Life after Doomspell Trilogy

A/n: My imagination of the story after The Wizard's Promise. Not a continuation.

Chapter 1: Life on Earth

Not much has happened since the fall of the Griddas. They have made it up with the other witches, but not the Highs. Especially Calen. She was unwilling to accept the fact that her mother and sister died under the hands of some earthly being. Rachel. She refused to make peace with the Witches and Wizards until Rachel was killed. Since the fall of the Griddas, the Highs have been set free and were plotting to get Rachel on their hands.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Morpeth, Eric, Rachel and the prapsies were living their life as usual. Rachel went to the kitchen in the morning and heard the usual insults. "Comb your hair, Blondie monster," said one of them. "Rachel merely said, "It's been two years and you won't change." She ate her usual breakfast – bread and marmalade. Then, she went out to the garden.

Morpeth had noticed something unusual about her. It was almost as if she was bored. Bored of her life on Earth. Rachel was thinking. She was worried that she was getting bored of this repeating cycle of her daily life. She could not believe that she actually enjoyed all the fighting between the Highs and Griddas. The fighting gave her a sense of being wanted. She felt that she had a purpose in life – a mission to fulfill. Morpeth joined her in the garden. "I've been thinking," he said, observing her reaction. Rachel paused. Slowly, tears began to flow from her eyes. Morpeth stared at her, stunned. "I haven't said anything."

Rachel smiled through her tears. "You obviously haven't had much chance to comfort girls." Morpeth went red. Rachel changed the subject, "I just can't help it. I can't believe that after all the near-death incidents I've gone through, I'm thinking like this." Tears had began flowing down her face like buckets again. On impulse, she turned around and 'slammed' her head against his chest. Morpeth had no idea how to react. "What are you thinking? What can be so terrible?"

He did not have a chance to find out. At that precise moment, Eric came running out. He shouted in alarm, "The Highs are coming! Run, Rachel! They are after you!" Rachel froze in shock. "No way. You must be joking, Eric. The war between us ended ages ago." At the same time, she was afraid that it might be true. Even though she wanted all the fighting to be back, she was only imagining it. She didn't really want havoc in the world. What she wanted most was world peace. "I am not kidding you! Get the hell out of here!"

It was too late. No sooner than he said those words, the Highs, four of them, appeared in her garden. Eric was not prepared. "What do you want? The war is over!" Eric screamed. Calen smiled. "Rachel. That's all I want." Morpeth said angrily, "First Dragwena. Then Helen. Now you. How many others do we have to endure and fight? What do you want with her?"

Calen replied silkily, "Not much. I just want her life. So Rachel? Do you want to come alone or with them?"

Rachel wiped her tears and said, "I am going nowhere with you. Haven't you caused enough havoc on Earth? Haven't you disrupted my life long enough?"

"I assure you, this is the last time," Calen said, spitting the cleaning spider on the ground.

"Well, that's too bad. I can't trust you enough," Rachel said airily. Pausing for a while, she said, "Fine. I'll meet you at Antarctica. Tomorrow, 6am. Be punctual."

Morpeth was stunned. "Are you crazy?"

Calen smiled… Then, she shifted.