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Destroy, Create, Control

The doors to the palace slammed open revealing the Enemy, angry and flustered. "Who did it!" was the piercing cry. Millenniumon came out, faking the urgency of getting the clone works completed. "There is a saboteur stalking about the palace. Find him or you will not live to see the next full moon!"

"Sir, I was not aware that security had been compromised."

The Enemy growled fiercely at Millenniumon. "Begin searching at once and start with your drones." The beast nodded and turned to leave. "Activate the clone works before anything else."

Millenniumon unwittingly frowned, provoking his master to backhand him. "I said to activate the clone works! And send out our legions." I grinned slightly, hearing the desperation in the Enemy's voice. It sounded like the Rebellion was finally going to take Anshar.

The Enemy took off outside the palace and headed toward the front lines. Millenniumon looked at me, knowing I was hiding in a corner. "The master is desperate," he said. "Go and activate the clone works. Hopefully it will self-destruct."

"What will you be doing?"

"I want to know what is happening out on the front. I'm going to check the security cameras that are still intact and find out how we can aid them." And he went. I gathered that the situation was not going to end well for the Enemy.

But the clone works… I had to activate it? Of course I knew how to operate the machine, but the risks involved in using it were high and I wasn't really willing to take them. However, if we were going to fool him, we needed to flip the switch.

I went to the labs, making sure to take as much time as I could get away with. The only thing that provided any comfort right now was that I knew that our freedom was drawing near.

The labs were getting closer. Maybe I could just fake activating it?Nah, that wouldn't work. They'd know the difference immediately and Millenniumon would be killed.

I opened the lab doors and then shut them behind me. Now where is that panel? Ah—there it is! A frighteningly small computer bank in the corner operated the clone works. Even smaller, a button that made the whole thing work.

I approached it hesitantly, weary of the device's history of backfiring. I had very little understanding of the science behind it or it's purpose, except for knowing that it was supposed to clone the Enemy. But anyone who worked on it had a three out of four chance of getting electrocuted.

My heart pounded and my nerves quaked. Alright. You'll be fine, I kept telling myself. I didn't believe it in the slightest. Just do… I jabbed the array with my fist and ran for cover.

"Clone works activation successful."


"Initiating transfer… Transfer procedure halted: Target required."

"Target?" Ok, now I was lost. Millenniumon had failed to mention that the machine needed a target. Let alone what the target was for. "Query," I said, ponderously. "What is the target required for?"

A large claw started resting on my shoulder. Millenniumon was standing above me, watching the machine with a stone-like gaze. He too approached the clone works and entered a command unknown to me.

The machine beeped and then confirmed. "Target accepted. Target acquired: Earth: Human female. Re-initializing transfer sequence. Transfer in progress. Estimated time to completion: one hundred forty-six seconds. Time elapsed: twenty seconds."

"Earth?" I'd never heard of it. To my limited insight, there was no plane called "Earth" anywhere. Logically, Millenniumon must have targeted a non-existent place so that the clone would come into being. But then, how does that explain "human"?

"Earth is not part of the Digital World. But compared to our world, the Humans are weak and the clone will be cursed with a form that has no innate abilities." So that explained that. "The machine needs a real target or else it is programmed to kill the user."

Millenniumon sighed. "I will not be able to go with you," he said.

Oh bull. "You're going with me or I'm going kill you myself. I did not spend the last three months in hell for you to just give up!" Besides, with the plans he was going to give the Rebellion, they would have to spare his life.

"The Sovereigns are hell-bent on destroying any last remnant of my master. Including me," he said. "No matter what I do, the rest of my existence will be spent in Neflhiem." They were going to spare him anyway. Just, they were going to send them all to Neflhiem.

It bothered me. "What about the programs and technology?" He wasn't answering immediately like he usually did. Something was terribly wrong. "What happened to the programs?" He still didn't answer.

Instead he turned away. "What did you do?" I asked him again and again, each time becoming more and more afraid for him. I knew him now. He was like a brother who was on his deathbed.

"The database has been destroyed," he told me somberly. Not possible. That room was under lock and key, and it was surrounded by thirteen inches of titanium digizoid. Nothing could have destroyed it but a computer…

"The security systems? All of it is deleted?" My worst fears were confirmed when the security alarm went off. The gates to the city had been breached and the Enemy had had to fall back.

"There isn't anything I can do anymore, except wait patiently for them to exile me." He walked out onto a near by balcony to watch the incoming invasion. "You can still make it out. All you have to do is get out of the palace. The guards have all been moved to hold them off, so it will be a clear shot for you."

I could help. I knew I could. I wasn't going to leave without him. Not after everything he'd done to hurt the Enemy's cause. He'd saved my life and given me a new body to live, he'd targeted a world that was still forming, and he'd made sure that the Rebellion would take Anshar…

"I'm not leaving without you. I'll testify for you. They'd have to believe me, right?"

"The Sovereigns would claim that you were corrupted." He was right, as usual. But it didn't help the problem of getting him to come with me. I could probably hide him if he used his shrinking program. Then he would be free. All he'd have to do was devolve to a lower form.

Then, "That won't work. My data is not capable of sustaining any sort of de-evolution. It would kill me to let that much data dissipate."

"You just can't give up though!"

"I NEVER SAID I WAS GIVING UP," he yelled, grabbing my throat. He whispered feverishly with a pounding anger. "I still have faith that I'll make it through. I will die in Neflhiem, but it will be as a free man! Now go and save yourself before I throw you to off this balcony."

