He loved Ritsuka's spell. It may not intentionally be a spell, but it affected him just as powerfully as if it was one. A clever incantation was Ritsuka's words of love that broke Soubi and made him smile thoughtfully. He was thriving with the knowledge that someone could love such a cruel-hearted man.

They had spent so long lingering in the bathroom, observing the beginnings of their names that Ritsuka's limbs had time to thaw out and Soubi had the opportunity to finally dress while the Sacrifice, guilty for ripping it down in the first place, worked on replacing the shower curtain. He could feel his face burning as he balanced upon the edge of the tub, pinching the plastic rings shut about the little stretched out holes. The plastic crinkled feebly in his grasp and his arms felt heavy from the blood rushing down from his fingers; pulled by the unseen gravity.

"It's weird how I could be so angry with him before…and then he renders me into this uncomfortable state." Ritsuka mumbled, stepping down from the edge of the tub and observing the condition of his work. "He must have used a spell."

"I did not."

The teen jumped, jerking about as he saw the source of the manipulative voice leaning in the doorway, his hair still damp and darkening the already black fabric of his turtleneck. Glasses flashed in the tiny ceiling light as he offered a hand to Ritsuka, smiling at the Sacrifice.

"You calmed yourself, with no help from me."

This may have been true, but that didn't stop Loveless from reaching out and resting his hand upon the outstretched palm offered out to him. Soubi pushed off of the doorframe, guiding his lover from the bathroom and back into the decently spaced apartment.

"I can assume you ran here without a coat…and your parents don't know where you currently are…"

Ritsuka lowered his eyes; he hated it when he pointed out these little details so suddenly, especially fresh after he had enticed him into an awkward situation.

"It's your fault." He murmured, not bothering to look up at him. He could tell that the annoying smile would be curving his lips.

The knowledge that the Fighter's name was changing beneath the fabric of his sweater didn't change a thing. He was going to harness this annoyance at Soubi's constant acts of hiding things from him. The Sentouki would have to wait for snow in summer before he would cave in to him again.

Pulling his hand from the man's, Ritsuka shoved it into his pocket, the other following its example and submerging into the pocket. His fingers rubbed the lining against his thighs absently as continued to hold his gaze to the floor.

"Anyway, why were you in the shower?"

Soubi pushed his glassed up the bridge of his nose casually, folding his arms as he lowered his head a bit, "I wanted to be in the only place where I knew that I wouldn't be interrupted by the world outside. But…I believe that it is no longer a safe haven now."

Ritsuka flinched as the verbal knife lightly pressed into his back, only managing a tiny pinprick at the moment.

"Sorry." He mumbled, hunching a little and tucking in his chin.

The fingers of the Fighter stroked his jaw, sliding beneath his chin and turning his face up to him, the Sacrifice's eyes unconsciously following the movement and he found himself staring right into blue. This move, this conquering gesture…but…wasn't he supposed to be conquering the man? He was the Sacrifice, his word was law!

He opened his mouth, ready to snap out an order. But the syllable faded from his tongue and only came out as a struggled sound that resulted in his teeth clenching together and the abrupt jerk of his head from Soubi's fingers. The teen hated the way he became entranced by the eyes of his Sentouki. Iris so blue…they were the color of the butterfly wings displayed upon the wallpaper of his cell phone. So beautiful were the wings, and yet the man's gaze withheld such a deep frustration in the teen's breast.

Loving him was making him feel worse and worse…and yet he didn't want to stop loving him. Soubi was Ritsuka's unfortunate addiction that could not be cured in a rehab or an abrupt deprivation of cold-turkey. His days were not rocky but they were dreadful, even more dreadful then whenever he had Augatstuma in his presence.

Hearing the murmur of his name on the Sentouki's lips called him back to the little apartment and the fact that they were standing in one another's presence. Soubi with his hair damp, Ritsuka still stuck in his soaked wardrobe…

"You should dry off. You might catch a cold." Soubi said, indicating the tiny bathroom once again.

The man's arm wrapped about his shoulder and he could smell cigarettes weaved within the very treads of the fabric, cigarette smoke and then the masculine smell of Soubi.

Why was it that a man always had a man's scent and yet teenagers only had half of a man's scent? Men with their spicy, warm odor and little boys with a sugary, dirty fragrance, it made Ritsuka wonder if he smelled like a baby to his older lover.


He went to the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind him and leaning back against it, peering down at his saddened clothing and seeing that his sweater was like a second skin, the cotton fabrics pressed against his body to reveal any prominent detail. He peeled it off of him, approaching the tub and wringing it out into the basin.


