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Destroy, Create, Control

"Sir, he'll need much more work than we have time for." I heard voices. "He's under sedation right now…"

"Do not question what I say." A scream. "That collar is on you for a reason, Millenniumon. Never counter me."

Millenniumon replied in a hoarse voice. "Yes, sir. But please allow me more time. His body requires much repair work and the facilities here are just barely advanced enough to keep him alive."

I heard a disgruntled sigh. "Very well. Move him to Neflhiem and I will supervise the project myself. The clone works are almost complete anyway."

Footsteps. Very heavy footsteps and a long, depressed sigh from Millenniumon. "I don't know what he's thinking, but…" He was quiet as he opened the door. A light flipped on and I was momentarily blinded. Apparently, he saw me right away. "Good, you're awake."

He came toward me, both his heads looking over me carefully. I decided to try and speak. "I can't feel my body," I said in a gravely voice.

Millenniumon looked at me. "Your body is incapable of movement," he said tersely. "I've been constructing a new one." He lifted the sheet that covered my body and a craned my neck to see what had happened.

Bruised, bloody, butchered to where I couldn't recognize it even if I could remember. "How did I get here," I asked, not expecting an answer.

"Master found you on the verge of death after a bombing raid. You were given to me for experimentation." The beast busied himself with preparing surgical tools. I gulped when I saw the blades and instruments. He didn't seem to notice.

"What are you going to do with those?"

"Prepare you for transport." He pulled out a syringe filled with a clear jell. I gulped again. He stuck me with it. I yelped loudly and he backhanded me hard.


I don't know how long it was before I woke. When I did, it was dark as pitch and I couldn't feel a thing. Not even my head this time around.

I heard shuffling. A light flipped on and Millenniumon stepped in, not noticing that I was awake. "If you think I can't see that you're awake, you're dead wrong. And you'll be dead if you try to escape."

I tried to speak, but my voice was gone. What the hell did he do to me! I could still think. If he's a Mind User, he'll answer. He slipped a sheet off a table, revealing a dead BlackWarGreymon. Dead! And still there? ­

He laughed, obviously enjoying his work. "Your new body," he stated simply. "If you had any idea of what I had to do to keep Master from eating it, you'd be thanking me." He removed the chest plate from the corpse's armor.

A large gash in the center was caked over with dried blood. He must have been partially organic, I thought to myself. Millenniumon proceeded in removing the rest of the armor, plate by plate. Several implants were embedded within the skin and more than a few limbs had been replaced.

The beast removed the helmet. Oh dear god… He left the eyes open! The sick bastard. He laughed. I diverted my sight to other parts of the body. Its neck was metal as well as part of its stomach area. But the eyes…

"As of now, the tube that encases your consciousness is your home. When the time comes, you will be transferred into this body. Master will want to see whether my experiment has gone properly, so you will be taken to his chambers for inspection."

Tube? No wonder I couldn't move.

He didn't even pause for a breath as he opened the cut in the corpse's chest even wider. His upper pair of hands moved delicately around inside the body, probably taking out unnecessary body parts.

He removed the body's heart and placed it in a glass jar. Then he proceeded to remove the body's lungs and stomach, placing them each in a jar of its own. What're you going to do with them?

"Master ordered me to restrain myself from using the internal organs for the experiment." A servant entered the room, rolling a cart around to the table where the beast was working. "Cyber-electronic implants will do you fine for your task."

I was intrigued, but still scared witless. Again, he went to work, using the tools he had laid out before him like an artist. But still the fact remained. They were turning me into a weapon to destroy innocents.

I didn't know what had happened before, but I did know when not to want to have anything to do with someone. If there's ever been a time when I believed in the Creator, it was right then as I prayed for some kind of an escape rout. Unfortunately, He didn't provide one.

My thoughts wandered. How long had I been there? How much of what the beast was doing did I miss? I thought that maybe I was going insane. I turned to how I could escape.

Glass tube? No, glass couldn't keep a Shadow confined. Magnetically charged dentenite would do it. But that would have a tint to it.

I felt an itch. Felt… Millenniumon was testing the body's nerve system. And I was feeling it! The itch was getting worse. How am I supposed to scratch an itch with no body at all? I'd heard of torture, but this was agonizing.

Damn you. Quit that! My captor backhanded the corps's muzzle, causing me to recoil in sudden shock and searing pain. He snorted, hearing a muffled scream from the body.

By now, other parts were starting to hurt. Mainly where he had opened the chest and put in the artificial heart, though my limbs were now drenched in a dull ache. He was starting to get to me; having me start thinking of the body as mine.

Millenniumon opened the body's mouth. What's he doing, I asked myself. I tried to close it, but the connection only worked enough for me to give a cry once and a while. So, sitting there helpless with my mouth gaping, he drilled.

"Still testing your nerve system." Agonizing! He drilled to the nerves. I stifled another cry.

You're sick, ya know that! When I get the chance, your heads are mine! He drilled further in response, silencing me. The connection was getting stronger. I screamed. I screamed as loud and as long as I could, trying to shut my mouth. He had it braced in an open position. Finally, I blacked out from the intensity of the pain.


