For: Alterfano

Pairing: Kasumi/Dr. Tofu

Theme: Marriage

Words: 220

The Proposal

"K-Kasumi," Dr. Tofu stuttered, "I-I-I have s-something to ask y-you…" He wiped his brow, lifting a glass to take a drink of water—and ended up pouring it all over his head.

'Oh my,' Kasumi wondered. 'Dr. Tofu's acting stranger than usual.'

"Kasumi!" Dr. Tofu went to clasp her hand, and grabbed his lab skeleton's hand instead.

His assistant—Genma Saotome in panda form—watched the proceedings, shaking his furry head. He held up a sign with an arrow pointing in Kasumi's direction that read, Over there, Idiot!

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Panda," Dr. Tofu uttered.

Kasumi cocked her head. "Dr. Tofu, are you feeling all right? You seem awfully nervous."

Dr. Tofu bit his lip. She was right. He was never going to be able to work up the nerve to do it, not with her beautiful face staring at him. Unless…

Dr. Tofu took his glasses off and Kasumi turned into an ambiguous blur. Smiling with a sigh of relief, he took her hand and dropped to his knees.

"Kasumi Tendo… Will you marry me?"

"Dr. Tofu!" Kasumi's face went red. "I didn't realize… Yes!"

The happy couple hugged and Dr. Tofu put his glasses back on. He never needed to take them off again. Hearing those words from Kasumi's lips gave him courage to last a lifetime.