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Title: A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.

Summary: The day after "Into the Woods", Willow decides to follow through with a promise.

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In the middle of a deep dark jungle, Riley Finn was tracking a demon. He pressed a botton on his belt and talked into his head set.

"Subject F25 has been located." He said. "I'm gonna need a team over in the west secto-"

A figure materialized right infront of him, it was female. The figure had red hair. It only took him a second to reconized the woman.

"Willow?" he said, still looking on with his mouth hanging open.

"Well, if it isn't G.I. Joe." she said with a smile.

"Willow, what's going on? Is Buff-" the rest of his questioning was cut off be Willow.

"She's just fine. Well, if youo call all thecrying fine." She said smartly.

"Willow, what's going on?"

Willow stood there a moment, not saying or doing anything.

"Well, yesterday you left Buffy. She was on her way to stop you from coming here" She explained. "She watched as you took off in that helicopter."

"Oh my God. . . " Riley exclaimed.

"She came over to my dorm room a few minutes later. She sat on my bed crying for hours." Willow's eyes started to turn a little black around the edges.

"I didn't know she had went after me." he said, blaming himself for what he had done.

"She loves you. Of course she went after you." she yelled at him.

"Wh- why are you here?" he asked

"Well. . .Remember what I told you back in collage?" Willow inquired.

"I . . .What did you say?" Riley asked.

Willow raised her hands infront of her, placing one hand on top of the other. She pinched the air between them and pulled he hands appart, making a screen.

"I'm sure you remember this day," Willow said. "The day that you first approached Buffy."

Images of Willow and Riley standing next to each other were visable on the screen.

"What's the matter?" The Willow on the screen said as she turned to face him.

"I can't dance." he answered.

"Then talk. Keep eye contact. Funny is good, but don't be glib." She said. "And remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. Have fun." She pats him on the shoulder, then he walks away.

The screen disappeared just as quick as it had apppeared.

"Buffy was crying none stop after you left. You hurt her." Willow said. "Now it's shovel time."

"Willow, can we just wait a minute and talk things over?" he said as he backed away.

"No, I like my idea much better." She started to walk toward him.

Riley turned around and ran, but Willow wasn't having any of that. She waved her hand and he stopped. Riley hung in the air a few feet off the ground, almost like a marinet. She waved her finger back and forth.

"Ah, ah, ah." she tisked. "Bad Riley."

She chanted something in latin and four shovels appeared on either side of Riley.

"Any last words?" She asked.

"Willow, don't do this." he pleaded.

"To late to go back now." She said, then she snapped her fingers and the first shovel hit him in the head.

Willow magically transported a chair into the jungle a few feet away from Riley. She sat and watched, eating popcorn from a bowl.

"Now this is entertainment." She said with a smile, laying back in her chair.

The End

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