Hey guys, just thought I throw in my two cents about the movie, this story, the price of eggs in China, etc…

From the Introduction:

I wanted to be a bit more realistic (heh) in showing Yugi assembling the Millennium Puzzle. I mean if my room was suddenly filled with dark energy and creatures started appearing out of nowhere, I'd be a little scared.

I was originally going to have the archaeological team consist of just Professor Bartholomew and Sanford but I wanted to try something new: writing a female character that was bitter and had given up on hope.

In the movie, they don't give much explanation as to why a sorcerer would be named after a god. This I'm planning on jumping on in the future.

The coolest part of this scene from the actual movie: the feral Kuriboh.

From Culture Shock

This was supposed to be shown like a television show. Unfortunately it's hard to show that in written form. I wanted to give a little background like the movie did but not using the Pokemon narrator (god, what an annoying voice).

I don't think they ever say what happened to Yugi's dad. If they do say it somewhere (either in the Japanese Anime or the Manga), someone please tell me.

It's too bad Kaiba wasn't watching the interview, maybe his opinion on Yugi would be a little different.

Thomas Hadley and Stacey Nguyen were supposed to be doppelgangers of Stephen Roberts and Sophia Choi, two anchors at CNN Headline News and the show setting was supposed to be in a Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood format.

With the simulation, I wanted to give some background as to Kaiba's search for a way to destroy the God Cards and to possibly explain why he wasn't in school or dealing with Kaiba Corp. business.

I paused the movie several times at the scene of Solomon reading the paper and I found some interesting facts like the tomb was discovered in October of 2001. The newspaper article actually calls it a "sorcerer's tomb." Heck I could quote most of the article if I wanted to.

My Grandpa likes drinking martinis and he likes his chilled.

Let's face it, cartoons are the only good thing on these days (well that and Extreme Makeover Home Edition but that's just my opinion).

From Overduel

If (in the actual movie) you look at the close-up of Pegasus's wine bottle, you'll notice that it's from his personal collection (it says Champaign Pegasus on the bottle and even has a little Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon on it.

I was rubbing salt in the wound so to speak by having Pegasus bring up the Duelist Kingdom debacle.

I wanted to introduce the characters more casually than the movie did. I know those who read this are probably experts in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! But I still felt it was prudent.

The "pink with little blue bears" comment was something I picked up online from a web site a long time ago. It was a running gag among spies and that's all I'm going to say about the matter.

The whole thing with the furniture polish actually happened. But not to me, to my sister. She was baking cinnamon buns and sprayed the pan with Pledge furniture polish and not Pam cooking spray. Needless to say, I went out for breakfast that day.

Japanese schools actually do give cooking classes (but they do it under another name). I looked it up.

Those who've read the Avatar story arc "Final Battle" know why Amara's wearing the Domino uniform.

The commands Harold gave to activate the Duel Disk come from the Avatar arc "Battle City Chronicles"

From Triple Threat

In the original outline I wasn't planning on showing their entire duels, just the ends. But I also wanted to give newbies a sense of Harold and Amara's decks.

I was too lazy to think up of names for the opponents of Joey, Harold, and Amara so I just went on descriptions.

Amara does include spellcasters and fairy monsters in her deck. But warriors make up the prime of her deck.

Serapheem first made an appearance in Battle City Chronicles where Harold dueled Tea. Read it to find out where he got it.

Speaking of Serapheem, I lowered her level to an 8 in order to have Double Attack work. From now on, Serapheem's level will be an 8.

Amara's "special card" was originally planning on being Moisture Creature but I also needed that for Double Attack to work and Cosmo Queen did seem like a more logical choice for Amara.

From: Dungeons with Dragons

If you look closely at Pegasus's hand (in the split screen after he plays Card of Sanctity) you'll notice that he actually has the original Dark Magician Girl card instead of the Toon Dark Magician Girl card. Oops.

If you guys saw the Duelist Kingdom story arc, you know that Pegasus does have a high-tech security center so no reason why he wouldn't have cameras.

From Days Gone By

I know I'm pushing the whole Anubis name concept a little too hard. But since the movie doesn't explain it, somebody ought to.

The "Dr. Hunter" that both Solomon and Professor Bartholomew refer to is Dr. Adam Hunter, who led the expedition that Solomon Moto and Arthur Hawkins were a part of when they got trapped down in that cave. He was killed under mysterious (and some would say even suspicious) circumstances. He has two relatives: one is a son named Kevin and the other is a niece who goes by a different name: Mai Valentine. As a disclaimer, both Adam and Kevin Hunter and their lineage are under the property of Blue-Eyes White Knight and are used with permission.

