OK so here it is, my new story.In the last couple of weeks I keep starting new storys but this is the only one I've managed to write more on, so this is the one that I'm putting up.OK, here it is:

Bound Together

Chapter 1 - Vanished

Summary: AU teenfic. When Victor left, he took Prue and Phoebe, leaving Piper and Paige with their mum and Grams. Now Piper, 16, Paige, 14, set out on a mission to find the other half of their family.

"No, no, please!" Patricia Halliwell begged her now ex-husband, clinging desperately to the arms of two of her daughters.

"You can't stop me seeing my daughters." Victor replied. At four and two, Prue and Phoebe were pulled around like rag dolls.

"They're my daughters too." Patty said desperately.

"You don't need them. You have Paige." Victor spat. "You and Sam can have more! Where's Piper?"

"She's out with my mother." Patty replied, silently thankful for that small blessing.

"I'll be back for her." Victor said, and Patty could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was drunk, and trying to kidnap her daughters. Before Patty could say any more, Victor struck out and hit her hard on the side of her face. Patty fell to the floor, banged her head and slipped out of consciousness. Victor grabbed his oldest and youngest daughter and ran, with only the clothes they were wearing, the picture Prue had drawn that was folded up and in her pocket and the stuffed bear Phoebe had clasped in her arms. And when Penny returned twenty minutes later, she found her daughter knocked out, and two of her granddaughters gone.

They tried to find them, to trace them, but Victor had vanished from the face of the earth, taking Prudence and Phoebe Halliwell with him. And, until the letter a few weeks ago, the one neither Paige nor Piper had told anyone else about, no one had any idea where they were.

Piper woke up, her youngest sister's face looking down at her worriedly.

"It's time." Paige whispered. Piper threw back the covers, smoothed down the clothes she hadn't bothered to change, and looked at the only sister she had ever really known.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Piper whispered. "You don't have to come... this could be dangerous."

"Please, Piper." Paige whispered. "You think I care about danger? Come on, before Grams wakes up."

Nodding, Piper climbed out of bed and pulled the bag she had packed out from under her bed, picked up her coat. "You have the cash card?" Piper asked her sister, double-checking she had her own. If it wasn't for the money they each had in the bank, the money left to them when their mother had died, they wouldn't have even seriously considered this plan.

"Got it." Paige said. "And the food." She said. "This is so... surreal." She mumbled, as she handed Piper the sandwiches the two of them had made a few hours ago. "Did you write the letter?"

"Yes." Piper whispered, and put the plain white envelope on her pillow. "She'll understand... she'll have to understand, when we bring them home." Piper whispered. Grams' didn't like to talk about Prue and Phoebe, didn't let Piper or Paige talk about finding them. It was a part of her past that was too painful for her to face.

"I'm ready." Piper whispered, pulling on her coat and swinging her bag onto her shoulder. "Let's go."

Pausing in the foyer for one last look at their home, Paige lingered her gaze on the picture on the wall, the only picture of all four Halliwell sisters' together, taken just days before they were kidnapped. The last one of them together, before their family was ripped apart.

"Paige." Piper murmured, and Paige turned and stepped out into the cool night air. "We will find them." Piper said, only the tiniest trace of doubt in her voice. Paige nodded, softly closed the door behind them and followed her big sister into the night.

OK so it's short but it's just the first, so let me know what you think...