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Inside the house, Candy was just warming herself up after she took a shower. She was lying on the bed waiting for John to come out from her bathroom. The rain stopped after it got them soaked. Half an hour later, John emerged from the bathroom and stared sweetly at Candy. Candy just gave him a wink after scooting over for a place to sit on.

"You know, I don't really know why I've always used your shower when my house is just a block across from yours." –John asked as he sat beside Candy, his left arm snaking to her shoulder.

"I don't know. You're the one taking a shower." –Candy said smartly. John then showed a genuine smile before kissing her passionately. "Mmmm…" –Candy moaned.

"I can get used to this." –John teased as his right hand starting creeping around her waist up to her stomach. Candy got startled and pulled away.

"No baby… This is not how I—!" –Before Candy could even finish her sentence John pulled his hands up in 'I surrender' position then placed them on her neck before kissing her again. Their passion became heated, but their fun was cut short when the telephone rang. "Cheese… wait wait… I need to answer the phone."

"Let him be. Whoever that is." –John grunted as he tried to capture her lips again with his. Candy gave him a few more pecks and gently pushed him away from her so that she could roll over and answer the damned phone.

"Hello?" –Candy answered as John watched her intently.

"Who is that?"-John mouthed. Candy just shook her head and sat up. "Heya Dad!"-Candy said as John sat up too and just embraced her from behind.

"You want me to go home already? Why so soon?"–Candy said and paused for a while. "Eric? Who's he?" then pause, "What? But Daddy!" –Candy said with a frown. Then sighed with relief. "I thought you were serious there." –Candy gave a slight giggle as she interlaced her right hand with John's.

"Daddy… Could you give me a little more time here in the States? Please!" –Candy pleaded as John just listened intently. "Why… uhm because, I—I" –Candy was interrupted by her father. "What? How did you know?"-Then pause. "Oh Daddy! Thank you! I love you!" –Then Candy shut the phone with the biggest grin on her face.

"What did your Daddy say?" –John asked. Candy gave him another sweet kiss before answering his question.

"I can't believe it… He's the best father I'll ever have." –Candy stated staring at John's baby blue eyes.

"Correction, he's the only father that you'll ever have."-John said with a smirk.

"Whatever… All I know is, he knows me real well."

"Want to explain further?" –John asked.

"Alright. Well, I was asking him if I could stay here a bit longer, he asked me why… Then he slightly guessed that you had something to do with it. He was like 'Wait, I think you're going to stay there because of that John right?' I was asking him how did he know and he just said he knows me well when I fall in love." –Candy said.

"Cool, then I'm cool with your Pops then everything is settled." –John said.

"Everything is settled for what?"-Candy asked a little bit confused.

"Don't worry about that Baby girl." –John stated as he leaned in for another kiss.

The night ended well for both of them. John went home around 3am after having to watch a movie with Candy. After John left, she wanted to wait for Norielle completely forgetting that Randy told Candy that there was a possibility that he's not going to drive her home that night, but just minutes later, exhaustion ate her up and she fell asleep.

Next morning, Candy woke up from her bed as she rummaged downstairs to look for some breakfast. Whilst she was still making some coffee from her pot, she heard some keys shuffle near the door. Candy went over to the door and opened it, to save his or her effort for whomever that was standing there. Nonetheless, it was Norielle fully awake.

"Good Morning." –Candy greeted with a smile as Norielle entered the house wearing a big shirt and some shorts.

She also had a big plastic bag on the other hand containing the olive dress she wore that night. In her other hand, she brought her purse.

"Hey." –Norielle greeted with slightly a smile.

Candy then looked over her shoulder and saw a sports car speeding off. She wasn't sure of who brought Norielle home but her guess was it was Randy. After Norielle had entered, Candy slowly shut the door behind her. Candy walked to the kitchen to get the boiling coffee and make two cups.

"Hey Nori? Come here for a sec will you?" –Candy called as Norielle came in the kitchen.


"Are you alright? Had you have some sleep?" –Candy asked Norielle as she gave her a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, I did." –Norielle replied plainly.

"What's with the short answers? What did Randy do to you?" –Candy was scared for Norielle and not to mention, Norielle didn't take the cup of coffee from Candy.

"Oh he did nothing to me. We just talked." –Norielle answered. "Remember yesterday when we received the 2 important pieces of paper and the paperweight?"


"Randy sent them. He told me just last night." –Norielle said unable to look straight into Candy's eyes.

"Nori! WHAT DID RANDY DO TO YOU?! You look traumatized!" –Candy was becoming terrified.

"It's not that Candy… He told me that my parents want me back, but I really can't decide on it. I feel so out of place. I don't think I want to be with my real parents but then I'm sick of the life being Parent-less. Even so, Randy gave me an option, it's either I agree with the senator or Randy's going to adopt me as his own."-Norielle stated.

