Love or Chaos?
Chapter 1: Haruno Sakura

Author's Note: This first chapter is sort of just an introduction to the story so there wont be much of an interaction between the characters…also it would be good if you read carefully because some of the things said may be important later on.

Since most of this chapter is Sakura's 'inner thoughts' I thought that it wouldn't be that nice if they were all italic. The inner thoughts that are short will be italic though. Whenever I read fanfics, I don't like reading more than 2 paragraphs that are like that…well that's just me. Tell me what you prefer and if most of you like it italic, I'll do something about it.

And yes, I know that Sakura may appear to be a Mary Sue in this chapter, but assure you, she isn't. Future chapters would justify that ;)

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"Sakura-sama? It's time to get up now." A voice behind the door said.

"Hmm...10 more minutes." Sakura replied. It was always hard to wake Sakura up early in the morning, no matter what the reason was. I guess you could say she was a heavy-sleeper. Although once you manage to let her out of her bed, it would be very difficult for her to sleep again.

The girl behind the door sighed. "Sakura-sama you already said that earlier. You should get up now or you'll be late for your first day of school." This has already been the routine for the past years ever since Sakura had to go to school. She was now entering her junior year in high school so this 'habit' has been going on for quite a while now.

Sakura grumbled, "Fine, fine I'm coming down in a few minutes. I'll just take a shower and change. See you in a while Yukiko-chan"

"Hai, Sakura-sama!" The girl answered cheerfully. She then left the door and proceeded downstairs. 'Same as always…' She thought with a smile.

Sakura came downstairs wearing a white top, a blue skirt that ended about three or four inches above her knees and white havaianas. (A/N: If you don't know what havaianas are, they're just slippers and they come in different colors and designs.) Even if you just take a glance at her, you would instantly know that she had a sense of style and fashion. But of course, she knew her limits…unlike other girls… (coughslutscough)

Well, if ever you do take a glance at her, her sense of style will not be the only characteristic you will find amusing. She has pink bubble-gum hair that ends in the middle of her back...yes it is natural. She also has a very nice complexion.

She already has a normal-sized forehead, mind you (which was quite larger than normal when she was younger. That was one of the reasons she was picked on by other kids in Japan when she lived there. That was when her family wasn't so rich yet so others didn't care about hurting her feelings).

She also has mesmerizing emerald eyes that any person can stare at for hours and not get bored. These eyes made her look so beautiful…so innocent. Yet, if you look very closely, these eyes could also tell you what she felt, no matter what her facial expression might be. "A mirror of your thoughts and emotions," her mother had said. Right now, her eyes mostly showed happiness, but if you look closer, you would see that there was also pain and sorrow, something she tried desperately to hide from others especially from him.

"Hmmm…" Sakura stretched and yawned. "What's for breakfast today, Yukiko-chan?" Although Yukiko was just a maid in her house, Sakura has grown a close friendship with her. She started serving the Haruno family eight years ago. She was always the one she went with if she wanted to go out and her friends weren't free. Although Sakura insisted that she call her 'Sakura-chan,' she still refused because she stated that it wasn't proper and she had no right to call her 'master' like that.

"I made pancakes Sakura-sama. I also heated you hot chocolate, as always." Yukiko replied. "Thanks Yukiko-chan!" Sakura said. "I wonder how Temari-san and your other friends are…they seemed really sad when we said goodbye to each other before we entered your private jet." Yukiko pondered out loud. "Yeah…" Sakura replied absent-mindedly.

Speaking of friends…Sakura sighed to herself. I wonder how they are too. They said that school would have started yesterday. Why yesterday when Yukiko said that school would start today? You might ask…well I just 'moved out' or rather took a two year-long vacation out of my 'real' house (or mansion) back in America. I am now living in my other house, just a little bit smaller than my other one in the US…though 99.5 of the whole world would probably say that it is still enormous.

It had all started when I wanted to become a doctor…which was probably when I was 5 years old. I loved helping others especially if they were experiencing physical pain. I hated seeing people suffer.

Although I really wanted to become a doctor, my father had dismissed that idea. He wanted me to take over his (and my mother's) company, Haruno and Co. It was a business company that he led. Currently, it is ranked as the first business company in the world, together with Sharingan, lead by the Uchiha clan and Byakugan, lead by the Hyuuga clan.