It took a moment or two to find a towel for himself, the terrycloth surprisingly large, even Soubi much have felt shrouded by a blanket within its depths, but it was definitely better then his cold and wet attire that was now hanging over the shower curtain rod.

Unwrapping the bandages, Ritsuka peered at the condition of his wound marking his chalky side.

It was healing much better now; the stab wound only a pearly pink scar now. A quick heal on his part. But what was the condition of his name? Sure, he had observed it with Soubi a few moments ago, but this time he was alone and was free to observe it all he wanted to.

The pads of his fingers pressed against the "L" carved by the invisible hand into his chest. His prominent broken heart making him wonder if his name truly belonged to him, just as Beloved had belonged to Soubi for so long, could his name change as well? Would someone ever overtake Soubi in his life? Could that have been possible?

Taking a second to sort out the towel, Ritsuka draped it about him. He folded the terrycloth over his arms, pressing his limbs down to secure that his nudity was well concealed. He didn't want the Fighter to get any ideas, for they had already made love hours ago before he had heard Soubi's secret. Just because he was naked and clothed in only a towel, didn't mean that Soubi would catch him off guard and seduce him again.


Soubi had been looking over a few of his old paintings while Ritsuka was in the bathroom, his hair drawn up into a ponytail, the damp strands promising a wavy outcome once they air-dried. He peered over at the bathroom door the moment that Ritsuka emerged, shrouded in his big towel that Kiio had given him one time, claiming they could wrap themselves in it if he wanted.

At the time he disregarded it but seeing Ritsuka in it…he was suddenly in a sharing mood.

"I'm letting my clothes dry out right now. Do you have anything I can borrow until then?" Ritsuka asked.

Are you still not going to look at me? Soubi wondered, ignoring the question.

He watched Ritsuka stand there, looking a bit uncomfortable in the towel in front of him. It wasn't much of a surprise to see him appear so nervous; Ritsuka could be so cute, especially when he was self-conscious. It was as if the twelve-year-old never grew up.

"Sorry, I don't have anything right now. They're all dirty."

That was a lie.

"I haven't gotten around to laundry. A lot has been happening."

Lying again.

"You mean I have to sit around in this until my clothes dry?" the teen asked, exasperated, his eyes wide with disbelief. Another overreaction that made the teen so cute…

"I'm sorry. But that is all you can do, unless you want the clothes I'm wearing." He pulled at the collar of his sweater, receiving Ritsuka's abrupt waving of his arms. The refusal allowed the Fighter to see a glimmer of the teen's collarbone as the towel parted a bit from his movement and lack of arms pinning down the folds of the towel.

"Just don't try anything." Ritsuka warned, firmly waving a banishing hand before retreating to Soubi's bed and sitting on the foot, drawing his knees up into the depths of the towel and hiding his face in the folds of terrycloth.

"I won't." He said in a quiet voice. Because I do not have to try anything. With you, Ritsuka, I always succeed…and that is what annoys you so much that you love me. You love me just as deeply as I love you, and it makes you sick. A strange emotion it turned out to be, is it not?

Touching his chin, the man smirked, observing the way he could see the ball of soft cloth sitting at the foot of his bed, strands of damp, black hair spidering out over the folds until the hair reached its full length, unable to stretch out further.

Ritsuka was beautiful, he didn't have to see him to know this, but there was hardly a time when he was ever unappealing to him, since he was a child, to this vital teenage age of sixteen. An illegal love was the most dangerous but also the most passionate.

That was what their love was, even if Ritsuka didn't want to admit it. It was passionate fire and he wanted Ritsuka to burn with it as he did the day he confessed to him and those several hours ago when his detailed memory was refreshed by their actions that afternoon.

Abandoning his paintings, Soubi went to the teen and sank down beside him. He lightly rested a hand upon the arch of the teen's back.

"I love you, Ritsuka."

This pulled up the teen's head abruptly and his eyes were on him just as quickly. Wide with the sudden announcement and also the sudden presence right beside him on the bed, it was cute.

"Soubi…I told you not to try anything."

"I'm not trying anything." Soubi said, somewhat innocently but also carrying a slight husky tone in the base of his voice.

"Stop, whatever it is you're doing, stop. I don't feel like it." Ritsuka snapped, shrugging away Soubi's hand.

"Your pulse is quickening." Soubi whispered, "You can feel your heart beating to a new rhythm…one that you rarely experience."

"Stop it!"

It was working…his words had not dulled in the time spent between the battles of other Fighters and Sacrifices. Little did Soubi know was that he could have said "aardvark" and Ritsuka would have been under his spell. The complete incantations were pointless…but he used them.

"You're growing warm…"


Damn it, Soubi!