"If you don't want to go to the senator Nori, then go to Randy at least you'll be in safe hands." –Candy said.

"If he's going to adopt me, I'm going to be his sister… I can't be his sister. No fucking way." –Norielle stated.

"Why don't you tell me what really happened." –Candy said as she led Norielle to the living room.

Then she began telling Candy what really took place that fine evening.

Norielle entered the hotel room with prying eyes. She didn't know what they were going to talk about and she was nervous to talk to Randy in a peaceful manner this first time. Randy then pushed her a little bit more inside and locked the door. He guided her to the bed where he gave him his large shirt and a pair of gartered shorts.

"Change." –Randy stated as he handed the woman in an olive green dress the clothes.

Norielle nodded as he went inside the bathroom to change. A minute later she came out and gave her dress to Randy's out stretched hand. He patted the space beside him motioning for Norielle to sit beside him.

"What are we going to talk about Randy?" –Norielle asked as she sat down beside him.

"We need to straighten things out Nori, I mean a lot has happened." –Randy said as he took an envelope from a duffel bag and handed it to Norielle. "This contains your high school pictures, bio data, ID's, certificates and fake birth certificates." –Randy continued.

"Why are you giving this to me?" –Norielle pondered loudly as she looked through the documents.

"Nori, I was telling the truth when I said I tried to look for you, but you were always difficult. You found ways to hide or something… And you did know that my father told me to pursue my wrestling career so I didn't have the time to look for you anymore." –Randy said.

"Back in high school, I gave you this Hello Kitty paperweight. During that time, I drained my allowance just to get Courtney some expensive flowers for Christmas, which she stepped on right in front of me. So, I had only a few bucks left to buy you something for Christmas. What surprised me was you're eyes suddenly lit up of that fake paperweight I gave you. I was actually scared that you may not like it, but there goes Hello Kitty losing her eye lashes but you still loved it."-Randy continued

"Well I did love it." –Norielle stated.

"I know. That's why when I went back to the Whitehouse to look for Courtney, I saw her putting all your stuff in a box then I saw the paperweight. Immediately, I knew you were telling the truth and Courtney was the one lying to me. I took it with me together with the two papers that were clipped between it. I broke up with Courtney right after and you were right Norielle… There wasn't much effect on her." –Randy told her. "And so, after reading it I sent them to you."

Norielle's fist hit Randy's arm. "Why did you read that?! That wasn't supposed to be any part of your bees wax Randall!" –A small smile crept up Norielle's immaculate face.

"I guess what I mean to say is Nori… I need to have you back in my life, but before I rush you into things… I want you to be able to work things out in your life. So there are two choices Nori, go back with Mr. Veracruz or be an Orton." –Randy stated as Norielle's eyes widened.

"Are you asking me to go back to my father or if not I will marry you?" –Norielle couldn't think of another option. After all, Randy did say 'to be an Orton' and for a girl to change her last name, it's either she gets adopted or get married.

"Well, I'm not asking you to marry me… I'm asking you to go back to your real parents or treat my parents as yours and you'll be my sister." –Randy stated.

"No freaking way that I'll be freakishly going back to my skank parents! I was fine without any parental care before and I'm fine now." –Norielle stated stubbornly.

"You are, that's true, but not for long Nori. You're out of the Whitehouse. This is a totally different world Nori, you might get hurt." –Randy stated.

"No I won't." –She shot back plainly.

"I'm offering you choices." –Randy insisted.

"I don't need it." –She bit back bitterly.

"Alright. Alright... Enough said. Just tell me what you want to do with your life." –Randy asked. "What did you take up in college?"

"I took Accounting, but I wasn't permitted by Courtney to take the Board Exam so I'm not official, and I'm officially jobless."-Norielle stated as she realized that at some point Randy was right.

"I can give you a job, but I need to confirm if you'll be able to apply, but as for now, could you please… Please stay in touch with me?" –Randy asked.

"I'm here, aren't I?"

"You haven't changed a bit. You're still my little seaweed that grew a bit bigger." –Randy said and smirked. He then took off his shirt and his pants as he walked around he room to get his music player.

"Randy, what are you doing?" –Norielle froze at the sight of his flesh walking in front of her.

"I'm looking for my player."-Randy said as he scrupled through the bags.

"No what I mean is…" –She trailed as she stared at his body. His body changed a lot. He wasn't the lean meat type of guy that she knew back in High school anymore; he's now a grown-up with a personality.

"Oh don't worry about it. You could stare all you want, but no touch baby." –Randy teased as a smirk formed in his lips when he faced Nori with his music player at hand.

"You wish." –Norielle said and took the bed. "Since you're a dumb ass… I take the bed you take the floor kapeesh?"-She finally said and crawled under the covers.