For a long time, these three business companies have been in conflict and it hasn't been resolved until now. Well, the Sharingan and Byakugan have already been in conflict generations before. My father's business, Haruno and Co., only started tying up with both of them nine years ago. So far, all three of them are still tied in the first rank. Some said that Haruno and Co. would lag behind. That's why my father got furious and forced me even harder to lead the company when he retired.

Also, due to major competition, my father and mother were always out going on business trips, and I was left alone. I guess some people would say that I was lucky because I had the mansion all to myself and I could do whatever I wanted. But, well I didn't think that way. I didn't even feel that way at all. All I wanted was to be recognized by my dad.

He barely noticed that he even had a daughter. If ever we talked, all we would ever talk about is business, my studies, although he already knew that I would get high. Outstanding grades were expected of me. I worked hard and received honors and graduated at the top of my batch during elementary school.

I thought that he would be very proud and praise me when I told him that I was the top student of my batch…how wrong I was. After I told him, all he said was 'As expected for a Haruno' (A/N: heh familiar much? xD anyway on with the story…) And just as always, he would leave our conversation, if its even considered as one, and say that he needs to go to an important meeting.

I felt miserable and like some other times, my mom comforted me. The relationship with my mom is probably the exact opposite of the one with my dad. We were in good terms and we were really close. Whenever I had problems or felt bad, which was usually caused by my father, my mom would just stay by my side and console me.

Although she doesn't spend as much time with me as many other mothers could, I am still happy that I have a mother as caring and loving as her. She makes time for me despite all the work she has to do for the company. Sometimes I wonder how love blossomed between my mom and dad. They are almost exact opposites. Well, love is mysterious…I guess.

During summer, after my graduation from elementary school, looked for a high school in America where I could learn medicine well so that I could excel in my studies during college. I told my mother and she supported me. She even helped me find the school that suited me. I didn't care what my father would say. I was almost sure that he wouldn't even know where I studied my freshman year until at least 5 months after school started. He didn't bother so much to ask me those kinds of questions…and I was wise enough not to bring the topic up.

There, I met a lot of friends like Temari, Gaara, Sai, Shino, Kiba and Kankuro. There were also other people but I didn't really consider them friends, more like fan boys…or as Temari calls them - annoying, lame, ugly, people who only care about looks, power, wealth, or any of the sort. Well…what she said was true. They only did like me for that, and I'm thankful that I found friends who like me not just because of all those qualities, but because I was, well, me…no more, no less.

My closest friend would have to be Temari because both of us are the only girls in the group. We would tell each other secrets…not that we would want to keep anything from the other guys but sometimes only girls would understand…you know girl talk. We also go to the mall together a lot and stay there almost the whole day. We go shopping (well…window shopping mostly) very often as well, with me bringing my credit cards and her refusing my offer to pay for her.

Don't think I was spoiled. Actually a lot of people say that I was really thrifty. I spend my money on necessities. Although there are times that get out my way and almost buy the whole mall. Weird…I know.

We once asked the guys to go shopping with us. Well…after much persuasion, they accepted. It was one of the funniest days of my life. They were complaining almost every single second, of almost every single minute; of almost every single hour and…well I guess you get my point. They were amazed by how much stamina me and Temari have for walking all over the mall for hours and never getting tired.

Gaara is my second closest friend. He is Temari and Kankuro's brother. Although I sometimes think that he just wanted to be in that school because he absolutely loved blood. Heh, maybe he even stole some from the containers (we had a lot of blood samples to study during one of the classes) when nobody was looking. Well, who knows? Despite the fact that he was really quiet at times, he was always there to watch over me and kick the butts of whomever guy that looked devilishly at me or thought stuff like…well I'm pretty sure you could guess. He is really friendly even if he doesn't show it most of the time.

Sai is a friend that I hated at first. I never thought I would be friends with a guy who called me ugly and described me as a hag. He's probably the only guy in the entire student body that even dared to do that...well except for my close friends but we laugh about it in the end. Don't think that I'm conceited or anything but well I didn't like it when he did that. I mean, who would want to be called that in front of everyone when you just met the guy a few seconds ago? Well…as time passed I got to know him better and we eventually became friends.

