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Candy is a talented young woman. She graduated with top honors in her school. During her years in preparatory college, she already foresaw herself being a veterinarian. Candy's parents supported her all throughout her life. So during graduation her family members attended, giving her a handshake to every medal that she got. All the people she ever loved were there, her parents, grand parents, her younger brother and friends, but she was still looking for somebody, somebody that her parents hardly met, her best friend. They have went through good times and bad, she was there when Candy needed her the most, and now in this grand ceremony of her life, Candy knew that her best friend wouldn't miss it for the world.

She met Therese a long time ago in a conference online. They have been best friends since. Though they only meet once a year, never did they fight for anything petty or anything not important. Candy's family never met Therese, they only knew that she was 5 years older than her and that Therese lived a different life and followed a different culture although they both lived in one specific country, the Philippines.

There out of the big glass double doors, Therese walked right in carrying a bouquet of sunflowers in her usual coat over a skirt and blouse look. As usual, she came directly from the office. As soon as their eyes met, Therese walked briskly with a sweet smile to Candy as they left kisses on each cheek as to say "Hello!"

"My, oh my! Candy, I couldn't be much more proud of you!"–Therese muttered overwhelmingly as she gave the bouquet of sunflowers generously.

"Thank you Therese! I will introduce you to my parents." –Candy stated as her dark hazel eyes filled with great happiness as she called her family's attention and introduced Therese to them.

Candy's parents loved Therese despite their difference in culture. They were never being racist to anyone, and so they accepted Therese naturally. Therese was even invited to a celebratory dinner, but she refused because she had other work oriented meetings to attend to later that night. After the long talk, they have managed to say goodbye and headed of to different directions.

After the dinner, Candy went home with her parents exhausted from the big event that just happened. She couldn't help but think, what if she had a boyfriend before she graduated? Would he be there to congratulate her too? She was smiling to herself as she kept all her books away in one corner. Candy decided then to take a quick shower as she poured gentle moisturizers to her fair complexion. The brunette untied her stiffly tied hair away from the bun and let her luscious straight mane to fall down below her shoulder. She looked stunning the simple way she was and intelligence to make it an overall catch. While she was setting up her bubble bath, she received a phone call. The phone was ringing deliberately in her room. She stood up from her comfortable seat on top of the rim of the bathtub and ran towards the side table to get the phone.

"Hello?" –She muttered sweetly. It was a phone call from a World Wide Organization.

The woman told her that she was about to have an important mission that needed Candy's expertise, but how could this be? –She thought to herself, she was just a fresh new graduate and she'll be having an important mission to attend to? Oh, but the offer was tempting, she is going abroad all expenses paid.

"There have been complications with an animal here in St. Bernard Hospital in New York Ms. Parker."-The female voice stated as machineries ticked in the background.

"Why am I the one needed? I just graduated; I have no experience at all. You must have got the wrong Parker." –Candy stated under her breath.

"You have been recommended for your loyalty to your government, Ms. Parker. If it is okay with you, there will be a plane to pick you up 7:00pm in the airport. Your complimentary tickets will be arriving in your house at 9am and we shall talk in the plane ride." –The female voice stated, while the sound of typing on the keyboard became known to the patch.

"How? Wait, what animal is in danger? What's your name and where are you from? How can I be sure you're not just fooling around with me?" –Candy asked so many questions.

"A Tarsier's life is in danger. It was bought just a month ago there in your country. My name is Karla Kennedy, ID number 40034 in the World Veterinary Organization."

"Alright, alright… I will be there Ms. Kennedy." –Candy sighed half with delight and confusion.

Candy didn't even bother checking the ID number, but based on her studies, there was a WVO in New York that controlled veterinary work for endangered species and the ID number was always in 5 digits. She hurried downstairs to talk to her parents about this issue. Her mother said yes while she was fixing the plates in the large kitchen and her father was still taking a nap inside the library.

"Father?" –Candy called as she entered the huge library. Her bright eyes then spotted Ken Parker sitting on a big couch slouching and sleeping while in the middle of a land research. She slightly slipped right in front of him as she stood there waiting for her father to respond to her calls.

"Mmm… Yes?" –Ken stretched his arms with a slight yawn before shifting his eyes to his daughter standing in front of him.

Candy explained her situation and her dad was evasive at first, but finally gave in to his daughter's request. Her pleading eyes were always his weakness and he had promised her that he would support her all the way in her career as long as she was right. This time, he needed to prove that he meant what he had promised.

Candy's eyes widened with his approval as she gave him a big tight hug. She ran to her bedroom and packed her things to the big suitcase that was rarely used. Too engrossed in packing her clothes and toiletries, her younger brother passed by the open door of her room.

"What are you doing? Do you have a problem?"-Kenneth stated as he held his cell phone in his hand obviously taking a phone call to one of his 3 girlfriends.

"Huh? No I don't, actually I am rather very happy"-Candy replied with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Why are you going away then?"-Kenneth asked as he meticulously went inside the room

"I am not going away silly…"

"What do you mean? You're packing your things for fun?"

"No… I'm going to New York, I'll be staying there for a while, and I've got to do a little mission…" –Candy stated while she got her toiletries and stuffed it inside her back.

"What kind of mission? Can I come too? I want to see your house in Massachusetts!"-Kenneth stated as he suddenly shut of his phone cutting off the conversation he had with his 2nd girlfriend.

"Keep it down! Mom and Dad know I'll be going to New York not to Massachusetts! But sure! I'm going to heal a baby Tarsier want to come?"-Candy teased; she knew how her brother hated how she became a doctor of animals. He thought it was a waste of time and effort.

