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Forced Evolution
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Evolution was something that was meant to happen naturally, not something that was forced to happen quickly and with amounts of pain that humans could never even hope to understand. Forced evolution made them stronger, quicker, better for battle, but what if they had never wanted to fight? There were few Pokemon that were happy battling in arenas where spectators would look on mindlessly and cheer pointlessly; the humans had no idea of what they really went through, did they.

Stones and humans and forced evolution. They did not want to become stronger, quicker, better fighters; they just wanted peace and freedom: to be free once again, to be free to live. The pokemon wanted to be themselves; that was perhaps the reason they hated these evolutions so: perhaps they would be better all round in their trainers eyes… yet they would be something utterly different to what they were before.

Evolution was something that was meant to happen naturally; if it did not then they were turned into something too different: they were no longer themselves, and they never would be again.