He was using his spells against him…the damnable Fighter was using his intoxicating voice to bewitch him into a submission that was supposed to be reserved for the man himself!

"Soubi, stop using your spells on me, that's an order!"

This seemed to seal his lips for the moment. The man watching him with slightly arched eyebrows as he shifted uncomfortably where he sat. Great, another moment of awkwardness in between them. Perhaps they weren't meant to be together after all.

Well, if that was true, he was Soubi's Sacrifice. Soubi was his and he was also the Fighter's…even if he denied this could be possible. Ritsuka was always under the fingers of his Fighter unit. He wanted to be the one under him, not the one to give orders, for they were never followed.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, Ritsuka glared at his Sentouki and before he gave the man a chance to react to the piercing gaze, he grabbed his face and roughly crushed his mouth against his. The sharp intake of breath from Soubi was a sure sign of surprise that the teen wanted to get but the hands suddenly pushing his towel open were not surprised.

This was all to get him riled up!

Pulling away sharply, Ritsuka groaned.

"Fine, have it your way." He growled and his eyes focused upon the man hard. "I want you to make me feel loved. Only when you're sure you can, will I let you touch me again."

Soubi looked over his face a moment…and leaned in, kissing him much gentler then when Ritsuka had crushed his lips against his in his rising frustration. Only this time, Soubi's hands didn't come prying. The mouth against his seemed to drain away his annoyance with each moment the sensitive skins touched.

Apparently, Soubi was sure.

Shutting his eyes, he savored the gentle touch of the Fighter's kiss.

Glasses never really did get in the way of anything…


Lying back upon the bed, Ritsuka clutched at his towel, staring up at Soubi as he leaned over him, one hand braced on either side of him and his glasses once again finding a new home on the floor of the apartment rather then the Sentouki's nose.

"R-Remember what I said." He warned him.

"I know, Ritsuka…" he whispered.

Swallowing, the teen parted his towel, revealing his chest to the Fighter and watching his eyes for any type of reaction that may have looked like a sign of disappointment. But he didn't see anything like it, only Soubi's eyes touching him where his hands could not and then drifting up his body to his own eyes. They peered through one another's windows in silence; Ritsuka's heartbeat falling into such a rhythm with Soubi's that they could almost hear them pounding together.

"I love you…Soubi." Ritsuka managed to whisper, feeling silly when the words escaped him; making his cheeks flush slightly as he stared up at him.

This pleased the Sentouki and he caressed his Sacrifice's face, "I love you, Ritsuka."

Leaning down, he lightly passed his lips over his forehead, grazing them over his skin and pressing a little firmer against his temple. One of his hands found his shoulder and passed agonizingly slowly down his exposed chest, fingertips touching his flesh so lightly that it tickled. Ritsuka closed his eyes, allowing Soubi to kiss his face carefully while his fingers continued down his chest to the V where the towel shut up, concealing the rest of him.

There was no rush to get to this part.

The Sentouki still had his sweater to consider…

Lifting his head, Soubi kneeled upon the mattress, straightening and taking hold of the hem of his shirt. He pulled it over his head, the hair tousled greatly once the tight neck was relieved from his skull. He remedied it by pulling out the band and leaning back over Ritsuka, the strands of his hair brushing over his face as their lips met again.

Palm passing down the Sacrifice's arm, he gently took hold of his wrist and pulled up his hand, guiding it to his own flesh that was warm from the fabric still. His eyes closed as he parted his lips, Ritsuka's mouth opening as well and allowing him entry.

The warm moisture of one tongue meeting another in a delicate dance caused Ritsuka's hand to quiver on Soubi's chest, his nails lightly grazing the flesh before he managed to relax a bit again and his hand ran over the extent of Soubi's chest in an inquisitive pace.

Soubi lay atop of him and their mouths parted, harsh breaths from their labored but savored kisses making Ritsuka's panting sweet music in the man's ears as he felt the fingers entwining into his hair and the muscles of his neck tense as he met them with his lips. The Sacrifice's head tilted back, his neck stiffening, taught with the desire of more exposure to the attention it was receiving.

The weight of the Fighter went unnoticed, Ritsuka feeling the familiar sensation of an erection similar to his pressing against his thigh and making him quiver again, pulling his head back up to look down at Soubi's progress when he felt the glaze of moisture from the man's kisses move down to his collarbone. The pressure of the man's crotch was ebbed for the moment but Ritsuka winced as Soubi uncovered his scarring stab wound.

His trail of kisses had stopped as he stared at the pink tissue.

"I caused this." He murmured, touching it.


