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Ficlet -- Wednesday, 5pm. Room 301

authour -- Devylish/divine one

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AN -- Wednesday, 5pm, room 301 and it's Buffy's turn...


She looked at the sympathetic faces of Druscilla and Faith. Her eyes traveled past them to the fiercely sad face of the young Asian woman, and to the dark lady who sat next to her. Just behind these two she saw an aristocratic brunette with a sneer on her lips and sadness in her eyes. Behind the brunette, she saw rows and rows of other women. Women of all ages and races, sizes and flavours. Women whom she couldn't quite identify, but in whom she sensed: sympathy, pity, commiseration. Each in their own way, conveying with their eyes that they understood what she was going through, what she was feeling.

They were waiting for her -- quietly, intently, understandingly -- so she began.

"Uhhh... Hi. My name is Buffy, and..." she paused, "and I'm a Spike-aholic."

In unison: "Hello Buffy."