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¤ C O M P L E T E - C O N N E C T I O N ¤

P R O L O G U E:

The Ilford 4090 was a scientific based space ship controlled by the colonials, army, and marines who received orders from the government. The Ilford 4090, like the other selected ships, specifically helped maintain army specified missions and docked soldiers to and from different locations. The original purpose however of the Ilford 4090 was to be a concentration ship for convicted criminals. Over time as different government parties came into power, the Ilford soon became a concentration camp for a different species, Xenomorphs to be exact.

In the beginning the Ilford 4090 was designed and built as a secure prison. The cells could be anything proof, and the security was as tight as possible. For the 7 years the ship operated as a prison, no criminal, no murderer, no thief or space bounty, ever managed to escape from their cell. At the time the government had other problems on its hand like the discovery of the species Xenomorphs on the planet LV426. Other army based ships, years later, managed to clone the aliens, and research them scientifically, and these ships all met horrific fates of bloodshed. The government and army, now desperate to tame and control the Xenomorphs continued selecting ships to hold the species and research them.

Therefore the Ilford 4090, with 7 years of the best prison experience, became a research facility. The ship was modified with new technology, specifically in the cells which would become alien cages. Scientists were brought to the Ilford 4090, each expert in a different field. From all the scientists, 12 were promoted to a higher level and with army officials, formed a council to oversee all the operations on the Ilford 4090. The council made sure that the common mistakes of the past ships which carried Xenomorphs were corrected beforehand and with their joined minds new ideas were made.

One particular scientist on the council, Professor Jier was in charge of the physiological department. He proposed one idea and even offered to conduct the experiment with himself. The experiment involved raising a Xenomorph from the initial stages of life to adult with complete human interaction. The aim of the experiment was to see whether a Xenomorph could actually be tamed and broken into. The Professor hoped to 'breed' out the 'wild' of the species.

A clone of Professor Jier was to be made for the conception of a Xenomorph and then specific actions would be taken afterwards to ensure the alien would identify the professor as its 'parent' or 'owner'. Research from the past had shown the Professor that an alien would often take on memory and traits from its host, so it was important to use the Professor as the host to help with the 'connection' towards the alien and himself.

The idea seemed far-fetched to the other council memebers, however the plan still went ahead.

The experiment was a success.

Author's Comment: I hope you enjoyed the prologue to the story Complete Connection. The story is currently being written, and illustrated. Please be patient, however, and stick around to read the rest! )