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What Does Your Stomach Tell You?


Shiruji-chan & Clarobell

Chapter 11 – Round and round it goes

A day had passed since Luffy and Zoro had kissed and since then, Sanji hadn't missed an opportunity. Zoro would react with anger and insults, but Luffy would merely laugh it off, not really understanding what the chef was teasing him about.

The three were down to their last small portions of meat now and had only enough left for the morning meals. Sanji had just finished cooking and walked over to his captain, potion of meat-on-stick in hand.

"There you go" he spoke, handing Luffy the meat before adding "...loverboy..."

Luffy laughed and happily chomped on his meat.

"Thanks Sanji!" he replied in a muffled voice inhaling the small portion of meat at an alarming rate

Zoro in the meantime, didn't seem quite as unfazed.

"Shut up, shitty cook!" he snapped as a blush crossed over his cheeks. He was having enough trouble with his feelings as it was without Sanji teasing them every 5 seconds. It was strange really. As far as he could tell, they'd said they'd loved each other, kissed ... and then nothing had changed. They were still captain, and first mate, still best friends, and still acting the same with one another.

Sanji merely smirked Zoro's way before handing him his own portion and returning to the fire to retrieve his own meal.

"Aww!" Luffy whined as he realised he'd finished his meat and pouted.

Zoro looked between Luffy and his meat twice before shifting closer to the boy and nudging him to get his attention.

"Hey..." he called softly.

"Huh?" Luffy replied, looking Zoro's way.

Without a word Zoro handed his portion to Luffy and smiled as the boy's eyes lit up in happiness and his bright grin returned to his face.

"Thanks Zoro!" Luffy muttered, hugging the swordsman tightly "You're the best!"

"Aww" Sanji drawled in a sugary voice, smirk firmly in place "How sweet of you Marimo."

"Shut up!" Zoro snapped back, nudging Lufy to try and get him to let go and shaking his head to try and get rid of the blush

He just didn't understand it. Last week if Luffy had tried this then he would have just shrugged it off or pushed the boy away from him, maybe even shouted at him, but now it brought up the strangest feelings in him that made his stomach churn in both good and bad ways and damn it – Sanji wan't making it any easier to deal with!

"Oh no moss-head" the cook continued, his smirk widening "Don't let me ruin your ... fun"

Zoro couldn't believe or stop the flood of explicit images that rushed into his mind and he quickly scrabbled away from Luffy and grabbed some stray snow before rubbing over his face to get rid of both the deep blush and traces of blood from the nosebleed. Sanji in the meantime was laughing hysterically and almost choking on his food.

"And you call me a pervert!" the cook muttered between his laughter.

Luffy laughed with Sanji until his stomach rumbled loudly and his smile dropped into a frown.

"Na, Sanji!" he whined "Is this all the food we have left?"

"The last of it..." Sanji replied as he chewed on his last bite of food.

"I'm going for a nap..." Zoro muttered as his stomach rumbled loudly and he moved to lie back against the cave wall.

"Maybe there are more beasties here..." the rubber boy muttered as he looked towards the cave entrance and hummed in thought.

"Luffy, we already searched the whole island remember?" Sanji stated with a sigh "You and Zoro searched the mountains and I searched the lowlands"

"Oh" Luffy replied, thinking for a second before grinning innocently "But we didn't – we got bored so we went back to the cave!"

Zoro flinched as those words escaped his captain's lips and tried his hardest to feign sleep.

"Is that ... so?" Sanji ground out, his eye twitching slightly as he turned to face Zoro.

"Yeah!" Luffy laughed.

Without a word the cook got to his feet and made hs way over to the 'sleeping' swordsman. Suddenly he swung his leg out and Zoro's eyes snapped open and he rolled to the side just in time to avoid the blow and Sanji's leg collided with the side of the cave, making it rumble.

"What the hell cook?" Zoro spat.

Sanji didn't reply and was about to strike again when without warning the cave started to rumble again, louder this time. A huge chunk of rock suddenly fell down from the roof of the cave and slammed into the top of Zoro's head. Now any other time, the swordsman would have clasped his head and cursed loudly, but with all the damage sustained in the past days and the combination of injury and weakness, his defenses had been weakened and as it was his eyes rolled back and he collapsed to the ground in a dead faint.

Sanji blinked once and then twice before muttering the single word that would come to his mind.


He knelt beside Zoro to make sure he was ok before snorting and laughing slightly, trying to smother it after Luffy gave him an icy glare.

"Sorry captain" he sniggered "I didn't know that would happen"

"Mean Sanji!" Luffy stated, crssing his arms and pouting.

"Eh?" came a groan from below them and both eyes turned to Zoro who was starting to wake up.