Shino, Kiba and Kankuro have well…a lot of things in common. They all have a certain hobby that is clearly visible every single day. Shino loves bugs. He cares for bugs, feeds bugs, has statues of bugs, posters of bugs, documentaries on bugs, movies on bugs, erasers that are shaped like bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs! Even his jokes are all about bugs! Heh…I guess that's what we like about him…

Kiba on the other hand loves dogs. He even brings his favorite pet, (which is obviously a dog) named Akamaru to school. Dogs aren't allowed in but I guess they made an exception with him. Nobody really knows why but rumors said that they allowed him because he was my friend…weird. Believe me when I say I don't like stuck up people. I hate those who really try to impress me and want to get my attention all to themselves. I've met a lot of them…and needless to say they were seen walking with trash all over their bodies as well as bruises…courtesy of me and my friends…heh.

Kankuro loves puppets…and when I say love, I mean really loves them. He loves making them; playing with them, painting them, fixing them, attaching strings to them…well I guess you get the point. He brings some to school everyday. He even made each of us one. Well personally, I found mine really cute. It looked exactly like me except in my chibi form…kawaii!

As for my studies…they were great! I got high grades and I was always the top of my class. Even the teachers admired me for my talents and skills. I wasn't a nerd…heck no. I played numerous sports and excellent form in each one of them. I was captain of the cheerleading squad and I loved it because unlike other schools, cheerleaders weren't like those selfish snobby people who thought they were at the top of the food chain. I was also co-captain in tennis, next to Temari. We were really good in that sport because of the tennis court I have at home. Temari and I practice there at least once a week. I also played fairly well in soccer. Sai was the captain of the team as well as the best player in the squad.

Of course I was not only focused on sports and academics. I also played some instruments and others said that I sang very well. I told them that maybe it was because I always sang in the bathroom while taking a shower. I took piano lessons since I was six and started playing the guitar as well as the electric guitar when I was 8. So I guess you could say I was a very well-rounded person. Many would also say that I was very blessed and I got all that I wanted…well they were wrong. I know I'm really blessed but I don't get everything I want. Why? One word…dad.

Well I guess you're wondering why I left that school when it was already perfect for me. Well, my dad found out and he was furious. He asked Yoshi, our butler to tell me to go to his study…and whenever he did that, it was always a very serious matter. (his study was one the many rooms at home. It was a place where he did his work, so he was there most of the time whenever he was at home. He works in the office, in meetings, business trips that would most of the time be in other countries and at home. Jeez…how much more work can a person do?)

We had a very serious talk, a one-on-one as he would put it. He cut of my balance for a month but I didn't care…I didn't need it anyway. What affected me was that he said he would transfer me to another school in another country. It was Konoha Achademy, a private co-ed school in Japan. Japan…I'm a full blooded Japanese and I lived and studied there until I was 6 years old. Then we had to leave because of my father's growing business in America.

I was pretty excited to come back to Japan because that would mean coming back to the country I came from and being able to see my friends there again. But that would also mean leaving my friends and home. I didn't want to. My life in America was perfect for me. (well except my relationship with my dad) I wanted to cry right then and there…but I didn't. One thing I learned was that I should never cry in front of my father. It showed weakness, vulnerability…and he absolutely hated it.

I did that before, and he called me weak, hopeless…someone who always needed someone to hold on to. I felt miserable hearing those things from my own father. After the lecture, I promised myself that I would become stronger and more confident with myself. I improved and no one could ever let me down just by saying bad things about me…except him.

I left his office with my head held high, although my tears where threatening to fall. I reached my room and that was where I let it all out. I told my friends and we went out and talked one last time before I left. Me, Yukiko and a few other maids, my driver and a couple of bodyguards arrived yesterday morning and we finished unpacking yesterday night. Bodyguards? My dad's really protective of me even if it looks like he doesn't care about me at all…ironic. I guess he just did that because he didn't want anything bad to happen to me. After all, who would lead the company once he retired?

"Are you okay Sakura-sama?" Yukiko asked, waving a hand in front of Sakura's face. Sakura came back to reality and blinked a couple of times. "Oh sorry for spacing out…I'm fine." Sakura replied smiling.