I woke again. The light had been left on. Still in the tube, I thought, seeing a reflection of the corpse. I could feel things though. The sheet that covered most of the cadaver, the pain of an open wound; it all resonated within me. Its limbs were heavy and immovable.

I saw movement from the table. It was breathing! I heard it breathing. Long, labored breaths coinciding with the steady rise and fall of the body's chest. I sighed. And I heard that too.

I tried to speak. The body's eyes opened and I was there in an instant. I lifted an arm. Completely artificial, but functional. I turned my head. A blinding light greeted me from the left, so I turned right.

The reflection of a window showed in the tube that formerly housed me. The sky was gray. I guessed Ea, but it could have been Valhalla.

"Arrgh…" My voice was dusty and deep, like it hadn't been used in years. My head hurt like everything else. "Why do I keep waking up like this?" I coughed, spitting up a little blood.

I lifted the sheet, finding the wound closed and fairly healed as well. The body hurt, but moved perfectly with each passing second. I gathered up my strength—what was left of it—and stood. My legs almost collapsed under me from the weight and under-use.

Finally, I stood supporting myself. My eyes had adjusted to the light by now and I surveyed the room wearily. It was bare, save for the table, glass tube, a set of armor, and a security camera. The light on it blinked indicating that the camera was recording.

I picked up the armor. It was designed for my body, a BlackWarGreymon. Piece by piece I placed it over my body, slowly but surely covering the implants. The arm guards were the last pieces that I took up. The claws on both the body and arm plates were dull, but they would do the trick.

I looked at the camera and scowled. That would be the first thing to go. And it was. With one swift, painful motion I swiped the camera off its mounting and destroyed it completely.

An invisible door opened on the side opposite me. Millenniumon stepped in with his attack charged and aimed. "Try anything and you die," he told me harshly. "Now sit." I sat. He shut the door behind him. "You are expected in Neflhiem within one week for inspection."

"And if I refuse?"

"You don't."

So that was it. I didn't have any choice in the matter. Either I did what they said, or they made me do what they said. It's funny how the world works sometimes, when you think you have it figured out it punches you in the face for no reason.

The implants in my arms were starting to come online. A faint hum from one of them could be heard. Millenniumon grinned widely. "You have an obligation to thank the one who saved your life," he said from his left head.

"I'm pretty sure he was the one to take it in the first place." That earned me a trip across the room into the glass tube. It shattered, the shards cutting into my flesh. At least I think it was flesh.

I wasn't sure. I definitely knew it hurt, but it didn't feel like flesh. It seemed more solid and thick. It was mine, but it wasn't—real? is that the right term? I didn't know what it was.

I pulled a dentenite shard from my body. Millenniumon laughed when it didn't ooze blood. Almost like it was closed when the shard left, like a rubber stopper in a vacuum tube.

I stood, forcing the leg implants to turn on. "You are sick, twisted and not worthy of any sort of respect." I was surprised when he didn't attack me. "I'll have no say in what goes on in my life, will I?"

"You are mine," he replied, making clear that he possessed the means to kill me instantly. "You are my most important project to date; a testament to bio-genetic engineering."

Optical installments started coming to life, making me blink rapidly. Millenniumon laughed at that. "Your implants are running diagnostics on themselves. That's why you are blinking." I hated the way he was observing me, like I was an animal in zoo.

"As my project, you are under my care." Which was why I wasn't strapped down to a torture table.

"The Enemy treats you badly." Nothing in his expressions betrayed any sort emotion. The Enemy had taught him to hide his emotions well. "Under your care. You'll not do the same as your master has."

Thank God I'm a Mind User. It was the only way I could tell that Millenniumon was feeling shame and guilt. His body language and speech patterns would not say anything otherwise, but his thoughts raced with remorse.

"Come." He slipped out the door and I followed, keeping a relatively safe distance behind him. Millenniumon spoke again as we walked. "I am not my master," he said. "In my own opinion, Master has taken his conquest too far."

That was slightly reassuring. Even he was weary of the Enemy's plans. "But that begs the question. Why do you continue to follow him?"

"You will serve me, not Master," he continued without answering. "As such, I will assign you quarters to my liking." So I would be working for him, not his master. Easy to deal with, though it was still not preferable to freedom.

"In what capacity will I be working?" I'd better get the information now. Millenniumon did not answer this time. He walked silently, still keeping an eye on me so that I couldn't escape.

The corridor was longer than I expected. We must have passed hundreds of tiny cells, full of equipment used for experimentation. Our footsteps echoed on the tile floor, making it so that every once and a while a face would pop up inside the observation windows.

Usually they were deformed and unrecognizable to anyone but Millenniumon. Some of them shouted for me to run, others whimpered unintelligibly for sustenance. I was sure they were made into slaves, the intelligent ones used for assistants in Millenniumon's research.

I knew I should have run. But I would have been killed instantly. Each of those echoes chanted the word death at a steady pace. It hit me then that I didn't know where I was being led. Millenniumon had not said anything after I asked what I would be doing.

He stopped abruptly, opening a large pair of doors. "Enter," he said quietly. I did, and was taken into a large, empty chamber. "There are no cameras or recording devices in this room. I am the only one who knows of its existence.

