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The Other Side of the Coin

"Because Ryuhou knows that everything has an opposite, and he's ready to find them. This time, though, he knows he'll have help. Mimori X Ryuhou"

Everything has an opposite, Ryuhou thinks. Light and dark, water and fire, life and death. He thinks that each one is needed to balance out the other, but he also thinks it's ironic because he always refused to do so.

Ryhou never allowed himself to be weak, he always forced himself to be strong. He never allowed himself to be mercurial, because he was always steadfast in his beliefs. And Ryuhou never allowed himself to love, because he was always too consumed with hate.

But now he is standing on the porch of a house that still smells of fresh pine and clean air, and he thinks that maybe it's time that he reevaluates some of his beliefs. Maybe it's time that he lets himself be weak, let's himself be mercurial, let himself love, and that maybe this time, instead of believing that he has to do everything himself, he can ask for help.

Because curled up under the blankets in a bedroom that still smells like pine, the woman he loves is sleeping. In that same room are clothes strewn across the floor, thrown away in haste as Ryuhou and she discovered something new within themselves. Just as Ryuhou had discovered a whole new slew of things within himself.

And so he thinks that maybe this time around he can balance. He thinks he can be strong, but weak when needed. He knows he can be steadfast, but mercurial when called for. He's positive that he can still harbor the hate he's felt for so long, as long as it's buried beneath the love that he feels now.

And he knows he can do it, because Mimori is there to help.


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