For: Ruriruri

Characters: Mello, Matt

Words: 379

Death By Chocolate

Matt began unloading the month's supply of groceries, starting with the 24 crates full of chocolate that Mello had requested.

Afterward, he went to have a chat with Mello who, as usual, was nursing a candy bar in one hand.

"Uh, Mello?"


"You ever think, um, maybe you should cool it on the chocolate for a while?"

Mello bit into his candy bar, and chewed loudly, un-amused. "Why?"

"Well, it's just…" Matt scratched the back of his head. "You eat an awful lot of those things and… it can't be healthy."

Mello stood up, showing off his slender physique. "Matt. Do I look unhealthy to you? I'm skinny as a twig."

"I know."

"You have nothing to worry about."

"All right."

Mello licked the chocolate off his fingers. "Now hand me another candy bar."


"Mr. Mello, you have diabetes."

"What?" Mello couldn't believe the doctor's diagnosis. "But—how?"

"Well, at this point we can't be exactly sure. There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of diabetes but… My guess is probably from consuming those 52 candy bars a day."


"I mean, did it ever occur to you that maybe you shouldn't eat so much chocolate all the time? That maybe you should explore the other food groups every once and a while?"

Mello shrugged. "Well, I'm so skinny, I thought it wasn't affecting my health—"

"Fifty-two candy bars a day, Mr. Mello! Fifty-two! That's madness!" The doctor turned around to jot some notes down on his chart. "From now on, I want you off chocolate. No more chocolate."

He turned back to Mello. "If you eat one more piece of candy, it could—Hey, are you eating a chocolate bar right now!"

Mello blinked, mouth frozen in half-bite. "Just a little one."

"I mean it, Mr. Mello. I forbid you to eat chocolate. Doctor's orders. Is that clear?"

Mello's eyes narrowed, and he swallowed the dark chocolate in his mouth. His voice lowered dangerously. "Crystal."


On the way out, Mello made sure to memorize the doctor's name. Guess the Death Note would come in handy tonight.

He took a bite of his candy bar, smacking his lips. "Hmph. It'll serve that bitch right telling me I can't have my chocolate."