This was a weird fic. Because it's using aspects of the characters I'd never written before.

It's the SOTFN Toph: hiding her insecurities with brute strength, making the first move, falling for an older boy that she knows... :)


The Blue Spirit Zuko: robbing the poor as well as the rich, deep down he knows he's little more than human scum (at least in one part of his personality) and he feels he has a responsibility to Toph to give her better than himself. It's funny how Zuko is paired with both ego but a hidden paranoia that he really is a selfish parasite who could never give anything worthwhile to a living person and is a let down to the people who care about him (like his uncle).

What's even more interesting is how it comes out when he's with his sister and how in a way it seems Azula has driven a boy who would usually have a higher moral standard to become little more than a criminal.

Usually I write them as being their stubborn, noble selves... but this time I've written their counter sides.

Weird, huh?