"Oh okay, you made me worry for a second there. I guess you should start eating, Sakura-sama. Your food might get cold and its almost time for school" Yukiko replied. "Oh, right! Thanks Yukiko-chan," Sakura said while reaching for her spoon and fork.

Sakura finished eating fifteen minutes later. "Shall I tell Toshi to get the limo ready, Sakura-sama?" Tukiko asked. "No its okay, I wont use the might start a bit of a commotion, that is if I get to school early. Please tell him to get my silver Porsche ready though. Wow I can't wait to go out. I think I can still remember all the roads here. After all, I was pretty much of an explorer when I was young" Sakura chuckled. "Hai, Sakura-sama!" and with that Yukiko left. Sakura went upstairs to brush her teeth and came down 10 minutes later…hey what can you say, it's a pretty large house.

She left the house with Toshi driving her. "Hmm I wonder if she's going to be alright…" Yukiko told Yoshi, (he's Sakura's butler…just in case you forgot hehe…), as she left. He was also the brother of Toshi, Sakura's personal driver. "Do you want me to send some bodyguards to watch over her?" Yoshi asked. "Nah I guess she wouldn't like that. Sakura-sama doesn't really like so much attention. And with bodyguards trailing after her, that's sure to cause some." Yukiko replied.

"Phew" Sakura sighed. She was now in front of the principal's office after running from the entrance gate where Toshi dropped her off. She was late…well at least people didn't see her when she arrived. She placed a cap over her head and tucked her hair inside. Pink hair would just make people stare at her, call her weird, ask her if it was natural or even recognize her.

That was what she didn't want. She didn't want people's first impression on her to be like 'oh she's the rich and beautiful Haruno girl.' No…she didn't want that. She wanted people to treat her normally and to like her for who she is and not because of her wealth and beauty.

She entered the office and was greeted by the woman who was most probably her secretary. "Yes, how many help you?" She asked. "Um, I'm new here and my name is Sakura. They told me to pass by the principal's office to get my schedule." Sakura replied. "Oh yes…," The woman said while opening her drawer and getting a yellow piece of paper.

"Here, Haruno-san, I hope that you have a nice day today. You're lucky to be in Hatake Kakashi's class this morning…He always arrives late so I guess you'll still be able to enter your classroom without any late marks."

"Oh. That's…good to know." Sakura answered. "I'm Shizune by the way. Come to me if ever you need anything." Shizune said. "Thanks Shizune-san!" Sakura greeted happily while leaving the office. She's a nice of very few. I wish other girls here can be more like her. Shizune sighed. Well I guess I shouldn't be speaking too soon. After all she hasn't met Uchiha Sasuke…yet.

"3-D...3-C…3-B…3-A…Ah here it is" Sakura said to herself. The school is huge! But I guess it isn't as big as my school last year…although at least I knew where to go on the first day of school because they gave us a tour the day before…

She knocked on the door just to make sure if the teacher arrived already. "Come in," a voice from inside said. Oh no I guess I teacher came in before I did. Sakura gulped. She slowly came in and saw everyone staring at her.

She looked at her teacher. He was what you could call…unique I guess. He had a mask that covered his left eye, as well as his lower face. The only thing you could see of his face was his right eye. He had silver spiky hair and black eyes.

Before Sakura could say anything…

"Look! She's so pretty!"

"Hey want to go out with me?"

"She wouldn't want to go out with you! Go out with me!"

"No me!"

"The force of beauty is strong in this one…" sweatdrop…

"Wow! She is so full of youth!" (I guess you could tell who said this)

Sakura groaned. Just great...less than one hour in school and I already have these guys bugging me. Amidst all those shouts, she heard someone groan. "Oh man another slut in our class! Why can't there be more normal people here?" Sakura was enraged when she heard that. "What's your problem! Just because I like fashion doesn't mean I'm a slut!" she said, her eyes covered by the front of her cap and her fist clenched.

"Really? Oh sorry then…hehe" The person said while chuckling while scratching his head. Almost everyone fell anime style at this statement. Sakura sighed and looked at the foolish person who said it.

