Six weeks later…

"Jackson! You busy?" Cam asked, standing in Daniel's doorway. Daniel looked up and shrugged.

"Not really."

"How's…?" he asked, pointing at his head. Daniel smiled.

"I'm getting used to it."

"If you don't mind my asking," Cam started, leaning against the doorframe, "why doesn't he leave?"

Daniel shrugged. "That'd be a question to ask Maeror. Though, personally, I think he likes it up there, sorting through everything."

Cameron watched in fascination as Daniel's look in his eyes changed, something he was still trying to get used to. The others said it reminded them of Jacob Carter and Selmak but Cam hadn't been around then so…

"You're wondering if Daniel wants to play you in basketball," Maeror said knowingly. Cam nodded. Thatwas also something that everyone had to get used to. Maeror smiled.

"Would you play me rather than Daniel?"

Cam shrugged. "Know how to play?"

Maeror's smile widened. "I can learn."


"You sure the Ori never had basketball matches?" Cameron gasped later. Maeror smiled, not even slightly out of breath.

"I have never played this game before, Cameron Mitchell," he assured him. "I am a fast learner."

Cameron stooped down, trying to catch his breath. "Couldn't tell."

"He whipped your ass," Daniel commented. Cam glanced up at him.

"Bet you enjoyed it," he said. Daniel smiled.

"You see? He's having fun."

Cam stood up, clapping Daniel's shoulder.

"And he's being easily accepted," the colonel added.


Daniel, I have been thinking, Maeror announced suddenly. Daniel set down his pencil.

You usually are, he commented.

No, I mean, about my past, Maeror explained. I'm going to try to rejoin the Ancients.

Daniel frowned. I thought you didn't like their laws.

And, as I've found searching through your memories, I'm not alone in that, Maeror pointed out. Oma, Morgana, Merlin…

Okay, I get your point, Daniel interrupted. But look what happened to them.

Maybe if they see my determination by the act of rejoining them, they will start to reconsider, Maeror mused. Daniel shrugged.

Your decision.

Maeror smiled and, slowly, Daniel felt half of his mind leaving, a slight headache forming.

"Thank you," a familiar voice whispered in the air. Daniel stared at the energy form before him as it silently flew away. After a brief moment, Daniel stood up and ran to the control room. When he arrived, Landry and Walter were already baffled by the 'gate's activation.

"It's coming from our end, but I'm not doing it, sir!"

"It's okay," Daniel assured them. "It's Maeror."

Landry glanced at him, frowning and Daniel only jerked his head at the 'gate, smiling. They looked to the now open wormhole and saw a swarm of light hovering in front of it. A face formed in the energy and turned to lock gazes with Daniel. Maeror smiled and then, without a further hesitation, floated through the event horizon.

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