"I have been in this room countless times thinking. The walls are magnetically charged and connected to implants in the prisoners' brains. No Mind User can penetrate this room."

"And you brought me here why?" It was then that I noticed the room wasn't totally empty. The walls up to a certain height were folded in. I guessed that they were tables used for surgery, but I couldn't know for sure. "This is where you experiment?"

Why was I asking questions? My first priority was escaping. While I didn't remember where I came from or who I was, I remembered perfectly who the Enemy was. I wasn't about to let myself go under again without a fight.

"This is where I plot." The doors closed. "As I said, Master has taken this war too far from the original plan. He is turning this world into a desert." A table crept out from the wall.

"You're plotting against him?" Undermining his own master? So Millenniumon isn't evil? Well, just a tad. I'd seen the faces of his slaves. "I would have thought you chose to follow him."

Several other platforms came out of the wall, each with a different array of tools and unfinished projects. The beast turned one of his heads toward me. "In the beginning I did choose him. I chose to follow him because he told me he was going to unite the Digital World."

"And he went to far?"

His hands were busy working on a remote control of some sort. He spoke as he worked. "When he destroyed Mt. Nebo was when I realized that he had no intention of fulfilling his promise. Nebo was my home."

He pressed a button on his remote and I went blind. Within a few moments I could see again, but it left me slightly shaken. "That remote controls these implants?" He confirmed, forcing me to walk in circles.

"Master will want you to be controlled somehow," he said. "Three days from now, I'll transport you to Neflhiem for inspection. Once you pass that, I'll disable the remote."

I was getting tired of his tests. And just why did he not just let me act like I was in control? I decided to ask him. "He'll know the difference. You'd have to be able to think to act like that. And even the best couldn't hide the fact that they're sentient."

I blacked out for a moment. "What was that?" I asked when I came to, still standing. "Was that a test?"


"So I won't be sentient?" This was just getting better and better every minute. "What happens after inspection? He'll find out then, won't he?" There was a plan in place already. The beast wouldn't be so stupid as to let his guard down after only a preliminary test.

"I'll take you once more for surgery, then tie your mind into those of sentient workers, like I did with this room." He stretched my arms out, then brought them to my side again. "After that, you will help me plot our escape."

"Our escape?"

Millenniumon turned and glared at me. "I destroyed your memories of your previous life under Master's orders. But I purposely left your memories of him." I shuddered. Millenniumon was using me to help him escape, that much was clear.

I was glad to help. Remembering all the atrocities that the Enemy had committed, I could show a little empathy toward the beast. But I had to stop and remember what Millenniumon was guilty of too.

But on the other hand, if he was forced to do it that would be different. But the beast willingly chose to follow his master. He had a free will, and that is impossible to break no matter what.

"Our escape," he said, turning back to his work. "Keep that in mind." He turned me around a few times and then letting me rest on one of the platforms. He opened the back of the remote and started fiddling with the internal workings.

"What are you going to do if you escape?" There isn't a snowball's chance in Hell that the world was just going to let him off the hook for his crimes. And I was seriously debating sabotaging his attempts at freedom just to punish him. "You won't survive in the outside world."

The beast sighed, but continued his work. "I intend to take full responsibility for my actions." He was going to die. There was no other option for him. The courts would inevitably find him guilty, and if he stayed, Millenniumon would die at the hands of the Enemy.

He started testing my reflexes via the remote. "So you're willing to die? It would happen either way and there isn't any chance of avoiding it." The nerves around my eyes started to twitch.

"Try to keep your talking to a minimum." It was the only time in my life that I've ever seen a mute button for a person. After that I couldn't speak unless he let me, which wasn't very often during his battery.

He didn't do much talking either though. It seemed like he was slightly depressed at the prospect of not being able to enjoy freedom for anymore than a few minutes. As he continued with my reflex tests, he didn't look at me either. Almost as if I was a symbol of what he hated most about himself.

One of a few gifts I'd been blessed with after loosing the bulk of my memories was empathy, the ability to place one's self in someone else's place. And after speaking with the beast, I could see his point of view. But it was only because I'd not known anything else except the Enemy's tyranny.

Still a gift though, I mused. Could you at least answer one question? He wouldn't reply to telepathy either. He was totally engulfed in his work, focussing solely on the little device that kept me silent.

How would we get out? I still got nothing from him. I guessed it was because he didn't trust me. Although in his position, trust is not something easily given. Have you even thought that far ahead?


He must have been getting frustrated with me. Or maybe he was beginning to trust me? Unlikely. Could you do the surgery here? I didn't like the idea of being unconscious in front of the Enemy. But there was an upside to it, I had to admit. I wouldn't have to worry about performing perfectly.

"Not enough time."

Alright, I can deal with that. And then it occurred to me. From an hour ago, he went from flinging me across rooms to embarrassed silence. I was witness to the real Millenniumon that no one ever saw. He was hiding himself still, but he wasn't acting for his master.

So why are you quiet? From the corner of my eye I saw him press one of the buttons on the remote. A fraction of a second later I was immersed in the darkness of unconsciousness again.

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