"You'll be free," I rasped, clutching his arm as he held me above the floor. "I promise that you'll be free." He loosened his grip and put me down. "Just don't give up that hope."



There I stood, surrounded by six ultimates with nothing better to do than bug someone too tired to do anything about it. They were young too. Even with all of my implants, I wouldn't be able to take all of them. Maybe one or two of them, but not all six.

"Old man," one of them called. "Are ya gonna fight or just stand there all day?" I wasn't going to honor him with a response. He was young and stupid, and not fit to be a servant of a servant. "Heh! If you aren't going to make a move, than we will!"

The Leomon wannabe dashed at me with his followers in tow. If I made any sort of attempt at fighting back, it would put me in a position that I couldn't get out of. Even if I won, the courts would look at me, study my implants, and then decide that I had an unfair advantage.

So I let them attack without making a move to even run. These punks were going to get what they deserved, even if it killed me. They would be sentenced to serve time in the penal colonies in Muspelshiem. But I would be pretty worse for the wear.

Small price to pay, I thought as they began pummeling me. Each blow was painful, but worth it to see them in their shackles. Heh, maybe they'll devolve me and I can dump the implants.

One of them landed a haymaker to my muzzle and I fell from the shock. I wouldn't last much longer on the ground, but it was all right with me. I had nothing important to live for.

Except my promise. Yeah, I still remembered my promise to Millenniumon. Though it was three hundred years ago and he had most likely forgotten. What am I doing letting these kids destroy me? I can't let myself go until I make sure he's free.

"BLACK TORNADO!" The children surrounding me jumped back, blackened by the dark flames that engulfed my body. "You should leave before you get hurt," I told them.

"CYCLONE TORNADO!" The leader attacked me, spinning into his triple play. Two or three nothing. This was going to be a piece of cake.

I caught his leg and twisted it, driving his face into the ground as hard as I could. A loud snap issued from his leg as I crushed it beneath my foot, breaking it clean. "I told you to leave before you get hurt."

The rest, seeing their fallen leader tried to jump me the same way, and each getting the same treatment: a broken leg or tail. For the first time in a long time, I enjoyed myself. These children were trying to make a fool of myself, and yet ended up getting themselves turned into bone dust.

My mind was on autopilot now, kicking and dodging and generally destroying them without hesitation. And I didn't care. I wanted revenge. Not on them, but on the one who had failed. I wanted to hurt something, and they were the ones who I vented on.

It felt good to lose it. To just let the anger envelop me and control me. I knew that Red Factor would eventually set in, but it just felt so good to hurt something… someone. I lost my vision, I lost my voice, and I lost all control of my body as my implants started working on their own.

Just like three hundred years ago, I could feel myself fusing with them. Nothing would stop it this time, and I didn't want anything to stop it. I would be stronger, more powerful, able to keep my promise. And then I would be ready to die…

What? What am I saying? This couldn't be right! Stop! Stop it! I couldn't control it. I was seeing red. And it wasn't turning back… Stop! No, I can't let this happen! Searing pain, burning flames that were not my own. In the midst of the chaos I was causing, my body started ripping apart.

"Aaaaaaaaaaargh!" It was too much for me to handle, but my body wouldn't shut down. I couldn't escape it, the pain and agony of my own hatred of myself. It wouldn't stop until I was completely fused with my implants and my hatred. I was changing for the worst.

Even my screams stopped when the pain turned inward, like I was going to explode. It wouldn't quite. It just rumbled on inside of me, never easing and always getting worse and worse and worse.

I didn't know what was going on around me. All I could focus on was the hurting, the suffering which I had caused myself. My knees hit the ground, followed by my arms in voluntarily keeping me from making a face plant. It hurt all over, especially when my arms collapsed and I fell completely to the ground.

I don't know how long I lay there, wreathing in pain and finally finding my voice to scream again. I convulsed and shut my eyes as tight as I could, hoping to block out the sight of everything being tinted red. And suddenly, with one excruciating and disgusting sounding splat, it all stopped.

My mind was clear again, my vision had no tint to it, every muscle and implant was functioning normally. But with there was something wrong. I heard voices murmuring around me, calling me corrupted. I felt appendages that weren't supposed to be attached to my body.

My form had changed into—something—a beast born of hell. A horrible wave of nausea washed over me when I realized what had happened. Four arms—from forms that I'd never had. Wings which weren't at all a natural thing for me to have.

Kaimeramon. What did I do to myself? The people who'd gathered around stared and whispered. I knew what they were thinking. They all thought I was a monster, a freak of nature that should be destroyed.

"He should be killed," one of the crowd said boldly. With so many there inclined to agree, I fled, taking to the sky as fast as I could. Where I would go, I didn't know. But I wasn't ready to die. I'd live alone until I could find away to keep my word.

But I didn't know how long that'd be, or whether or not I'd ever find a way. But I would research and look. I'd never give it up. My actions though, would keep me exiled and out of public life. It wouldn't matter where I went, as long as no one ever found me.

Yggdrassil would be good. Deep forest and easy to get lost in. A small cabin would be totally invisible to anyone who happened to look for something like that. All I'd need was supplies, and those would be easy to come across.

I flew fast, toward the gate to the next plane. Yggdrassil was still several thousand miles away. I'd make it, though. I'd be alone, but I'd make it. Nothing was going to stop me except for divine intervention, which if my luck kept on its present course, was probably the one thing that I could expect.

Oh well. I was going to head that way anyway. I was going to make sure I wouldn't fail myself—or my friend—again. All I needed for now was a tail wind and some time to think. And from the looks of it, I'd have plenty of both.

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