The man's eyes lifted to him and Ritsuka stared as he saw him lean down, still holding his gaze as the tip of his tongue ran over it.


Pressing a few fingers over his mouth, Soubi backed onto his knees again, crawling over Ritsuka and the Sacrifice immediately wrapped his arms about him, nestling his face into the nape of his neck.

He smelled the soap that he had used in the shower again…the masculine smell that issued from it made him groan again but this time it was very quiet and he hoped that Soubi hadn't heard it. Pressing his lips against the collarbone, he carefully peered at remains of "Beloved".

The "L-O-V-E" had vanished as well now. It only looked like a strange nickname tattooed upon his neck.

Grazing his fingers down Soubi's chest, to his abs, Ritsuka finally unfastened his Fighter's pants and peered up at him to make sure that there was no expression to make him wish he hadn't.

Soubi's eyes were closed and he seemed to be a little relieved now.

Pushing at the pants and whatever lie in between, he managed to wriggle them down as far as his arms would allow them to reach.

He wanted that close feeling. The feeling of being one with someone, a bond that few could truly treasure. But would Soubi make him feel loved? Or would he only be able to make him feel good?


Somehow, the clothing was gone now, Soubi's hands passing down Ritsuka's sides and brushing away the last folds of the towel, exposing his beautiful Sacrifice to him once again. A sight that would never be old to Soubi. He loved the feminine appearance to Ritsuka and yet he also seemed to look much more mature now. Perhaps it was his orders that managed to fixate his gaze in a new light. He wasn't sure.

Ritsuka turned over and Soubi's hands ran over his back gently, cupping his shoulders and lightly grazing his nails over the male's stomach. He loved feeling Ritsuka tremble whenever he trailed his fingers along his spine so tauntingly sweet.

"S-Soubi…w-what are you—"

Resting his hand upon the small of Ritsuka's back, Soubi straightened and he positioned himself. Ritsuka feeling him preparing and swallowing the only saliva he had as his mouth grew dry with the worry of the pain that never seemed to fade away from his memory when they had first made love. But Soubi was going to enter him soon…and he wanted him to. There was nothing that would sever their connection and this was the only embodiment of that connection that they could make.

Closing his eyes, Ritsuka gasped as he felt Soubi quickly push into him, the movement jolting his body forward on his hands and knees. He pushed his hands into the sheets wrinkled around them, gripping them with his nails.

"Ritsuka…" Soubi seemed to have a somewhat struggled voice, "It's still tight…"

He exhaled heavily, trying to breathe out the pain that was not as horrible as the memory made it. Only a discomfort with the first thrust…it would pass.

With careful motions, Soubi began to rock with the teen, his hands never leaving Ritsuka to feel alone, the gentle, loving touches warming his back as the rocking of Soubi's hips bumped lightly against Ritsuka. Loveless' contained moans were choked out softly, his eyes only open slightly, closing over and over with the lessening pain and the increasing amounts of pleasure that was rising with each rhythmic movement.

Something threw off the Rhythm as Soubi stifled a sound, gritting his teeth as he closed his eyes, his pace suddenly gaining momentum that startled Ritsuka at first before he was overcome by the warmth of a rising friction. His mouth was dry, every nerve alive with the sensation of his body being rocked and touched.

Choking back a cry, Ritsuka released, feeling warmth rush into him the same moment that he climaxed into the towel that had once been concealing him. He felt a bit embarrassed for climaxing…but at least it was the same time as Soubi, the man believed to be inhuman.

Withdrawing from him, Soubi carefully shifted and lay beside Ritsuka, draping an arm about his shoulders and peering over at his face as he turned his head to meet the gaze. The Sacrifice's cheeks were flushed and the air had the smell of sex mingling about them but they didn't notice.

Purple stared into blue as the lovers lay still.

A few minutes passed…and Ritsuka curled up into a ball against Soubi, his forehead pressing against the man's collarbone and eyes absently staring at the man's bellybutton.


"Yes, Ritsuka?"

"Thank you…for falling in love with me."

A word of thanks from the Sacrifice to the Sentouki…was this a usual occurrence?

"You don't have to thank someone for loving you." Soubi said softly, lightly running his hand through Ritsuka's hair, "All you have to do…is love them back."

Ritsuka lifted his head a little and fingered the letters of the name displayed across the base of Soubi's neck.

"L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S…" the Sacrfice murmured, tracing the letters with his index finger. "One who is without love."

"A word is just a word…it is the voice that says it, that gives that word power. The combination of the right words, and the emotions behind them, hold the most power. However, it does not always have to be the same number of words for a spell." Soubi said, smiling a little. "And your spell…was three."

"I…love you…"



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