"Welcome back" Luffy smiled as he leaned over the swordsman.

"Wha' the fuck happened?" Zoro slurred as he shook his head and tried to sit up.

"Sanji tried to kick you and then you rolled over and he hit the cave and a rock landed on your head!" Luffy answered with a grin, proud of himself for relaying such important information.

"Why does this stuff always happen to me?" Zoro growled as he rubbed his head and winced before standing up dizzily and walking towards the cave entrance "Stupid fucking cook..."

"Hey Zoro!" Luffy called "Where are you going?"

"Fishing" the swordsman replied simply "I'm hungry"

"Why is Zoro all wobbly?" the rubber boy asked, turning to Sanji.

"I guess he's dizzy, its to be expected with a blow to the head"

Luffy's eyes widened and he chased after Zoro.

"But Zoro!" he whined "You're dizzy! You'll lose your footing and fall to the snow and get buried alive and I'll never see you again and-"

"Don't be stupid Luffy" Zoro replied "I'm fine"

"No you're not" Luffy mumbled back, blinking at him.

"I..." Zoro tried, but stopped as he caught a glimpse of the eyes and quickly looked away "I'm hungry Luffy – I'm going to get some fish"

"Oi" Sanji muttered, standing up "I'll go..."

"I can go too!" Luffy agreed

"Whatever" Zoro sighed, sitting back down and feeling very grumpy now that his headache was back.

In the mean time, Sanji was trying to think of a way to get Luffy to stay with Zoro. He would fish better without Luffy. The boy was too noisy. He smirked as he thought of the perfect plan.

"You'd leave Zoro here, all alone and cold and injured?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Luffy looked from Zoro to Sanji and then back again before plumping down next to the swordsman.

"I'll stay here" he stated with a nod.

Sanji smirked and walked out of the cave, leaving the two alone. As soon as the chef was out of sight, Zoro slumped back and lay down with a groan.

"Na, Zoro, are you okay?" Luffy asked.

"Ah-huh" Zoro replied with closed eyes "Just ... tired..."

He was snoring within seconds and Luffy sighed boredly.

"Okay" he muttered.

Suddenly Zoro jerked back up and grabbed Luffy by his leaf shirt before pulling him back down beside him and wrapping an arm around the boy and going back to sleep. Luffy snuggled up to Zoro's chest before yawning and deciding to take a nap himself.


It was the smell of cooking fish that brough Zoro from his slumber and he blinked his eyes open, blushing as he saw Sanji smirking at he and Luffy in their cuddled positions. He quickly moved away from the boy and sat by the fire, staring at the roasting fish. His head felt a lot better and the headache had dulled.

"This all?" he asked gesturing to the cooking fish that looked more like scraps.

Sanji grunted and nodded, pulling one from the fire and handing it to Zoro. Luffy hummed in his sleep and Zoro smiled at him before turning around and nudging him awake.

"Oi, Luffy" he called "Dinner"

"Oi!" Sanji protested "That's yours! He ate your breakfast!"

Zoro shrugged and waited for Luffy to wake up as Sanji growled at him.

"Wha?" Luffy muttered as he blinked his eyes open before sniffing the air hungrily "Food?"

"Yeah, here" Zoro offered, but to his surprise, Luffy pushed the offered fish aside and stood up, walking the mouth of the cave.


"Luffy?" Sanji called, blinking curiously before grinning "You smell food?"

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" the boy screamed, bursting from the cave and running away like a maniac.

The remaining two grinned before running after him. You could always trust Luffy's stomach after all.


"I wish Sanji was here" Usopp sighed as he handed Chopper some fried vegetables

"If he's alive that is..." Nami added pessimistically as she too sighed.

"Of course he is!" Usopp glared back "In fact! They're probably on this island!"

"Really?" Chopper asked hopefully.

"Of course!" Usopp grinned, puffing out his chest.

"Isn't that what you said about the last island?" Nami scowled.

"I ... I was just kidding then! This is the last island in the area ... they've got to be here ... right Chopper?"

"I ... don't know" Chopper whispered back turning his gaze to the ground.

Nami stroked his back in comfort and sighed.

"It's unlikely that they could have survived the freezing temperatures of the water for very long" Robin stated "And if they did make it to land then they would have to find shelter"

"And food" Nami added

Usopp sighed and took a bite of his roasted vegetables.

"Are you sure there's nothing for them to eat around here?" he asked.

"All we found was fish right?" Nami muttered "And they were really tiny too ... and with Luffy's appetite..."

"Well then Luffy will be attracted to the food and find us!" Usopp stated with a fake grin "He'll move even faster if he's really hungry!"

"If captain-san and the others did drift here, they would have been here for quite a while" Robin stated gloomily "And with these frigid temperatures..."