Her eyes grew wide. "Naruto?" She said to the blond boy who looked like he had 3 whiskers on each side of his face...he was the only person she knew that had things like those on their face. Before she had left Japan, she had made a couple of friends, namely Naruto (whom she was the closest with), Tenten and Neji and Hinata Hyuuga (although her friendship with them was kept quiet because of the conflict in business between the two families).

"Huh? Yeah that's me…do I know you?" Naruto asked uncertainly. Sakura giggled. "Yeah…long time no see Naruto. Thanks so much for your welcome speech." Sakura said sarcastically. Seconds passed and everyone was quiet…finally…

"SAKURA-CHAN! How have you been? Did you have a good time in America? Why did you come back here?" Naruto said. Sakura giggled again, "Same as always…"

Just then a girl with brown hair fixed in two buns stood up while waving at her. "Hey Sakura! Long time no see!" Sakura smiled, "Hey Tenten! Nice to meet you again!" Her eyes then wandered to the purple-haired girl with lavender eyes who was waving at her as well, although meekly this time. "H-hi S-Sakura-chan l-long time n-no s-see…" "Hey Hinata! Nice to see you too!" Sakura greeted happily.

Hmm…if there's Hinata, Neji's bound to be here too…unless Hinata's father thought that she could handle herself already which is almost not an option…and Neji stopped being overprotective of her, which I guess is barely an option as well.

She found him beside Naruto in the last row. Naruto was on his right while an empty seat was on his left. Next to that empty seat, right beside the window was a guy with dark-blue hair and onyx eyes. Hmm I guess he's bored. He looks quite familiar though. She discarded her thoughts and came back to reality. "Hey Neji!" she greeted him cheerfully."Hello Sakura-san." He greeted back. She grinned. Soft-spoken as always…I guess not much has changed around here.

Just then… "Hey forehead-girl!" said a loud voice. No please don't make it be her…anyone but her. Sakura thought. Her eyes wandered to whoever shouted that. Oh great… "Hey Ino-pig" Sakura said reluctantly. "I am NOT a pig! Heh I can't believe you decided to come back here. Your forehead is still as large as ever." Ino said smirking. Grr my forehead isn't large anymore Ino-pig.

Ino was one of the people who teased her for everything she did wrong when she was young. She was sort of like the target of bullies. Why? All because of Ino…Sakura embarrassed her before without meaning to, and since Ino was a very popular girl in the school, she was bullied by others. She felt inferior to everyone…until she met her friends. After that, she stood up to Ino and many in the student body backed her up.

"For your information Ino, I think Sakura has outgrown her large forehead. She looks really pretty too!" Tenten said. Many boys nodded in agreement.


"Hn, that's the first time I saw you say 'hi' to a girl besides Tenten, a relative and someone you have to greet in a party for business reasons, Hyuuga," the guy with spiky dark-blue hair and onyx eyes said. "I guess you don't know her then, Sasuke," Neji replied smirking. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sasuke more like stated than asked. "You'll find out soon enough," Neji replied, his smirk getting wider. "Hn" Sasuke said.

Sasuke Uchiha is the biggest heartthrob of the school. Neji did get some fans as well but didn't get half as much attention as he did even if he was rich as well. Why? No one knows… He is the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha.

He has an older brother named Itachi who graduated from the Academy three years ago with top marks. Needless to say, his brother was a prodigy. Sasuke is referred by Naruto to be an ice cube because of his cold and stern attitude. Despite this fact, many girls still chase him and irritate him to no end.

"Please stop talking now, you can continue talking later. We need to continue our study on Japanese history." Their teacher said. "Pffftt. All you do is read that Icha Icha Paradise book Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said. "Whatever" Kakashi replied

Sakura asked, "what's an Icha Icha Paradise book Naruto?" Everyone turned their heads to her once again and sweatdropped. "What?" Sakura asked naively. "Haha! You're as innocent as always, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said while laughing. Sasuke raised his eyebrow.

Their teacher coughed to get their attention. "Okay Sakura. It seems that you know several people from your class although it would be nice if the others get to know you as well. Please come here…introduce yourself. Say your name and tell us a little about your life. Also state your likes, dislikes and goals" The teacher said. "By the way, my name is Hatake Kakashi." Sakura nodded. "Hai, Kakashi-sensei!"

