For: Blizzaris

Pairing: Sango/Miroku

Theme: humor/romance

Words: 177

Name Games

When she finally married Miroku, Sango knew that there would be obstacles in trying to raise a large family, but she'd never expected this.

"Your turn," Sango turned an exhausted face to Miroku, and handed their latest newborn to him.

Miroku tucked the baby boy, only a few hours old, in the crook of his arm, and sighed. "Sango dearest, I'm at a loss for ideas."

Who'd have thought that after a dozen babies, they would run out of names? Already they had children called Kohaku, Mushin, Inuyasha, Shippo, Hachi, Kagome, Kaede, Totosai, Myoga, Kikyo, Kagura, Rin…

Sango groaned and rubbed her head. "Well… Who else do we know?"

"I don't know."

"How about 'Sesshomaru'?"

Miroku blanched. "What, are you kidding? I'd like my son to grow up masculine, thank you very much. He must be a man among men, someone who knows how to appreciate a lady…"

Suddenly Miroku stopped and caught Sango's eye. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking…?"

Sango raised an eyebrow at her husband…

And that was how Miroku, Jr. got his name.