Spoilers : 1x03
Rating : K
Summary : takes place in "Reconnoitering the rim" - thoughts of Seth as he gets a deal with Al Swearegen...

Clean hands.

- Agreed !
Sol puts his hand out. Seth bites his lips, but Al doesn't notice. He doesn't move either. Just says :
- I spit in my hand.
He does so.
- Will that drive you screaming into the hills ?
Bloody bastard.
Sol does spit in his hand too, like it isn't a significant gesture. Like they aren't making a pact with the devil.
Seth remembers the words of the reverend, few hours ago, at Tom Mason's funerals.
"Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord ? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that, that hath a clean hands and a pure heart"
Al's waiting for him. Seth shakes his hand, but without split.
His hands are dirty enough. And never will be back clean.
This Swearegen guy soils all he touches.
And it's probably his imagination, but... there's like a little taste of blood in his mouth.