"And you're sure this is confidential?" He asked looking away.

"Strictly confidential" She assured leaning forward intently.

The memory was sharp and clear in his mind; Justin wandered if he had made the right decision.

He had never been one to carry secrets simply because there never seemed to be any secrets for him to hold.

But now was different everything had changed, including him in the process.

Justin knew he was being selfish, he knew this was wrong but he couldn't think of any other way to lighten his mental load.

So that day after school when Mrs. Greer had so insistently poked and prodded him to vent out his problems he took her invitation only telling her of his conflicting emotions leaving out all the Richard parts…



"My Step father and mother divorced a couple years back and that's when I started going to Doctor Wellington's."

"Why'd you keep going for so long after?"

"Hmm companionship I suppose"

"But now you're trying not to go so much because he isn't very receptive?"

Asked a concerned Mrs. Greer carefully watching Justin stand by his desk,

Class had let out ten minutes before and like on most other days Justin was here venting out indirect scenarios to his teacher about the confusion in his head.

Justin wasn't stupid, he knew better then to let her know anything subtenant, nothing real. But with his mothers growing suspicions and his newly acquired distrust of Wellington's office Justin needed someone to talk things out with.

"So you never knew your biological father?"

"No and he never knew me.

Pendleton is my mother's maiden name.

I'm glad I got that instead of Randy's last name."

"Randy being your step father"?

"Yeah Randy Glasscock…blah"

Justin's face made Mrs. Greer laugh, getting serious again she went on,

"So you're not comfortable talking to Wellington about transforming your persona?"

"Yeah he doesn't see a reason for any change in me."

"Well maybe because you're a smart responsible young man with exceptional talents and he thinks you striving for a change in any direction is a turn for the worst, perhaps he sees this as just a rebellious phase for you."

"I'm still smart and responsible…"

"But you're grades are slipping" she was quick to point out.

"Only because now I'm realizing what makes me happy, some aspects bound to suffer while another develops" Reasoned Justin.

"Well as long as they all balance out in the end and one doesn't consume another is what counts" Concluded Mrs. Greer.


"Richard are you here to work out some more of the dance arrangements?" Asked Abby looking up from her corner desk in the guidance office

"Yeah actually I am"

"Thanks again on your fathers generous donation to the dance committee" she beamed as they both took a seat in her corner of the room.

"Well I'm just glad the dance committee could use the money to liven up the party. I wasn't sure everyone would be on board with the route I wanted to take."

"I will admit your ideas are unique for this dance but we're a progressive school and seemed like an idea we can have fun with. Is that why you're here did you want to make changes in the original plan?"

"Just slightly, It will make the night more memorable for everyone…"


"He was buying a ring Mrs. Pendleton and not a cheap one either.

I know the look of love when I see it and Justin's completely blind to everything else."

"I've noticed it too Alice. I don't see what the big deal is. Why doesn't he just admit it and introduce her to everyone already?"

"Doctor Wellington is most sure that whoever Justin is in love with is someone he knows he shouldn't be with and that's why he is steering clear of any introductions: To prevent conflict."

"In love with someone he shouldn't be with…" Mrs. Pendleton was sure of it, though her son denied it, she knew better.


"So Richard what have you been up to this week?" Began Wellington expectantly

"About 6 foot 1" last time I checked but it's been a while since I last measured myself"

Grinned Richard finding things more amusing then usual, Richard was in a good mood for a change.

It felt as if everything was falling into place all his ducks in a row and all that jazz kind of week.

"Care to share?" inquired Wellington.

"I've been working on a school activity this week for the upcoming spring fling.

And it is going to be freaking awesome there's just one final part to my plan and it's going to take off."

"Ah, making and following a plan to achieve your goal is a great improvement to your usual reckless behavior."

"Yeah well this is reckless alright, but reckless and planned taking it to new heights" Smiled Richard oblivious to the Doctors discomfort.