"Never mind what I said…"-Kenneth stated as he rolled out of the room and dialed the number of his girlfriend. "Hello Sandra? Sorry I hung up on you… I mean Stephanie! I was just talking to my cousin Sandra so I mixed her name with yours sorry… You know I love you." –Kenneth stated through his phone expertly.

"Will he ever change?" –Candy thought as she shook her head while still packing for her flight tomorrow. Then she remembered Therese.

Therese has a boyfriend in the States. His name is Matthew and they have been together for a long time. 4 years ago, Matt went to the Philippines to take a tour with his brother, John. Accidentally, while walking around the scenic spots, he bumped into busy Therese speeding off in the sidewalk, near McDonalds, as she was late for her 5th meeting that day. They instantly became friends and talked to each other by phone or instant messaging since. Neither of them cheated, and the issue of trust was so heavy that sometimes when one gets suspicious they just have to hide it within themselves as not to destroy their good romantic relationship. Therese would really love to go to the States, but her conflicting schedule never fit a time for it, neither does she have a place stay in when she gets there not the plane fare.

Candy picked her phone up and dialed Therese's number. After just three rings, Therese was already in the other end.

"Therese, how would you like to go to the States?" –Candy's question was direct to the point.

"What? I would love to but how?" –Therese asked.

"I have the means Darling… Plane ticket and housing all mine. All you need to do is get here before I leave for the airport." –Candy said as she waited impatiently for an answer from Therese.

"But how?" –Therese was confused.

"Come on, the time is ticking…"

"Alright… Alright! I would love to." –Therese said in a high-pitched joyful voice.

"How about work and schedules Therese?" –Candy teased to make her more confused.

"Work smush. I'm going to see Matt!" –Therese screamed in the other end as they said their goodbyes with a laugh and shut the phone to continue packing.

After that, Candy took her bubble bath for a good 30 minutes then went for a good night's sleep. In this deep slumber, this Chinese naïve woman had a dream, but more of like a nightmare that will change everything in her way. Her parents always protected her, yes she experienced pain once in a while, but only her parents come to the rescue, even in her dreams. Superman couldn't even get a second glance from Candy, to her; her parents were her only heroes. Maybe except for Clark Kent, truly Brandon Routh was handsome and Candy couldn't get enough of him.

A man walked inside the dark room, being covered with a big sweatshirt and white gloves. Candy tried to move but she felt a rope tied tightly to her wrists.

"Candy how are you? I missed you so much! You left me and never returned… did you know I waited for you?"-The man in the dark said

"Who are you? I don't know you"-Candy said frightened. "Who is this guy? He sounds familiar but why can't I recall or even see him?"-She even thought.

"See you have forgotten me already! We met when you were only 13! I loved you and you said you loved me, but where are you now huh? Here dreaming of some other guy!"

The hairy old man held Candy's puny little white arms and raised her above the ground; surely Candy was very scared because until now she couldn't even see his face. Everything was still pitch black!

"Put me down! Help! Help! Anybody! Look mister, I really don't know who you are, and I don't even see your face!"

"That's because you're in the middle of life and death… literally! Say your prayers my beloved"-He grunted

"Lord! Help me! Send someone to help me! I don't know where I am"-Candy sobbed as she was just hanging up in the air.

Suddenly another guy entered the room, Candy still can't see his face, but the voice sounded familiar and his voice was like music to her ears.

"Let go of her! Never treat MY GIRL like that!"-The guy said as he marched into the black room

Just then Candy was thrown to the floor her head hit the ground hard and she fell unconscious.

"You again? What do you want? Leave us alone! Can't you see we are in love?"-The man said with a sinister laugh.

"Whoa dude! You two are what? She screamed out for help! Because you were harassing her and you threw her to the floor! That is it I had enough…" –The good guy stated and went to shove his fist down his throat.

The two guys battled and boxed, fortunately the good guy won and carried Candy to a room and laid her on a bed that appeared out of nowhere and talk to her.

"Hey there pretty, can you hear me? You're safe now."-Then the guy heard a strange beeping sound and it got louder and louder until…


It was Candy's alarm clock, asking her to wake up already. She was perspiring a lot and tears were falling down her cheek. She thought about the men she met in her dream, or should I say nightmare? They sounded familiar but never did they ring a bell. Candy shook all of her thoughts off. She didn't want any distractions because she needed to be ready for that healing mission. Besides, it was just a dream right?

Then her mom called her from downstairs telling her to go down for breakfast.

"Yes mom! Coming!"-Candy yelled back.

When she got down the stairs, the doorbell rang…

"Mom! I'll get it!" "I wonder why Therese got here early? Hmm… maybe she became excited!"

When Candy opened the door, the man greeted joyfully.

"Hello! Good morning! Delivery for Ms. Parker! It's from WVO New York"-He read

"Thank you"-Candy replied as she took the package.

Just then Candy remembered about her tickets… she quickly signed the clipboard. Opening the mysterious box, she saw all the things she needed, 2 round trip tickets, a car key for a Benz, a pass for Linden Suites hotel, a credit card for her expenses and lastly an ID to get pass the WVO security guards. Candy went back to her room and placed everything inside her purse except the box. Then she went back to the dining room to have breakfast with her family. Everything went smoothly that day till 4pm when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!"--Candy stated excitedly for in her thoughts was one and only best friend waiting for her to open the door. "Hi!" –Candy said

Then when she looked at the face of the person, she found out that it wasn't Therese but a beggar who is asking for donations, she took her purse and gave him some money. The beggar replied…

"Thank you dear! You must be blessed with a kind heart"

His voice, Candy remembered, the loud sound of a rough voice it wasn't new to her. Then it hit her, the man who tried to kill her from her dream, sounded just like the beggar. Again, she tried to shake all misconceptions from her mind, after all, it might just be a coincidence right?

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