Chapter 9 - An Uncertain Ending

Penny smiled as she watched them. It was just like when they were little, and if she used her imagination, she could pretend it had always been this way...

Dinner was louder and happier than she had ever remembered it, Prue and Andy joking and laughing - and flirting if she wasn't mistaken - Piper, Phoebe and Paige joking and teasing...

It was just as she'd always imagined.

After dinner, Prue and Andy went into the conservatory. It had always been their favourite room, sometimes they'd make Piper and Phoebe stay out so they could play on their own.

Sat on of the sofas, they talked. And then, he went quiet.

"I really, really missed you." He mumbled. "And seeing you again has been amazing."


"Prue... I think I still want to marry you one day." He said, and she paused.

"Andy, I don't think I know you well enough to marry you." She joked.

"True." He grinned. "So how about a date?"

"I think I could manage that." She agreed.


"Andy?" Patty repeated. "Little Andy Trudeau?"

"The very same." Penny nodded. "She got home an hour ago, all smiles, and I heard her telling her sisters she had a great time."

"She always said she'd be with him some day." Patty grinned. "Promise me, mum, if they get married you'll get me down there. Anyway, anyhow."

"I promise." Penny nodded. "We're getting their, Patty. They're happier, they're closer... they're home."

"I know. Who'd have thought our little girls would get themselves back together, huh?" Patty said wearily.

"It's the best thing that could have happened. I know you want to meet them, Patty, but..."

"I know. Just... as soon as they're ready for their powers, you - you bring them up here."

"I will."


It was the dead of the night, and all were asleep. Prue was dreaming she was in a field with Andy, when suddenly the dream changed. A woman with long brown hair and hazel eyes was in front of her, holding her hands.

"Prue..." She whispered, her face shining with tears. "You're all grown up..."

"Mum?" Prue gasped.

"Yes..." Patty placed a hand on her daughter's cheek. It took a lot of energy to enter her dreams, but it was worth it, just to see her, to hold her. "I love you, my darling. I am so proud of you... You held to together, protected you're little sister... I'm sorry I'm not here for you."

"It's OK." Prue said, crying silently too. "I have Grams, and Phoebe, and Piper and Paige."

"I know. And I'll always be here." And then she faded away.

She went to Phoebe and said pretty much the same thing, amazed by how her baby had grown. And then to Piper, and Paige, whom she had visited a few times before. It amazed her how they'd done it, got themselves back together after so long...


Three days later, the four sisters walked in to the manor together, and stopped dead. Two police officers - a man and a woman - were stood with Grams in the foyer.

"Oh, girls." Grams murmured. "Go sit in the living room, I'll be in in a minute." She said shakily.

"We'll see ourselves out, Ms. Halliwell." The WPC said quietly. "Go ahead." Grams herded them into the living room as the police left, where they sat uneasily on the couch.

"What? What's happened?" Piper quickly. "Grams?"

"It's... its Victor." She said quietly.

"Have they caught him?" Phoebe asked. Grams shook her head, her lips pressed into a tight white line, her face strangely pale.

"Grams? What's happened? What's he done?" Paige asked, moving to sit next to her grandmother. "Grams?"

"Victor... Victor was taken into hospital a few hours ago." Grams said shakily. "He - uh, he took an overdose. I don't remember what - I'm sorry - someone found him in the - in the street."

"He'd dead, isn't he?" Prue whispered. Slowly, Grams nodded.

"He died an hour ago. I - I'm sorry. No matter what he did, he was still your dad..."

"We should hate him." Prue mumbled. "We shouldn't care at all... but I still remember what he was like before..."

"It's OK to be sad, to grieve. He was a good father... before..."

"I don't know how to feel." Prue stated. "That man who used to swing me around and slip me sweets before dinner, and tell me I was a princess... I always hoped he'd be back..." The five of them fell into one big, messy hug. None knew how to feel, or what would happen next.

"Just remember... we'll always be here for each other..." Piper murmured. "Always..."

The end. I know I didn't warn the story would be over, but I just felt it was done. So, thanks for each and every brilliant review, drop me one last one, and I hope you'll follow me onto any future projects...