Full Summary: The year is 1988. On November first, Remus Lupin's world takes a turn for the worst.. On suggestion from Dumbledore, Remus finds himself not only out of Canterbury and away from his normal life, but in a different country, with drastically different rules. Lead a double life with his childhood correspondence in New York, he finds another group of friends, and even love. But can even that last long, or will destruction follow him from England to terrorize while he attempts to fit in to the life of a Boheme?

Roger Davis, on the other hand, believes life can't possible get any better. He is in love with the perfectly ravishing April, living it up in a loft with his school friends Tom Collins and Benny Coffin, and fronting what may become one of the hottest rock bands in Alphabet City. When his oldest-friend-through-mail Mark Cohen writes to tell him that he's comming to stay for a while, it's just icing on the cake. Little does Roger know that his life is about to take a drastic turn, and it may not be for the better.

Explanation: Okay. I have alway had a Harry Potter fettish, Or, at least, I have had one since I was nine and I actually read the books. I have only recently fallen in love with RENT, after seeing the movie, watching the play in New York, and listening to the Soundtrack a billion times.

So, anyways, on the late night of September the ninth, or the way to freaking early morning of September the tenth, whatever, I decided to visit some of my rolplay sites as-believe it or not- absolutely nobody was on! Therefore, I reverted to the old classic: reading fanfiction.

I read some Harry Potter... I read some Rent for the hell of it as well. It was around then that I got the idea for this story in my confused little brain. By the time I was done the first chapter and it had gone throught my meager spellchecker, I realised that it was three thirty in the morning, and my reflection on the screen showed me I resembled something like a Panda Bear addicted to crack.

Okay, so all you fans of Harry Potter, and fans of Rent; (actually, if you're planning to read this, then your probably a fan of both like me) I'd like to say this. Please, please don't kill me for my ideas. I know that you may think it's far fetched. I know you may think I am utterly insane and sleep deprived. But guess what; I figured there may be one day when one of you is bored when you find yorself up at three Am, and this is probably for all of you.

This is the first chapter. The second will probably be up guarenteed tonight. Enjoy

Just one final note; bold italics above this story is the date, it'll change every so often, as it is want to do. I'm trying something new with this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, many of you know this already. Howver, nor do I own RENT characters either, including April and Alison, who appears in this story, even though they technically wern't big in the play. Please don't sue me, because I am broke, and you will get nothing out of me except sad, salty tears.


Novmber First, 1988.

This was the worst day of Remus Lupin's life.

"I'm sorry Remus, they're dead."

Sitting in Dumbledore's warm, comfortable office, Remus gripped the edge of his chair, trembling. He searched his old headmaster's face, hoping- no, praying- for a sign that his mentor was not telling the truth, wanting to believe that the headmaster of Hogwarts was just being coy with him.

He could find none. Behind the half-moon spectacle, his aged face was wet with tears.

" They were found last night. Not even the house withstood the attack, Remus. Of course, by now, you'll have heard about Harry, though."

Remus nodded, a short, jerky thing. Harry Potter was the boy who lived. It had been in the Prophet that morning; the top story. However, he couldn't help but morn painfully over the loss of Lily and James. Two of his best and only friends. The parents who died.

"But...But how? Wasn't there any protection? Why them and not someone...someone else?" Why was Harry still alive while his parents lay dead.

Dumbledore regarded Remus with something that seemed a mingled concoction of regret, pity, and...was it possibly a look begging for forgiveness. " I can't answer your questions, Remus. You will, however, find out soon enough. I called you here for a request, not to give answers."

Remus raised a shaking hand to his face, peering out through his trembling fingers, covering himself in case his own tears started to fall. "I'm not... I'm not going out to finish anything, Dumbledore. I can't... Not now, after them-" He choked on the words on his tongue, swallowed, but could not start again.

"On the contrary, Remus." Dumbledore said, passing behind his chair, escaping the twenty-one year old's view. "I would like you to take a... Breather, for now. I believe it best at the moment. Perhaps... Visit your parents... Leave London, have a vacation, whichever you feel necessary. Try to forget, for now."

Unbidden, Remus had an image of himself on a beach somewhere warm, reclining on a lawnchair while he tried to push the imaginary images of Lily and James' corpses along with the sounds of a crying baby from his mind. He snorted sarcastically before he could stop himself. Albus stopped somewhere behind him.

"I'm quite serious about this, Remus, you'll only dwell on it here. Besides, certain matters may pop up in which I'd rather you not be here to witness."

"What-" Remus started, but he was cut off sharply.

"I expect you to be ready to go late this afternoon. And I will be sure that you do leave, Remus. Find someone you can stay with. I'm sure you can find lodgings somewhere with family... Or I can certainly arrange."

Remus sighed, resigned. Even as Dumbledore spoke though, a different image crept into his mind. Of an old photo and a yellowed letter he had kept with him for a few good years, ever since he was seven, and after the... The incident.

"No, I know where I can stay for a while."



Draped in nothing more than a towel, April Ericsson peered out from around the bathroom door into the main room, her hair sopping wet and leaving puddles of water on the floor.

Tom leaned back against the couch and regarded April with a look that he may give to one of his students asking him a question he heard every year.

" Fair, but I want a trade-off. How's this: you ever take up the bathroom at seven A.M. for more than thirty minutes, then I get to take my early morning piss in your shoe closet."