She took everything in, his words, his appearance and his scent absorbed by the soft pillows. The night was a little bit empty and as soon as she drifted off to sleep, the outside world was cut off.

"That's what happened?" –Candy asked.


"Then why do you look so scared when you told him you didn't want to choose?" –Candy asked as he sipped some of her coffee.

"I don't really know." –Norielle stated as a small smile crept to her lips.

"Bitch. You need some coffee. You're damned well confusing me!" –Candy said as she handed her the cup of coffee that she was giving her a while ago. Norielle gladly took it and bounced, literally bounced up the stairs. "Crazy girl…" –She thought.

That morning was good as Candy thought. Norielle just browsed some magazines as she spent every morning of her life. Randy on the other hand was pondering on how to get Norielle a family that someone will attend to her needs, and John… Well John just didn't wake up early that morning. He woke up 30 minutes pass noon.

He was late for important stuff and he needed to rush if he still wanted to keep his job, and so off he went.

Autograph signing, recording album launches, movie promos, pay-per-view promos, movie contract signings and pictorials all in one day! John was completely exhausted when he got a text message from his brother Steve to watch the news on TV. John walked through the double doors of the hotel where his co-workers were staying in, and there he just saw good news, live from the Whitehouse.

"JAIL IN DC FOR THE PRINCESS? Live from the Whitehouse, Melanie Sloane is here to report the current happenings inside the Whitehouse, Melanie?"

"Yes Jeanne, Courtney McKinley the only daughter of President George McKinley has been sent to home care inside a department in the Whitehouse. Reports said that just a week ago she tried to ransack important papers of her father inside the office. After that he went inside her room and tore all the beddings. Papers flew at the Whitehouse today and a hearing has been made about this issue. Important evidences of the 9/11 incident were burned because of this mishaps and the House would like to hear from Ms. McKinley."

"And when will this hearing be?"

"It is already done Jeanne. At exactly 3pm, the jury has already declared that Ms. McKinley should not live close to the important documents of the Whitehouse prior to the diagnosis of her doctor, Dr. Swank. In a report, Ms. McKinley is suffering from terrible depression and need some time alone in quarantine for the next 7 years."

"Thank you Melanie. There you go the people of America! You first heard it on—"

John didn't continue watching the news anymore; he had heard enough to put him on a good mood. Once out of the building he was repeatedly receiving phone calls from different people who knew about Courtney's twisted mind. One thing is for sure now; there will be no Courtney to mess things up with Candy now… Or so he thought?

Meanwhile Randy saw the news too and he was happy. He suddenly realized that if Norielle had wanted to go back to her real parents then she would be involved in this messy and disgraceful world of Politics.

He thought twice and considered the second option, what if Nori chose to be his sister? Could he be a good brother and would his brothers even keep with her witty and opinionated character right away as he did? And most importantly, would their relationship be just as sibling and nothing more, or would they end up in illegal incest? Randy's mind was in a boggle quiz wherein he couldn't find he right words in so little time.

Randy thought of brushing the topic away and maybe Norielle would forget to choose. He thought of himself, what did he really want from Norielle? A sister? A bestfriend? A girlfriend? A cousin? A foe? Or a wife?

His proud mind, suddenly filled with questions, ached for an answer. He couldn't think of anything when all his foolishness came to point where he found all reasons to his actions. Maybe these were all a part of a trick of life.

Later that night, Randy, Candy, Norielle and John met up for dinner in a Chinese restaurant. The waitress in her lovely red Chinese-collared dress offered them 4 fortune cookies, which they all hand picked in a 2 fish bowls, one for women customers and another for male customers. When they opened theirs a surprise opened their eyes into a new beginning.

"Mine says, have a lucky charm to prevent Karma from chasing after you." –Randy said while he ate the cookie

"Mine said, Peace will you be in a man who loves you and uses you for a shield from Karma. Nonetheless, he is not scared, but you are only braver than he." –Norielle stated as she drank some tea. 'What does yours say Candy?"

"I haven't read mine… I wanna be the last. How bout you John?" –Candy said.

"I like the cookie, and says I want to kick some ass!" –John joked in a fake Chinese Confucian's accent, and ate the cookie leaving the paper on his clean plate. "Okay, okay, I'll read it… Your family is in one circle with hot bubbles underneath. Helping others bring good Karma, do not overlook those who look plain and simple."

"Weird… mine says… Throughout your life you aim to please one man, good Karma wants to repay you, now you will need to please another and together you will live in one house."-Candy said as she nibbled on the folded cookie.

"We've got weird fortunes here."-Randy said.

"It sounds weird because of the animosity Randall." Norielle stated smartly with a smile.

All fortunes said one word four times. KARMA is the new beginning.


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