Speaking of which, in the original outline for this story, Pegasus goes to Kevin Hunter because his father was doing research on the Pyramid of Light. But that would be hard to write logically because Kevin moved in with Mai and there's no way Mai would allow dusty books to clutter up her home even if they did belong to her uncle.

I made two references in this chapter: one was a line from another movie based on an anime series and the other was from a computer game. I'll let you guys try to figure out which is which.

The whole thing with Shadi was added kind of last minute just to spice up the action.

From Trapped

I wanted to give some depth to Mokuba's character, showing him trying to decide whether to be faithful to his brother or to do the right thing in warning Yugi.

When I first saw Kaiba's entrance, I wanted to hum a WWE theme but I held it down.

In the original movie, Yami says, "So the Pyramid of Light isn't just an ancient Egyptian object, it's also a card." I don't know about you but I would be a bit more confused about the strange coincidence in the name (then again there's also a trap card called Penalty Game so (shrugs)).

I wanted to add more drama and danger to Yugi and Yami separating.

From Puzzling Situation

The Avatar costume is actually based on a Halloween costume I put on once only I wore sneakers.

The Avatar costume was last seen worn by Harold in Battle City Chronicles. He only wore it during one duel. And he will wear it again.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to come up with a kind of rapport between Yugi and Tea. It's not anything mystical though, just the bond between two people in love (yes, I'm a romantic at heart, so sue me).

I wanted to include the "joinks" but I couldn't find the right place to put it.

With all the danger and general strangeness of the pyramid, one would think one of the bystanders would run through the Pyramid and try to warn the Duelists of the situation but they didn't. I wanted to address that and say why.

I only just recently found out about Magician Valkyria's stats. I was surprised to learn that she's a light attribute monster not a dark one like the other two DMs.

Magician's Valkyria starts out with 1600 life points. Mage Power and Premature Burial give it 1000 attack points (I read that you can count Mage Power along the magic and trap cards) giving it 2600 attack points. Then Yami placed two more cards face-down giving Magician Valkyria another 1000 attack points for a grand total of 3600 attack points.

The whole thing with the Pyramid attacking Yami was my idea. It was like Anubis was discreetly getting his revenge.

One could take Joey's "When you pal around with Yugi, this is par for the course" comment the wrong way. And someone as insecure as Yugi would just probably take that the wrong way. Especially when that was in response to Tristan's "can this get any weirder?" comment.

How much of Kaiba's verbal jabbing, do you think, was due to Anubis's influence and how much of it was due to Kaiba being a dill weed?

I wondered why Dark Magician Girl was given a voice and not the Dark Magician.

From Light of Destruction

The scene of Dark Magician Girl pointing to herself when Sage's Stone was played has got to be my favorite scene of the entire movie.

Speaking of DMG, I know that they changed her voice between the movie and the Doma story arc. Whose bright idea was that?

Yes I kicked up the drama a few notches by making the attack really hurt, not just draining.

Here's a fun tidbit of info, Hikari is Japanese for light.

From The Ties that Bind

I used the bold-face capital letters dialogue towards the end of the Avatar story arc "Enter the Shadow Realm." The speaker there and the speaker in this story are not the same.

It's just never drama without showing a kid with a teddy bear in front of a war zone.

Do you think I laid the guilt trip on Yugi a little too much?

Here's another thing that wasn't explained. Even with their "bond," how did Tea get to the others? You'd think Anubis would want them as far away from the action as possible.

One good thing about the current American government: it made me learn what the word 'cronies' meant.

They didn't show Yami paying half his life points to activate the Return from the Different Dimension trap card.

From Concluding Battle

I think the production crew was hard-pressed for time because they seemed to rush through the final scene with Anubis.

I thought the duel between Joey and Anubis could've been extended a little so I did.

I only recently discovered that the other card that Anubis threw at Yugi and Kaiba was Fallout. But I couldn't find any information on it.

If Yugi was going to do a friendship speech, I was going to make it justifiable.

Yu-Gi-Oh! And most related characters, places, and events are property of Kazuki Takahashi (happy 10th birthday, Yu-Gi-Oh!). Harold, Amara, Sumi Hikari, Professor Bartholomew, and Sanford are all my own creations.