Benny, who was sitting beside him on the beaten-up couch, choked on his coffee.

"That is disgusting." April grimaced, shaking her head and sending water flying.

"Hey...Don't do that, your hitting us over here. I've already showered, thank you."

"I know that. Seeing as there's not a drop of hot water left, probably in the entire frigging building."

"You know, it may not be just our fault." Benny gasped, finally getting ahold of himself. " Everything is connected in this building. That Spanish girl we're renting to upstairs has forty-five minute hot showers at six. You can here her singing in them." He took a sip of his coffee, and lowered the mug thoughtfully. "Of course, you may not have known that, seeing as six o'clock is your early morning screw Roger time, isn't it?"

April flipped Benny the bird and stepped back into the shower, shutting the door with a thump.

"Weren't you supposed to meet Alison already?" Tom asked as he raised his feet to place them on the coffee table.

" Shit! Yes!" Benny grumbled, jumping up quickly and almost upsetting his mug. "I'm not even dressed yet, Damnit! I told you to remind me!"

"And I did that just now, didn't I." replied Collins.


"I really feel the love, Benny."

Brriing! The phone punctuated the air with a shrill ring, cutting off any retort that was comming back. With the skill of a long-jumper, Benny lunged for the phone (for there was a possibility that Alison was on the other end.) And missed it by an inch. Tom calmly pressed speakerphone.

A loud male voice filled the loft.

"Hello, is Roger Davis there?"


"Hello, is Roger Davis there?" Remus asked the phone. He stood in the middle of the muggle airport, two measly and harshly battered suitcases at his feet, dressed in his best muggle attire.

"No... Rodger's out scouting clubs at the moment."

"Isn't it seven AM. there?"

"Excuse me? What are you talking about? Better yet, who the hell are you?"

" Nevermind, different timezone. My name's...Mark. I'm a friend of Rogers." Remus ruffled a hand through his hair, smiling slightly at the use of his familiar, first- alias.


"That'd be me."

"Hell... He never shut's up about you."

A female voice, somewhere farther away and slight muffled, called in the background.

"That's Cohen? Thank god! I though Cohen was, like, his first ex."

The man he'd been talking to called back in answer.

"Named Mark?

"It could happen."

Remus chuckled. "Nope, just correspondence."

"Correspondence, hell, I didn't know Roger could read."

"Anyways..."Remus added, hurriedly. A line for the phone was beginning to queue up behind him. "Do you know when he'll be back?"

"Dunno. Couple of hours?"

"You wouldn't mind giving him a message then, would you...er...?"

"Tom. And yeah, I'll tell him. What is it?"

"Tell him I'm comming for an... Extend visit, and that I'll contact him when I reach New York. Ask him if he'd mind me staying with him for a while."

"Hell, you won't need to ask, man. There's already four of us living here, one won't be too big an inquisition."

"Well...ask him anyways." Remus sighed. "Just in case. My flight's leaving soon, so I've got to leave."

"Got it. I'll tell him."


Picking up his bags, Remus hurried to his departure gate. Dumbledore'd been kind enough to help him afford the ticket, and any money he'd had was transferred not only into muggle money, but American. He closed his eyes. The only thing good about this trip ahead was that, at least for the flight, he'd be able to cry if he needed to, and not worry about being embarrassed about being seen by someone he knew.

For, except for his meager possessions. He was literal leaving everything familiar behind.


"So Roger has a correspondence, eh?" Benny called from the other room as he hurriedly began to get dressed.

"Sounds like it." Tom added. " Strange the things you don't know about a person."

"I want to know why you said it was perfectly fine for him to stay with us?" April scolded, now dressed in jeans and T-shirt and sporting her towel rap now on her head.

"Why shouldn't he." Quipped Collins and Coffin nearly simultaneously.

April folded her arms across her chest, flopping into Benny's unoccupied seat.

"Isn't it obvious. It'll be four men to one women. That's dangerous levels of beings who think only with their sexual organs."


Alright! First chapter in the bag! I would just like to add on the end, that if anybody was wierded out by Tom's when the Rent characters (a few of them) were introduced, or confused, then whatever, review, and I'll explain. I used it because I a) Could not think of anything else for the life of me and b) Because I figured I'd go from an experience. Yes, someone told me that once. Don't ask.

Secondly, I like to say if anybody is insulted by anything April says in this chapter or in upcoming chapters to come, I'd like to point out she is a fictional character to whom we only know three major facts about, and have no idea of her personality. I made her up based on a little picture that walked into my mind. She is not real, and she certainly does not share my views on certain issues.

Lastly, just to clarify some things with the plot and such. It is not the play or movie setting in Rent. Well, yeah, okay it is, but in this story, it is a year before the happenings of the 1989-1990 year. That means: Angel will not appear in this story as a major character. Benny is currently only due to be engaged to Alison Grey- which in my mind brings to mind the fact the maybe he wasn't an utter asshole at that time, and prehaps still living 'with the guys'. Mimi will be a minor kind of walk-on role, and we'll see her a couple of times: In fact, she was mentioned in this chapter, find out where. Maureen is currently not living with Benny, Tom, April or Roger, because, well, 'Mark's' not, and the only real reason I think she knew them was because of her relationship with Mark. Joanne, like Mimi, will only have a minor walk-on bit. Wan't more explaination, just email or something telling me what you want explained.