"And Luffy didn't get the jacket" Nami stated "All he has are those shorts and vest..."

"Fooooooood!" a voice cried form the distance.

"Maybe you guys are right" Usopp stated with a sigh as he heard the faint voice "I can still hear him now, yelling for food"

"As a matter of fact, so can I" Robin replied, her eyes widening slightly.

"U-Usopp!" Chopper grinned "I can hear it too!"


"He sure can run fast for a guy thats so sick and injured!" Sanji shouted sarcastically as he picked up the pace to try and catch up with his captain

"Nothing stops him when he wants his food!" Zoro shouted back, panting harshly as he struggled to keep up, but he just couldn't seem to catch his breath and the distance between he and Sanji started to grow

"Oi Luffy!" Sanji called "Slow down!"


Usopp's eyes widened as his captain dashed around the the side of the moutain and stretched his arms, rocketing forward and throwing hismelf onto the food, completely ignoring his newly found crew. Nami's jaw dropped as she watched the boy and she started to look around for the other two missing members. If Luffy was here, they had to be.

"LUFFY!" Chopper cried, latching onto the rubber boy, who was still ignoring him in favour of the food

"Luffy!" Usopp cried happily, tears streaming down his face and then his eyes widened further as he spotted another familiar figure running their way "Sanji!"

Sanji ignored the marksmans call and ran staright to Nami's side only to be clonked over the head.

"It's so good to be scolded by you once again my love!" Sanji cried from his crumpled heap in the snow.

Nami grinned and dived down, hugging the cook who grinned dopily at the attention. Luffy finally finished with the food and finally seemed to notice that his missing crew were around him.

"M-Mina!" he cried

"You're slow!" Nami shouted, but Luffy only laughed at her.

Chopper ran to Luffy's side and clung to his leg. Luffy grinned down at the little doctor and picked him up in his arms.

"What happened to your shirt?" Nami asked, looking at Luffy's makeshift shirt.

"Uh ... its a long story" Sanji laughed.

"Hey Luffy, where's Zoro?" Usopp asked, looking around for their missing friend.

"Huh?" Luffy blinked, also looking around "Sanji, where's Zoro?"

"Shit" Sanji muttered, scanning the area "Can't that moss-head go two damn minutes without getting lost?!"


"Where the hell am I?" Zoro muttered from the top of the highest mountain on the island, hugging his arms to his chest as the temperature dropped lower.


"Sanji!" Luffy shouted "We have to find Zoro! He's all wobbly and stuff!"

"That idiot!" Nami hissed, her eye twitching as she shook her head

"Wobbly?" Robin questioned with a small smile, ever amused with her captain's terminology.

"Nothing for you to worry about Robin-chwan" Sanji replied "The stupid Marimo's dizzy from getting hit over the head with a rock after being his stupid Mossy self"

"A rock?" Usopp questioned skeptically "Just a rock?"

"Sanji did it!" Luffy whined, pointing at the cook with a frown in place "He tried to kick Zoro because I don't know why and then he hit the cave wall and a huge rock fell on Zoro's head!"

Sanji yelped as Nami whacked him and profusely apologised for his utter stupidity.

"Hey guys, calm down!" Usopp grinned "This is Zoro – he's not going to let a little bump on the head stop him!"


"W-Where the hell is this?" Zoro stuttered through his chattering teeth from the opposite end of the island as the rest of the crew before pushing on.


"Um, well, he didn't eat either, then he got attacked by this monster, then he fell a long way down and landed in the water and then he didn't eat again" Luffy counted off on his fingers "He was stuck in the water for a while, then we had a fight and he ran off, and then he didn't eat again because he gave all the food to me because we kissed and stuff I think..."

The crew blinked back at Luffy for a few seconds with wide eyes before all shouting.


"You ... kissed?" Usopp choked out

"They finally realised Nami-swan!" Sanji smirked.

"Yeah" Luffy replied to Usopp "Sanji made us because he said that if I didn't tell Zoro I loved him then he wouldn't give me food or let me back in the cave..."

"You what?" Nami hissed, glaring at Sanji

"No my sweet!" Sanji cried in his defense, on his knees and bowing dwn to the navigator "I left them alone to figure things out and Zoro confessed his love for Luffy first!"

"Zoro needs a doctor if he's hurt..." Chopper muttered, gaining the crews attention.

"But how will we find him?" Usopp asked, his knees starting to shake as he looked out into the darkness of the island

"Namiiiiii!" Luffy whined "We have to find him!"

"I can't find him if I don't now where he went Lufffffyyyyy!" Nami rpelied, mimicking Luffy's childish tone of voice.