Sakura then stepped in front of the class and did what the teacher had asked. "Hello, my name is Sakura. I came from America but I am full-blooded Japanese. I lived here until I was six years old, that's why I have some friends around here. Umm…I like cheerleading, soccer, tennis, playing the piano, guitar as well as the electric guitar. I also enjoy singing and going to the mall with my friends."

"I dislike people who only like me for my wealth, power, looks or any of the sort. I also don't like frogs, the dark and well a lot of other things. Um…my goal is to become a successful doctor so I could help others but…I don't think that goal would ever be fulfilled." Sakura smiled sadly.

Hn…just like mine. Sasuke thought.

"Thank you Sakura-san." Kakashi said. "Hmm please sit in the seat in between …Sasuke and Neji."

"WHAT? HOW COME SHE GETS TO SIT WITH MY SASUKE-KUN!" Ino cried. Well she wasn't the only one…many girls were whispering and glaring at Sakura, while she just stood there dumbfounded. I guess he's a heartthrob and famous around here. No doubt, he's really handsome…Sakura mentally slapped herself. Arrgg I better stop thinking about those stuff…I might end up like those people who only care about looks and not what's on the inside.

"Sakura-san, you may be seated now." Kakashi repeated. Sakura snapped back to reality. "Hai Kakashi-sensei." She walked in the aisles to get to her seat, receiving many glares in the process. She sat and waited patiently for Kakashi to begin lecturing. Seconds, minutes passed and Kakashi still didn't take his eye out of his book.

"Hey Neji, how come he doesn't start lecturing yet?" Sakura asked him. "Kakashi never lectures. He lets us study on his own…and he reads that book almost 24/7" Neji replied. "Really? What is it about anyway?" Sakura questioned him. Neji sighed "you wouldn't want to know."

Sakura then turned to Sasuke and smiled at him. "Hello what's your name?" He didn't reply. 'Grr I was just trying to be nice and all you do is ignore me' Inner Sakura said. "What's your name?" Sakura asked again, trying to get an answer this time.

"You're annoying" Sasuke said, turning his head to her. 'That's it!' Inner Sakura exclaimed. "Hey all I did was ask your name! Just trying to be friendly here…and all you've got to say is that I'm annoying?" she told him angrily.

Sasuke smirked at her, keeping his composed expression. Looks like she's different after all…interesting…

"Hey I'm talking to you! Are you like a statue or something? And stop smirking!" Sakura said, still angry, while didn't move a muscle.

Neji was also smirking, although no one noticed him. He saw Sasuke's smirk when Sakura retaliated to him. Hn, I knew you would be interested in her Uchiha. You'll thank me someday…or not.

Their 'fight' stopped when they heard Ino shout, "Hey Kakashi-sensei! Didn't the student handbook say that we aren't allowed to wear hats in school?" while smiling evilly at Sakura.

At this, Sakura froze, as well as Naruto, Tenten, Hinata and Neji (although you wouldn't really notice it because his face was also calm like Sasuke's.) Sakura didn't want to take it off…and all her friends knew why. It wasn't because she didn't like her pink hair.

She liked it…it made her unique. Her mom also has pink hair. Even if she likes it a lot…it also has a shortcoming. It's not everyday you see a girl with natural pink hair. People would recognize her…and treat her differently just because she was the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Kakashi sighed and finally took his gaze away from his book. "She's right Sakura, I'm sorry. Please remove your hat." "But -" Sakura helplessly said but was cut of by non other than Sasuke. "He's right. Just remove the hat and stop complaining." Sasuke told her amusingly, still smirking. Sakura glared at him.

Sakura exhaled. Well…I would have to show them my hair sooner or later anyways, Sakura said to herself. Heh, but I would rather show them later than sooner, Inner Sakura retorted.

With one flick of the hand, Sakura took of her hat and her silky pink hair slid down to her shoulders and unto her back. Some gasped while some remained silent, others had a shocked expression on their face. Seconds passed and then…

"Oh my god! Its Haruno Sakura!"

Great...just great…another peaceful day for Haruno Sakura…not!

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