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It'd been a few hours and Zero had managed to show Kai around then entire Hunter Base within the rest of the day.

"So now wh---" Kai started, but was quickly cut short by alarms going off throughout Hunter Base.

Zero sighed, shaking his head. "Come on. Let's go see what the problem is." He said and took off down a hall, not moving full speed, as to not let Kai fall behind.

Kai quickly ran after him, nodding. "Right." She said.


Zero turned sharply into the command room, followed by Kai. X was already in there.

"Alia? What is it this time?" Zero asked, walking over.

"It's Zahara again." Alia answered. "This time, she's in central city."

"Her name's...Zahara?" Kai asked herself, listening to them curiously.

"Wait...central city...? Oh crap! Teleport us there, immediantly! That's where most of the humans are at this time of day!" Zero said.

Alia nodded. "Right. Programming teleporter to Central City." She said.

"Zero? Can I come too?" Kai asked, looking at Zero.

Zero looked at her, though let out a soft sigh and nodded. "Alright, fine, just don't get hurt..." He said before rushing over to the teleportation devices and stepping, Kai right behind him.

X smiled just slightly, seeing as he could easily tell Zero was protective of Kai, then he walked over to another teleportation device and stepped on.

Alia glanced over her shoulder at them to make sure they were ready. Noting this, she looked back at the screen and hit a button, causing Zero, X, and Kai to teleport out.


"X! You go on and search for the wounded! I'll take on Zahara!" Zero shouted over to his blue friend.

X nodded. "Right! If you need me, contact me!" He said before turning and dashing off quickly, turning his right arm(Or was it his left...?) into his X-Buster.

"Now then, let's go, Kai." Zero said, then took off towards an area where there was a rather large cloud of black smoke.

Kai nodded. "Alright, I'm coming." She said and ran after him.

When they got there, the scource of the smoke seemed to be from a burning building, which was apparently caused by the female Maverick standing there with a Saber in on hand and a blaster in the other hand. Her eyes were blood red, and her gloves were the exact same color, except at some places, there was darker red where blood had actually stained them. The metal bands covering the wrists was dirty white and also had blood stains on them - not as much as the hand armor, though. The armor on her forearms, chest, and back was dark purple, and the armor on her calves was dark teal. The armor that covered places such as her upper arms, upper legs, stomach, lower back, neck, and so forth was dark red and, like her hands adn wrists, had blood stains on them as well. Her hair was silver and to her shoulders. Her shoulder plates were black with dark purple spikes on them, and she also had a thick, black metal headband going around her head for protection. On the front of it was a blood red, star-shaped crystal.

"Hn?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder as she heard them stopped. "Oh. It's you. Again." She stated harshly. "Why don't you Hunters just buzz off and leave us Mavericks to destroy these worthless humans?" She demanded, turning to face them.

"Because humans aren't worthless, and we will not let you destroy them!" Zero snapped.

She smirked heartlessly. "Oh, why not? You know it's every Reploid's dream to do away with the humans..." She said, her voice trailing off at the end.

"No it's not, Zahara, X doesn't want to, I don't want to! No Reploid that has a decent mind wants to!" Zero stated.

Zahara's smirk grew, but she froze as she spotted Kai, her eyes widened some. 'She's that little girl from the dreams I've been having...' She thought, though quickly changed her face to being an emotionless one. "I suppose you came here to stop me, didn't you? Let's fight." She said calmly as she placed her blaster in her sheath like thing on her waist and got into an offensive Saber Stance.

Zero reached up and grabbed the hilt of his Z-Saber, pulling it infront of him and ignited the green blade. "Of course." He said, then glanced at Kai. "Kai, stand back, I don't want you to get hurt in battle." He said.

Kai looked at him, but nodded. "Alright..." She said, then stepped back a few feet and watched the fight. "Don't get hurt, Zero..." She muttered and watched the fight.

Zero took a battle stance, then lunged and aimed a slash at Zahara's knee.

Zahara swiftly jumped back enough to avoid Zero's Saber, before lunging with her own, aiming for his chest.

Zero easily blocked that blow, considering he'd had to block many blows aimed for his chest in the past. He brought his right leg up, then kicked Zahara hard in the stomach, sending her flying backwards.

Zahara winced, then sat up, noticing she'd dropped her Saber. She growled slightly, then stood. "Hmph. Like I need my Saber to fight." She said, balling her fists.

Zero walked over ot her Saber, placing his foot on it. "You're going to fight me with your bare hands? You won't last long." He stated, pressing down and crushing the hilt of her Saber.

Zahara smirked some. "Who says I'm going to use my fists?" She asked, pulling her arm back like she would with a whip, then lashed it forward, opening her hand as a slot opened on her palm and a thick chain, that had some spikes on it, shot out of it, straight for Zero.

Zero's eyes widened slightly from shock, then he jumped to the side, barely avoiding the chain, but then looked to see where it'd hit. He gasped. "Kai! Watch out!" He yelled. She'd been about right behind where he was standing, so she was in the chain's line of fire.

Kai looked at the chain, freezing in place as her eyes widened some.

"Move, dang it!" A voice, very similar to Zero's, shouted as a black blur darted from the shadow and a clone of Zero grabbed Kai and tackled her to the side, the chain skimming across his back just slightly. He winced, then looked at her. His armor had the design of feathers on it, and was black, instead of red like Zero's was. The places that should've been silver, were dark blue, as the places meant to be gold, were red. He also had some fire designs on places like his shoulders and what not. He had red eyes, and black and red hair. "Are you alright?" He asked, sitting up and letting go of Kai.

Kai shook her head to regain herself, then looked at him. "Yeah... thanks." She said.

Zero sighed in relief, then tilted his head. "Wait, he's another Maverick, how come he just saved Kai, if she's a human...?" He asked himself, quietly.

Zahara growled as her chain retracted into her arm again, glaring at the clone. "EX! You traitor! You're supposed to be AGAINST the humans!" She snapped.

The clone, EX, smiled slightly and stood up, then looked at Zahara, arching an eyebrow. "Oh? Who says? I might have been created as a Weapon of War for the Maverick Army, but that doesn't mean I have to stand around and watch you kill a child." He stated.

Zahara glared at him, then looked at her wrist armor as a beeping sound started coming from it. "Hn?" She asked, then sighed. "Commander Sigma calls, Maverick Hunter, I will see you another time." She said as she teleported out.

Zero stared a moment, then sighed. "Mavericks are cowards... say, EX, why did you choose to save Kai, anyway? If I'm correct, you are as well known to attack human populated areas as Zahara is..." He said, voice trailing.

EX shrugged softly. "Maybe you ought to pay attention to the death toll of my attacks, and hers. If you were to look at one of hers, you'd see she kills men, women, and children, providing they are human." He said. "If you pay attention to my attack stats, you'd see I only attack those combat-capable, and very few children come up as dead, as I try to avoid harming them."

Zero nodded slightly. "Ahh... makes some sense." He said.

"Why do Mavericks attack humans?" Kai asked, looking at Zero questioningly, then EX.

"Mavericks think that humans are inferior and don't deserve to live, so they try to kill any that they see. Most are mindless killing machines, few of them have control over what they do." EX explained.

"Oh..." Kai said, glancing down.

EX sighed slightly, then shook his head. "I need to get back to base. Later, Zero, Kai." He said, waving slightly and teleported out.

"I guess we ought to go find X, then head back." Zero commented.

Kai nodded. "I suppose so." She said.

Zero shrugged softly, not saying anything else, then started walking, as Kai followed him.


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