"The idiots probably sleeping" Sanji muttered

"Sleeping outside in these temperatures can kill, cook-san" Robin replied

Sanji bit his tongue to hold back any reply. No way was he admitting he was worried.

"I suppose we'd best look the old fashioned way" Nami sighed starting to walk further into the island "Come on"

"It's snowing" Chopper stated as white tufts started to fall from the sky "It'll make it harder to find him"

"Don't give up Chopper!" Luffy grinned "Well find him!"

"I promise you'll be very impressed with my work when you see them together Nami-san!" Sanji grinned as he ran up to walk beside Nami

"I'm sure I will" Nami smirked back "And its about time too..."


The crew searched throughout the night, but finally decided to wait until morning, unable to find anything with the lack of light. Luffy was reluctant to leave, but after being reassured that it would only be a few hours, he joined the crew as they trudged back to Merry.

The missing swordsman was lingering on everybody's mind as they huddled in the galley together to warm up and get something warm to eat and drink. Luffy seemed unusually quiet. They gathered around the table in silence and waited.

Suddenly the door to the galley swung open and Zoro, clad in fresh clothes and looking quite well rested and warm walked in, trudged over to the cooler, pulled out a sandwich and started to much on it before turning to the stunned crew, who's faces were still flushed red from searching in the snow for so long.

"Took you long enough" he muttered before walking out of the room again, calling over his shoulder "I've been waiting here for hours!"

The crew stared at the closed foor for a few seconds before finally Nami cracked.

"I'll kill him!" she screamed, launching out of her chair and having to be restrained by several arms, courtesy of Robin "I'll kill the prick! Let go!"

Luffy burst out laughing and jumped form his seat, running down to the men's cabin to see his swordsman lying on one of the sofa's. He ran over and plopped down next to him, snuggling up to his side and sighing contentedly. Chopper followed shortly after and after chekcing Zoro over and fixing up his injuries, left the two alone.

"Luffy?" Zoro called sleepily

"Hm?" came the equally tired reply

"Don't tell Nami anything about us kissing okay?"

"Okay Zoro" Luffy replied with a smile, competely ignoring the fact that he'd already told Nami a summary of everything. The two settled down for a well deserved rest.


Around a week had passed since they'd been picked up by the crew and Zoro, Luffy and Sanji were pretty much at 100 again. Zoro watched as Luffy ran around the deck laughing with Usopp and Chopper as usual whilst Sanji doted on Robin and Nami. The only difference was the knowing smirks he would get from the cook, navigator and archaeologist. He'd even get them from Usopp from time to time, and the safe sex talk from Chopper was damn embarrassing!

He turned his head away from Nami as she started to giggle after looking him and turned his gaze to the skies, his eyes narrowing.

"Storm!" Nami shouted suddenly and then they were all on alert once again.

Within seconds the waves were crashing against the hull and rocking the ship dangerously from side to side. The crew scrabbled frantically to secure everything as Luffy laughed loudly. Zoro's eyes widened as huge wave rose from the ocean and crashed towards them. Luffy was right in its path.

Runing forward, he looped his arm around the boy's waist just as the wave hit and sent them spiralling from the ship. Keeping hsi hold tight, the only thing he could really think was, how the hell could this happen twice in one month? He struggled to get to the surface and get his head above the water as well as Luffy's, but once again he found Merry drifting further and further away. The choppy water knocked him under time and time again until finally his world went black.







Zoro shot upwards, his head colliding with Luffy's and both hissed in pain before looking at each other. The swordsman looked around, a smirk tuching his lips as he took in the sun kissed beaches, lush trees offering a cool spot to relax and fruit and small animals galore.

"Now this is more like it!" he grinned "If we have to be lost we might as well be on a nice island!"

Luffy laughed and nodded.

"And together right Zoro?" he asked

Zoro blushed only now noticing that Luffy was straddling his hips and nodding hesitantly.

"R-Right" he stuttered before smirking "Just us ... perfect"

"And Nami too!" Luffy grinned

"Nami?" Zoro asked "Why the hell would I want-"

He cut off as a shadow suddenly blocked his sun and slowly turned around, praying to whatever gods there were it wasn't her.

"Hello Zoro" Nami grinned as he looked at her.

Zoro groaned and let his head fall back on the warm sand. This had to be some kind of sick joke. Luffy laughed again and he cracked an eye open.

"What's so funny?" he asked

"The mystery feeling in my stomach!" Luffy giggled "It tickled when I looked at you!"

"Oh?" Zoro asked with a smirk as he sat up, noting Nami had wandered off, more than likely to sunbathe or inspect the area.

"Yeah" Luffy whispered before adding a little hopefully "Um ... is this where I'm supposed to kiss you again?"

"What does your stomach tell you?" Zoro smirked back.

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