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie was great visually. The cards were very detailed and the colors were bright. The soundtrack was very good too. But I will admit (and I think others would agree with me) that it could've been done better. So let's see if I can do better, shall we?

Oh yeah, and one more thing.

I love receiving reviews on my stories. And unlike most authors I won't be upset if the reviews aren't praising. However, I do want all reviews to be constructive. If you liked it, tell me why you liked it so I'll know what to continue. If you thought I could've done something better, tell me. I won't be able to fix it if I don't know what needs fixing to begin with. The only things I will not accept are swearing and blatant insults (Meaning reviews along the lines of "You are a terrible author" and "You don't deserve to write" and "I hope you die."). Especially the insults, if you insult me or others, there will be retaliation. Nobody likes being insulted.